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By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 10:52 am

How I loath interfering Government! Today comes the news that school pupils will have to learn how to cook healthy meals for themselves under a Jamie Oliver-inspired shake-up of home economics lessons.

Education Secretary Alan Johnson will announce on Monday that the ability to cook using fresh ingredients is an ‘essential life skill’ (PUKE!)that all 11 to 14-year-olds must learn.

In addition, Pupils will also be obliged to learn about global warming and eco-friendly development in geography – and the slave trade in history lessons. These will be seen as an essential elements in the new State driven curriculum. 

Horrifying. I am grateful my kids will be out of the system before Nanny State gets to impose more thought control over kids. Not a day passes without the radical socialist egalitarians in power finding new ways to ensure that we think what they want us to think. Brain-wash our kids by day in the State labs now masquerading as Schools, sedate the masses by night with reality TV shows, and we’re on the way to a neo-Communist State.  


By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 10:42 am

Some fascinating quotes from a cross-section of British Muslims in this article in The Mail this morning..

"Sharia law is a perfect system of divine law and order that the whole world should live under."


"The British way of life is unacceptable to Muslims."


"I do not admire Al Qaeda, but they are trying to address the issues that all Muslims face, of subjugation of their lands, theft of wealth and oppression of their people."

Houston, we have a problem!

Government, through its reckless pursuit of feel-good liberal loving multiculturalism, has created a huge problem that is now facing us – Islamic insurrectionists who wish to return us to the dark ages, to the stone age barbarism of Shar’ia law. 


By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 10:30 am

Interesting to read that one in every five home buyers in Britain is now a Polish immigrant, estate agents have revealed. The new arrivals from eastern Europe are forcing up house prices as they work tirelessly to get on the property ladder. The migrants are selling their properties back home to raise a deposit – making it more likely they will remain in the UK for good – or taking out 100 per cent mortgages. Under the malign gaze of NuLabour, Britain in undergoing unprecedented demographic change. Who knows what the cultural and societal implications will be? I don’t blame the Poles for coming here and working hard. I blame the Government which has failed – deliberately I must conclude – to control our borders and to efficiently regulate immigration. There has been a demographic revolution going on in the UK for some years now, but we’re encouraged NOT to discusss it – since to do so is deemed "racist" and "right-wing"and thus the required national debate is stifled. Such is the way of Government in this country.


By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 10:23 pm

And so, as political debate rages on these pages, I present a lovely romantic ballad with real soul. It’s by Carlene Carter – daughter of the great June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash’s step-daughter. It’s a lovely poignant lyric…

A broken fairy tale,
A hollow girl with empty arms
From an angel’s tears
God made the stars
Why can’t he make me
An unbreakable heart ?



Almost There

By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 9:35 pm

The computer is almost back to full health.  I have loaded extra anti-virus software, ad-ware and spy-ware protector, and boosted the memory capacity to over 1GB.  I’ll be back on stream tomorrow. 

May I take the opportunity to thank those who wished my computer a speedy recovery during the last week.  The glaringly obvious exception of course was ‘The Phantom’, who evidently took a great deal of comfort from the fact my computer had picked up a virus and suffered as a result.

The kind responses (and the one bitchy detraction) rather reminded me of when I went out to plant my first daffodil bulbs yesterday.  The lawn was short and glowing with dew.  Unfortunately, there just happened to be a great mound of cat turd in the middle of it.  That’s how I regard those people like ‘Phantom‘ – a presence always likely to spoil the view, but with no tangible benefit to the environment in which he dwells.

Of course I could pray for his forthcoming trans-Atlantic airline journey to be one of non-stop turbulence; food riddled with e-coli and a severe delay here and there.  But why should other passengers have to suffer?

Catch up with you all tomorrow!


By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 5:40 pm

Here’s a favourite song, with the good ol’ Beastie Boys, and a lyric that could well be the theme song for Tangled Talk radio! You see, as we get older, we don’t all mellow. Cheese mellows.





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By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 3:50 pm

THE day is fast approaching when it will be difficult to avoid arrest and imprisonment in the EU:

People who question the official history of recent conflicts in Africa and the Balkans could be jailed for up to three years for "genocide denial", under proposed EU legislation.

Germany, current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, will table new legislation to outlaw "racism and xenophobia" this spring.

One can only assume it slipped Grocer Heath’s mind to mention this! It is, of course, an outrageous impertinence from a foreign country whose own relationship with free speech and individual rights has not always been intimate. Nevertheless, it is entirely in keeping with the drive to create a Soviet Europe, eventually stripped of ancient national identities, imposed by socialist elites and where history shall be ‘official’.

I thought I would bring this to your attention now as I may not have much of an opportunity in future. The day this proposal is implemented in England I shall write to every Head of State and every Premier in Europe denying the ‘official’ EU version of every conflict they have an ‘official’ version of and shall do so in the most racist and xenophobic manner. The French could then have me arrested and extradited, by authority of the European Arrest Warrant, and drag me in front of a foreign magistrate to be made to answer for my crimes against foreign law.

Can we leave now?


By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 11:54 am

How would you like to hear your ATW writers regularly discuss the big issues live on-air, and have the chance to make your OWN contributions and challenges – maybe even agreements, directly to us?

I wanted to give you a heads-up that ATW will very shortly come live to-air on the net via BlogTalkradio. The show will be called TANGLED RADIO. this will be in the format of a monthly 60 minute show – broadcast live on the net, and also archivable so if you do miss it live  you can catch up with it at your convenience!

I intend to launch this in February, and bring some guests on for what should be interesting debates. It’s more spontaneous than Vlogs or podcasts, it does allow YOU to either call or instant message us live on-air, it provides new depth and scope for debate. Will give you more info shortly – but thought you might like to know what is planned!


By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 11:21 am

Here we go with a new Friday vlog! Hope you enjoy it!

…the roar…..and the SMELL….”

By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 11:10 am

When an actor, or a pop or opera singer, or even a ballet dancer appears on stage, they aren’t doing this purely for the money, although there is an increasing element in many theatrical and show-biz lives. No, there is the well-known rush of adrenaline when the applause, the cheers, the shouts of semi-adoration cascade forward in whatever venue their art is being performed. The deep bows seen from any ballet dancer when the audience acknowledges their ‘pas seul’, or ‘pas-de-deux’ performance are not because they are just acknowledging the appreciation of their fans; no, they are drinking in the feeling that they are wanted, and loved, and appreciated, and above all, are successful! When an orchestra falls silent at the end of the first movement of a Symphony, the accompanying silence from the audience is as good as a standing ovation, because the audience is living the music with the orchestra! We, the members of the multitude of audiences, pay our money to see, or hear, or just watch our heroes and heroines, and that’s the crux of things; we choose to go and participate, because we always have the alternative of NOT going to the event!

So do you think the council tax-payers of London are completely happy being stuck with an Olympic-sized bill of £625 million, which is due to be increased soon under the benevolent hand of ‘Our Ken’ as a result of the incompetent way in which the initial budget was made, including the rather naive assumption that the rapacious hands of Gordon Brown would hold off from grabbing a V.A.T. bill of somewhere around £900 Million as his share of the kitty! The Lottery, that now-familiar fall-back of crooked politicians on the make, has been ‘volunteered’ to cough up some £1.25 Billion, and observers confidently predict that the British Taxpayer will be told we are going to have to fund these ‘Games’ to the tune of some £1.9 Billion extra, because the sponsors aren’t quite as keen, and as the sums done first time around were conveniently ‘low’!

So why all this expense? So that a bunch of drug-ridden prima-donnas can prance, and swerve, and run, or hop and glide to the hoped-for roars of a crowd in one of five major stadia!  So that they can do what they have practised and trained to do, so that they too can hear the applause! My heart sank when the venue was announced, and even before we heard the name of Jack Lemley, a solid proportion of British People instinctively knew that in the same country where we cannot even build a bloody football stadium, the vultures will be picking over the corpse of the London 2012 games for many years to come!