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In the Nick of Time

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 10:45 pm

I have scant time for Nick Griffin or the BNP.  The party looks like a collection of football terrace thugs with all the social graces of a potty.  On the other hand, you’ve got to express disgust at the total double-standards of our judiciary.  Griffin tells a crowd of supporters in my neighbouring town of Keighley that Islam is a ‘wicked, vicious faith’; a sentiment millions of people across the UK (including myself) would largely agree with after the hiatus of the last few years.  The meeting was a private one, away from the public gaze.  But for the pig-headed curiosity of a Lefty ‘do-gooder’, Griffin would not now be facing charges at Leeds Crown Court for incitement.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, incitement!!  Remember when New Labour brought forth laws to deal with incitement?  Yet in all that time how many hate-preaching Islamists, who practice an infinitely greater concept of the term than Griffin could ever dream of, have been prosecuted or deported?  As far as deportation is concerned the answer is zero.  How many of Allah’s little helpers, demonstrating in London calling for those who insult Islam to be beheaded, have been tried and convicted?  You guessed it – sweet FA!!  The judiciary is much more preoccupied with the relatively benign rantings of a thuggist cult than the real and present danger posed by Islamic fundamentalists.  The next time I see the Royal Insignia I must look for the words, ‘Allah et mon droit’.

What’s in a Name

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 10:24 pm

Considering the bland names the big-wigs at the NIO have created to give substance to the proposed seven new councils for Northern Ireland, the titular abilities of those credited with giving the name ‘euro’ to the EU single currency are positively glowing by comparison.  I have thought of my own names for the seven councils.  If you have any ideas let’s see them. 

Proposed Name                          My Suggestion

Belfast                                         Royal Borough of Belfast

Inner East                                    Two Loughs District Council

South                                           Bannside & Mournes District Council

North East                                    Causeway & Glens District Council

North West                                   Glenshane District Council

East                                             East Down District Council

West                                            South Sperrin & Lakeland District Council



By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 7:10 pm

Well, we are celebrating our first week on the new site, and I see you lot are arguing away as ever! So this one is dedicated to ALL the ATW crew!!! Hope you enjoy it… 

The Pseudo-Religious Mania of Environmentalism

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 7:02 pm

I noted with interest that DV’s opinion of last week’s episode of "Question Time" was that it was slightly more balanced than usual. I only got round to watching it last night, via the BBC website.

I was amused but not at all surprised to see the disdainful reaction of the audience, when Mail On Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens dared to suggest that those whose minds are so closed that they refuse to even question the so-called "scientific consensus" (ha!) on "man-made global warming", are in fact "in the grip of religious mania", and that if they want to merely follow the politically correct view like mindless sheep, that is entirely up to them.  

I thought to myself that, regardless of whether Mr Hitchen’s opinion is correct or not (and he is not a scientist), it is now getting to the stage where one has to be quite brave to publicly question the dogma of man-made global warming, these days. I wonder how long it will be before legislation is introduced, making "man-made global warming denial" a crime? Is such a thing really so far-fetched? I’m not sure.  

The blogger Natalie Solent recently made some very good points when she wrote: (edited here, emphasis mine)

"The demonisation of ‘climate change denial’ is an affront to open and rational debate.


[Brendan O’Neill] quotes someone who wants to make climate change denial an offence, and someone else who wants "some sort of climate Nuremberg." …[There are people] using the terms climate change "denialist" in an effort to make them sound equivalent to the likes of David Irving. Those who use these terms generally say they don’t intend to make this parallel. I don’t believe them. More to the point, I believe in climate change less because of them.

"I do largely believe in climate change – but that belief is second hand. We accept the consensus of experts. The consensus convinces because there is no good reason to suppose that so many eminent scientists are lying or deceiving themselves when they say climate change is happening. But if you give me cause to believe that departure from the consensus gets a person ostracised, then there is a good reason."


Former Chancellor Nigel Lawson has also added his voice to the "debate that dare not speak its name". I completely agree with him when he says,

"The voluminous Stern Report adds disappointingly little to what was already the conventional wisdom – apart from a battery of essentially spurious statistics based on theoretical models and conjectural worst cases. This is clearly no basis for policy decisions which could have the most profound adverse effect on people’s lives, and at a cost which Stern almost certainly underestimates". 


What I found most interesting was that Mr Lawson elaborates most incisively on Peter Hitchens’ "religious mania" quip, and argues that the perceived "science" of environmentalism has its roots not in science at all, but is in fact a placebo-religion, which is springing up in Europe as a sort of "replacement faith" for Christianity:  

"It is, I suspect, no accident that it is in Europe that climate change absolutism has found the most fertile soil. For it is Europe that has become the most secular society in the world, where the traditional religions have the weakest popular hold. Yet people still feel the need for the comfort and higher values that religion can provide; and it is the quasi-religion of Green alarmism and what has been termed global salvationism – of which the climate change issue is the most striking example, but by no means the only one – which has filled the vacuum, with reasoned questioning of its mantras regarded as a form of blasphemy".


Spot-on, Nigel. In my opinion, all the endless bunkum and bahooey about "global warming" and "saving the planet" is a pseudo-religious movement, which serves to underline the words of G K Chesterton: "When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing – they believe in anything".

Well, I, for one, totally reject what I see as the false religion of environ-mentalism.  Others are, of course, free to put their faith in it if they so wish, but until a time comes when dissenters are engaged with rationally and scientifically, instead of being howled down and ostracised from their peers, then please do not try and tell me that my own religion is "based purely on faith" whereas environmentalism is "based on science".



What’s in a Name?

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 5:06 pm

After years of deliberating what would be the name for the European Single Currency, the best the ‘brains’ of Brussels could think of was ‘Euro’.  Nevertheless, when you compare and contrast their final titularity with the nonsensical and bland names for the proposed seven councils in Northern Ireland, Euro is a stroke of imaginative genuis.  What have the intelligentsia of the powers-that-be come up with for the new areas?  Statements of the geographical bleeding obvious!

West?  Inner East?  North?  Hardly inspire the soul, do they?  My proposed names for the seven councils are as follows.  Maybe you can add a few of your own suggestions.

Proposed name                                 My suggestion

Belfast                                              Royal Borough of Belfast (a monarchic imprimatur would be ideal)

Inner East                                         Two Loughs District Council

East                                                  East Down District Council

South                                                Bannside & Mournes District Council

West                                                 South Sperrin & Lakeland District Council

North East                                          Causeway & Glens District Council

North West                                         Glenshane Distict Council

On This Day…

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 4:51 pm

1885 – Completion of the Canadian-Pacific Railway.

1935 – Austrailian pilot Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, is seen flying over Calcutta on a flight from the UK.  He is never seen again.

1974 – Lord Lucan mysteriously disappears following the murder of his children’s nanny.  Recent evidence points to Lucan living a reclusive life in Goa before his death in 1996.

1980 – Hollywood legend Steve McQueen, star of films such as the ‘Great Escape’ and the ‘Magnificent Seven’, dies of a heart attack in Mexico following complications with cancer surgery.  He had been suffering with mesothelioma.

1984 – Ronald Reagan wins a second term as US President.

1990 – Mary Robinson becomes the first female President of the Republic of Ireland.


By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 12:06 pm

Do you think that Muslims can serve our Nation and occupy positions of importance? I do. 

Today brings a story concerning an experienced Muslim firearms officer who  has begun race and religious discrimination proceedings against the Metropolitan Police after he was removed from a close-protection unit guarding senior dignitaries, including Tony Blair. Amjad Farooq, 39, a father of five, was told he was a threat to national security because his children had attended a mosque associated with a Muslim cleric linked to a suspected terrorist group.

Well, I don’t wish to comment on this specific case for obvious reasons BUT in general, I would believe that the Metropolitan Police shoud be very mindful to ensure that no such links – or potential links – to Islamic terror amongst these senior squads of officers. It’s precautionary and it’s common sense.

Naturaly the whole "Muslims are discriminated against" bandwagon has kicked off following this news.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for this faux argument. We know that there are militant Islamists living amongst us in the UK who seek to kill as many of us as possible. See this news story to get an idea as to what some Muslim extremists have in mind. The Muslim Council of Britain continues to do a great disservice to the many decent Muslims living here as it screeches its usual refrain about how the British Muslim community is so hard done by.


By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 11:27 am

795151-539402-thumbnail.jpgIt’s not just leftists around the world who will be watching out for the results of the US mid-term elections that could determine the course of President George W Bush’s last two years in office. Naturally the MSM are drooling at the prospect of a Dem victory in both Houses, although I detect a massive cranking down of their "landslide" expectations in recent weeks as the Republicans have gotten their act more together.

But who else will celebrate a victory for the Democrats?

Well, we know the likes of the UN and EU are champing at the bit to see the Republicans given a black eye. They are envious of a decisive United States that will act to do what is right, rather than sit and pontificate as to what might be wrong. (See UN discussions on Darfur)

But there are other people who sit, and watch, and wait.

The Islamofascists know which Party they want to see gain the levers of power. They know that the latter day Democrats are essentially a frivolous Party, which wants to cut and run on the war on terrorism. And if the Jihadists see the will of the US dramatically weaken, and if they watch images of Democrat appeasers seizing power in both Houses, what do you think THEIR reaction will be? (Clue; It won’t be cut and run..)

Should the US electorate make the wrong decision today, then I fear for the future of United States and its genuine allies. The Jihadists will be encouraged and more acts of terror will follow.

The ONLY result that can send a message of defiance to the Al Queda scum out there is to vote Republican. Bush is far from perfect, and his Party is not in any way perfect, but compared to the Defeaticrats, I’ll take the Republicans ANYDAY. As Ann Coulter said last week..

Even a dying party has death throes. If Democrats win a slight majority in the House or Senate, Americans will get shrill, insane leadership of the nation in time of war.

Democrats can’t not be crazy. They will instantly set to work enacting a national gay marriage law, impeachment hearings, slavery reparations and a series of new federal felonies for abortion clinic protesters. The only way to get Democrats to focus on terrorists would be to convince them that the terrorists are interfering with a woman’s right to choose or that commercial jetliners exploding in midair are a threat to America’s wetlands.

The probable new House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is in a catfight with Rep. Jane Harman for not being insane enough.

Remember who is watching and waiting. The MSM won’t tell you!


By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 10:12 am

Let’s be clear at the start of this that many individuals from Britain’s black population have made tremendous contributions to our society across a wide range of disciplines and many are looked up to as role models. 

So I was very surprised to hear a so-called spokeman for the “Black community” on Radio 5 this morning claiming that unemployment amongst the black population has never stopped rising, that the drug culture which infests some black areas is the direct consequence of (White)celebrities, models, popstars etc seeking recreational drugs from dealers within these areas, and that many young black people are attracted to drug dealing when they see the affluent lifestyles afforded to those who deal in this illicit trade.

I’m sorry, but this is almost complete denial of reality. Of course some of those with money will seek out their recreational drugs from wherever they can get it. The best way of dealing with that is by a tough crackdown on both dealers and those who buy from them however. But surely it is patronising beyond belief to suggest that black people just can’t find employment at a time when Government tells us we need to have hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming into this country to meet employment needs and have no moral compass to direct them away from the sheer evil of drugs.

And when we’re at it – what are these “spokesmen” for the black community doing to highlight the evil of drug dealers in their “own” community?

This guy was pleading victimhood. He was patronising British black people – but because he himself is black, and because the BBC desperately wants to belief in institutional racism – he got a sympathetic ear. He didn’t deserve it.


By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 9:02 am

795151-539339-thumbnail.jpgOK – with the genocidal tyrant Saddam Hussein now facing execution, the topic of capital punishment has once more come to the fore.  As you know, I fully support capital punishment though I understand  others do not and I respect their point of view. My primary reason for supporting it is Biblical, and I am much obliged to my friend  Peter C Glover, for providing us with what I believe to be the BEST case for the death penalty…. from a Biblical perspective. Those who do not care for the Bible may not get a lot from this, those who do put their faith in the Bible may find Peter’s analysis both comprehensive and compelling…

I should also add that Peter has collated his thoughts on this along with several other major issues in his book "The Politics of Faith"…it’s a great read and I recommend it to all discerning ATW readers. Here’s an excerpt from Peter’s article…

"Saddam and the Biblical (Judeo-Christian) case for the death penalty"

So Saddam has been convicted and sentenced – to death. Immediately, the Western liberal human rights lobbies have galvanized themselves to try to prevent it. They know only too well that if the case for anyone – even a mass murdering tyrant  – can be proved reasonable and right morally, then the case for the death penalty per se is also made out. But I have found the human rights lobbies together with woolly-minded liberal Christians to be less than logical when confronted by pure reason and the Word of God itself.

That’s why they do their level best to avoid being confronted by cogent argument.

Though I am more than prepared to argue the case for the death penalty from pure reason – as I have in my book The Politics of Faith that is not my focus here. I have been asked rather to focus squarely on the biblical teaching on the subject and will confine my case to it. And what our review will plainly reveal is that the Bible, New and Old Testament, is unequivocal on the subject: the Bible not only teaches the case for the death penalty but shows that the state which carries executes for murder is actually doing God’s will. So let us straight away turn to the biblical evidence.

Read the rest here.

If you want to pursue this issue with Peter, feel free to pop over to his place, I just know that he loves liberals…!