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By ATWadmin On December 22nd, 2006 at 7:32 am

It’s reported that British intelligence and law enforcement officials have passed on a grim assessment to their U.S. counterparts, "It will be a miracle if there isn’t a terror attack over the holidays in London". 

Authorities say they are seeking…GET THIS….18 suspected suicide bombers. British law enforcement and intelligence officials say the ongoing plots have been in the planning stages for at least three years.  (Surely not preceding the liberation of Iraq??) The officials say the plots are all connected and track back to Al Qa’eda commanders in Pakistan who have been recruiting and training British citizens of Pakistan descent.

debris372.jpgMost disturbing of all it is suggested that it will be …" an attack that would be much bigger than last year’s attack on the London subway system."

I sincerely hope that this does not happen but I fear that we live on borrowed time. The UK has failed to fully understand that militant Islam is at war with us and that further acts of Jihad carried out by British Muslims are on the way. I fear that another Jihad attack will actually work to pressurise our Government to withdraw forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’m also sick to the back teeth with much of the shadow-boxing that passes for real political debate here in the UK. None of the major political parties have taken a solid line on the war on militant Islam. I’m also sick to the back teeth of so-called "Conservative" blogs that delight in their own pathetic dhimminess and which fail to flag up the Islamic terror confronting us. We’re AT WAR and we need to start behaving as if we believed it.

I know ATW gets a lot of traffic from London and of course several fellow ATW writers and commenters are London based, so for all YOUR sake – along with the millions of others who live in our wonderful Capital city, I hope I am proven wrong and that our security services stay one step ahead of the Jihad boys……

100 Miles Apart But A Universe Away

By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 1:46 pm

freedom tower.jpg

This is the image of the Freedom Tower, the first blocks of which have already been laid at Ground Zero.  When the structure in complete by the 10th anniversary of that devastating attack, it will be the tallest building in the United States at 1776 ft (the symbolism of which is not lost on those who know the date of American independence).

Whether you like the building or not is irrelevant.  It will be the symbol of an America determined not to bend the knee to those who attack its people and, by extension, its constitutional integrity and place in the world.  It is the United States in general, and New York in particular, telling those who thought they had debilitated US society that bigger and better things can rise from the ashes of evil and turmoil.

I was initially of the opinion that Ground Zero should be turned into a square of remembrance, but quickly changed my mind.  The multitude and sheer scale of New York’s skyscrapers is what sets it apart from almost every other city on the planet.  The architectural ‘reach for the skies’ mentality is, in effect, a metaphor for America in its entirety: a ‘can do’ country that helped its allies defeat one of the greatest evils (Nazism) the world had ever seen.

bs statue.jpg

One hundred or so miles away from that iconic sight is a very difference face of America.  This picture is of the Bobby Sands memorial at a roundabout in Hartford, Connecticut, dedicated to him in 1997.  This is the very antithesis of what the Freedom Tower will symbolise.  For whilst that glass leviathan is a statement of defiance against terrorists, this monstrosity deifies them.  For there is no difference, save for one of scale, between the methods of the illegal organisation of which Sands was a member and the methods adopted by Al Queda.  The only difference is that the former historically had limited support amongst a small section of people in the US, blinded by the false inculcation of history into funding vile men and women whose purpose in life was to kill indiscriminately.

To argue that Al Queda and the Provos are chalk and cheese is downright codswallop.  They have different aims (no two terrorist groups are alike in their aspirations), but the same ruthlessness in fighting for causes regarded as illegitimate by the wider global community (no state, except the ROI, viewed Northern Ireland as anything other than a part of the UK).  The media spent thirty years broadcasting Provo atrocities and the planning that went into those atrocities across the world.  Are we seriously expected to believe that the body now known as Al Queda did not draw inspiration from the methods of the Provos, and the cowardly way sovereign governments eventually negotiated with them?

This obscenity at the end of Maple Avenue (in case anyone needs to know where it is so they can deface it in the dead of night) brings shame on a country where so very few people have been allowed to dominate the Irish American cultural agenda for far too long.  What the Freedom Tower giveth (in terms of the repudiation of terrorist submission) the Hartford dog post taketh away.


Not In the Name of the Father

By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 12:37 pm

David has already covered one aspect of the news of popular first names in Britain.  I won’t concentrate on the rise of the name Mohammed because to do so will just cause my anger and blood pressure to rocket to uncomfortable levels.  I want to talk about the increasing tendency of parents in this country to give offspring ridiculous names.  I’ve just returned from having my hair cut at the local barber’s.  A shaven-headed troll was about to plant his young son on one of those planks provided for small children, that rest on the arms of the chair.  He said:

‘Brook, tell the nice man what you want.’

Brook!!!!  That’s something you catch fish out of!!  Or go paddling in on hot summer days!!  It’s not a name for a person.  I work with another example of this lunacy at one of the homes I’m based at – Storm!  She’s just gone eighteen and she already has two kids, both with equally appalling names.  So what do we know about her?  She has a stupid name, and a permanently sore groin by the sound of things.  Oh, she also has that classic teenage attitude that makes you want to lean across a table and give her a hard smack across the mouth.

Whilst Muslims in this country continue to fornicate with leporidine rapidity; giving their plentiful loin-fruit names in tandem with those who feature prominently in their so-called faith – such as that of the Prophet with an eye for pubescent hot pants, we are increasingly bestowing titles of the utmost folly on our kids.  This is nothing more than a sad consequence of secularism.  Orthodox names have served previous generations well.  Why should this one be different?

On This Day…21.12

By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 12:29 pm

1846 – Robert Lister uses an anaesthetic (ether) for the first time in Britain during an operation at University College Hospital, London – to amputate a leg.

1913 – The first crossword puzzle is published in the New York World. The puzzle had been compiled by Liverpool-born Arthur Wynne.

1937 – Walt Disney’s first full-length colour animated cartoon, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, premieres in Los Angeles.

1975 – Carlos the Jackal leads a raid on a meeting of oil ministers from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). German and Arab terrorists stormed in with machine guns, killed three people, and took 63 people hostage, including 11 OPEC ministers. Calling his group the Arm of the Arab Revolution, Carlos demanded that an anti-Israeli political statement be broadcast over radio, and that a bus and jet be provided for the terrorists and their hostages.

1988 – Terrorists blow up a Pan-Am jumbo jet carrying more than 270 passengers and crew as it flies over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. All on board are killed as well as 11 people in the town when the plane crashes.

1993 – American newspapers report allegations that both US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary have committed adultery.


By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 11:54 am

You will remember that a Westminster committee has found that a QUARTER of P7 children here in Northern Ireland have sub-standard levels of literacy. The Belfast Telegraph reports this and then waffles on about how awful it is that a scheme called "The Reading Recovery programme" providing intensive one-to-one teaching for pupils with literacy problems, is being abandoned by many schools because money earmarked for it has been drastically reduced in recent years. The Telegraph editorialises that the solution to all this educational chaos is –  the return of a local devolved Assembly!

All nonsense.

The Telegraph should be asking some very hard questions about the standard of teaching that prevails in our Primary Schools since this must be linked to the pathetic outcomes at the end of P7. Government has THROWN money at teachers – so why accept poor results? Maybe if we sacked a few incompetent teachers standards might then improve?  


By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 11:06 am

foetus.jpgThe raw facts are shocking.

More than a hundred teenage girls a month go into a hospital or clinic to have an abortion for the second time, figures from the Department of Health reveal.

They include at least one girl under 18 who has had at least six abortions.

The statistics on multiple abortions in England and Wales, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, ALSO reveal that during 2005, 1,316 girls under 18 had their second abortion, and 90 were on their third. There were 44 women who, by the end of last year, had undergone eight or more abortions, 20 of whom were under the age of 30.

What can you say? I suppose some will argue that these figures represent a triumph for the "abortion on demand" liberal mindset. They may argue that they show just how very progressive and non-judgemental we have become as a society.

In my view, it shows the effects of the breakdown of the family, the decline in moral values, and the lack of self-respect. Like all Government figures, they are also bound to be on the low side. What a tragic indictment of modern values that there are at least 20 girls in the UK who have had 8 or more abortions before their 20th Birthday. How grotesque is that?

Tales of ordinary madness

By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 10:57 am

British citizens have been systematically stripped of their common law right to self defence, as evidenced in this story, which is by no means surprising to anyone who lives in this poor, benighted country.

A kiosk owner who has learnt over time that the police will not protect him and his property (“it’s not a high priority”), but when he is forced to defend himself against a drunken thug they spring into action and arrest him, leaving the perpetrator free to continue on his way.

What the police seem to have forgotten is their powers are delegated to them, both from above (our high and mighty rulers) and from below (us, the common citizens). If the police are unable or unwilling to uphold the Law, we have no choice but to take matters into our own hands, as is our right in any case, and the police and authorities ignore this at their peril.


“….’twas on a winter’s evening…..”

By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 9:56 am

lockerbie 1.jpegA time of silence to remember the innocent who perished so that (allegedly) vengeance be wreaked for  the actions of the United States by the shooting-down of an Iranian Airbus during the Iran-Iraq war. After the Iranian Airbus went down, and the United States accepted responsibility, the Iranians are believed to have contacted Libya and Syria in their search for vengeance, and although two Libyans were tried, and one is serving sentence in Scotland, many believe that the prime movers for the actual attack were based within Syrian Intelligence. Their future murders and sundry terror attacks within the Lebanon, and their constant support for Hamas, amongst others, gives considerable credence to these theories, and given the bloodthirsty nature of the Syrian regime, I for one tend to believe it quite possible!

lockerbie 2.jpegRemembering Lockerbie, and the innocent who died both in the aircraft and on the ground of that sleepy little Scots town, and a ten-second silence is apposite at this time! 


By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 9:05 am

Interesting to note that the boy’s name Mohammed/Mohammad (Two spellings) has shot up the popularity charts in a new sign of the deepening influence of Islam on life in Britain. The official count of the baby’s names chosen most often last year shows that two different versions were in the top 50 picked by parents. Mohammed, the most common variant of the Muslim Prophet’s name, was the 22nd most popular name for boys. And the alternative spelling Muhammad entered the list of the top 50 names for the first time, becoming the 44th in the chart. The name Mohammed is now more popular then Michael. The rise of Mohammed as a name is an indicator of growing numbers of Muslims in British society in recent years. 

Mmmmm..growing numbers. And why might these numbers be growing, exactly? Well, numbers have been growing as a direct result of continued immigration from Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as waves of new arrivals from Islamic countries or countries with high Muslim populations in the Middle East and Africa, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria. Recent immigrants have swelled the Muslim population of around 1.6 million counted by the last national census in 2001.

This is the demographic time bomb that no one in officialdom wants to talk about. This burgeoning Muslim population in the UK has a disturbing absence of loyalty to the UK, replaced by a deep commitment to the Islamic Umma. Multiculturalism, the faith of the liberal, has stood back and permitted the growth of a section within British society which seeks to impose its own barbaric Sharia law, which has significant sympathy for the suicide bombers that kill British people, which thinks that it can determinee British Foreign policy, and which is rapidly transforming into something which gives us all cause for deep concern.


By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2006 at 8:26 am

No Surrender (Now THERE’S a great blog title!) has an excellent summary here of the details featured on RTE’s "Prime Time" highlighting the Jihad threat in Ireland. There are five central and troubling issues.

Firstly, there is a Jihadi propaganda operation active in Ireland. Secondly, there is, within the Muslim community in Ireland, high-level sympathy for Jihad. Thirdly, there is a small [15%-19%] element in this community, which supports such terror. Fourthly, several active Jihadi terrorists have been identified with Irish links. Fifthly, a significant Al-Qaida figure is based in Dublin for some 25 years, and has acquired Irish citizenship.


None of this is in the least surprising. Jihad is not appeased. It is either defeated or it triumphs. Ireland has the same choice as everywhere else the ROP gets a  grip. Submit or die.