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By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 8:43 am

Following on from Mike’s post yesterday concerning the chaos and incompetency that lies (and lies) behind the London 2012 Olympics, comes the news that Organisers of the 2012 London Olympic Games have discovered they may be facing a huge additional tax bill.  Tory Olympic spokesman Hugh Robertson said the government had assured him the £2.38bn cost of construction sites would not be subject to VAT. But the Treasury is demanding the tax, and has said European regulations state it cannot be seen to be supporting the organisers of the event.

This is but the beginning. Expect to see the costs of this enterprise spiral out of all control.

“now this won’t hurt at all!”

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006 at 8:38 am

Heard the new, caring, Gordon Brown illustrate how he’s going to spend lots more of our money on the prompt immunisation of kids worldwide who would otherwise go without! Now, in principle, there’s nothing wrong with the idea that mass immunisation is a ‘good thing’, but, (and there’s always a but;) the devil is in the detail! Firstly, why is it always down to the long-bled and -suffering taxpayers of the U.K. who have to fund most of this burden on ‘hire-purchase’? Then, doesn’t the whole idea of this practice, good though it may be, then allow the feckless Governments in whose countries these alleged kids live to further spend their own money on nice guns, or palaces, or German cars, or other goodies, instead of basic health care for their own citizens?

Further to those queries being resolved, we now come to the thorny issue of what type of immunisation is to be funded? I for one tend to distrust anyone who states, "Trust me, we know what we’re doing" when it comes to matters medical! Go back a year or two, to the rows around the efficacy of the ‘MMR’ or Measles, Mumps and Rubella jab, and whether there was a link between massive assaults on a very young person’s immune systems; and the onset of Autism in numbers of those same children! Whereas the ‘single’ jab, whereby the proven technology of a single dose against a single disease or infexction has been used for many years without problem! Now far be it from me to query those experts who claim that all is well with the ‘MMR’ routine, but there’s an awful lot of cash heading the way of pharmaceutical companies who are pushing the ‘MMR’ route, bhecause they after all, have done their research and produced these ‘wonder’ medications, and we all know that pharmaceutical companies and chemists always tell the truth!


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 10:31 pm

Lower than the belly of a newt

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 3:27 pm

newt.jpgRecently I suggested the pitiful Mayor of London should seek medical attention for his unravelling mind amongst his ideological buddies in Cuba (famous for their Potemkin Village Health Service).

Sure enough, the Dear Leader has turned up in Cuba and joined in the ritual denunciation of the USA and lavished praise on Castro, under whom Cuba has “been able to give its people the best standard of health care, brilliant education” etc. Perhaps he agrees with George “Tiddles” Galloway, that Cuba has a different and superior form of democracy – indeed one where the choice is not so much between two candidates but between silence on one hand and incarceration and torture on the other. No problem for Maoist Livingstone, a red star on the uniform works the same magic as the “American Express” card used to do in the advert.

Like many of his vile confederateson the Reactionary Left, Livingstone has become a fully-signed up member of the environmental lobby, and would restrict the common folk from air travel for the greater good, safe in the knowledge that VIPs like him will still be able to swan around the World at tax-payers expense. Next stop Venezuela.

Blair, ” It will leave a legacy ….in the UK !”

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 2:28 pm

rings alight.jpegIn six years’ time, the name of Jack Lemley will be spoken with bated breath. They will be saying "We should really have listened to Jack!"

Jack who?

That’s right, Jack Lemley! He is the head of Lemley International, an engineering and consulting company based in Boise, Idaho. He is seventy-seven years old, and is the first senior person to have resigned from the Olympic Delivery Agency.

As can be seen from a brief survey of the Wikipedia page, he is massively qualified and extremely-well respected, by ENGINEERS! (my capitals). He ran, amongst other projects, the Channel Tunnel project. If one discounts the financial catastrophe which is EuroTunnel: the engineering bit; the trains, the links, the infrastructure, the initial tunnelling with boring machines, everything works! So the man knows of that which he talks about!

In a little-noticed item, his resignation from the 2012 Olympic Delivery Agency brought no comment from insiders, but a fortnight later, the comments from this forthright individual, which included such gems as " A huge amount of local politics had made the job intolerable." and "I went there to build things, not to sit and talk about it, so I felt it best to leave the post and come home," have brought fevered responses from Sports Minister Caborn and Labour MP Derek Wyatt, who was quoted as stating; "Original costs spell ‘x’ and come out as a ‘y’. I think Mr Lemley was out of his depth.". This last from an M.P. whose previous jobs include ‘history teacher’, ‘journalist’ and ‘publisher’, which record of course gives him a supreme advantage in commenting upon the life and knowledge of a really good Engineer!

The chickens are starting to come home to roost, and the truly ludicrous estimates for cleaning the site, apart from construction, are leaping ever higher, as are the timescales for that same construction. Remember how the Greeks scraped home before the start of their Games? That’s ‘gonna be chickenfeed compared with the boondoggle we have been landed with in Stratford!

“Relationship Problems”

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 11:55 am

Natashia Jackman was stabbed in the eye at her school, Collingwood Colllege in Camberley, Surrey. During a catalogue of abuse including being knocked unconscious in class and cumulating in the stabbing incident, the school did next to nothing, in fact they made her feel that she was to blame. According to her father “it was as if the school was saying, ‘We don’t want to admit there’s a problem with bullying in our school.” Headmaster, Jerry Oddie, described the incident as "isolated". He told reporters: "Natashia has had relationship problems in the time that she’s been with us.”

In the school’s newsletter of December 2005 is an article on “National Anti-Bullying Week

“There have been several initiatives and activities around College, in order to raise awareness of this very important topic. These include: Special talks in assemblies about what can constitute bullying, and what students can do about it … a poster competition … a wristband campaign to raise awareness of the subject … the launch of the new Peer Counsellor system … Remember, if you know or suspect that someone may be being bullied, doing the right thing involves telling someone about it.

Empty, hollow words for Natashia. Much as children do not appreciate being disciplined, it is the children who suffer when that discipline is neglected and, as nature abhors a vacuum, the place of the stern teacher is taken by the school bully. Civilised behaviour is not the default setting, it must be learned, inculcated and enforced, otherwise you fall back to the law of the jungle.


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 11:46 am

You can listen to my contribution to the NOLAN SHOW by clicking on the LISTEN AGAIN tab and then going fast forward one hour or so until just after the 10am news headlines. The BBC got a member of Saddam’s legal defence team – from Londonderry – on the programme to weep and wail that poor Saddam has been stitched up by the bad Americans and his "human rights" had been infringed.  Never mind stitched – strung up is more like it. Liberals beware.

A Slow Bus to South Armagh

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 9:55 am

It is an area of Northern Ireland I heartily recommend visiting for those who are deluded into believing the IRA and its supporters were the oppressed masses of the Troubles.  I am talking about South Armagh, a demographic stain on the Queen’s Realm.  Packed to the rafters with the big-wigs of the Provisional IRA and dotted with villages bursting at the seams with the scum who vote for them.

To some outsiders, news footage down the years can deter some from driving around the myriad of small roads that criss-cross this area of the United Kingdom.  However, the scenery is wonderful (nature is not responsible for the dross who live on it).  I had a venture through there back in 2001.  One of the biggest eye-openers is the sheer size of the rural houses in the area.  Each one looks like a cross between Southfork and Falcon Crest.  How can an area officially classed as deprived be sprinkled with some of the largest dwellings you’re likely to find outside London’s stockbroker belt?  It is because first impressions don’t do an area justice.  How many tourists have crossed South Armagh and associated the large mansions as products of an honest day’s labour?  Most I would guess.  To find out what this hidden corner of the Union is actually like, it is best to take a trip with the leader of victims’ group FAIR, Willie Frazer.

Frazer is, in my view, a bit of an eccentric character.  At the same time, he is also an honest and decent man who knows more about the calibre of the denizens of South Armagh than most.  He should do given that several members of his family were killed in cold blood by the terrorists lauded in Crossmaglen and the surrounding district by illegal monuments.  Suzanne Breen took a trip with Frazer on his South Armagh tour.  Reading her resulting article is somewhat breathtaking.  Frazer seems to know the background of each area he pauses at, and each inhabitant who swaggers along the rural lanes.  Although not mentioned here, Frazer has talked of a phenomenon I too experienced when driving through South Armagh.  When you’re driving along a country lane and pass someone walking towards you, as you pass that person will turn around and stare at your car until you are out of sight.  I have never experienced that anywhere else I’ve ever visited.  It’s almost as if the scumbags know who is part of their little omerta community and who is an outsider.  Paranoia and terrorist obsequiousness!  These guys really have issues!!

Have a browse around the Fair website and peruse through Breen’s findings.  The next time I am in Northern Ireland, I would like a meeting with Willie Frazer to be high on my agenda. 


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 9:53 am

belfast-telegraph-logo.jpgHey Readers – did you know that A Tangled Web got a mention in the "Insider" column in the "soaraway phew wot a scorcher" Belfast Telegraph?

Yes, we are deeply honoured and indeed humbled to receive attention from this high brow journal and I wanted to share the details with you all, just in case..ahem.. you missed it.

There are some people who will still argue that far too many blog sites on the web are full of irrelevant, self-obsessed twaddle.  But they need to wake up and smell the internet cafe coffee. Take for example this recent entry in A Tangled Web, a blog site run by David Vance, right-wing unionist commentator and former ally of MLA Bob McCartney.

"Let me be the first to admit that there are three TVs in the Vance household," he revealed to the world.

"My wife has her portable set in the kitchen, there is one big TV in our family room, and a third smaller one in the drawing room. No TVs are allowed in bedrooms.

"… I don’t really enjoy TV that much, I much prefer radio – and tend to listen to it when I am driving." It’s only when you read such illuminating and enlightening material that you realise how blessed we are to live in this hi-tech age.


Such praise. Now I note that Insider omitted to mention that the comment above was put out in the context of a debate on the disturbing impacts of TV on family life, and Insider also managed to avoid mentioning that on THAT SAME DAY, ATW covered Alzheimers, reviewed Question Time, tackled age discrimination laws, questioned the role of Archbishop Robin Eames, discussed the re-write of Common Law Statutes, and dealt with the menace of teenage crime.

But back in the Belfast Telegraph-land – the BIG issue is…is ex-Big Brother contestant Orlaith McAllister pregnant? Yeah -trust the MSM to tackle the weighty topics of this era!!  

Yes – "Insider" – you stick to the " big issues" we’ll stick to the irrelevant, self-obsessed twaddle.


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 9:24 am

gazarocket.jpgI note that the world’s most oppressed people, the Palestinians of Gaza, continue to show their willingness to embrace peace with Israel by….firing more Qassam rockets into Israel’s southern Negev region.

One rocket landed dozens of meters from Sderot’s crowded outdoor market, causing panic. Three other rockets landed in open areas. As ever the Palestinian terrorists launching this missiles like to hide behind civilians so that when Israel responds, the odds are a few innocent civilians can be killed which is great PR for our Pali pals.

Give these people a State? I wouldn’t given them a bucket. I’m afraid Palestinian society continues to demonstrate a deep seated sickness, indeed a pathological hatred of Israel, that makes it totally unfit to hold any sovereign power. Those who agitate for Palestinians to be given the status of a Nation should ask themselves what message does the sending of Qassam rockets deliver to Israel?