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By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 7:48 am

1605 – Guy Fawkes and several of his co-conspirators are arrested in London whilst attempting to blow-up the Houses of Parliament.  Guards discovered them planting 30 barrels of gun powder in the cellar beneath the building.  All are later executed for treason.

1872 – The Mary Celeste sets sail from New York harbour.  The ship is found on the 5th December between the Azores and the Portuguese coast, mysteriously abandoned by her crew.  The mystery was compounded by the fact that no distress signal had been sent.

1952 – In America, Dwight D. Eisenhower wins the US Presidential Election with Richard Nixon as his Vice President.

1972 – Three musicians from Sweden and one from Norway decide to form themselves into a group called Abba.

1991 – Millionaire publishing tycoon, Robert Maxwell, is found dead at sea – several hours after mysteriously disappearing from his yacht off the Canary Islands.

1997 – Bill Clinton wins a second Presidential term in the United States.


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 7:39 am

Wonder what you make of the suggestion by the Government’s "Respect Czar" Louise Casey that people who repeatedly flout anti-social behaviour laws should be housed in "sin bins"? Casey, who heads the Respect taskforce, wants to extend family intervention projects to single people who have extremely "chaotic" lifestyles. In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, Ms Casey said that she believed that the expensive boarding-school style regimes were the answer to breaking the cycle of antisocial behaviour.

Pathetic. More liberal doodling.

We already have a place where law-breakers should go – it’s called P-R-I-S-O-N!

Maybe if Government stopped wasting taxpayers money employing the likes of Ms Casey – and started building more prisons with tougher regimes for the housemates- we might actually make some progress.


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 7:25 am

Is anyone surprised to read that Pumpkin look-a-like (Hat-tip to my friend Alex Kane) Peter Hain would prefer to make "the rich" bear more of the burden for reducing carbon emissions by relating green taxes to income.

The Northern Ireland secretary, campaigning to become deputy prime minister under Gordon Brown, also suggested “innovative ways” were needed to stop the super-wealthy “racing away” from those on average incomes.  Redistribution of wealth or "theft" as it is technically known is never far from the surface amongst our political elite. 

Hain also advocates introducing “progressive” green taxes to hit those on big incomes hardest. So it’s not to do with how environmentally "responsible" one is, it’s to do with how much you EARN?

And therein lies the reality behind the so-called Green Agenda. In the hands of monsters like NuLabour, it just becomes ANOTHER blunt weapon to impose punitive taxation on those people who do not rely on Government for their income.

Hain should be congratulated for showing us all the petty hateful vindictiveness that lies at the heart of this cabal in power.

It looks like Labour and the Conservatives will now compete on who can impose the greatest level of taxation on the British people – in order to save the Planet, naturally. 


By ATWadmin On November 5th, 2006 at 7:15 am

795151-536769-thumbnail.jpgIt’s simple. Saddam Hussein is a genocidal monster who has terrorised his own people for decades.

Today, within hours,  Iraqi court is preparing to give its verdict on whether Saddam Hussein is guilty of crimes against humanity and if so, whether he should be executed. 

Most Iraqis believe that he is guilty on all counts and therefore he should be legally executed.

In Iraq, hanging is the prescribed form of punishment.

No doubt the Saddamites and their Jihadi co-horts will attempt to murder even more people in the wake of the likely pronouncement from the Iraqi court. Let us hope that they too will follow the fate of their evil master. Hussein will shortly exit this world, and a much harsher punishment awaits him in the next.


Shock Horror

Saddam has been found INNOCENT, he’s been pardoned and will assume his role as President.

No, only joking, he’s gonna hang. The BBC’s John Simpson has gone into mourning already – read his moving tribute to Saddam here.


By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006 at 7:56 pm

I’ll be taking part in a BBC Ulster studio debate on "Sunday Sequence" tomorrow morning @ 8.30am with a certain Moazzem Begg – who is giving an Amnesty International lecture in Belfast tonight.

Mr Beggs was detained at Guantanamo Bay – as a suspected Al Qu’eda terrorist – but Blair and his pleadings got him and a few other out. You can read about Mr Beggs here – isn’t he sooo unlucky? I mean he is obviously an innocent man – whose only hobby appears to be collecting night-vision goggles, bullet proof vests and extremist Islamist literature. He has also attended terrorist training camps, as he freely admits, but just to observe. He was curious.

Beggs makes serious claims of "torture" against the US authorities at Gitmo. I seem to remember that recovered Al Queda terrorist training manuals specifically instruct their members to allege mistreatment and torture.

The discussion will revolve around "torture" and we may also be joined by Col Tim Collins.

As readers will know, my views are simple.

1. We are at war with militant Islam, and since 9/11, Madrid, Bali, London – we know what these savages are capable of doing. All legal measures should be taken to prevent further massacres, and tough interrogation of militant Islamists has already saved innocent lives.

2. Torture is an emotive term, dredged up by Islamists to appeal to the western liberals who run the MSM. The US does not torture, and does not break its laws, but rigorous interrogation practises must be used. The fact that Jihadi are agitating to blacken the US is old news. Shows the interrogation works!

3. The concept of the greater good is relevant here. Tough interrogation is vital to  ensure we squeeze ANY pertinent information out of alleged Jihadists. It serves the greater good. Moral relativists such as Amnesty like to muddy the water here. I am fully in favour of what Dick Cheney and President Bush say in this regard.

So, I will elaborate on this tomorrow morning!

Who indeed are the guilty?

By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006 at 7:37 pm

Read how Israeli troops are said to have opened fire on ‘unarmed women’ who were attempting to break a siege on a mosque where Palestinian terror suspects were holed-up! Now apart from the people, both Israeli and Palestinian who were actually involved, no-one knows exactly what went on in those hectic minutes of gunfire; but apparently at least two women are dead, with more injured.

As to the morals of this action, with the Palestinians claiming that they were all innocent, and the Israeli’s claiming that the women were attempting to smuggle female clothing to the gunmen; the Palestinians claiming that they were shot at recklessly, and the Israeli forces claiming that sniper fire was directed against male participants only!

The rights and wrongs will echo past the funerals, the weeping and the rending of clothing; the left-wingers calling for the Israeli soldiers to face imprisonment, and the counter-calls of the supporters of Israel denying ‘massacre’ accusations!

But isn’t it rather strange that Margaret Beckett, our own ‘bedouin caravanner’ calls on only ISRAEL to show restraint, and not the terror groups of Hamas, of Fatah and of Hezbollah?


By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006 at 7:30 pm

Yeah, I know it all went wrong last night – but I’m BACK-K-K-K and making up for lost time…


By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006 at 5:09 pm

Here is a great tune for a SATURDAY night….I think it is insanely catchy….and the lead vocalist has a great voice…enjoy! 

Bah.h.h.h. Humbug!!!!

By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006 at 11:52 am

As my wife has injured both her wrist and her knee, she was unable to accompany me to do the weekly shopping; so, alone, I ventured into the maw of capitalistic endeavour; our local supermarket! This is where the end-product of thousands of highly-paid people resides; on the shelves and bins full of tempting produce and manufactured goods. I am not commenting upon the nature of what is displayed, but what we are told, and sometimes ‘not told’ about the produce and products on display; yes, it’s the Advertising! I recently commenced purchasing an extra item off a shelf, but not, I must insist, because of what I was told about it’s efficacy by means of advertisements! No, I researched that particular item on the internet, and only after I was able to satisfy myself about it’s possible benefits to both myself and my wife would I buy it!

Ever checked when the ‘Santa’ symbols commence to peek out from the shelves? Earlier and earlier every year, in efforts to get the ‘Consumer’, (because that is what our designation is) to buy, and buy early off the displays of expensive booze, ‘choccies’, ever-larger ‘discounts’ on huge piles of gut-rotting beer, expensive electronic rubbish manufactured at slave-labour wages in the sweat-shops of China, the ‘exclusive’ tags on the super-expensive knick-knacks designed to whet the jaded appetites of clowns bored with success, the ‘must-have’ clothing designed by a bunch of queers, and slapped together by, again, a series of poorly-paid workers in any one of a clutch of third-world countries with little or no regard for their ‘human rights’; accompanied by the endless jingles about ‘holly’ and ‘good-will’ exiting from the mouths of a collection of illiterate morons who can just about check their bulging bank-balances: and all for what?

To allegedly celebrate the 2006th birthday of an asylum-seeker’s son!

Pavlov must be turning in his grave at the debauched use of his research into ‘Conditioned Reflexes’!


By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2006 at 8:12 am

I had to smile at the news that the US has just recorded its lowest unemployment rate for almost 5 1/2 years. Given that the Defeaticrats and their handmaidens in the MSM have been predicting tales of US economic meltdown – a few days ahead of the Mid-term elections – AHEM – I suppose any economic facts like this are most unwelcome to the unreality based community?