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By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2007 at 9:48 am

Here’s a remarkable story for you! From half-term, pupils at the Vesalius Secondary School in the West Flemish coastal resort of Ostende will be forced to wear a badge if they smoke. The badges feature a pair of lungs that have been blacked by cigarette smoke and bare the slogan "my lungs could look like this". Similarly, pupils who have given up smoking will also be issued with a badge featuring a pair of clean lungs and bearing the slogan "my lungs now look like this. I’ve stopped smoking".

Amazingly, a third of pupils in this school actually smoke openly IN CLASS! Some people have compared the forced wearing of badges to the stars of David that Jews were forced to wear during the Third Reich.

Wim Oscé of the Rodin Foundation says that he understands their reaction.

"First of all, the school seams convinced that stigmatising smokers is the best way to make them give up. However, we’re not convinced. Maybe the pupils will think its cool and not stop or maybe they’ll end up being bullied and youngsters who are really hooked on tobacco could end up being eaten up inside".


I take his point. I am surprised that the school authorities accept smoking in class for starters. I also think that the wearing of little badges will backfire since teenagers tend to gather brownie points by doing the opposite of whatever they are advised. Nanny Statism.


By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2007 at 9:39 am

The only problem about a Palestinian extending the hand of friendship to an Israeli is that the other hand may be preparing to detonate a homocide bomb. News is coming in of a suicide bombing rocked a shopping area in the Izidor neighborhood of Eilat, killing at least three innocent people.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Bridade, has bravely claimed responsibility for the murders. I’m sure the next of kin will be comforted to know their relatives have been slaughtered by the dovish end of Pali terror.

Officials from the Eilat Police Department confirmed that a suicide bomber infiltrated the area and detonated explosives nearby a local bakery. The target of the attack, the Izidor area of Eilat, is known as a local neighborhood that rarely attracts sightseers or foreigners in a city whose main industry is tourism. Witnesses and residents of the neighborhood spoke of a bloody scene strewn with human body parts.

Now can someone explain to me WHY we need to give such animals a State? They love death as we love life.


By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2007 at 9:33 am

On Sunday 28th January, gathered at a meeting in Dublin, Sinn Fein/IRA delegates voted overwhelmingly to support a party motion offering conditional support to policing in Northern Ireland.

This is being presented as an epoch-defining moment and the leadership of Sinn Fein are being hailed as authentic democrats, men of peace who will even embrace the force of law and order in Northern Ireland. The pressure is now on unionists to share power with these people.

But to swallow such hype is to wilfully dismiss that which we already know; namely that statements by the Irish Republican movement do not correspond to its actions.

It may be helpful to briefly review Irish republicans track record on maintaining a commitment to law and order.

Back in 1995, with accompanying media fanfare, Sinn Fein committed itself to the Mitchell Principles of non-violence. These explicitly spelt out the need for all who signed up “to renounce for themselves, and to oppose any effort by others, to use force, or threaten to use force, to influence the course or the outcome of all-party negotiations.” This was trumpeted around the world as being a moment of seismic change, as the IRA moved to leave its bloody past behind. On a visit to Belfast late that November, President Clinton and his wife Hillary lavished praise on the Irish republican leadership, castigating any who queried IRA intention. Peace had been secured went the media headline and it did not matter that some held grave doubts about this.

A few weeks later, on 9 February 1996 the IRA “with great reluctance” broke its ceasefire and exploded a bomb in London’s Docklands, Two men were brutally killed, dozens more were injured and millions of pounds worth of damage was caused to this international commercial centre.

And as a further reminder of what terrorists do, just a few months later on 15 June 1996, at a peak shopping time on Father’s Day, a 3,000lb IRA bomb exploded in Manchester, injuring more than 200 people and ripping into the fabric of the city’s main shopping centre.

The IRA’s understanding of a total commitment to peace was clearly different to that of most other people and the fiction of peace was in tatters. And yet the UK and Irish Governments insisted that peace was tantalisingly near and one more push was needed.

Within a few weeks of brutally slaughtering two young Police Officers on patrol in Lurgan in April 1997, the IRA announced it was calling ANOTHER total cease-fire and signing up again to the very conditions that it had previously disregarded! Staggeringly, this was presented as progress.

Between the date of this second ceasefire and this Sunday’s meeting in Dublin, 39 people have been killed by the IRA – the majority of them Roman Catholics.

Sinn Fein apologists for IRA depravity claim that “the guns have been silent” all through this time – which must come as a bit of a surprise to the next of kin of these dozens of IRA victims.

The new Millennium began with three men being convicted in the US courts of trying to import weapons into Ireland – with the intent of supplying the IRA. Quite why the IRA sought new munitions was left unspoken.

Still Government persisted with the illusion of a “peace process” in defiance of the suspension of the Northern Ireland Assembly in November 2002 because of an IRA spy ring operating at the heart of the devolved Government, and despite the subsequent biggest bank heist in the history of the United Kingdom when the IRA stole £26.5m from the Northern Bank in Belfast in January 2005.

Throughout this murderous period of IRA terror and criminal activity Sinn Fein has seen its electoral prospects soar as the sanitisation of IRA depravity continues apace. This leaves democracy weaker than ever and the elevation of terrorism greater than ever.

This latest provisional commitment to support policing is something that should give pause for thought. After all, what is it that prevents Irish republicans from offering unambiguous support for law and order? Is it the prospect that one day soon, the barbarians plan on holding the keys to the kingdom in a restored Assembly of fools?

Further Weakening of the MSM Stranglehold?

By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2007 at 9:19 am

Word is that on the 21st of January this year, the ‘controversial’ mayor of London (Ken Livingstone, for our foreign readers) held a conference addressing the Clash of Civilisation question. Or, rather, to discuss if what we’re seeing is a clash of civilisations or a World Civilisation (a worrying phrase for those of us who remember our Revelation). Speakers included Ken Livingstone, Tariq Ali, Tariq Ramadan, and Daniel Pipes. Some very interesting names, and a highly topical and interesting topic. So whatever happened to the coverage of it?

Soon after the event, our own dear Alison posted on it at her own blog, and several other bloggers commented on the deafening silence on this (my own rambling musings on the topic can be seen here) and asked if it might just be that ‘the wrong person won’. Not only that, but no video coverage nor transcripts have been available to show us what dear Ken has been up to.

 Until now. Today Gates of Vienna posted links to YouTube feeds of the conference itself. I’ve not had a chance to watch them myself, but given the usual high quality of information from GoV, I’m posting the link here for those that have the opportunity (and functioning speakers).

To contrast, this morning’s Metro (free newspaper Londoners read on way to and from work on Tube) carries the following as headline news:

 – Shilpa wins Celebrity Big Brother
 – Couple who met via cameraphone photo on Metro report on first date

With the MSM failing to carry real news such as the conference-that-didn’t-happen and the Blogosphere picking up after it, are we seeing the beginnings of a media shift? Or perhaps just a specialisation of interests, where those who want to find out what’s really going on just give up on the MSM?


Feel I just have to add this comic on Old vs New media:

Old Media.jpg 

Borrowed from Jewish World Review.


By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2007 at 9:10 am

Anytime I get the chance to attack the liberal doctrine of "multiculturalism" on the media, I am usually met with stunned silences and looks of profound puzzlement from the interviewers.

It is as if they cannot comprehend the idea that some of us believe that "multiculturalism" is profoundly misguided, and undermining of our society. It’s like the MSM has become the last guardian of what I call "Blue Mink Values."

Blue Mink, younger readers should note, were a pop band from the early ’70’s who had a hit single called "Melting Pot", the lyrics of which went…

Take a pinch of white man,Wrap him up in black skin
Add a touch of blue blood, And a little bitty bit of red indian boy
Oh like a curly latin kinkies Oh lordy, lordy, mixed with yellow chinkees, yeah
You know you lump it all together And you got a recipe for a get along scene

This has subsequently morphed into the abiding creed for all good liberals.

Now then, a persons skin colour should have no relevance to their value in society, and in that regard the song writer had a point. But the myriad cultures that have poured into the West over the past three and a half decades, and in particular that of Islam, have had a profound impact on society which we cannot welcome. I’m afraid the stone age values of Shar’ia law have no place in our modern society, for example.

Today, a new UK poll shows that young Muslims are being radicalised  by militant Islamic doctrine, that a significant % of them (almost 40%) want to live under Sharia law in Britain, and that 13% "admire" Al Queda. 

I’m afraid they must not be indulged any longer, as the serial indulgence of the multicultis by nth rate UK politicians has brought us to where we now are.  We need to send a clear signal that Sharia law will NEVER happen in the UK, that those who support Al Queda in ANY meaningful manner will be thrown in prison, and that hate-preachers will be deported/imprisoned and their Mosques CLOSED down.

It’s time this country stood up for itself, asserted our own laws, and made clear that in Britain, British values will prevail. The Blue Mink era is over. Dig it?


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2007 at 12:33 pm

The thing about the blogosphere is that is always changing. Blogs appear, some flourish some vanish. Readers have an infinite choice of blogs – from the profound through the informative to the silly! ATW continues to evolve in its own unique direction but I wanted to take some time out and bring a number of blogs to your attention as I think they are all well done and provide good perspective on a wide variety of issues. Just wanted to recommend the following;

Northern Ireland blogs

What need of further lies? This is an excellent site, principled arguments, well written. I thoroughly recommend it.

Voice4Democracy: This is a campaigning site which seeks to oppose the implementation of the Belfast Agreement lite! I hope those behind it keep sustaining their output, the internet is a powerful mechanism to influence opinion.

The Levee Breaks: I like Mr Levee and his wife who run this site. They are trying to refocus it and are looking for those of a unionist persuasion to contribute to the site. I hope you will consider it, balanced and thoughtful – though not necessarily politically aligned with moi!

Great Britain blogs

Corporate Presenter; This site, run by Jeremy Jacobs, is a lively and interesting read, with great variety of ideas.Well worth adding to your favourites.

Turkey Farm Tales: I know I’ve linked to Mike’s site for a while but he’s been busy re-designing it and he tackles some good issues. 

US Blogs 

Sharon Chadna: Just discovered this gem. Well written, astute and on the money when it comes to the war on militant Islam.

Midnight Blue; Skye from Philly has redesigned her blog and it’s a great read that is well worth a visit.

I’m sure I will have missed some but I’ll do another blog round up later on…!


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2007 at 10:46 am

I know I’ve posted recently on the many troubles that afflict the National Health Service but who would have thought that ISLAM might appear to save the NHS?

Comes the news today that a Muslim doctors’ leader is urging British Muslims not to vaccinate their children against diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella because it is “un-Islamic”.

Dr Abdul Majid Katme, head of the Islamic Medical Association, is telling Muslims that almost all vaccines contain products derived from animal and human tissue, which make them “haram”, or unlawful for Muslims to take. The good doctor carefully explains that..

You see, God created us perfect and with a very strong defence system. If you breast-feed your child for two years — as the Koran says — and you eat Koranic food like olives and black seed, and you do ablution each time you pray, then you will have a strong defence system. Many vaccines, especially those given to children, are full of haram substances — human parts, gelatine from pork, alcohol, animal/monkey parts, all coming from the West who do not have knowledge of halal or haram. It is forbidden in Islam to have any of these unlawful substances in our bodies.”

Fair play to him, I say. It seems that Britain’s devout Islamists are being invited to go without these not inexpensive vaccination programmes, which may in turn help the financially strapped Health Service – as one assumes that Dr Katme knows what he is talking about and there will be no consequences in terms of distressed and infected Islamists turning up at their local GP’s. Otherwise, if these diseases rocket in Muslim areas across Britain the likes of Katme will ensure that Islamists consume even more health resources.


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2007 at 10:19 am

795151-650218-thumbnail.jpgI see that there was major gathering of moonbats in Washington yesterday. Jane Fonda, the former doyen of Hanoi, was amongst them, back to doing what she does best – giving comfort to those who seek to kill US troops. Cheering their childish slogans, they chanted "Our Congress" as the likes of Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn – and let’s not IRAQ_PROTEST1.jpgforget Mother Sheehan – added their celebrity to the 795151-650221-thumbnail.jpgcircus. I laughed at some of the images – attached for your amusement too! Betcha the tinfoil hats were out in force….


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2007 at 9:55 am

IRA MAN.jpgPrepare yourself for yet another assault on decency and morality as IRA/Sinn Fein meets in Dublin later today to hold a conference with a predetermined outcome; it will vote to provide ..ahem.."provisional" support to the PSNI. This will be hailed throughout the media as an event of historic proportions, the hand of history will be portrayed as having descended on Gerry Adams shoulders. There will be carefully prepared PR statements from the UK, Irish and US governments. There will be exultation amongst the MSM masses – and it all means NOTHING! 

canarywharf203.jpgYou see the words of IRA terrorists mean nothing. That is a historical fact. I recall that at the very time the MSM were eulogising the IRA for its endorsement of the Mitchell Principles of non-violence, the same IRA was planning the dreadful Canary Wharf bombing of London, whihc resulted in death and destruction. Naturally a discreet veil is to be drawn over such inconvenient truths. The IRA/Sinn Fein can issue ANY amount of empty and conteived words it wishes. Actions are what count.

So, once the IRA has DISARMED, DISBANDED, AND DESISTED FROM ALL CRIME….maybe we’ll have another little think about them. But make no mistake that the imminent PR blitz has but one purpose; to pressurise the DUP into power-sharing with terrorists, with the godfathers of terror. The IRA is playing PR today – but we are not all taken in by it.


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2007 at 9:42 am

It appears that 322 sex offenders have gone missing, disappeared off the Police Register, and no one in authority is quite sure where these deviants have gone. This is ANOTHER nail in John Reid’s political coffin and indicative of the chaos that prevails within the areas controlled by the Home Office.

According to the News of the World, registered sex offenders – including rapists and paedophiles – have used a loophole in the system allowing them to register vague addresses in order to disappear. Last year, one paedophile who breached register conditions was allowed to give his address as "woods" after moving from "a tent near Guildford leisure centre", the paper claimed.


The incompetence level is amazing. Who, in their right mind, would accept such vagueness as satisfactory? What sort of standards are being operated? Who carries the can for this? The prospect of rapists and paedos roaming the country, free to strike against innocent people, thanks to the dysfunctionalism of the Home Office is a scandal. How long before Reid is forced to resign? More importantly, how long before this issue is actually dealt with in a way that provides the public with some security?