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“…to dream the impossible dream…”

By ATWadmin On December 29th, 2006 at 11:23 am

If you read, as I did some time back, of the re-habilitation of one Robert McBride, you may well wonder what this has to do with a British and Northern Ireland commentary blog? Well, here is a man who planted a bomb in a crowded bar in Durban, the bar being the favourite hang-out of the Durban Police, and when the blast kills three women and mutilates and injures a further 69, was sentenced to death when convicted. His sentence was commuted, and he was granted amnesty after the pleading of one Nelson Mandela, and freed from prison. He served for a time as a senior official in the South 795151-610833-thumbnail.jpgAfrican Department of Foreign Affairs, before his appointment as Chief of Police on the East Rand. His exploits while in his position as Police Chief have covered him in something, but it’s not normally known as ‘glory’! He is only one of thousands of former terrorists and killers who have received the fruits of their deadly labours from an ever-grateful A.N.C. Government.

So, you might muse, it’s just another grinning coon getting favours returned from his supportive employers! Well, just think, as we are all asked to these days, just think ‘outside the box’; and you will see what is coming to a police station near you, near, that is, if you live in Northern Ireland. With the I.R.A. planning to hold their deadly meeting to ‘confirm’ their acceptance of the P.S.N.I. in the very near future, the murderers of ‘LA MON’, the killers of ‘ENNISKILLEN’, the butchers of Jean McConville, can expect either a seat on a P.S.N.I. ‘oversight committee’, or the chance to wear the P.S.N.I. uniform.

From Johannesburg to Belfast is quite a jump in physical terms, but not when the same evils are being accommodated!



By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 6:51 pm

HAPPY20NEW20YEAR20189.jpgOK folks – I promised that I would blog over Christmas and have stuck to my word. But even yours truly needs a break, so I’m flying away first thing tomorrow morning to the Canary Islands, for a gentle week of sun, sea and San Miguel lager. There will be nothing more from me until Saturday 6th January 2007 – phew, wot a relief I hear you cry!

I wanted to take a minute though and wish all those who visit this site a peaceful and happy New Year. I think looking back is not so important as looking to the future and I’m certain 2007 will hold many surprises for us all. Who can say what they will be? – but I do assure you that ATW will have plenty to say about what goes on! With the new site layout established, and with my excellent fellow-writers around me, I feel positive about the beckoning year and hope that you, dear reader, will keep visiting us.

Thanks for all your fantastic contributions over the past twelve months – I’m sure next year will be every bit as enjoyable. I extend that to those of you who take exception to my political views as much as those who align with me – after all, it would be dull if we ALL agree all the time. (No chance of that..!) 

So – once more -A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all – see ya in just over a weeks time.

God bless.


By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 6:37 pm

adamspaisley-203.jpgAs predicted, the Sinn/IRA/DUP show continues to run and run – now in full on Festive Panto mode.

Comes the news – gasp! – that the IRA’s best buddies in Sinn Fein are calling a special meeting of its executive to discuss the issue of republican backing for policing in Northern Ireland. Gerry Adams said the party’s executive council would meet in Dublin on Friday. He said he would put forward a motion asking for a special party-wide conference "on the policing issue". Sinn Fein support for policing would be viewed by the political elite as removing one of the main obstacles to restoring devolution.

This is all just a pathetic joke. OF COURSE Sinn Fein/IRA (unless you are in the DUP in which case just drop the inconvenient Sinn Fein part) will deign to back Policing, subject to the usual lethal caveats.  The MSM will hail it as of being of monumental significance, the hand of history will scrawl a few more twisted words. The DUP will then pretend to "grudgingly" accept this as "a breakthrough" and then crow that they have achieved something.

This is the usual crafted political choreography we have seen over the years – its all a faux breakthrough – a panto for the politically stupid, or wicked. Of course it’s sad to see the IRA and the DUP edge closer together on the basis of the bastardisation of policing but in this corrupt political landscape, what else do you expect? Pursuing devolution at the cost of democracy appears to be the choice the DUP have made, and they know it. When the UUP sold out their principles, there were none more critical than the DUP. Now it seems that they have morphed into the UUP. More Kipper politics – two-faced and gutless!

Ignored By The Ignorant

By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 1:21 pm

Could you honestly imagine the Americans conveniently forgetting to celebrate the fourth of July?  Most countries show some respect towards the date their nation was created.  We have US Independence Day, Australia Day, Norway National Day on the 17th of May, etc.  Even the internationally illegitimate Northern Cyprus has a ‘national day’.  It just happens to be on my birthday – November 15th.

Irrespective of whether the birth of a nation arose from independence, union or from a creation of international law, it is important to remember the occasion – not by deifying terrorists like the Irish did earlier this year, but by promoting the national character and its achievements since that founding moment.  The birth of this United Kingdom took place on January 16th 1707, when the Union of England and Scotland came into being.  Wales had never been a nation in its own right and had never possessed a parliament of its own.  Thus, the amalgamation of England and Wales in 1536 is not usually regarded as the birth of the United Kingdom.  The lynchpin of the Union came almost 300 years ago, only to be complimented by the addition of Ireland 95 years later.

A Union of the Crowns had existed between the two countries since 1603.  Attempts had been made to unite England and Scotland on three previous occasions.  This time, the Union had the backing of both seats of government (even if for differing reasons).  What is perhaps telling was the desire for Union amongst the Scottish political class stemming from a desire to rid the country of a financial disaster created by the Darien scheme.  No other union between two former states anywhere in the world has been as successful as that between ourselves and the Scots.  Yugoslavia, Indonesia, the USSR, India and the island of Ireland are all evidence of the spectacular failures in the drive to create nations on false footings.  What these have in common is the fragmentation that took place because the fundamentals necessary to keep any territory constitutionally united were, and are, just not there.

By contrast, not only has the Union created and interdependent and interwoven mosaic of politics, economics, culture and institutional loyalty, it also developed the engine by which the British Empire was built.  Yet what are the ruling classes promising by way of a tercentennial celebration?  Nothing!  We will be ‘honoured’ by a commemorative £2 coin.  A convenient excuse peddled by spin doctors will be the likelihood of Scottish people associating the Act of Union with a discredited Scottish Labour Party, and react accordingly.  What rot!  Why couldn’t the government set up an independent organisation designed to promote the event?

Elementary dear folks!  This is a government embarrassed by our history.  Oh yes it wants to celebrate Britain’s role in the ‘abolition of slavery’, when in fact the UK only took the initial steps (admirable though they were) to end slavery as a practice of Western powers.  Slavery still continues today in many of the countries and regions where it was founded.  But Lefties aren’t listening to the facts.  For them, Britain is the be-all and end-all of historical negativity: a country they plan to see suffer indefinitely for its ‘historical wrongs’ as they use its institutions and very society as a platform of empowerment for one set of groups least able to identify with it, and for another set least prepared to contribute to its economic aggrandisement.

It may seem far-fetched.  However, I believe the curse of anti-Britishness pervades the mind of the most Blairite minister every bit as much as it does the likes of Galloway and Benn.  Alas, they are in the Establishment ascendancy.  For the Left we must bow the knee to ‘Muslimness, ethnicness and gayness’, but woe betide any of us who profess to take pride in the traditional ideas of ‘Britishness‘.


By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 1:14 pm

Showing a complete lack of class, the Incoming Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid will miss the state funeral for former President Gerald Ford at the Capitol Rotunda on Saturday night, opting instead to lead a delegation to South America with an expected stop at the Machu Picchu Inca ruins. 

Here’s another example of his class..

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said on ‘FOX News Sunday’ that this Republican-led Congress is "the most corrupt in history." He went on to distance himself from lobbyist Jack Abramoff who is being investigated for illegal payoffs. "Don’t lump me in with Jack Abramoff. This is a Republican scandal," he said, and was adamant that he never received bribes from Abramoff. However, Reid, like many Democrats and Republicans, has received campaign contributions from Abramoff clients.  "America can do better than what we’ve done," said Reid. "The most corrupt Congress in the history of the country. We have such significant problems with what’s going on in this country."

Harry. erm, somehow, forgot to mention that he had accepted $66,000 From Abramoff.

What a guy – and he is the LEADER of the Senate Majority. God help America with a bozo like this in power.


By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 1:03 pm

Did you read that Labour Chairperson, the excremental Hazel Blears, has been out on the demo line protesting in her constituency  in Salford, Greater Manchester, where the local hospital is to partially close as part of the controversial NHS shake-up throughout the country.

And who is behind this shake-up? That’s right, the Labour Government in which Ms Blears plays such a prominent part!

So, just to repeat, the Labour Chairperson, the intrepid Ms Blears, is keen to be photographed opposing Labour policy in motion! This follows the Labour Home Secretary John Reid’s presence at protests against hospital cuts in his Airdrie and Shotts constituency in April!

Perhaps Labour has decided that the Conservatives are such a poor opposition that they may as well oppose themselves? This lot in power are SO cynical, so calculating, that they are quite happy to be seen opposing the very policies they introduce!


By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 10:48 am

Delighted to see that the Islamist forces in Somalia have surrendered control of the capital Mogadishu to pro-government forces backed by Ethiopia!

As fierce fighting in the African nation entered its sixth day, a senior Islamist leader said Islamist troops had withdrawn from the capital. Sheikh Sharif Ahmed said that the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) forces remained united, and the retreat was a change of tactics in its war against the internationally recognised government and its Ethiopian allies. Sure, we believe him, right?

Following the announcement this morning, a government spokesman issued a triumphant statement, saying state troops would be in control of the capital within the next few hours. "The Islamic courts leaders have dispersed in thin air," Abdirahman Dinari told reporters, adding that the Islamist leaders had fled to the southern port of Kismayu.

Once again we see that the mighty forces of militant Islam are little more than girly-men when it comes to real fighting. Sure, they know how to decapitate a defenceless woman, or cut the throat of a helpless Air Stewardess, or detonate themselves at a Wedding Party – but when it comes to standing toe to toe with an opponent, they scarper. What cowards they are. 


By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 10:43 am

I note that Gold-plated public sector pensions are costing every family an average of £900 a year.

This is far greater than the amount many private sector workers can afford to put aside annually for their own retirement BUT it is what they must cough up in the form of taxes to look after their State sector colleagues!

Authoritative research from The Institute of Economic Affairs shows the cost of inflation-linked schemes for nearly six million state employees such as doctors, nurses, teachers and policemen has reached more than £22.3billion each year.

On average each one of the 25million households in the country must pay £900 to meet this bill and, according to the experts, this figure will pass the £1,000 mark and go on increasing. This huge burden will have to be met by today’s children when they start earning.

Richard Lambert, director-general of the CBI, the business lobby group, warned:

"’The failure to get to grips with public sector pensions is creating a wholly unsustainable burden for the taxpayer. It is also leading towards a society with two classes of citizen – one with a generous, early pension to look forward to, the other funding this through taxes while working longer and with a more uncertain retirement for themselves."

Chancellor Gordon Brown’s rapid expansion of the state payroll – 650,000 taxpayer-funded jobs have been created since Labour came to power in 1997 – is one reason why bills will go up.

To make matters worse, the argument that public sector workers deserve a better pension because they get paid less has disappeared. Official figures show the average salary for a full-time public sector worker is now £25,102, compared to £22,873 for somebody in the private sector. The State has moved to ensure its employees get paid the most. 

£18billion is paid out each year to retired members of unfunded schemes. The total rises to £22 billion if it includes the £4billion contribution paid by town halls to the council workers’ schemes. The number of public sector workers on six-figure salaries has more than trebled to nearly 1,000 in five years, figures revealed.

The top earners include BBC executives, members of Labour- dominated quangos and Whitehall mandarins. Despite the boardroom level salaries, civil servants are not exposed to the risks of the private sector. They also enjoy superior pension packages. In 2001, 320 staff at 25 public sector bodies earned £100,000 or more. By this year the figure had soared to 996.

Face it – the State is feathering the nest of those slaves who work directly for it by imposing punitive taxation on those who don’t.


By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 9:44 am

It would be best if Saddam were executed within the next few days. He, and his evil regime, need consigned to history. Let it rest in peace in 2006. The longer they keep him waiting, the more the chance of mischief from the residual dregs of his terror regime. I think Iraq has suffered enough because of this man and so I hope the authorities act now. Let him dangle, to borrow a phrase.


By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2006 at 9:28 am

795151-609719-thumbnail.jpgDid you see that the man once described as "The Godfather of Godfathers" – IRA/Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness -has issued his message of hope for the New Year saying that "considerable progress" has been made over the Christmas on restoring power sharing to Northern Ireland. McGuinness said the constant contact between the Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister means an agreement on getting the institutions back up and running could be reached in the coming days. He also went onto say that the New Year will mark a fresh beginning for his party and the DUP.

Let me just say this. There can be NO accommodation between any decent democrat and the IRA. If the DUP negotiators have been dealing away over the holiday period, and I suspect they have, and are moving  ever closer to gaining agreement with the barbarians whose organisation is responsible for killing thousands of our fellow citizens, then shame on them. They will get their come uppance one way or another.  It’s a shame that Unionism is led by power hungry baboons.