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Saturday’s Marx Quote – 06.01.07

By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 11:08 pm

‘Good sex is like good Bridge.  If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.’

On This Day…06.01

By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 10:58 pm

1066 – Harold is crowned King of England in succession to Edward the Confessor.  Only months later he is killed at the Battle of Hastings.

1936 – The Warner Brothers character Porky Pig makes his television debut in the USA.

1941 – US President Franklin D Roosevelt defines the American goal of ‘four freedoms’: Freedom of Speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear.

1977 – Record label EMI sack the Sex Pistols because of their notoriously bad public behaviour.

1989 – Death of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito at the age of 87.

2000 – In one of the closest fought American Presidential elections in history, Vice President Al Gore presides over a joint session of Congress that certifies George W Bush as the winner of the 2000 election.


By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 5:58 pm

I wanted to commend THIS POST over on What Need of Further Lies to you.

It recounts the awful events that took place on 6th January 1976 to sixteen mill workers in Glenanne.

I have vivid recall of the aftermath of this massacre. One of those defenceless men machine gunned to death for the heinous crime of being Protestant had been my Sunday School teacher at the time, a gentle and Christian man. His wife had died years previously of cancer, and so he was bringing up his two kids by himself. They became orphans that night.

No one was ever convicted of this mass murder. 31 years later, the guilty remain at liberty and the Republican movement to which they belonged now seeks to sit in Government. Revolting.

Well done to Hanson for the sombre remembrance.


By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 5:25 pm

Wonder what you make of this one?

Derbyshire’s top policeman David Coleman has refused to release pictures of two escaped murderers amid fears it might breach their human rights. He has been accused of ‘madness’ last night after claimed the killers posed ‘no risk’ to locals, while the force said it had to consider the Human Rights Act and data protection laws when asked to publish ‘wanted’ photographs of the two men.

prison050107_228x114.jpgMr Coleman’s attitude towards murderers Jason Croft and Michael Nixon (PICTURED LEFT) contrasts sharply with his ruthless crackdown on speeding drivers in recent years – including a 62-year-old who was jailed after being caught doing 38mph in a 30mph zone.

The father of a teenager bludgeoned to death by Nixon angrily suggested Mr Coleman and his force needed to ‘sort their priorities out’ and revealed the police had not bothered to contact him to say his son’s killer was on the run.

Jimmy Leckey, whose 19-year-old son Paul was murdered in 1995, said: ‘This is madness, totally ridiculous. The police should be out there catching dangerous criminals rather than chasing motorists.."

I fully understand Mr Leckey’s frustration. His son lies in a grave care of one of these brutal escaped killers, whose image the Chief Constable of Derbyshire hesitates to publish!!!!  


By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 5:10 pm

ryanair.bmpSimple question; Was Government Minister Environment minister Ian Pearson right to call low-cost airline Ryanair “the irresponsible face of capitalism” and to hit out at British Airways for failing to do enough to combat climate change? I know what I think – Ian Pearson is the irresponsible face of interfering tax loving big Government! I certainly have my criticisms of Ryanair, mostly relating to a reprehensible approach to passenger care, but with a fleet of modern aircraft and low prices, Ryanair offers us much more than Mr. Pearson – a Minister I met some years ago and was not in the least impressed with. 


By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 1:37 pm

ira terrorist.jpg2007, and Tony Blair cuts his Miami break with a Bee Gee short to help "save" the Northern Ireland "peace process". Apparently the DUP and IRA/Sinn Fein need a little help to go that extra mile to pervert democracy.

OK, let me spell it out, a DUP leadership which forms ANY administration with the IRA on the basis of weasel words about "commitment to policing" is morally corrupt, politically gutless, and strategically inept. Those in the DUP who are actively colluding in the dropping of ANY reference to the IRA when talking about Sinn Fein, who are pretending that hollow words from republican insurrectionists mean a damn, and who willingly betray their OWN promises made repeatedly over the years in pursuance of political POWER, WILL be held to account. Just as with the supine UUP, so with a newly treacherous DUP.  No free rides in 2007!   

Truth is stranger than fiction!

By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 12:39 pm

In a blog which I authored before I commenced my present one, I used to review books which I had either just read, or recalled from previous encounters. I’d like to talk, very briefly about two books, one fact and one fiction, together with a comment from Simon Heffer, a columnist with the Telegraph newspaper, my prior posting on this blog, and, without sounding too pompous, the State of the Nation!

vulcan 607.jpgThe first book is entitled Vulcan 607, and was the story of the raid on Port Stanley airfield by one Vulcan bomber, supported by no less than 14 Victor tankers, which, with only one bomb on the target runway successfully ended the placement of supersonic aircraft on the Falklands! It is a mixture of technological progress, British home-grown muddle-through expertise, and the devotion to duty of Royal Air Force crews! A superb read for all students of modern history.

ghost force.jpgThe second book is a novel by Patrick Robinson entitled Ghost Force, and is the story of the attack and invasion by a resurgent Argentina upon the Falklands, the surge of a relieving modern Royal Naval armada from Britain; the subsequent defeat of that same Task Force by the Fuerza Aérea Argentina with help from a devious Russian submarine! Included within this book is a truly devastating surgical analysis of the Labour Government’s attitude towards our Defence forces! The remainder of the novel describes how the Americans defeat the Argentine forces, with a little help from British Special Forces, and everyone lives happily ever after! A fair story, with a truly-believable theme!

The Simon Heffer piece is a further comment upon the shameful manner of the virtual dissolution of our once-proud Navy, and a shrewd snipe regarding the Argentine capability to have another crack at Las Malvinas! A second glance is also asked of the reader to my previous posting on this subject.

I would finish with a few observations.

Britain could not make a similar attack upon the Falklands today if required, as all the bombers are gone, the Vulcans and Victors no longer exist, the tankers cannot do the work and we don’t have any bombs any more!

The garrison in the Falklands has been steadily run down, and we have minimal Naval, Air and Ground forces deployed on those far-flung outposts of Great Britain.

Long-range Radar and other electronic defence capabilities, long-promised for the garrison, do not exist!

No member of the present Labour Government has served, in any capacity whatsoever, in our armed forces.

We fight today in Iraq, in Afghanistan, garrison Kosovo and Bosnia to stop the indigenous clowns from killing one another, and perform similar tasks in Northern Ireland. The British Army had a recruitment shortfall of over 1200 people in this past year!

Conclusion         Simple; if the Argentinians ever cranked the starting handle again, we could not recover the Islands, because we don’t have the ships, the aircraft (all the radar-capable Harriers will disappear by next year) no spare soldiers, and the most useless Government which can be imagined!

I mean, can you ever imagine Blair, or Brown for that matter, behaving as did Baroness Margaret Thatcher on that fateful day when she was told of the Falklands invasion, amidst the useless wailings of the Foreign Office and the Secretary of State for Defence?




By ATWadmin On January 6th, 2007 at 12:06 pm

As Gary Glitter once sang.."Hello, Hello, It’s good to be back"..…(Oops, maybe Gary Glitter isn’t the BEST reference to start the year on, but so what?)

Great to be back with you all – and my sincere thanks to the ATW team for keeping things lively in my absence, good to see you can all argue without me even being in the nearby locality!

Whilst on holiday I have ENDURED watching CNN and Sky News for the past week or so.

Sheer liberal biased hell, I can tell you, with Sky News being easily the worst offender.

I’ve tried to summarise the key issues as I best understand of the past week or so…….

maryp.jpgFirst, I could not avoid the saturated media coverage of Saddam’s execution. I make three points to you….

1. The media’s own pompous disapproval of the death penalty as a means of enabling justice drove the entire debate. Iraq’s Government could do no right since the media had already concluded Saddam had not received a fair trial and thus any outcome short of returning him to power on a gilded throne was going to get slated.

2. Who would have thought Saddam was going to be posthumously presented as a latter day Mary Poppins….i.e. He fed the birds apparently, tuppence a bag? (Wonder were the "birds" concerned vultures?)

3. Saddam got what he deserved, plain and simple. Our media’s pathetic moral relativism means they cannot accept that any judgement be made, least of all by an elected Iraqi Government. The media whinging surrounding the "cell-phone" debate was contemptible given the astronomical scale of Hussein’s genocidal track record.

Next up, I followed the outcry from tenured scientists after the Government suggested that creating human/animal chimeras, in the name of scientific research (of courseRelieved.), may be a tad legally tricky. As you can tell, I entirely oppose this merging of the species and I can reveal, for the first time ever, what a human/animal chimera looks like.

795151-621298-thumbnail.jpg795151-621303-thumbnail.jpgHave a look at the horrendous results of merging jellyfish and a politician and then look below at the awful results…shocking, isn’t it? For goodness sake, ban it right here, right now!






earyh.jpgThen there was the launch of the media’s "Green Agenda" for 2007. Sky are having a "Green Britain" week, in which viewers can both actively reduce their carbon footprints AND provide evidence of how global warming is affecting Britain. There is no mention of any viewers being permitted to challenge the "consensus" viewpoint that MANKIND is driving global warming and that only raising taxation can solve this dreadful situation. Just as politicians line up to see who can be most green, so the Media channels are following. This unhealthy stifling of debate, helping politicians increase already punitive levels of taxation, is a serious threat to our liberty. Naturally, the green gurus are predicting that 2007 will be the warmest year ever, with calamitous weather events forecast. It’s a doomsday cult masquerading as good science, folks, and we won’t all be swallowing the Rev Al Gore codswallop being served up as new age gospel.

pelosi.bmpCNN went orgasmic over the swearing in of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and the return of the Democrats to POWER! I had to laugh at the relentless bias of CNN towards the Dems – not for nothing was this broadcaster known as the Clinton News Network. Mind you, they found some time out from their busy propagandising reporting for Pelosi, Clinton, Obama and co to run a story about how Republican Presidential contender Rudy Giuliani  – a likely Clinton opponent – has had a 140-page strategy dossier stolen which talked of his weaknesses: that stormy failed second marriage, that association with a disgraced official and those inconvenient views on the issues of the day. Fair and balanced – right?

I also picked up that CNN were running a special week’s programmes on the Religion of Pieces. Viewers are to be treated to a wide variety of insights into this most fashionable of religions, with special attention on the Hadj. Not sure if the presenters in the studio will be veiled – but I’m sure that will come.  

And those were just some of the stories that caught me eye, as broadcast through a liberal prism. Is it any wonder that Eurabia is so hopeless, with such slanted homogenous trash being pumped out 24/7?

I wonder if a Fox News channel could work in Europe, or is it too late to avoid the ongoing descent into euro-dhimmitude, dressed up in hollow multiculti rhetoric?


By ATWadmin On January 5th, 2007 at 5:31 pm

Almost a year on from the cartoons protest in which groups of muslims were allowed to freely demonstrate their open hatred for this country and directly solict murder, one of the protestors Javed, 27, of Birmingham has been found guilty – using police video evidence witnessing him yelling: "Bomb, bomb Denmark, bomb, bomb USA."

Javed had claimed his chants against the two countries were "just slogans" and that he "regrets" saying them. I dont particularly care. It goes without saying that an extremist demonstration by say, the BNP, in which members called openly and directly in full view of everyone for immigrants’ destruction had occured they would have been rounded up and arrested on the spot.  And certainly no sane MP would be rushing to the side of one of the protestors (as occured last year) to suggest he is just a misguided silly little boy. I cant help wondering at the approach taken that day. However. The filmed evidence has allowed for them to be prosecuted. And the demo itself made it abundantly clear to those among us who deny any problem just how much hatred exists. The maximum penalty for soliciting murder is life in prison. I wonder.

Remanding him in custody, Judge Brian Barker said he would not pass sentence until several other trials relating to the protest had concluded – expected to be in April.  So there ARE more come then. That is a surprise. (There is currently no mention of an appeal)

Happy New Niqab!

By ATWadmin On January 5th, 2007 at 5:07 pm

Jonz has highlighted an interesting Indy article.

As Channel 4 controversially celebrated women covering their faces and critics are dismissed as Islamophobics, Joan Smith talks to a group of women who fear the consequences of the veil’s acceptance..

For many observers, it was the moment when demands for public acceptance of the niqab went too far.  Channel 4’s Christmas message was delivered by a veiled woman, a Muslim convert, who criticised the Leader of the House, Jack Straw. It might have been dismissed as a stunt, the kind of provocation Channel 4 is known for. But the spectacle of a woman attacking an elected politician under, literally, a veil of anonymity brought into sharp focus the reasons why its growing popularity in this country makes so many people uneasy.

That includes many Muslims… A few days ago .., I met some of them: smart, articulate, beautifully dressed women from very different backgrounds. They all feel strongly that the voices of moderate, rational Islam are not being heard. Most outspoken of all is the Iranian writer Shusha Guppy, who tells me how she feels when she sees covered women in London: "Its theatre its saying look at me!".

Dr Khadiga Safwat is a distinguished Sudanese academic and former director of the Middle Eastern and African Research Centre in Wales. When she speaks about the growing popularity of the veil, she immediately puts it into a political context. "I suspect political Islam of being behind all this. It’s a political statement, a reaction to globalisation," she tells me. Indeed….

Al Qaeda agree.

"AL-QAEDA’S deputy leader said yesterday that any Muslim woman who wears the veil in Western countries is a supporter in what he described as a fight between Islam and "Zionist Crusaders".

1) All the women believe the veil debate demonstrates the fondness of the media for highlighting extreme views.  And 2) in my opinion, women who are forced aside (and forgotten it would seem) i believe that if you as a Briton born in this country parrot the joy of the niqab in 2007 after Al Qs little message – you are making it clear you are taking a side.