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Pelosi Disregards Law of the Jungle

By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 6:52 pm

In one fell swoop, Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker, demonstrates her ignorance of Rudyard Kipling and her willingness to put  America’s foreign policy at risk by traveling Syria to “talk.”

Now this is the Law of the Jungle — as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back —
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

(From The Law of the JunglE)



President Bush has sought to isolate Syria and during a White House press conference said:

We have made it clear to high-ranking officials, whether they be Republicans or Democrats, that going to Syria sends mixed signals,’ Bush said.

‘Photo opportunities and/or meetings with President Assad lead the Assad government to believe they’re part of the mainstream of the international community, when, in fact, they’re a state sponsor of terror,’ he added.

monstersandcritics.com continues:

Pelosi, a Democrat and a staunch opponent of Bush, had previously visited Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. She heads a congressional delegation which also includes Representative Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota who is the first Muslim in Congress. The Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Lantos, also accompanied Pelosi.
Former Syrian Information Minister Mahdi Dakhlallah told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that her visit indicated the failure of all attempts to isolate Syria.  (my emphasis)

free the navy 15

By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 5:46 pm


Devils Kitchen  report that Free The Navy 15!, who organised a protest outside the Iranian Embassy on Sunday (see picture 10), are getting together for another one:

Our next protest will be: 6.45pm, Wednesday 4th April

Location: opposite the Iranian Embassy, 16, Prince’s Gate, South Kensington, SW7 1PT
here. Nearest Tube Stations: Knightsbridge or South Kensington

All welcome, please invite as many friends, workmates and family along as possible. We’ll be informing the media, too.

(It looks like there may be plans to hook up with a similar group (Vigilant Freedom) planning a demonstration this Saturday to allow people out of town to join in..check the Navy 15 site)

Is European Civil War Inevitable By 2025? – Part 1

By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 12:46 pm

(The latest in a series of articles and essays from Paul Weston on Europe, Islam, and the future. Enjoy.) 

If I were to tell you that within twenty years, Europe could find itself engaged in a civil war so bloody it made WWII look like a bun fight, you might logically consider me a candidate for the men in white coats. You would be wrong however. Based on the demographic evidence collated for this article, such a scenario looks not merely possible, but inevitable. In 2005 European males aged 20-40 outnumbered Muslim males of a similar age by 18:1. By 2025 this ratio could drop to a mere 2:1.

There is a common misconception that a significant erosion of our present 95% non-Muslim European majority could not possibly occur for many decades to come. People such as historian Bernard Lewis, a man whose views on Islam are held in high esteem, exacerbate this. When he made his prediction in 2004 that Europe would be Islamic by the end of the century, he did so on the basis of an overall Muslim majority.

Although such a dire prediction is shocking, it does not force us into a position where urgent steps need to be taken to alleviate such a future. We will not be here at such a distant point and can therefore presently reject as overly extreme the actions necessary to prevent it. Suppose though, that contrary to Professor Lewis’s benign view of a “democratically Islamic Europe”, Europe’s Muslims felt unwilling to wait another 80 years to expand their caliphate via the voting booth, and decided instead to take Europe through force.

In this scenario our majority is rapidly eroded due to a number of factors. In 2005, European males aged 0-19 (those capable of fighting in twenty years time) accounted for only 10% of their total population. Muslim males in the same age bracket accounted for 23% of theirs. These figures can be seen in US Census demographic tables [See table in postscript – Ed] and are extracted from the population pyramids compiled by the US Census Bureau 2005. (These figures represent all the countries in continental Europe, rather than EU member states alone).

In addition, the Muslim population, with it’s birth rate of 3.5 children per women effectively doubles it’s next generation, whilst the European birth rate of 1.5 children per woman ensures the next generation is 25% smaller than that of it’s parents.

This loss of almost 1/3 of tomorrow’s generation necessitates massive immigration in order to prop up our welfare states, the majority of which is set to come from Muslim countries. According to the Daily Telegraph the UN predicts Europe will need to take in 2.2 million immigrants per year, through to 2050.

Once the Muslim population climbs over 3% of the population in Western countries, native Europeans start to emigrate. The Dutch, French, Germans and British are leaving in unprecedented numbers, as noted in a Daniel Pipes article entitled Europeans fleeing Eurabia which should be read in conjunction with this article.

If it is really true that up to 40% of Muslims wish to see Europe operating under Sharia Law, then the ingredients for a European V Islamic civil war are already in place, save Muslim weight of numbers; an issue being rapidly resolved. By 2025 the combination of factors mentioned above will lead to such a massive transformation in Europe’s demographic make up that Islam may well have sufficient numbers to confront us.

I first read Pat Buchanan’s book Death Of The West three years ago, which opened my eyes to the demographic imbalance between the birth rates of native Europeans and Muslim immigrants. Although full of doom and gloom, Buchanan never ventured a particular opinion on the likelihood of a full-blown war, perhaps due to the likely backlash from Muslims in America.

This omission was partly rectified by Mark Steyn in America Alone where he does mention war as a possible scenario, but neglects to predict any particular decade. Indeed, he seems to be of the opinion that Europe will acquiesce without any resistance at all. Much as I respect Mr Steyn, I believe he is utterly wrong about this. Europeans have a history of warfare; it is unlikely we will roll over without a fight.

If a Europe V Islam civil war is a possibility, then it is clearly prudent to look at the demographics of the particular section of our population who will actually fight it: Males aged between 18-40. The ratio of these potential combatants in 2005 was 18:1 in our favour.

Now, 18:1 appears to be a number that we can cope with, albeit with a certain amount of low-level violence, but what happens when that ratio becomes 10:1 or 5:1? What would be the likely result, for example, if twenty-five European chartered accountants were confronted by five machete wielding Jihadists? The answer is fairly predictable; they would run away, to file tax returns another day.

Suppose though, that inside each accountant’s briefcase, lurking alongside their blackberries and slide rules was a machete twice the size of the Jihadists preferred tools of trade? Same answer, they will still seek to escape. Knife fighting to the death is not on the curriculum at the East Midlands College of Accountancy and Equality, nor is it in the temperament of average European males, be they football hooligans with a penchant for fisticuffs let alone accountants.

Conversely, when a solitary but fully armed US Marine finds himself confronted by five machete wielding Jihadists, it’s fairly safe to say he will recount the ensuing events to his comrades the following morning. The Jihadists, on the other hand, are more likely to have had an up close and personal chat with Allah, prior to salaciously indulging themselves amongst their newly acquired harem of celestial virgins.

Which brings
me to the point of this article. 5:1 is no guarantee that the majority will win and 5:1 is where we will find ourselves long before 2025. When I started looking at these figures, I anticipated that the numbers necessary for a civil war – based on today’s 18:1 – would not be in place until well into the second half of this century, but I was wrong. By 2025 Europe could find itself with a potential combatant ratio of 2:1 as shown in the following extrapolated figures, with the figures rounded up or down:

Year 2005 – Overall Population.

Total Population: 519 million

Non-Muslim European population: 494 Million.

Muslim population: 26 Million.

Ratio: 19:1

Year 2005 – Males Aged 20-40

Non-Muslim European population: 70.3 Million.

Muslim population: 3.9 Million 1

Ratio: 18:1

Year 2025 – Males Aged 20-40

Non-Muslim European Population: 53.4Million

Muslim Population: 5.9 Million

Ratio: 9:1

This ratio of 9:1 is not hypothetical; the people it represents are already here in our maternity wards and schools. It does not however, represent the true picture of 2025. Europe’s welfare states need a constant supply of workers to dependants, a situation that requires immigration due to feminism’s legacy of career before children. The aforementioned UN report suggests that Europe will require 2.2 million immigrants per year, with the majority coming from Muslim countries. When these extra 28 million immigrants are taken into account the figures look as follows.

Year 2025 – Males Aged 20-40

Non-Muslim European Population: 53.4 Million

Muslim Population: 10.1 Million 2

Ratio: 5:1

As these numbers slowly change the character of Europe, many Europeans will simply pack up and leave, a situation occurring already in unprecedented numbers in countries such as Holland which has a 6% Muslim population, one of the highest in Western Europe. According to the Telegraaf an estimated 121,000 native Dutch emigrated in 2006 compared to only 30,000 in 1999. The demographic profile of these emigrants was well educated, 35-44 with good incomes. Their exodus represents a massive 4.5% of their entire age group. In one year.

In Britain, with a lower Muslim percentage but a higher incidence of terrorist activity, more than one in two wish to emigrate. So, to take an overly conservative figure of emigration amongst 20-40 year olds running at a mere 1% per annum, the figures would look as follows.

Year 2025 – Males Aged 20-40

Non-Muslim European Population: 44.6 Million

Muslim Population: 10.1 Million

Ratio: 4:1

In the event of civil war erupting, does anyone seriously think that Turkey would remain on the sidelines? By 2025 there will be some 12 million Turkish males of fighting age. They will

probably be part of the European Union well before then, but if not, it is unlikely that the necessity of a visa will stop them from crossing the border in aid of their fellow Muslims. Should this transpire, the figures are as follows:

Year 2025 – Males Aged 20-40

Non-Muslim Population: 44.6 million

Muslim population: 22.1 million

Ratio: 2:1

Third world immigration into Europe is quite possibly an issue that politically correct Europeans will grudgingly accept; the Islamification of Europe is another matter entirely and I have seen nothing in the rhetoric or physical actions of European Muslims to suggest this is not their aim. Europeans will not allow this to happen, the politicians in suits will find themselves usurped by the men in the streets. This is why these numbers are so important.

And these numbers are probably worse than I suggest here. As events unfold, the 1% trickle of European emigration I cite could well turn into a flood. Daniel Pipes thinks an exodus of the bourgeoisie a distinct possibility. Also, I am not a demographer3, so I have no idea how to factor in the children of the millions of immigrants predicted to arrive year on year through to 2050. In addition, the majority of immigration is likely to be made up 20-40 year olds, so the 15% figure of their total between now and 2025 could be only half of the true number.

Finally, what statistical advantage do fanatics prepared to die for their cause have over post Christian Europeans? Unless things change, Europe will find itself with a mere 2:1 advantage within 18 years, and a 5:1 advantage within the next ten. I wouldn’t like odds of 5:1 let alone 2:1, and the argument that moderate Muslims will not become involved is specious; once a few tit for tat atrocities are committed, everybody will be forced to take sides.

The ramifications of these figures will deeply affect Europe over the next ten years, which I will discuss in part two of this article.

Copyright: Paul Westo
n 2007


Note 1: The US Census population pyramids suggest countries with high birth rates – i.e. Muslim – are made up of 23% male 0-19 year olds, and 15% male 20-39 year olds. These are the percentages used for this article in the regrettable absence of census figures.

Note 2: I have taken the immigration rate as being 70% Islamic, and used 15% of this figure to arrive at the number of males aged 20-40.

Note 3: I am neither a demographer nor mathematician. Due to this, there are slight inconsistencies in the excel spreadsheet accompanying this article, although they do not affect the overall figures. One example is my use of 20-40 year olds rather than 18-40 year olds, purely as an ease of projection. Should there be any professional demographers reading this, perhaps they could build a spreadsheet acceptable to scholars. These figures need to be in the public domain and discussed at the highest level.

Editor’s Postscript. The US Census data (excel spreadsheet) Mr Weston refers to is provided in a spreadsheet format attached to the article, but the spreadsheet doesn’t translate well into Squarespace, so I’m reproducing it here as a jpg. I only hope it remains legible enough for purpose.

US Census Demographic Statistics referred to throughout article.



By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 12:17 pm

Hi all. The Newsletter carried a letter from me this morning (Free copy for the boys, why not?) but they edited the pay off line, and I REALLY hate being edited. So, here is the full version, exclusively for ATW readers…

Dear Sir,

It is entirely appropriate that DUP Leader Ian Paisley chooses to defend his decision to enter Government with IRA/Sinn Fein on the same day as you report on Dolly Parton’s concert in Belfast. (Newsletter 31st March) You see whilst both have larger than life personalities, the difference is that whilst Dolly’s fans expect glorious exaggeration from their pop idol, those who voted for the DUP expect straight talking from Dr Paisley. His cringing article does most certainly not provide it.

He excuses entering a power-sharing administration with the IRA’s political propagandists on the basis that by doing so he has secured a great victory for Unionism. He boasts that the DUP has ensured that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness will sit in power in a British Institution, taking an oath of allegiance to the rule of law. This is proof the IRA have lost the war, he adds.

I wonder does Dr Paisley consider that Michael Collins and Eamon DeValera became unionists because they too took an oath of fidelity to King George? The words of liars mean nothing unless, it appears, the salaries and expenses of DUP politicians are at risk. Recent photos showing a smiling Mr Adams indicate that rather than being on the back foot, Irish Republicans are delighted at progress being made towards a United Ireland care of DUP foolishness.

Dr Paisley adds that “we” are on an important journey. He is right but I think he is referring to more specifically his own Party. It is accepting that IRA/Sinn Fein, an organisation openly committed to the destruction of the Union with Great Britain, can now sit in power over us. In that regard, the DUP has indeed made a real difference. In its ruthless pursuit of devolution at any price it has proven every bit as worthless as the Ulster Unionist Party did under Mr Trimble.

Dr Paisley has gone back on solemn electoral pledges and no amount of revisionism or selective amnesia on the part of DUP apologists can disguise this. Maybe Dr Paisley should acquaint himself with Dolly Parton’s words from her 1984 hit album “ Oh yes, I’m the Great Pretender, pretending that I’m doing well…”

Yours Sincerely,

David Vance



By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 9:28 am

I do not believe that Northern Ireland Grammar schools are perfect, but they do have virtues. They provide a decent education for those children who are more academically driven. I went to one such school myself, and my children both attend one. They enjoy their school, and the teachers do try their best to impart a decent level of knowledge.

So it was with great sadness, though absolutely no surprise, that I read yesterday that IRA/Sinn Fein will be grabbing the Education portfolio in the new Northern Ireland Assembly. There cannot be a shadow of doubt that they will use this elevated platform to utterly destroy the Grammar School ethos since they are ideologically opposed to such. Hence we can expect to see future chaos, a reduction in academic standards, and of course an IRA driven ethos  introduced into schools. Which teachers in the future, for example, will inform their students that the IRA was a terrorist cabal that murdered thousands of innocents? Will the Education Minister approve of such teaching?

Most disgusting of all has been the absolute COWARDICE of the Unionist Parties (DUP/UUP) who stood by and let the IRA select this portfolio, knowing all too well what the consequences will be. They are sacrificing Northern Ireland’s Grammar School education, but are cute enough to allow the IRA to do it so their precious hands are kept clean and so they can commiserate with the Head Masters. Very sad indeed.


By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 9:01 am

Did you pick up on the story that a senior RAF officer is alleged to have asked fighter pilots whether they would consider suicide missions as a last resort to stop terrorists if their weapons had failed or they had run out of ammunition? During a training exercise, Air Vice-Marshal David Walker put it to newly qualified pilots that they should think of flying suicide missions in a “worst case scenario” when a terrorist attack was imminent.

The Guardian outlines the full story here, and naturally uses it to cast our military in the very worst possible light. But beyond the Guardian’s garbage, there is another point.

IF Al Qu’eda somehow hijacked a commercial aircraft and it was heading towards a major UK city centre, and an RAF aircraft in pursuit had a massive on-board weapons failure, what WOULD be the right thing for the pilot to do? Allow the terror attack to proceed anyway? Or sacrifice itself as a way of averting a greater disaster? From my own point of view it is has to be down to the pilot at the time to make the call. However I think it is responsible that these possible situations are discussed in a sensible way with pilots, though I sincerely hope the situation never  happens. On 9/11, it did happen and it could happen again. Making sure we train our RAF pilots to handle such developing situations is the right thing to do and it is a pity that Air Vice-Marshal David Walker has been criticised for doing his job.


By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 8:46 am

It was inevitable that the United States would be blamed for the UK Iranian Hostage crisis.

And so it is that I read in the left-leaning Independent that “a failed American attempt to abduct two senior Iranian security officers on an official visit to northern Iraq was the starting pistol for a crisis that 10 weeks later led to Iranians seizing 15 British sailors and Marines”. 

Yes, Uncle Sam is to blame and that damned Bush is behind it all. Isn’t it pathetic the way these British leftwing papers invest their time in constructing narratives that always conclude with the words…and the US is to blame. Let me tell you something. IRAN is to blame for this. IRAN is 100% responsible. IRAN is the aggressor. IRAN is the guilty party. I wish that rags like the Indie would find the courage – just for once in their miserable lives – to put their hatred of the Bush administration on hold and focus on the “known knowns!” As our sailors languish in Iranian captivity, this section of the UK media – on the left naturally – shriek that Bush is to blame!


By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 8:37 am

Did you see that John Reid, who likes to imagine himself as a "tough guy" in his role as Home Secretary, has shown just how tough he can be……by ordering that hundreds of convicted burglars and drug dealers be transferred to open jails in a desperate attempt to solve the overcrowding crisis. Criminals sentenced to one year or less and in the final month of their terms will find themselves suddenly enjoying a much freer regime. Normally, they would remain in secure prisons for their entire sentences. Now they will be allowed to spend the last 28 days in open conditions – with not even fences in place to stop them simply walking out.  That will teach them a lesson they won’t forget then, eh? Is it any wonder the criminal class have never been as cocky?


By ATWadmin On April 3rd, 2007 at 8:12 am

I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate! I know, it’s a hoary old one-liner but it appears to have rather escaped the attention of Jim Smith, a scientist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, who has produced a report suggesting that air pollution in our major cities is more deadly than the radioactive fall out from an atomic bomb. Mmm, I bet certain Islamics are already working on ways to prove him wrong. Of course there is also the fact that radiation IS, generally speaking, good for you, despite the nonsense talked by the MSM, one reason why those who SURVIVED Hiroshima tended to live longer than the average Japanese person at the time. Did you know, for example, that cancer rates in the Rockies, where background radiation is double that found elsewhere in the States, are only 2/3rds of the national average?

Prescriptive Discrimination

By ATWadmin On April 2nd, 2007 at 9:48 pm

If anyone should have reason to queue at a pharmacy in Wales from now on you will notice, especially if you are just passing through the principality, that the Welsh no longer have to pay for prescriptions.  At the same time as the cost per item reaches an all-time high in England, Ulster and Scotland (£6.85), thanks to another iniquity associated with the foul project of devolution those living west of Chester will save a veritable fortune. 

Devolution has left Scotland with the blessing of free university tuition, increased public spending on health and free travel for pensioners.  In Wales it has brought the ending of prescriptions.  What has it brought the English, whose pre-eminent and unassailable demographic and economic position in the Union ensures these goodies for the fringe?  Nothing as far as I can see.

How blind can a party be.  Not only has devolution badly damaged the Union with Scotland, it has also put separatist terrorists at the helm in Northern Ireland.  What will it bring to Wales?  And how long will English opinion continue to tolerate the blatant discrimination through a system of government their taxes go to fund?