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By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 9:13 am

euro_islam_flag.jpgInteresting to see that the European Union (along with the UN) has urged Iraq not to carry out the death sentence passed on Iraq’s former leader Saddam Hussein after his conviction for crimes against humanity.

“The EU opposes capital punishment in all cases and under all circumstances, and it should not be carried out in this case either,” says Finland, current holder of the rotating EU presidency.

That’s all very interesting EXCEPT it is none of the business of the European Union. This decision has been legally arrived at by the Iraqi judiciary, in keeping with the Iraqi constitution – itself overwhelmingly voted into place by the Iraqi people. The problem for the EU is that, JUST like the UN, it seeks to impose it’s own (absence of) morality on all nations. Of course it has no sway in Iraq but the posturing clowns of Brussels like to think otherwise.

Had the EU been around in 1945, it would undoubtedly have pleaded clemency for Hitler’s cronies even as the full horror of the Holocaust was emerging. The moral vacuum that lies at the heart of the EU is visible once more today as it pleads on behalf of the genocidal tyrant Saddam.


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 8:14 am

loony.jpgOnly 7% of communication is verbal.  The rest consists of intonation and body language.  I have been watching the various news frontsmen at Auntie over the last couple of days as they extend their coverage of the American mid-term elections.  Beneath the thinnest of veneers of professional impartiality, there is a collective genie of schadenfreude struggling to get out.

Everything in the delivery of news coverage from the BBC on this issue is laced with barely-disguised glee by the Lefties concerned.  As well as wearing smiles broader than the Mississippi as they forecast defeats for the Republicans in Congress, loaded terms such as ‘pounding’ have become commonplace.

As well as calling into question use of appropriate terms on what should be a professional news media service, everything in the coverage of American politics on the BBC more than suggests an agenda in favour of the Democrats – either overtly or with subtlety.  So much for the charter of impartiality.

On This Day…

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 8:06 am

1860 – Abraham Lincoln is narrowly elected the 16th US President.

1893 – Composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, dies aged 53 after drinking unboiled water in St Petersburg during a cholera epidemic. His final and most popular work was ‘Symphony No 6, the Pathetique’.

1932 – The Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler, emerges as the largest single party in the German elections.

1942 – The Church of England relaxes its rule that women must wear hats in church.

1962 – The UN condemns apartheid.  The decision is a culmination of international outrage at the Sharpeville massacre, which took place two years before.

2003 – Michael Howard becomes leader of the Conservative Party.



By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 7:40 am

Did you read that a doctors’ group has called for a debate on the "mercy killing" of disabled babies?

The medical profession should examine the "active euthanasia" of desperately ill newborns, said the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology. It wants an inquiry into whether the "deliberate intervention to cause the death of an infant" should be legalised.

Quite shocking that the Royal College should wish to value the life of a disabled baby less than that of an able bodied infant. I agree with Labour MP Jim Dobbin who has compared this to the eugenics policies of the Nazis:

 "This sends the message that only the perfect are acceptable and the disabled can be discarded."


He’s eight. The Royal College has also suggested that decisions on when young babies should be killed or allowed to die should depend not only on the gravity of their condition. Its submission to an inquiry on the ethics of treatment for severely ill and disabled newborns raises the question of whether such children should be killed if they are not wanted by their parents.

This is revolting stuff and proof that science can be a real and present danger when it has no moral anchor.

Moderates Emerge?

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 11:25 pm

2,500 Muslims living near the planned mega mosque site in east London have signed a petition against the plan. Referring to the group Tablighi Jamaat, behind the plans, Asif Shakoor, chairman of the Sunni Friends of Newham, said: ‘It is radicalising the younger generation. We have to make a stand’.

This is good news.  In addition to this the mosque’s backers have fallen foul of planning laws.

It also looks like the MCB are finding their ludicrous position on Holocaust Day increasingly difficult to maintain. The MCB has had to take on more moderates in light of a government threat to ditch them. The moderates are now forcing a change in position.

Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, challenged the council  to end its boycott  and threatened the change of ‘partners’ if the council refused to budge. At a meeting in London she said: “I can’t help wondering why those in leadership positions who say they want to achieve religious tolerance and a cohesive society would choose to boycott an event which marks, above all, our common humanity and respect for each other.”

Ironically, in the face of unusual and strong criticism from an Anglican bishop towards ‘muslim hypocrisy’ this weekend, the MCB were quick to accuse the church of precisely what they themselves have been terribly guilty of over Holocaust Day – which kind of underlined his point rather well I thought.



We have no value

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 6:21 pm


It is crucial we succeed in Afghanistan. NATO’s reputation is on the line and failure to tackle the re-emergence of Taliban forces there will embolden terrorists and strengthen their worldwide agenda. Without success there it will become a breeding ground for Al-Qaeda. Added to which we cannot abandon the people of Afghanistan themselves.

Whilst it is important to succeed in Iraq I am concerned that our failure to support the fragile democracy in Afghanistan has allowed resurgent forces to regain control and in particular to threaten women’s rights. This is absolutely essential if the balance of power in a testosterone fuelled culture is to change. Although the Taliban has been driven from power, Afghan women still suffer under fundamentalist persecution. Yes, some of the most notable achievements in ousting the Taliban included a small step forward in women’s rights. Afghan girls have been permitted to go to school and women have been allowed to rejoin the work force. But recent events indicate that fundamentalist restrictions on women are taking hold in Afghanistan again. And the Northern Alliance still includes a collection of Mujahadeen warlords for whom women, especially, were frequent targets.
It is these warlords who, as reported in The Times today (alongside other harrowing accounts), are threatening incredibly brave women MPs – MPs such as 27 year old Malalai Joya,
physically attacked in the Afghan parliament, survivor of 4 assassination attempts but solid in her commitment to stay and shout down the warlords. She is revered as a heroine amongst the people of Afghanistan.

 “We have no value.” “When I speak, they pelt me with water bottles,” (referring to her fellow male MPs). “One shouted, ‘Take and rape her!’
“The West talks of Afghan women having freedom and going outside without a burqa but I tell you the burqa was not the main problem for women. Look at the high rate of suicide among our women. The real problem is security and more and more are returning to the burqa (for protection).”  

As recently as last month  Safia Ama Jan the director of Womens Affiars was murdered for standing up to the mysoginist forces tightening their grip again. And whilst President Kharzai was quick to condemn her death I think much more pressure ought to brought to bear on him. Its imperative our forces establish security for the reason I mentioned above but equally crucial that womens status is improved in a country where there is a chance to achieve this. Our government and the US government can no longer afford to cite advances in women’s rights in wistful historical terms. It should be up their on the list above opium cultivation!

I also can’t help but feel hugely disappointed that muslim women in the west, who should champion their ‘muslim sisters’ in Afghanistan are failing them. They have so much in comparison and yet take it for granted. It’s incredibly sad and an inditement on the cultural strategies of the government that they feel more inclined to ignore women who have shown such enormous courage to get the little they have.


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 6:11 pm

saddamhusseinglares.jpgI have been invited onto the BBC’s "Nolan Show" tomorrow morning – around 9.15 – to discuss whether Saddam got a fair trial and whether the death penalty is warranted. To quote Dick Cheney, "It’s a no-brainer" that the tyrannical genocidal dictator, Saddam Hussein, should be executed.  It’s also Iraqi law.

You can tune in and listen live tomorrow morning or else use the "listen again" later on tomorrow. I will be debating the point with the unoffical leader of the Londonderry Fedayeen, Eamon McCann. Eamon is a likeable character from the school of the marxist hard-left – he opposed the liberation of Iraq, he has criticised ongoing military operations in Iraq, and he opposes the death penalty for Saddam, believing he did not get a fair trial.  So he is consistent. Consistently wrong.

Is this a pillock I see before me?

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 3:05 pm

I read earlier this week that Ken Livingstone, the terrorist sympathizer and IRA apologist has had to change his tune somewhat.

Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, the son of jailed ‘hookie’ Hamza, who is at present appealing against his conviction, was discovered to be working on the London Underground network, but he seemed to have lied about his previous existence in the Yemen, where he had served a three-year stint for plotting a terror bombing!

Our Ken, at first seemed complacent with the ‘status quo’, saying ""Has he broken any law here in Britain? [No, so] we are happy to have him working for us,"; but after some reflection, went with the flow, and stated that he was " not aware of this man’s convictions at the time of my press conference this morning, only of his family. It is clear that anyone who has been involved in terrorism in any form cannot be employed on the London Underground."

Seems that the sub-contractor was only slightly put off when Hamza’s job application was scanned, as it seemed to say:-

Interests outside of work?

"Bringing the Caliphate to the godless hordes of Britain, and beheading those who mock my great Religion, whose only call is for Peace, light and happiness!"

CCP on the brink of collapse? We can only hope

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 12:16 pm

mao-poster.jpgWalking through Westminster yesterday I came across a banner denouncing the Chinese Communist Party. A young man was handing out leaflets, calling for mass withdrawals from the CCP. Apparently nine million people have already done so, and the CCP is teetering on “the brink of collapse”. How much of this is wishful thinking I do not know but, as Carlisle said, “no lie can live forever”, and who would have guessed how quickly the Soviet empire would dissolve?

I am not sure to what extent the Falang Gong sect is involved in this campaign. They more than most have good reason to seek the end of Communist tyranny, as so many of their number have been tortured and murdered in China.

The leaflet pointed to these nine commentaries, documenting the truth of the Chinese Communist Party and their murderous rule. Possession of the nine commentaries in the “People’s Republic” would get you arrested and possibly killed. It is good to reflect occasionally on the freedom we have in this country, and why we must strive to safeguard it.

The Hitlercratic Oath

By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 11:49 am

At first I thought I’d been propelled back in time when I read this excerpt in today’s Sunday Times.  The Nazis preferred to execute those who were not of the Aryan Race; some contemporary doctors prefer execution on the grounds of a newborn’s disability.  How the ghost of the Fuhrer must be giggling!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for the promotion of life for life’s sake.  For example, there are some babies born with such horrific disabilities they could not survive more than a few hours.  I remember reading about a case here in West Yorkshire from the 1970s when a baby was born anencephalic (without the top of its skull in place).  Given that no human being can survive without its crown and that meningitis would have set in within the space of a few minutes, the baby would have spent the rest of its very short life in absolute agony.  In such circumstances the doctors would have been better to asphyxiate the baby instantly to prevent its suffering.  Instead, they kept it on a drip for two days in order to show they had attempted to prolong the impossible – life itself.

However, we are not talking about these rare and noteworthy cases  The so-called doctors in this article are talking about involuntary euthanasia not for the benefit of the child, but to spare parents the emotional and financial burden of caring for their offspring.  Am I the only one to find this consensus of opinion utterly deplorable?  Caring for disabled people in a professional capacity can be tiring enough; it must be very hard for the parents concerned.  With respect, that is not the issue here.  Disabled babies have as much entitlement to life as everybody else.  For parents who cannot cope there is a multitude of agencies out there offering help and support services.  In return for the hard work and effort, you get to spend your life with people who have an unconditional approach to love, and who are as delightful to be with as anyone ‘normal’ in society (in many cases they are a far better quality of person).

What will be interesting is the response of the liberal masses: those who protest about the taking of human life in terms of the death penalty for creatures like Saddam Hussain, yet are content to play footsie with appalling ideas such as this in the name of parental choice.  The mind boggles!!