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By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 7:52 pm

Over on Central News, we discover EXACTLY how the Government’s announced plan that it would put before Parliament a Border and Immigration Bill, which would tackle loopholes through which illegal immigrants enter the country and speed up the process of deporting criminals, will work. Or not, as the case may be. 

Get this! HALF of the 4000 "new" officers to be recruited will be office-based, working on administration. That leaves there are STILL only 2100 officers on the frontline to cope with 570,000 illegal immigrants – a number swelling by the thousands each week that passes.  This Government is institutionally incapable, or unwilling, to confront the threat of illegal immigration. Instead it constructs PR initiatives and avoids tough decisions at all costs.


By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 7:39 pm

I’ve told you a million times that I’m not prone to exaggeration, unlike rock journalist Jon Landau who declared back in 1974…."I saw rock and roll’s future – and its name is Bruce Springsteen."

Well, Jon was wrong.

"The Boss", as his fans refer to him, has made some decent records over the years but I have never gotten myself too excited about him. That said, he plays BELFAST tonight for the second time in ten years, apparently he wants to find out what the Province is like when it’s "at peace"…..

Hey Bruce – one of your own songs already tells you..have a listen folks…..


By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 7:04 pm

car_afp203body.jpgI see that the new approach of trying to "engage with Iran and Syria" latterly adopted by the Bush Administration and the Blair junta is bearing fruit. Yes, today saw the assassination in Beirut of a leading anti-Syrian Lebanese minister and Maronite Christian leader. Mr Gemayel, 34, was shot in his car in a Christian suburb and rushed to hospital, where he died. That’ll teach him and his ilk to be critical of Syria.

Mind you, I heard Jeremy Al Bowen of the BBC express his utter mystification as to who might have carried this out…..quelle surprise!


Happy to tell that I have just watched ITN News and they have identified who is responsible. ISRAEL.  Apparently if Israel had not started the war against Hizbollah – none of this might have happened. PHEW – what a relief. Thank goodness for the anti-Semites, right?


By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 6:48 pm

hain2.jpgPeter Hain, Northern Ireland Secretary of State, REALLY is the most contemptible of political creatures. It’s reported that the Attorney General has agreed to establish an inquiry into whether Mr Hain and senior civil servants misled a Belfast court over their procedures for the appointment of the interim Victims Commissioner. I agree with the Ulster Unionist MP Lady Sylvia Hermon who has asked Blair to explain the possible consequences if Mr Hain is held in breach of Ministerial rules.

Meanwhile, the Hain driven introduction of water charges is also in doubt tonigh after a judgement in the High Court. The General Consumer Council has won a judicial review of the decision to bring in charges because it had not been adequately consulted. The Consumer Council said the judgement was a landmark ruling. MP’s will get their chance as to whether they wish to endorse such incompetent and judicially challenged legislation next week.

Politicians should be modest, as they have much to be modest about. Hain is an arrogant insufferable goon and his very presence in Northern Ireland offends me.

How to widen the circle of your friends!

By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 2:44 pm

Queer? Bent? Dyke? Shirt-lifter? Feel you’re being left out of things? Not able to fulfill your destiny?

Fear not! This wonderful homosexual-loving and -oriented Labour Government is rushing to the rescue!

With a new set of Sexual Orientation Regulations, so far neither discussed in Parliament nor in the newspapers, your rights will be further upheld so that two bent blokes, if told that they cannot adopt a child from a Catholic or other religious Agency because of their long-standing stance against the practices which they consider to be perverted, will be able now to sue that agency and win! If they feel their "dignity has been violated", that’s it; case closed!

Ruth Kelly has lost the battle in Cabinet to either tone down these be-nice-to-queers Regulations or scrap them, and the rules are being shuttled forward into Northern Ireland as a test-bed (what a lovely choice of phrase!), before the homosexual lobby gets it’s way and lands them onto England, Scotland and Wales next year!

Yes, the firm (very firm!) friendship between the bent Mandelson, Charlie Faulkner and Tony Blair has laid a big one, and it’s being hatched in Belfast!

On This Day…21.11

By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 9:01 am

1843 – Thomas Hancock patents vulcanised rubber.

1918 – At the end of World War I, the German Fleet is surrendered to Britain at its northern naval base at Scapa Flow.

1953 – The discovery of the Piltdown Man skull by Charles Dawson in Sussex in 1912 is finally revealed to have been a hoax.

1958 – In Britain, work starts on the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland.

1974 – Terrorist IRA bombs planted in two Birmingham pubs kill 22 and injure a further 120.

1995 – Presidents of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia accept a US-brokered peace deal to end the 43 month war in Bosnia.

The Myth of Council Estates

By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 8:37 am

It is good news.  Council estates across the United Kingdom have improved markedly over the last number of years.  Research carried out by those two well-known bastions of neo-Conservatism, the LSE and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, found a reduction in the number of empty properties and families in deprivation.  Whooppee!!

What the report did not seem to tackle, however, is how council estates got to be in the sorry condition many of them experienced.  If you were to pass any new housing development, be it private or social, you don’t see builders colouring the brickwork with graffiti, smearing dog excrement over green spaces or depositing puddles of human pee in the corner of a lift they have just finished ripping the wiring out of.

What I am trying to say is that council estates, whatever appalling architecture was pioneered in their construction, were not built as slums.  They were, and are, made that way by most of the types that live on them.  Sociologists and Lefties (mutually inclusive) talk about ‘sink estates’ as if they were built that way.  It gives them a convenient ‘get out’ clause to avoid placing the blame where it firmly belongs.  I have blamed Muslims for continuing to live in the same deliberate squalor here their forefathers inhabited in Pakistan.  I apply the same logic to many who live on council estates: they were brought up with the manners of pigs; therefore they live like pigs.

Many of you will be familiar with the hilarious film, ‘Rita, Sue and Bob Too’.  This film, certainly not for those with prudish minds, was filmed 20 years ago in the Bradford suburb of Buttershaw.  It was, at that time, one of the most deprived estates in the entire country.  Anyone who has seen the houses and flats in that area as they were then, cannot avoid thinking that a little piece of hell was deposited on Bradford’s urban landscape.

In 2006 the area is changed beyond all recognition.  Half of the estate has been demolished (including the addresses of both Rita and Sue in the film) and replaced with good-quality detached and semi-detached housing.  The vast majority of the ex-council houses have been bought and kept in good condition. Only a few council properties remain, and are neat and tidy.  The problem families were booted out and, today, it is more than reasonable to describe Buttershaw as a ‘middle-class area’.  Some of those aforementioned new dwellings are selling for more than £200,000.

A key in the transformation of Buttershaw was the expulsion of those who had kept it in the social doldrums for much of its life.  In other areas of Bradford, where estates have been renovated whilst retaining their criminal and vandalistic classes, the visual appeal of the area has been very short lived.  The moral of the story is this: if you want a waste bin to smell nice, you get rid of the rubbish.  If you want areas of social housing to prosper, you get rid of the rubbish!  Elementary my dear sociologists.


By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 7:39 am

In the alice-in-wonderland of contemporary international politics, it seems that Iranian psychopathic President Ahmadinejad can invite the Iraqi and Syrian presidents to Tehran for a weekend summit to "work out ways" to cooperate in curbing the runaway violence that has taken Iraq to the verge of civil war" – and the MSM swallows the entire fiction!

Iran is a key mover in creating the violence that the summit will "discuss." It’s puppet, Syria, is also enthusiastic in its desire to undermine democracy in Iraq. And yet, AMAZINGLY, the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has accepted the invitation and will fly to the Iranian capital Saturday. 

Post-US mid term elections, Iran has become even more arrogant. It believes the West has lost the will to stop it’s political and nuclear ambitions. And I think it is right. Ahmadinejad is winning and the day of the second Holocaust gets closer. Make no mistake what Iran seeks to achieve – it wants the Jews OUT of Israel and it knows how it will do it. It observes a weak US, a supine UN and EU, and it determines that it is the new driving power. So in this new surreal world, 1938 all over again, it can hold a "peace summit", the media cheer on, and some of us look on aghast.


By ATWadmin On November 21st, 2006 at 7:26 am

One of the distinguishing features of a left-wing Government is its determination to assume the role of parent as regards its citizenry. The short hand way of expressing this is "Nanny State"! So, today we read that Nanny State intends to recruit more than 70 "super nannies" who will be tasked with "improving parenting in areas with high levels of anti-social behaviour"

They will be funded by the prime minister’s Respect Task Force to work in deprived areas. Mr Blair is to warn that poor parenting is bad for society and is also catastrophic for children. This comes after a Mori poll suggested 53% of people think poor parenting is the main cause of bad behaviour. In the poll for the Home Office, 85% of respondents blamed parents for allowing children to become out of control. 

The Government’s laughably entitled "Respect Czar" is behind this latest intrusion of the State into family life. Parents can volunteer for the courses, but many will be forced to participate when their children break the law or refuse to attend school.

Let me tell you why I think behaviour of some young people is so poor. I believe the sustained undermining of the traditional family unit is key. I believe that the undermining of marriage is central. I believe the collapse of Christianity is significant. I believe the failure of the Police to enforce existing  laws is influential. I believe the entire liberal culture, so ascendant in recent years, is the driving force. To pretend that sending in Super Nannies can solve a problem that Government creates is lunacy. And what next, dear Reader? How long before SuperMum and SuperDad are sent out by Government to "help" failing parents?

It’s a power grab by the State – that’s the long and the short of it! 

Storm in a teacup or matter of principle (or both)?

By ATWadmin On November 20th, 2006 at 10:29 pm

Which side are you on in the debate that is gripping the nation? I’m referring to whether an employee of BA should be allowed to wear a cross round her neck – one so small you’d need Sherlock Holmes’ magnifying glass to notice it was there.

BA policy states that uniformed staff cannot wear jewelry, or indeed anything that is not part of the uniform. However, they have allowed concessions for items of a religious nature, such as turbans, head scarves and bracelets. Nadia Eweida says her cross is not jewelry but a religious symbol. As with the title, the terms are not mutually exclusive.  Neither side looks set to back down, and now Nadia’s being supported by the Archbishop of York.

To my mind this is a result of successive governments encroaching into areas of private life and conscience, creating layer upon layer of legislation to bind us all in what we can think, say and do within our private lives (and I include private employers in this.) In the name of equality, race relations and human rights they have undermined not just our basic freedoms but our ability to deal with mundane questions such as work dress code. So now eminent judges, wealthy lawyers and stacks of tax-payers’ money are needed to settle disputes over school uniforms and other such things, where in the past we made do with common sense and discretion.

I say let her wear it . BA customers have no doubt complained about most aspects of their service at some time or another, but I guarantee no one has ever complained about a cross on someone’s neck.