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My thoughts on “human rights”

By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 2:43 pm

As I’ve stated before, I am opposed to the concept of Human Rights as a basis for our legal code.

Now, we hear so much about human rights these days, we take it for granted so much that we have these rights, that my statement at first seems rather ludicrous, even fascist and totalitarian. (I’m not generally fascist or totalitarian, except on the first Monday of each month, at the regional meetings of the Grupen….er…ahem… nah, shhhh! forget I said that). So I feel the need to explain what I mean.

I think there is a huge difference between the current, widely accepted definition of a Right, and my own definition. The key to this difference lies in the question “Who is the final authority?” To me, a right means “a certain freedom or privilege, granted to you by a higher authority, earned in reward for your performance of a duty, or granted freely in recognition of some service that you have voluntarily performed”. In centuries past, we used to hear that such-and-such a person was “granted the freedom of the City of London”, whatever that meant in practise I don’t know. But the point is, the person didn’t just possess that freedom, that right, by the mere fact of his own existence; he couldn’t simply proclaim the right for himself, but rather, it had to be granted to him by the authorities. And it wasn’t granted for nothing, either.

But why, you may ask, do we need any “authority” to “grant” us rights? Surely “human rights” are self-evident, by their very nature?

To many people these days, due to the over-liberal interpretation of the word by the courts, a right simply means “a freedom or expectation of freedom that I possess, simply because I exist. It’s just there, by its very nature, because…well, it just is. Because I say so. I alone am the final judge of my rights, and everyone else must naturally agree that this right is there”. And here we see the problem: What if I don’t happen to agree that your rights are paramount over mine? Or that your rights and my rights can coexist without any conflict?

I might want to rule my life by the maxim “My right to happiness comes first, and where anything or anyone comes into conflict with that right, my right shall prevail”. Fine so far, and let’s say that my idea of ultimate happiness is a good night’s sleep. But my insanely annoying neighbour, whose idea of ultimate happiness is to play rap music at 120dB all night long, might also be ruling his life by the very same maxim.


By acting out his “right”, my neighbour is denying me MY right, as I define it. But if I take action to stop him, then I am infringing HIS right, as he defines it. So – who is the authority here? Who has the ultimate moral authority to differentiate between my right and his right? You may simply say “well, the law of the land, of course”. But in so saying, you would be getting the fundamentals of this argument completely the wrong way round, putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. Remember, we’re talking about principles here, not laws. In this scenario, in this hypothetical definition of “human rights”, I am perfectly entitled to proclaim the absolute moral authority of my “right”, and so is the other chap entitled to proclaim and act upon his “right”. Those “rights” are supposed to be, in themselves, the very authority upon which the laws are based, in the first place! In this definition of rights, it is the moral authority of the “rights” themselves which give rise to the laws, rather than a case of the laws setting out the “rights”. So the essential paradox stands.

So you see (or at least, I hope I have shown) that we can’t simply assert our “rights” off our own backs and set ourselves up as our own moral judges. The principle of fully self-evident human rights, without any higher authority, is essentially anarchistic, totally at odds with the very concept of any legal system. We need a higher arbitrator, one who has the authority and power to decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

Of course, in our societies, we achieve this balance realistically, by the process of democracy, i.e., majority consensus. It works fairly well, but when you get right down to basics, all it really means in practise is that the minority must agree to concede the absolute “self-evidence” of their rights to the majority. Therefore in practise, in the absence of any higher moral authority, such as “God”, there is no real all-embracing “self-evidence” of human rights, nor any absolute definition of those rights, but merely a consensus which the minority must begrudgingly accept. Hence, those who proclaim the full moral authority of “human rights” as a basis for law, find themselves in the moral conundrum of having to forge a path which simultaneously upholds the rights of Muslims to preach their full beliefs, and also the rights of homosexual people to not suffer from any discriminatory language by the former group! In the words of Joy Division, “Something Must Break!”, or if you prefer Dire Straits, “Two men say they’re Jesus – One of them must be wrong!” I defy anyone to find an all-embracing solution to the conflict of interests in the above example, which does not end up effectively saying "this group’s rights trump the other group’s rights, to some extent or other". Because if your solution DOES end up saying that, then you have effectively become the "higher authority", the "moral arbitrator", and so you will have denounced the principle of "human rights" by setting your authority above it.

Anyway, I hope I’ve made my line of thinking as clear as it can be. I’m interested to hear what people’s opinions are, on this whole thing. I have more thoughts to blab on this subject, but that’s enough for one post!

“let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!”

By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 2:18 pm

Simone Clarke is a talented, graceful and accomplished ballet dancer. She dances as a Principal for the English National Ballet, and they are pleased to have her. So why are the pavements outside the London Coliseum thronged with clowns who are parading their hatred of this unassuming but talented professional? Has she been charged with child abuse? NO! Has she been charged, or even suspected, of involvement in a particularly dreadful crime? NO! Well, why the fuss and palaver?

Simple, she is an acknowledged member of the British National Party, and as such is an open target for the kooks, crazies and clowns who populate the fringes of ultra-Left-wing political parties and other collections of sewage.

They are demonstrating, once more, that the tolerant society is tolerant only of thoughts which are deemed acceptable to this rabble, and if a deviant is found, they should be hounded out of sight! I notice that the police are actively considering upgrading protection status for Miss Kate Middleton; pestered as she is by ‘paparazzi’! I wonder if similar ‘protection’ status will be discussed for Miss Clarke, whose only crime, as far as I can tell, is membership of a legal Political entity!



By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 2:00 pm

The local media have provided us with extensive coverage of the funeral of PUP Leader David Ervine today. There to pay tribute to Mr Ervine was IRA leader Gerry Adams, a former Irish Prime Minister and dedicated United Ireland Albert Reynolds, and the core Trimble-ites, including Lady Sylvia Hermon – who you may recall was "horrified" when her Party linked up with Mr Ervine at Stormont. By their company, you will know them.


By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

adamspaisley-203.jpgMore word games!

The DUP have gone back on a deal to agree the devolution of policing – Sinn Fein/IRA has said.

Party leader Gerry Adams said the DUP was given the text of the motion he would put to his party’s executive calling a special meeting on policing. He said the DUP was meant to say that if Sinn Fein translated its words into actions they would "accept the devolution of policing by May 2008". Mr Adams said the DUP had said "the required words were in the motion". He said that the DUP leader Ian Paisley was to have responded to them in a New Year statement.

Naturally, the DUP denies saying any such thing.

But the DUP has also had to deny telling the Prime Minister the very same thing. 

Funny how all those that the DUP engage in secret negotiations end up with ONE impression, whilst the rest of us are told another.

Only words?

I know that the IRA lie. I know that Blair lies. But one has to seriously wonder what is going on with DUP negotiators, behind closed doors…. 

“..sup with a very long spoon…”

By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 10:42 am

As any member of my own family, both close and not-so- will testify, my knowledge of, and competency in, the sporting field is very close to abysmal. I have no interest in the juvenile antics of highly-overpaid so-called ‘stars’ in just about every arena of the sporting firmament, from football to darts, and my proficiency in archery was gained so I might compete on level terms with my sons and daughter.

So when I hear all the rubbish being poured out of the radio about David Beckham and his move from Real Madrid to an American team in Los Angeles, I mentally turned over and prepared to go back to sleep, but then I heard the magic name of Philip Anschutz, who happens to be the owner of the conglomerate which owns the Los Angeles Galaxy team, and who is now going to be paying Mr. Beckham some $100 million dollars over a five year period. Anschutz; now where have you heard that name before? Catchy, isn’t it? Especially when it lands up alongside Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s name, printed amongst some very-thinly veiled allegations regarding presents given and retained by Prescott whilst discussing the new casino site at the Dome, at a ranch owned by Anschutz. Now Anschutz, a true billionaire in real money terms, is well-known for many things, including gambling, construction and major sporting events, but is not well-known as a philanthropist, so we should look just a little deeper at the largesse bestowed upon a British football player whose own lights are perhaps beginning to fade!

Will we be seeing David Beckham fronting the assault upon the Government’s location plans for the super casino, to push for that place to be the Dome? Will we see Victoria batting both eyes simultaneously at Gordon Brown, in an attempt to hypnotise that dour Scot into allowing Brits to give their hard-earned cash to Anschutz the easy way; over the craps and slot lines at the monstrous money machine which is proposed for Greenwich?

New Labour has always held ‘celebrities’ close, is this perceived to be the ‘Achille’s Heel’ of the Blair-Brown administration?


By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 9:59 am

It is quite obvious the ubercop PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde has little interest in the concept of justice.

I see he has been moaning (rightly) about the cost of prolonged farces such as the Bloody Sunday Enquiry (Currently costing £180m and rising all the time, folks). He suggest that these Public Enquiries are a poor way at getting at historical facts. I agree. But he then goes on to lavish praise on the  PSNI’s Historical Enquiries Team, which was set up to investigate killings carried out during the Troubles, was another way to deal with the past.

“What we are finding is where people are engaging with us we are getting positive feedback from families who are learning a lot more now than they ever did,” he said. “Again it shows the families of the victims are ahead of the politicians. They are not playing games with this.  They want to know what happened and many are not interested in prosecution. They just want to know the story.”

Let me just repeat that last sentence for you…”They just want to know the story”

The concept of justice has been erased from Sir Hugh’s mentality. Apparently the next of kin of those thousands slaughtered by the IRA are only interested in “the story.”

RUBBISH. I know many such people, who have tragically lost loved ones to the sort of terrorists that Sir Hugh longs to see sit on his Policing Board, and I know that the thing they most hunger for is JUSTICE.

They want to see the murderers pay for their crimes.

The Chief Constable gives the game away in this most recent statement – he is wishing away the very concept of prosecuting the guilty. And we all know why.


By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 9:43 am

question203.jpgDid you watch Question Time last evening on the BBC? It was the usual combination of lily-livered Conservatism, rampant leftism, and sheet moonbattery, presided over by the amiable David Dimbleby.

Last night’s panelists were;

Saint Clare Short; Too far left to stay in Labour, she is treated as a latter day political saint by the BBC. Her main claim to fame is that she has consistently argued for Saddam Hussein to remain in power so he could torture and kill as he wished. Her answers on most topics were pious clap-trap. Smug may well be her middle name – as she wears her imagined heart on her sleeve.

George Osbourne: David Cameron’s number two..and indeed he gave a number two performance. Wretched. He looked  happiest whilst attacking the decision by President Bush to send in more troops to Iraq. Did you notice how MOST of his contributions were met with silence? How on Earth can this form of castrated conservatism connect with anything???

Lord Charlie Falconer: One of Tony’s cronies – who was there as primarily to defend the poor decisions of a very poor Government. His response to the question of his colleagues Ruth Kelly’s rampant hypocrisy was particularly inept, I felt.

Charles “Hic” Kennedy: Didn’t look well – didn’t seem that involved – poor Charlie-boy.

Kelvin McKenzie: Former Editor of the Sun and controversialist. Didn’t rate him – he tried to play the audience of populist themes, but seemed dumb-struck for an answer when Dimbleby asked him for an alternative strategy for Iraq.

The audience were 99% moonbats, with one particular crone earning the plaudits for the most off-the-wall comments, as she demanded that Tony Blair come and “apologise” for all his lies. A demented leftist, I’m afraid, and all to symptomatic of QT audience composition.


By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 9:31 am

There is little doubt that Labour’s desire to bring about the destruction of the United Kingdom has seen considerable advance over the past ten years. As this article in The Scotsman suggests, should Scotland leave the UK, then the residual parts – England, Wales and Northern Ireland, may also split apart.

The issue here is the rise of Scottish Nationalism, and how this has been fed, rather than assuaged, by the NuLabour driven devolution of power to the Scottish Parliament – without Scotland having to assume any degree of financial responsibility for its wanton Statism. The impression is that Scotland can afford to be a Tartan Socialist nirvana without any fiscal concerns. It can take take take from the British Exchequer – predominantly driven by English largesse -without any pain, or any giving.

Now I don’t know if the people of Scotland WILL endorse the loony tunes in the SNP later this year, but if they do, then this does indeed threaten the constitutional foundation of the United Kingdom. As someone who values the Union, I would not like to see this situation brought about but it is up to the Scottish electorate to decide if they wish to remove themselves from the Kingdom or not. 

Hat-tip to the ATW reader for the story.


By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007 at 9:18 am

795151-629090-thumbnail.jpgIt is my contention that Amnesty International has morphed into a despicable pro-terror anti-american ragbag far-left collective, despite it’s lofty aspirations to occupy a high moral ground. As far as I can determine, most of the comrades in Amnesty lack a clear moral compass, which might just explain why….

On Thursday, January 11, 2007, there was a demonstration at the US Consulatein Belfast. Amnesty International is organizing a worldwide day of action to close Guantanamo Bay and Belfast is on their list of U.S. Government Facilities targeted for demonstration.  Amnesty International is encouraging protesters to wear orange boiler suits and some may wear U.S. style military fatigues. The PSNI has received no formal petition for this demonstration; information was gathered from the Amnesty International Web Site.

Anyone remember Amnesty International organising demos against the slaughter of Kurds, Marsh Arabs, Iraqi dissenters or New Yorkers or Londoners, Bali night clubbers, East Africa Embassy workers, Kuwaitis, etc. etc. ? Nope? Me neither.

What A Life!

By ATWadmin On January 11th, 2007 at 10:50 pm

Interest rates have just risen another 1/4 of a percent.  This figure, added to the other increases we have seen in recent years, adds more woe for the average Brit.  Let me explain.

Mr Average has just been informed by his bank that his mortgage repayments have increased another £200 per year.  He sits down with Mrs Average in front of the lounge fire to discuss how they are going to make ends meet.  As it is a cold January day, Mr Average turns the fire up.  He then realises he will be faced with a mounting fuel bill as well as shortening the life expectancy of the Earth by years through carbon emissions. 

Faced with a choice of sitting in a freezing cold and increasingly expensive house, or going out, Mr Average decides to take the wife our for a ride in the car.  When he stops to fill-up with petrol, he remembers he is paying £7 out of every £10 purely in tax to the Treasury, thus beginning to wonder how long he will be able to actually afford a car.  Bumping along potholed roads awash with speed cameras ready to fleece him of a further £60 should he accidentally go 2mph over the limit, Mr Average is also on the lookout for police mobile speed units.  He is already well aware he lives in a society where capturing unsuspecting motorists is far better game than catching criminals.

Upon arrival in the town centre he is faced with double yellow lines, prohibitive parking charges, cramped conditions and wardens ready to slap a ticket on his windscreen if his front tyre is more than 3 inches over the designated white parking zone.  There are few shops in the town worth browsing in so he takes the wife to the train station to catch an express to the nearest big city.  Once again he has to dig into his pocket to meet the dearest rail fares in Europe.  So our of pocket is he by the time he reaches the city, he can only afford one small hamburger in a fast food restaurant; fully flushed with the guilt engendered by ceaseless adverts concerning healthy eating.

That’s modern life in Britain.  Not much to sing about, is there?