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By ATWadmin On January 8th, 2007 at 7:55 am

poland1.jpgHow interesting to read that the Archbishop of Warsaw has resigned, less than an hour before he was due to be installed in his post. Stanislaw Wielgus has been at the centre of a communist-era spying row, and recently admitted collaborating with the secret police. He announced the decision in person at a special Mass for his installation, to a mixture of applause and shouting. Given the overwhelming Roman Catholic influence over life in Poland, and given that the late Pope John Paul 11 was avowedly anti-Communist, this is all the more shocking. It just shows that all of us can be tempted and have feet of clay.


By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 10:03 pm

_41321077_ervine203.jpgI see that it is being reported that PUP leader David Ervine is critically ill in hospital, some reports saying he had died. I am sorry to hear of his illness, whatever it is and trust that he survives. I am a resolute opponent of everything that Mr. Ervine stands for politically, but one must remember he has a family and our thoughts must be with them all, just as our thoughts are with the victims of vicious UVF terrorism.  

UPDATE: It is reported that David Ervine has died. My sympathies to his family circle.

Home Is Where the Tax Is

By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 12:25 pm

People who are lucky enough to own their own home (I count myself among them) are deciding in unprecedented numbers to take advantage of the property boom and make additions/renovations to their humble abode.  The vast majority of them are not super-rich, but simply hard-working families who want to live in comfortable surroundings with the latest fixtures and fittings. 

For this Labour ‘let’s screw every person in the country’ government, home improvements mean more money for Gordon Brown.  For under proposals put forward, improvements could lead to an annual property revaluation.  As readers in Ulster will know, this is about to rolled out across the Province.  It is set to be extended to the mainland in the very near future.

That’s what life amounts to under socialism.  The property boom is fuelled in no small part by this government’s ‘open the floodgates for every hick, fat diego, darkie, Afro, Muzza, honky and chink that wants to settle here’ immigration policy.  It means that thousands of hard-working young people who want to get a home to call their own cannot do so.  However, if you are lucky enough to have found a footing in property before the Johnny Foreigners came over AND want to benefit from money that you have the potential to earn, these class warfare socialists will wring your wallets via the Council Tax system.

Lefties can’t bear the thought of people actually having a bit of the money they earn.  Stripping them of their cash and subsequently ploughing it back into a variety of useless public sector or politically correct leviathans is a sort of political wet dream for them.  I have absolutely no intention of allowing snoopers to come into my home as a means of taking more money from me.  I hope others have similar resolve.

“two gozinta’ ten five times, innit?”

By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 12:14 pm

Our failing schools are to be given a new ‘booster’, according to the latest reports. Not only has the Government accepted that British schools are falling down on the job, they are planning to give ‘one-on-one’ special tutoring to selected pupils who are seen to be falling behind their peer group.

Only a few comments and queries come to my mind after viewing these proposals, amongst them being:-

Where are the extra teachers who are going to do this intensive tutoring coming from?

Who is going to pay for all this?

If ‘Selection’ is deemed to be beyond the pale on the grounds of ability, why is ‘Selection’ deemed the way forward for pupils who demonstrate that they have less ability than others?

The huge increase in school property sizes due to the increase in special teachers being present to accompany the estimated forty percent of pupils deemed due the special tutoring will shortly overspill the total size of London, and extend into the Thames Estuary, interfering with the other planned extension of the non-Power Generating wind farms. Officials are due to comment upon this paradox shortly!

What does this say about the methods adopted by our so-called Education Authorities when they publicly accept that they have failed so miserably?


By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 11:09 am

MOD.jpgLike many others, I happen to believe that the British Armed Forces provide us with an invaluable resource, one of the very few things worth paying taxes for.  In the air, at sea and on land, the men and women that serve our nation do us PROUD and too many have lost their lives in defence of our freedom and liberty – fighting Jihadists in Islamistan, IRA killers in Northern Ireland….their bravery in the face of evil must be saluted.

But I can understand why Defence chiefs now believe that the Armed Forces are viewed by senior Labour figures as a “Tory organisation”, leaving them at risk of incurring the wrath of Gordon Brown, the Chancellor. Defence chiefs believe that the military’s fondness for traditional values and conservative tendencies have left them with very few friends within the Labour hierarchy.

Mr Brown, who is preparing to succeed Tony Blair as Prime Minister, is known to regard the MoD as one of the most “financially wasteful” departments within the Government and is understood to hold the personal view that the military is a pro-Tory organisation.

Over the past few months, in what is called the military’s “autumn of discontent”, virtually every area of the Services, from the treatment of injured soldiers to the appalling state of accommodation, has come under public scrutiny. Details of plans to cancel parachute training for four years as part of a £1 billion cost-cutting programme were leaked to The Sunday Telegraph last month. The officer who provided details said he felt “morally obliged to act because the Government was not listening to the military”.

Quite right too! But Labour, being ideological leftists to the core, despise the men and women in uniform and all that they represent. And whilst the MOD is undoubtedly less than efficient in how it plans and spend financial resources, is it any worse than the NHS? Efficient armed forces and a left-wing administration are mutually exclusive. After 10 years of Labour in power, who is surprised at this sustained betrayal of our military?


By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 10:50 am

Hitler1.jpgYes, of course we all remember that Irish President Eamon De Valera signed a book of condolences at the sad news of the death of Herr Hitler, back in 1945.

Now comes the news that his sympathy towards Nazis did not end with Hitler’s suicide, as it is revealed that a Nazi war criminal was given asylum in Ireland after the second world war and lived under an assumed name approved by Eamon de Valera’s government, according to devalera.jpgnew research. The Nazi collaborator was advised by de Valera to continue using an alias so that if the French government asked if he was in Ireland, the taoiseach could truthfully answer no. Jesuitical duplicity?

Célestin Lainé was leader of the Bezen Perrot, a Waffen SS unit, and responsible for the torture and murder of civilians in occupied Brittany. He joined the SS when the Germans recruited local help and took command of the region, ordering the torture and execution of resistance fighters who had once lived alongside him.


In 1944, as the allies liberated Brittany, many Nazi collaborators fled France. Some of those captured were found in possession of letters of recommendation written in English and addressed to the Irish consulate in Paris.


In 1947 word reached Lainé that the Irish government was prepared to grant him asylum. In an interview with RTE to be broadcast this week, Dan Leach of the University of Melbourne reveals that the former head of the Breton Nationalist Party met de Valera to discuss Lainé. “De Valera advised him (that Lainé should) continue using his alias so that if the French asked him if Lainé was in the country he could truthfully answer ‘no’,” Leach said. Lainé kept a low profile in Ireland until his death in 1983.


Another Nazi to take advantage of the soft approach of the Irish government was Andrija Artukovic, who was responsible for the death of 1m people in Croatia. Cathal O’Shannon, who has researched Ireland’s treatment of the Nazis after 1945, has discovered that there is a file on Artukovic in the Department of Foreign Affairs but the government has refused to release


I wonder was it raw hatred of Britain that led to such obnoxious decisions being made by De Valera? Since many Irish people courageously fought AGAINST the Nazis, and made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of liberty and freedom, it must be so annoying for their relatives to read of this State sanctioned collaboration with the vermin of the 3rd Reich.


By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 10:30 am

galloway-respect.jpgInteresting to read that the British and American governments have named a key Al-Qaeda suspect in Britain as one of the terror group’s alleged bankers.

Mohammed al-Ghabra’s bank accounts have been frozen by the Bank of England. Al-Ghabra admitted he had “radical views” and said he was an active supporter of Respect, the anti-war party led by George Galloway, the maverick former Labour MP.

Galloway’s Party denies any knowledge of Al-Ghabra, naturally. But it strikes me that the longer RESPECT is treated as a normal political party, rather than a Jihad-friendly anti-British insurrectionist rabble, the greater the danger it will represent. Galloway is a repulsive character but the fact that he is lionised by a section of the British MSM speaks more about it – self-loathing, dhimmified and morally bankrupt, no wonder Bin Laden’s alleged banker lives amongst us!

The OId Grey Democracy Test

By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 9:40 am

Slugger O’Toole’s republican rubber-neckers are spitting blood (their own as opposed to somebody else’s – just for a change) about the stance adopted by East Londonderry MP, Gregory Campbell.  In an article to the ‘Derry’ Journal, Campbell insists proclaiming cheap words on behalf of the IRA is insufficient to garner terrorist support for the legitimate forces of law and order.  Why The Times should see this as presenting a ‘new hoop’ for the IRA is quite beyond me.  There are several things you need to possess in order to be a terrorist:

  1. Enjoyment in killing people.
  2. An amazing capacity for self-delusion.
  3. Skills at propaganda and brainwashing.
  4. To be good at lying.

The republican movement pledged support for the Mitchell Principles and subsequently violated them in the most blatant way possible.  What Campbell is suggesting (and this does not detract from my belief that the republican movement needs to be crushed, not given positions of power) is that the IRA and its detrictical support base, if they are truly to subscribe to British principles and support for British legal frameworks, have to report to the PSNI criminal activity by fellow Fenians. 

We are not talking about dropping chewing gum wrappers on the pavement (nationalists are so poor in Ulster, they would tell you, that they can’t afford chewing gum).  We are talking about bringing to justice the animals who gouged out the eye of Robert McCartney as he lay dying on a Belfast pavement; the £million + industry of cross-border smuggling.  That is not presenting obstacles, it is about adopting the same ordinary approach to upholding law and civic duty as applies to the rest of the people in this country.

On This Day…07.01

By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 9:33 am

1965 – Ronald and Reginald Kray are remanded in custody. The notorious East End gangsters are charged in connection with running a protection racket in London. They were subsequently acquitted.

1976 – The Ministry of Defence claims that a British naval frigate, HMS Andromeda, has been deliberately rammed into by an Icelandic gunboat in the Atlantic. The ‘attack’ was one of several incidents between Britain and Iceland with regard to disputed fishing territory.

1988 – Death of British film legend Trevor Howard.  He died from bronchitis at the age of 71.

1990 – In Italy, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is closed to the public for the first time in more than 800 years so that restoration work can begin to prevent it from collapsing.

1999 – In America, the Impeachment of President Clinton begins. Clinton is later acquitted on both articles of impeachment.

2000 – Disgraced former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Aitken is released from jail after serving less than half of his 18 month sentence.  Aitken had been convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice after his libel case against the Guardian Newspaper and Granda Television collapsed.

More “Seven” than “Double-0 Seven”??

By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2007 at 1:38 am

Call me old-fashioned if you like, but in my opinion, a film containing a scene of fairly graphic torture, in which a man is tied naked to a chair with the seat cut away, and a villain uses a broad knotted rope to belt the victim several times in the testicles with all the force he can muster, is in no way appropriate for a "12A" BBFC rating. (In fact, it’s exactly the kind of footage which our glorious leaders would be falling over themselves to denounce as "deplorable" and "unacceptable", given a different set of circumstances….)

If you’re a mother or father whose 12 year olds are looking forward to going to the cinema to see the latest "James Bond" film "Casino Royale", then I think you need to be aware of something. This latest "Bond" flick has absolutely nothing in common with the thrilling all-round spy capers of the past. I’d say that in its overall tone and ambience it has more in common with the nasty, pointlessly amoral filth-fest that was "Seven" than it has in common with "Double-0 Seven". I guess the director/writers wanted Bond to "grow up" and for the film to, y’know, "explore the dark side", for "Casino Royale" is a dark, uneasy film. There’s no sense of fun to it, no sense that it’s all a bit of a "jolly caper", complete with hi-tech gagetry, dashing dinner suits and the like. "M" (played again by Judi Dench) snarls and spits out "Christ, where is Bond?". The main villain, rather than having a suitably overplayed evil laugh and a metal claw for a hand for example (which would be suitable for minors, as you know it’s meant to be exaggerated) instead is genuinely creepy and unsettling, with his eye that drips blood. A particularly gruesome shoot-out scene (not exactly graphic as such, but it leaves Bond’s face and shirt covered in blood) leaves the heroine broken down, shaking with shock while cowering under a shower.

It’s difficult to be precise about why I feel that a 12A certificate is not appropriate for this film.  There are no explicit sex scenes, and no strong swearing. But I think that a 12 year old, having perhaps watched "Never Say Never Again" and "Die Another Day" on DVD, if not at the cinema, would have an image in their mind along the lines of "Wow! New Bond film -kewl! Fast cars! Gadgetry! Busty babes in bikinis! (or if you’re a girl: Hunky Bond!) Mad chase scenes! Final shootout! Baddies killed – All ends well!" Casino Royale is just not that sort of film. I didn’t feel entertained or elevated by it, in fact I was glad to get out of the cinema and have a couple of pints and normal conversation after watching it.

I just find it disturbing, there seems to be a trend in cinema these days, to take a format which is previously known to be sort of "innocent fun", and to subtly twist it into something darker. There was a trailer for the forthcoming "Spiderman" film, and that too seemed very ominous, dark and foreboding. But because it’s "spiderman", of course all the kids will be saying "Mum, I wanna go see the Spiderman film", and that too will probably be given a 12 rating. I sometimes wonder, is this deliberate? Are there people out there in Hollywood with strange, warped agenda thinking "hey, this is how we do it – we take a traditionally kid-friendly, "innocent" format and we subtly introduce our dark ideas into it"?  What next? "Mary Poppins – The S&M Years"? I wouldn’t be at all surprised these days.