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By ATWadmin On December 12th, 2006 at 11:25 am

It’s the end of the world as we know it folks! 

Today’s global warming scare story is that the Arctic "may" be close to a tipping point that sees all-year-round ice disappear very rapidly in the next few decades, some US scientists have warned.  The latest data presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting suggests the ice is no longer showing a robust recovery from the summer melt. Last month, the sea that was frozen covered an area that was two million sq km less than the historical average. The sea ice reached its minimum extent this year on 14 September, making 2006 the fourth lowest on record in 29 years of satellite record-keeping and just shy of the all time minimum of 2005.

Wow – the lowest in 29 years. But hang on a second, this little bout of msm hysteria is all based on SATELLITE imagery. Er, you see the problem, don’t you?

Satellite observations from the late ’70’s show a decrease in the total area of the Arctic ice cap — but area alone doesn’t mean anything. It’s the VOLUME of ice that matters, and to figure that out, scientists need to know how thick the ice is. American submarines have made measurements of ice thickness since 1958, but to be useful these measurements have to be made at exactly the same place, at exactly the same time of year, over a period of many years. At best, there are only 29 locations — throughout the entire Arctic — where useful comparisons can be made. These few locations are the whole basis for the claim that the ice caps are melting.

According to Greg Holloway, a scientist with the Institute of Ocean Sciences in British Columbia, the total Arctic ice loss is closer to 12 percent, of which maybe 3 percent can be attributed to warmer global temperatures. His conclusion: This small reduction is well within the range of natural variability and may have nothing to do with global warming. Odd how the media don’t run stories flagging up the notion that the polar cap may be doing just fine, isn’t it?

Global Warming Threatens The Galaxy! Run For Your Lives!

By ATWadmin On December 12th, 2006 at 11:15 am

Yet another random example of how the media works hand-in-hand with the global warming lobby, by taking a completely evidence-free piece of speculation and seeking to present it to us as fait accompli.

"EMISSIONS ‘SHRINKING’ OUTER SPACE"!! (Sounds like a good theme for an episode of ‘Dr Who’, doesn’t it?  The Doctor:  "Oh no! This can only mean one thing, Rose! The carbon emissions from planet Earth are posing a far greater threat than even I had foreseen".    Rose: "You mean?….No, you can’t mean…"  The Doctor: "I’m afraid so, Rose. All life is threatened by your human activity".  Rose: "ALL life on Earth?"    The Doctor: "It’s worse than that, Rose – all life in the entire universe!" )

"Carbon dioxide emissions linked to global warming are cooling and shrinking the outermost atmosphere where the international space station and other satellites orbit." – Get that? The crucial word in that opening sentence is "are". The emissions ARE having this affect. QED. Not "a scientist has tapped some numbers into a computer model, the resulting output of which predicts such-and-such an effect". Oh no. You have to read onwards to paragraph four before you realise that that (the latter) is all this report is saying. The crucial words in that paragraph have mysteriously become "estimated" and "could".

I’m not saying that the article is a complete distortion from start to finish – but as with so many of these news articles on global warming, the emphasis is adjusted. The headlines and opening paragraph scream "We’re doomed, doomed!" while the facts, when included at all, are tucked away in the small print. I think that the truth about global warming is probably far closer to: "We’re doomed – well, maybe we’re a little bit doomed, sort of. Perhaps. In ten thousand years or more. Or less. Or maybe not at all…"



By ATWadmin On December 12th, 2006 at 11:13 am

Hey, did you see that the world’s top Holocaust deniers have assembled in …where else…Tehran, hosted by the genial wannabe dining companion of the 12th Imam, Iranian President Wacko Ahmadinejad.  

aush.gifThe 67 participants from 30 countries included former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and Holocaust skeptics who have been prosecuted in Europe for questioning whether 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis or whether gas chambers were ever used.  "The number of victims at the Auschwitz concentration camp could be about 2,007," Australian Frederick Toben told the conference, according to a Farsi translation of his remarks. "The railroad to the camp did not have enough capacity to transfer large numbers of Jews," said Toben, who was jailed in 1999 in Germany for casting doubt on the Holocaust.

I can understand Iran’s reluctance to accept the Holocaust happened. After all, it’s keen to ensure that when it’s very own special plan to "wipe Israel off the map" comes to pass, it gets ALL the credit for exterminating those bad Jews.

By the way – just remember that the demented bozos who organised this hate-fest are the same guys that James Baker and his pals believe can bring "stability" to the Middle East! Such wise men, eh?


By ATWadmin On December 12th, 2006 at 11:04 am

Interesting to read that the UK Sports Minister Richard reckons that sports people should not be banned for using "social" drugs. Mr Caborn told MPs that the key anti-doping issue in sport was whether drugs enhanced performance or not.

Isn’t it fascinating to glimpse the sheer moral vacuum that lies at the heart of the Government? Poor Caborn evidently believes that "Recreational Drug Taking" can be looked upon as something very different from "performance enhancement drug taking." I don’t. Athletes who are found to take illegal drugs of ANY sort  should be banned. I suspect that professional sports in general is awash with illegal drugs, but that is not a reason for the Sports Minister to give it an unofficial thumbs up.  


By ATWadmin On December 12th, 2006 at 7:52 am

Two cheers for the Conservative Party for having the guts to produce a report which argues that unmarried parents are more likely to separate than their married counterparts with devastating social effects, including higher rates of offending and drug abuse and poorer school results. Cameron has said that a future Conservative Government would restore the tax incentives once wisely put in place to encourage marriage, though I believe he considers gay marriage to be equally worthy of financial support, which it clearly is not.

Iain Duncan Smith, one of the authors of the report, makes it clear that his group had discovered that 50 per cent of unmarried parents, who he described as the "biggest rising group in child-rearing", split up before their child was five. "We do know that children from a broken home, particularly in these difficult poverty-stricken areas, are something like 75 per cent more likely to fail in education and that leads to problems with drug addiction and failure and dependency," he said.

Supporting heterosexual marriage is one of the most sensible things any Government could do. Labour has done everything possible to undermine it, with predictable societal consequences.


By ATWadmin On December 12th, 2006 at 7:38 am

It’s true. A dead man has swung a vote in favour of homosexual rights at the Northern Ireland Assembly. After a two-hour debate at Stormont, 39 assembly members voted in favour of a DUP motion censuring government plans to introduce so called "equality legislation" for gays, lesbians and bisexuals and 39 against it. Because the vote was tied, it did not go through, but get this….

Sinn Fein/IRA West Belfast assembly member Michael Ferguson died in September. The St Andrews Agreement Act enables parties to use the vote of an assembly member who has died but has not yet been replaced. And so it was that even though Ferguson is long since in his grave, his vote was cast in favour of the pro-sodomite lobby. Only in Northern Ireland is it considered possible to use a DEAD MAN’S VOTE to enshrine pro-Gay legislation – shocking. How did Sinn Fein/IRA know what Ferguson thought on this issue?

It’s interesting to also observe that WHILST unionists voted against the gay activists legislation nationalists and republicans were all in favour of it. I wonder which part of Roman Catholic theology embraces homosexuality perversion, exactly?


By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2006 at 7:07 pm

SinnCard_239586d.jpgI invite ATW readers from outside of Northern Ireland to view the sort of Christmas Card which some Irish Republicans see as a celebration of the season.As you see, they delight in showing Santa with a machine gun. In another sketch, a gun-carrying snowman wears a black IRA-style beret. The Republican Sinn Fein cards are on sale in west Belfast. Calendars for 2007, with chilling photographs of masked gunmen, can also be bought at the outlet. And just in case some IRA sympathiser points out that this is not mainstream Republicanism at work, Sinn Fein’s official 2007 calendar, on sale on its website, marks the 35th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the 20th anniversary of the killing of eight IRA men in Loughall. The Eight concerned were brought to justice before they could implement the murder spree they had in mind. Naturally Sinn Fein mourn the loss of the IRA associates. Terrorists stick together.


By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2006 at 6:23 pm

Did you read Kofi Annan’s final rebuke to the United States before he leaves his job as Chief terror-apologist at the UN? I’m sure the liberal MSM will be in tears at Kofi’s departure. I noticed that Annan chose the library of President Truman to make his final lousy speech. Well,  here are a few words from Harry Trueman that pretty much should sum up the CORRECT approach for the US on the war on Islamic terror, and indeed with its dealings with the creatures from the UN…  

"Carry the battle to them. Don’t let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive. And don’t ever apologize for anything"

Bye Bye Kofi – you’ll not be missed!


By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2006 at 11:55 am

Hearts_and_minds.jpgJust to say that I will be appearing on BBC NI’s political flagship "Hearts and Minds" this thursday, shown on BBC2 @ 7.30pm and then on BBC1 @ AROUND 11.30pm. I have the "If You Ask Me" spot – and I’m in seasonal mood. Sort of.  As ever, there is a Costello quote buried in the script!


By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2006 at 10:49 am

I see that one of the many gangs of Palistinian thugs have shown their barbarism by killing the three sons of an intelligence chief linked to the Palestinian terror party Fatah. Two of the kids were aged between 6 and 10. Note the crocodile tears of the Hamas spokesman.

I notice that the UN and EU have been remarkably quiet about the murder of these Palestinian children by Palestinian gunmen. Can you imagine the OUTCRY had an Israeli been in any way responsible for such slaughter? Hypocrites. Give these people a State????????????????????