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On This Day…19.04

By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 9:05 am

1587 – English naval commander Sir Francis Drake sails a small number of ships into Cadiz Harbour and sinks most of the Spanish fleet.

1775 – Start of the American War of Independence against Britain when fighting begins at Lexington and Concord.

1824 – Lord Byron, the great English poet, dies from a fever in Missolonghi, Greece. Mourned as a national hero in Greece, Byron had donated £4,000 to the Greek navy and personally came to the country to unite nationalist factions in their struggle for independence from the Turks.

1843 – The gas meter is patented by Carl Ludwig Farwig.

1882 – Death of Charles Darwin, pioneer of the Theory of Evolution.

1951 – The first Miss World contest is won by a 21 year old from Sweden. The contest is devised by Mecca publicity officer, Eric Morley, as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations.



By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 8:47 am

Delighted to read that Parents who claim that an award-winning film on climate change is inaccurate and politically motivated are threatening a legal challenge over the Government’s decision to send it to every secondary school. The film by the most Reverend Al Gore, the former US vice-president, and inventor of the internet, won an Oscar for the best "documentary" this year and Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, says he wants teachers to use it to stimulate children (I.E Indoctrinate) into discussing climate change and global warming. But a group of parents in the New Forest say the circulation of the film by the Government amounts to political indoctrination and is in breach of the Education Act 2002. Derek Tipp, their spokesman, has urged Mr Johnson to stop the film being sent out. He said: "The film goes well beyond the consensus view and is not therefore suitable material to present to children who need to be given clear and balanced, factually accurate information."

How right he is. Having watched Gore’s carefully crafted piece of propaganda, riddled with inaccuracies and clearly aligned with a given leftist political perspective, it is indeed totally inappropriate that this is forced into our schools. But Alan Johnston is a typical left-wing ideologue who WANTS to ensure young minds are given one side of the story. If this were about balance, how about sending our every school a copy of the recent "The Great Global Warming Swindle"? Let’s be hearing from you Minister – if you are SO keen to discuss "global warming" what’s the problem with putting two sides to the story and allow kids the chance to make their OWN  minds up? Isn’t that only fair?


By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 8:29 am

795151-779395-thumbnail.jpgPity Saint George, the saint of slaying dragons, the Crusades and the England football supporter. It is time for the patron saint of England to be “rebranded” as a persecuted representative of Britain’s ethnic minorities, a black dissenter who rebelled against the abuse of power. Ekklesia, the influential far left theological think-tank, today calls for St George, who appeared to the Crusader army at Antioch in the 11th century and was adopted as the patron saint of soldiers, to be given a makeover. Out must go the dragon, the crusades and the associations with patriotism and Empire. Instead St George’s Day should become a “day of dissent”  Anyone in favour?  😉


By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 8:17 am

I see that the Chief Constables in England and Wales are to discuss whether to boost the recruitment of black and Asian officers by positive discrimination.  Now there’s an oxymoron for you, which only a liberal would endorse. The Association of Chief Police Officers will debate the move, which would need employment law changes.

You see it is still ILLEGAL to discriminate against someone in the UK on the basis of the colour of their skin, but the proposed change would make such discrimination legal so long as it is WHITE MALE applicants that are being turned away. So, we end up with a Police Service which is politically correct and cleansed of all those white male applicants who only get in the way. I notice that Keith Jarrett, President of the National Black Police Association, has said he supported the use of such discrimination, although he was careful enough to redefine it as "affirmative action". Yes, affirming the right to pass over the best qualified candidated because of their skin colour. Shocking, and a move that should be rejected at all costs. 


By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 8:03 am

vt.jpgYes, I’m sure we all have all now seen the video sent by Virginia Tech mass murderer Cho Seung-hui to NBC by now. What did you make of it? I just thought he came across as a pathetic little creep, blaming the world for his all-too-apparent inadeqacies. He was also obviously deranged – I mean how many people would take time out from a mass killing frenzy to post a package? As is always the way in these situations, everyone is wise after the event. But the truth is that this 23 year old carried out brutal murders in the most evil way imaginable. (I did notice that the BBC were able to discern references to Jesus Christ in his ramblings but oddly enough remained mute on the Islamic references written on his arms. Oh well – when all else fails, blame Christianity, blame the NRA, blame everything and everyone but the little miserable murderer himself.) He was also on some sort of perverse ego-trip and so I choose NOT to use his image again in any discussions on this issue. Instead, I leave you with an image of a memorial at Virginia Tech to all those poor kids slaughtered by this monster. It is their families we should pray for – and let Seung-Hui go to hell.


By ATWadmin On April 19th, 2007 at 7:48 am

Amused to read that an alleged senior IRA terrorist Sean "Spike" Murray has been selected by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, to sit on the Parades Commission. Mr Murray as recently as 2002 was described as a member of the IRA’s General Headquarters staff. He was imprisoned for 12 years for explosives offences during the 1980’s and was recognised as the Provo’s most senior operative in Belfast.  Just think, a convicted terrorist will now be bankrolled by the State to pass JUDGEMENT on the right of ordinary people to exercise their civil and religious liberty. This is considered "progress" in the peace processing world.  (By the way, I note that the Newsletter have printed my broadside against the recent joint DUP/IRA/Sinn Fein statement on the Virginia massacre this morning, no hyperlink to it yet alas. It entertained me, and hopefully will have annoyed the con-artists in the DUP!)


By ATWadmin On April 18th, 2007 at 8:35 pm

Here’s a video from my favourite – the incomparable Kirsty MacColl. It’s a sort of summery sound with her soaring harmonies in the chorus, and her usual wit. Nice little touch at the very end of the video. How the music scene misses her great talent. Do listen to it! 


By ATWadmin On April 18th, 2007 at 7:52 pm

vultures.jpgAs we regularly point out here on ATW, the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) are depraved killers, terrorist scum of the worst sort. They are responsible for the deaths of many hundreds of innocent people. So, it might come as a surprise to discover that the Belfast Education and Library Board describe them as “voluntary organisations” akin to Barnardo’s, NSPCC etc. For once I agree with Dolores Kelly (or more exactly whoever wrote her PR release) when she says..

“Barnardo’s and the NSPCC protect children. The UDA and UVF beat them up. The SDLP will be writing to the Minister for Education seeking an urgent explanation for this ill-conceived and worrying plan.”


Just one teensy weensy problem with this one. The designate Minister for Education is Caitriona Ruane, a member of IRA/Sinn Fein. The organisation to which she swears loyalty is as depraved and disgusting as the UDA and UVF. That. dear friends, is how CORRUPT politics in this part of the UK have become. We have one set of vultures passing judgement on another, whilst the media pretend they are all doves.


By ATWadmin On April 18th, 2007 at 7:40 pm

Terrible news from Iraq today, with at least 170 people having been killed in a string of attacks in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad – the worst day of violence since a US security operation began. In the deadliest incident, some 120 people were killed in a car bombing in a food market in Sadriya district. A witness said the area had been turned into “a swimming pool of blood”.  Women and kids were amongst those slaughtered. Naturally the media present this as a failure for American policy. It is not. It is confirmation of how EVIL the Jihadists actually are, it is evidence of their absolute CONTEMPT for the lives of fellow muslims, and above all it is a reminder that you never “negotiate” with such psychotic scum, you hunt them down and kill them before they come for you.

Ever Heard of a Mass Murder at a Gun Show?

By ATWadmin On April 18th, 2007 at 5:13 pm

Thought not. Mass murders seem to take place where people are fairly helpless, in schools, in “gun free” zones.  A psycho with a gun would not get far at a gun show.  Virgina Tech’s gun-free zone made the killer safer, not the students.

Let’s look at some history (quoted or paraphrased from the article entitled “Gun-Free Zones” by David B. Kopel from the print edition of the Wall Street Journal, 4/18/07):

Virginia Tech:  a “gun free” zone and now the site of America’s worst killing spree.
Trolley Square, Utah:  a “gun free” private shopping mall where a killer walked past the “no guns allowed” sign and shot 5 people.  Fortunately, an off duty-officer, Kenneth Hammond, had also ignored the sign and was in the mall with his gun.  When he realized what was happening, he immediately opened fire on the gunman and stopped him in his tracks.
Pearl, Miss. : At the Pearl, Miss. High School, in 1997, Assistant Principal Joel Myrick retrieved his handgun from his car and apprehended a school shooter. (The option of storing a gun in the car was outlawed at Virginia Tech)
Appalachian Law School in Grundy, VA:  in 2002 a mass murder was stopped by two students, one of whom retrieved a gun from his car.
Edinboro, Pa.  : a nearby merchant used his shotgun to force an armed school attacker to desist.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1997:   Cites that Americans drive-off  home invaders with firearms half million times annually .

Utah – where there are no “gun free” zones (expect for private property like Trolley Square) there has never been a Columbine- style attack on a school. Nor has there been any of the incidents predicted by self-defense opponents such as a teacher drawing a gun on a disrespectful student or a student stealing a teacher’s gun.

Israel successfully uses armed teachers as part of a program to deter terrorism.

To quote the old bumper sticker:  Guns don’t shoot people. People do.   Until we find a way to eradicate evil, we have the right to  defend ourselves.