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By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 8:59 pm

Have a read of the full letter below the fold from an Iranian woman  to Nancy Pelosi..it’s interesting to hear what an Iranian lady thinks….via Anti-Mullah. The words are as written, so bear with some of the sentence construction, you’ll get the point OK… 

Dear Mr. Allain Peter,

I heard that Mrs. Nancy Pelosi is coming to Iran. Of course we Iranian know why. Please help us to reach Americans and give our message to whoever listens to us. Mrs. Nancy Pelosi wants to come to Iran, Who doesn’t know why? Who doesn’t know it is a long time that the road to white house is passing through Ayatollah’s door step. Thanks to some stupid American diplomats. Who doesn’t know, that time and again, these stupid politicians, act fast to implore and kiss the Mullah’s ass.

An example is Mrs. Albright’s stupid Apology that cost her to be scorned by the Mullah’s. These politicians made it clear to the Mullah’s that we are not in power any more, and you are in control. You are the real supper power and we are a puppet in your finger’s tip. Please have mercy and send us to white house.

She is coming to accept the Mullah’s request of years, the same request that some honorable politician did not accepted. She is coming to do a despicable acceptance in hurry to sell every right Iranian people as a human have especially Iranian women, for Mullah’s help on sending them to white house . Shame on her.

Nancy Pelosi forgot that right after 9/11 these same honorable people under such a savage regime came out to the street with candles to send their condolences to American people and this regime tortured them for it. Now Nancy Pelosi is coming to auction all the human rights these innocent people may have.

Who doesn’t know what the Mullah’s asked during these years? They send their meassages with every linkage to U.S and now she is going to use it for reaching to the white house.

The Mullah’s sent a clear massage

1- Support our terrorist, tyranny, inhumane regime. It means do not let any sound of opposition in your soil. Nobody should tell anything against whatever we do in Iran.

2- Do not talk about human rights in Iran. If we stoned Iranian women, we don’t want to here your voice, if we executed our children in streets corner, keep quiet and ask your united nation to shut up too.

If we rape the women in our prisons and hit them to dead like Zahra Kazemmi, you don’t let any picture in your TVs, if we ordered one savage Pasdar rape a little girl in prison before we execute her and the next morning we ask the price of bullets that we killed her with, from her parents, you continue the silence that you have now.

If you see the pictures of our torture and street corner execution that makes the Nazi’s look good turn your head, if we make the Hezbollah’s army in another country to fight with countries like Israel, it is not your business don’t put your nose there. If we swoop up the Iranian wealth and let them live under the poverty line, of course all super power love it, so keep the silence and don’t let any body put our picture on any magazine’s cover so we are not force to assassinate them, like Rafsanjani did.

This is the road to white house and we have the key to it.

This is why Mrs. Nancy Pelosi wants to cover herself with Islamic dress and come to Iran to kiss the Mullah’s ass and open the way to white house for Democrats. She is the passenger of the inhumane and indecency and shamelessness road.

If thou feel not for others’ pain,
Thou shall not deserve to be humane.

I heard that Ayatollahs didn’t give her a visa, if it could be true for the first time I could clap for them although it sure will be with the order of some other countries like China and Russia. But just to slap on Nancy Pelosi’s face I could respect them. She has such a childish excitement from her foolish thought that she wouldn’t leave any respect for America.


“That’s £68,000 of taxpayers’ money well spent,”.

By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 6:59 pm

45146638.jpgImage from August last year – Operation Herrick IV British deployment – the development of the Helmand Task Force in the province, which has seen the cross Governmental Provincial Reconstruction Team set up in Lashkar Gar, to help the Afghan Government build strong governmental institutions, security and create jobs.

Following on from Michael Yons excellent piece on British forces, Tom Coghlan in Sangeen, Afghanistan has been writing for the Telegraph – embedded with Lima Company as they undertook the biggest Royal Marine raid since the Falklands conflict.  The operation was completed without a single British casualty.

"The aim is to shock the Taliban to the point where they don’t have a scoobie [clue] what is going on".  By noon the Marines had achieved their objectives….but some Marines warned that it would be premature to write off a Taliban return in Sangeen. "They are not stupid. They know we have massive combat power here now," said one officer. "They just melt into the background, they know we can’t sustain this. Then they can move back in, and things will be as they were".  The long hard road ahead. 


By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 5:47 pm

You see some of us right-of-liberal types attracted some criticism when we described the Democrat Party as "the Defeaticrats" or even "Dhimmicrats" and as ever, time tells the tale.  Did we call it wrong, had we misjudged Pelosi and her pals or were we spot on the money?

Mmm, let’s see. Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid says that the war in Iraq is "lost," and CANNOT be won through military force. Harry reckons we cannot beat the Jihadi and that getting out of Iraq is the best route forward. Summary; Vote Democrat, Get Surrender. Well done Harry, I’m sure you’ve given that little extra motivation to the Iranian backed Islamic killers to slaughter more of our soldiers.  


By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 5:16 pm

The weekend approaches, so I offer you a little musical advice in the chorus of this song from this relatively fun video. Just remember that YOU are nobody in this town ’till everyone thinks you’re a ….

While Liberals Worry Over Guns

By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 5:14 pm

Ron Roberts, an 81 year old war veteran, is the latest victim of NHS manslaughter.

Ron and his wife Olive, 79, were forced to choose which one of them would go blind when both were diagnosed with the same degenerative eye condition last year. As any man would, Ron chose blindness for himself. A campaign led to the NHS relenting and agreeing to treat both. If only the campaign had failed. While in the Bath Royal Hospital, Ron contracted the ‘superbug’ Clostridium Difficile and pneumonia. He was left on a trolley for 24 hours and spent six days in a unit meant for short stays only. He died soon after being found abandoned in his own faeces.

But let’s not worry, for the primary care trust says that there will be an investigation. Truly, working for the state means never having to take responsibility for your actions. It cannot be repeated often enough that the state is not your friend. It will only be made to answer to we, the people, when we make it so. I hope that Ron Roberts family seeks justice and sees those who effectively killed him made to answer for his death with their imprisonment. I cannot agree more with Richard Littlejohn’s view (in today’s Daily Mail, no link) that:

Everyone involved, from the Health Secretary Patricia downwards, through the directors of the hospital care trust, to the hospital managers, doctors, nurses and porters on the ward, should be arrested and charged with corporate manslaughter at the very least.


By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 2:07 pm

I think this is a sad little story which is a further indicator of the danger of illegal drugs. The co-founder of the world’s biggest gay online dating agency jumped to his death from an eighth-floor balcony after a night of taking party drug ketamine, an inquest has heard. Gary Frisch, who made millions by creating the Gaydar dating website in 1999, threw himself from his apartment in Battersea in February after an all night session on the drug. An eye-witness said Mr Frisch shouted "Waheey" just moments before he plunged to his death. SPLAT! That’s how his life ended. I have no idea what Ketamine is, or how readily available it is, or what it does, but it cost this guy his life. Hope the thrill was worth it.

Unionist party split!

By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 8:54 am

Has someone in a Unionist party discovered his or her conscience and objected to going into government with the political propagandists for the IRA? Don’t be silly!

Last week I expressed my incredulity at the UUP’s decision to give Michael McGimpsey the Health Ministry. Now I’m a bit clearer as to why that happened. There is, surprise surprise, an internal party split about the leader!

Following Lady Hemon’s broadside at Sir Reg in yesterday’s News Letter in which she expressed her “disappointed” with the leadership, it emerged that there is division in the UUP Assembly party.

Apparently Alan McFarland was offered the job of Health Minister but turned it down because he believed that Sir Reg should not take a ministry. The North Down MLA is reported to have been of the opinion that his leader’s time would be better spent rebuilding the party. Perhaps Mr McFarland – but that is hardly a one man job!

Good grief! Have they nothing more important to argue about?

The UUP’s merry march over the cliff of electoral annihilation continues.


By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 8:47 am

Last night was local politics night on BBC Northern Ireland and it provided great comedy entertainment.

Funniest of all was fading Ulster Unionist Leader Sir Reg Empey being interviewed on Hearts and Minds by Karen Patterson. It was like watching a car crash, wasn’t it? Awful but yet strangely riveting. In essence, the question he was being asked by Karen was why didn’t he, as leader of his ailing party, put its revival ahead of that of his Ministerial career? He blustered and waffled and demonstrated why the UUP is now an irrelevance. This Party is in absolute meltdown, and when the likes of Alan McFarland looks good, you know you are in serious trouble.

Let’s Talk featured Jim Allister (Former DUP MEP, the only senior member of the Party to walk away from power-sharing with terrorists) Edwin Poots (Soon to be Minister for Fun) Herman Munster (aka John O’Dowd from IRA/Sinn Fein), Albert Reyonolds (Former Irish PM and a man whose dance clubs had the unfortunate habit of mysteriously burning down) and the pusillanimous Sir (sic) Kenneth Bloomfield. 

Jim Allister spoke well, showed integrity and the chasm between him and Minister for Fun elect Poots was massive.  Of course the REASON Allister was chosen to be on the show was so that the BBC could put the line to him "look, we’ve all moved on and it’s time you did too " – the subtle meaning we all accept power-sharing with terrorists so what’s your problem? It is the by-line for all good little peace processors. Jim did well to answer this. Poots was pathetic, barely coherent, a charisma by-pass zone. Still that looked like a nice tan he had.

 Herman Munster was his usual self, an abomination. He may be a rising star within IRA/Sinn Fein but I wonder what sort of unionists look to him as a partner in power? Ken Bloomfield was smug and self-righteousness personified, an awful fellow.

Last of all, poor Albert Reynolds. Did you hear him provide the entirely wrong answer to the last question? It’s as if someone had told him what it was going to be, then it was changed at the last moment but he went ahead and answered as originally planned. And all in a spontaneous question and answer programme? Mmm. Either that or his mind is going which is possible given his unctuous commentary on how "he" brought us peace by talking directly to the killers in all the terror gangs. Happily, the audience was as bad as ever!    

An educational visit?

By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 8:45 am

collinsOn Let’s Talk last night Edwin Poots was telling us that the DUP have won a great victory by ensuring that Martin McGuinness will take a pledge supporting the PSNI. Once he does that, the Union is secure.

I wonder if Ian Paisley Jur will have a chance to speak to his party colleague soon. Mr Paisley attended an exhibition in Dublin named after IRA leader Michael Collins. I hope that someone told him about the oath that gentleman took.

Regardless of whether they did or not, I’m glad that at least one politician has the sense to highlight how much McGuinness’s word is worth.


By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007 at 8:24 am

euroflag.jpgAnyone who lives under the pretence that the current British Government is anything other than the deadly enemy of the British people need look no further than the news today that the UK prime minister does not intend to hold a referendum on the rules that govern the way in which the EU operates. Tony Blair had promised a referendum on a new EU constitution, but since it is obvious to all that he would lose that, the new route is for the British government and the Netherlands to push for a less ambitious but still as lethal treaty without requiring the national electorate to endorse it. It is rule by fiat. Remember that the Netherlands followed France in voting AGAINST a draft constitution in 2005, plunging the EU into crisis.

Now the EUrophiles seek to get around the will of the people. It is my view that the UK needs to get out of the EU before the ruling political class sell what is left of our national sovereignty to the monster in Brussels. When Blair was asked if he favoured would require a referendum, he said:

"No. If it’s not a constitutional treaty, so that it alters the basic relationship between Europe and the member states, then there isn’t the same case for a referendum." He added that the British government is "going to get attacked whatever we do, but Europe needs to do it to move forward"

That’s his way of saying to hell with what the peoples of Europe think, we political elite will do as we wish.

L’etat c’est moi!