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By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 3:35 pm

Wonder what you make of the fact that Northern Ireland Children’s commissioner’s budget is £1.9m per year, while his salary is £75,000. In comparison, for larger populations, the annual budget of the Welsh commissioner’s office is £1.2m and his salary is £70,000-75,000. The Scottish commissioner has a budget of £1.5m this year and £1.2m thereafter. She earns £72,000. The English commissioner’s budget is £3m. He earns £130,000. While the NI children’s commissioner spends almost 2 million a year producing trite nonsense like this and keeping the quango-class in jobs the NI children’s hospice receives no statutory funding. It is indeed a National Disgrace. I loath the quango-class which infest Northern Ireland, these empty-heads populate all the various Government-appointed boards and they contribute little of any value.

Hat-tip to the eagle-eyed ATW reader for the story!


By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 2:53 pm

Girls20Aloud20web.jpgYou have to laugh. Western Resistance points out that Iran’s Thug-in-chief Ahmadinejad has been accused of being a dangerous liberal reformist!!! The Man who longs for the return of the 12th Imam, who wants to wipe Israel off the map, and who does not believe the first Holocaust happened, has been condemned for attending the lavish opening ceremony of the Asian games in Qatar, a sporting competition involving 13,000 athletes from 39 countries. The ceremony featured Indian and Egyptian dancers and female vocalists. Many were not wearing veils.

Women are forbidden to sing and dance before a male audience under Iran’s Islamic legal code.

So, that means that infidel babes Girls Aloud can forget all about that lucrative Iranian tour even if they were thinking about wearing veils!


By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 12:53 pm

Here’s the odd thing. We are constantly told what a wonderful job teachers are doing, and how their pay does not reflect the Herculean efforts they put into their jobs. Yet the inability of thousands of children to read when they leave primary school is a national disaster, the chief schools inspector has warned. 

About one in five 11-year-olds leaves primary school with poor literacy and Christine Gilbert, head of education watchdog Ofsted, said improving on that was a "major part" of raising standards at secondary level. (Interestingly enough, 1 in 5 adults in the UK are claimed to be illiterate, according to the UN!) 

I agree that 20% of children aged 11 not having even a basic command of the English language is shocking but it begs the question as to what is actually HAPPENING to them during all those years in Primary school "education" Have teaching standards become SO low, has in-class activities become SO wretched, that this monumental scale of failure can prevail? (Oops, mustn’t be judgemental, right?) 

Hell Drivers

By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 12:15 pm

This title refers to the magnificent 1950s movie starring the late Stanley Baker, along with  young and virtually unrecognisable figures such as Sean Connery, Herbert Lom and Pat McGoohan.  Truck drivers, working for a haulage company in a fictional English village, have to transport as many runs of load as is possible within a day shift.  This entails them tearing through country lanes are break-neck speeds, irrespective of what might lie in their path. 

However, for the purposes of this article, the titular reference leads us to the news that Bradford is now the most dangerous part of the country in terms of a risk of vehicular collision.  A report carried out for Endsleigh Insurance found motorists there have a 36% above average chance of damage whilst driving.  What the report doesn’t tell us is ‘why?’ that should be the case.  For anyone who knows Bradford the answer is straightforward: it’s the ‘Muzzas’, stupid!!

Jasper Carrott once said that the problem with taxi drivers is ‘they are all Islamic fundamentalists who were thrown out because they were too psychotic.  They can make a Hillman Minx do 100mph……….in reverse!!’.  When you consider the fact that virtually every taxi firm in the city is operated by Allah’s little helpers, AND taking account of the reality that Bradford’s Pakistani community are a law unto themselves when they get behind the wheel of a car, is it hardly surprising?

Read the court section of the city’s newspaper – the Telegraph and Argus – and the picture becomes crystal clear.  Whilst car vandalism and theft are undoubtedly the preserve of the predominantly white ‘sink estate trolls’ who are also numerous across the district, it cannot be denied that car crime in terms of driving whilst banned, or driving without insurance, is proportionately a Muzza preserve.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of Nazwat Husseins and Ali Akhbars who have been fined £100 here and £300 there for driving offences similar to those described above.  Has anyone ever been driven by a Muslim taxi driver?  It’s like taking a ride on the Pepsi Max Big One rollercoaster with infuriatingly wailing music, curry spices and jasmine oil thrown in.

Looking further at the report we also see that poor old Bradford is near the top of the table for car crime.  This is where the white ‘sink estate trolls’ do their bidding.  So, after returning to one of the city’s car parks after a spending spree in the infinite number of crap £1 shops in what only the blind and the stupid would call a decent city centre , you can experience the delights of having your car damaged by a neck-tattooed thug with the intellect of a bottle of toilet duck.  Then you can emerge on to one of the thoroughfares such as Sunbridge Road or Piccadilly and face the prospect of your car being narrowly shaved by a Muzza taxi driver or a shaven-headed Muzza adolescent with a massive chip on his shoulder and a hatred of all persons white. 

Pro-Bradford cretins will tell tales of a city full of industrial heritage and a rich cultural fabric.  It is, in truth, a filthy, bedraggled urban vomit-puddle of a place ridden by ethno-demographic division, and littered with horrible buildings and cheap outlets.  It is a city for ‘bargain-basement’ Pakistanis and ‘Jim Royle-esque sink estate plebs’.  And when you realise that these two car statistics are a factual result of the activities of one or other of these demographic profiles, you can see why my dislike of the place is so deep.


By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 9:44 am

Right, let’s cut to the chase. As a father of two children, I believe that paedophiles – those who prey on the young and innocent to satiate their own depraved sexual appetites, should be made amenable to the death penalty- if we had the courage to re-introduce it. But by any standards, paedophilia is a grotesque crime.

EXCEPT not everyone sees it that way. I was listening to a debate on Radio 5 this morning, and it concerned the prevalence of child-weddings in Afghanistan. According to reports from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and NGOs, as many as 57 percent involve young girls under 16, some of them as young as six.

Now it seems to me that no sane human being could accept that a SIX year old girl is ready to become a wife. Yet that is precisely what is happening in Afghanistan and the BBC, for once, were right to flag it up as a problem.

But what really surprised me were those listeners who phoned in OUTRAGED that the BBC should dare to “impose it’s societal norms” on other nations. In essence, child marriage is fine so long as it is someone else’s tradition! I presume cannibalism and sati  get the same easy pass from the multicultis out there. In the era of moral relativism, who are we to judge what others do? – beats the liberal refrain.

And so off trot the six year olds to the wedding chamber…. sickening.


By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 9:21 am

I was shocked to read that the pusillanimous US State Department has welcomed the re-election of Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez and "would hope that we could have a positive, constructive relationship with the government of Venezuela." 

chavez-iran3.jpgApparently the..ahem… "realists" at US State actually believe that Hugo the Horrible may not be that bad after all, and despite his fiery anti-American anti-Semitic rhetoric, he might co-operate with the Great Satan! I was wondering if a lobotomy was a pre-requisite for working for US State?

It is statements like this which energise all of America’s enemies and depress the hell out of its true friends. All I can see from the US Government these days is sickening appeasement, a pathetic lame-duck President who dismisses men of stature such as Rummy and Bolton (and I’m sure Cheney is back on the quail-hunt) whilst allowing these Baker-Powell quislings in US State to now run the show. 

IF US State really does think that Chavez could be a good friend to the USA, then it’s all over folks. Chavez, Ahmadinejihad, Castro,  Nasrallah, Kim Jong Il- and their torch-bearers in the liberal media, will have won.  And the beacon of freedom dims……even as the cheers from the Left grow louder.


By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 8:46 am

Cuba’s Fidel Castro may be dying. Chile’s General Pinochet is on his death bed. 

But if you listen to the content and tone of the BBC reporting of these two stories, you can detect an insufferabe smug bias that so offends.

795151-577640-thumbnail.jpgFirst off, the BBC are naturally VERY concerned about Castro. We all know that Fidel has long been a poster-boy for the Left and so all talk of his imminent demise clearly is upsetting to the Beeboids. Check out the hushed, almost reverential tones, that are used when discusssing his current absence from public events. The abiding impression is of great concern and all that is missing is the solemn music. I’m sure that the day Castro finally makes his Maker the BBC will interrupt regular programmes to announce the demise of their boy Fidel. I wonder will the broadcasters wear black armbands?

795151-577643-thumbnail.jpgThen there is the former Chilean President General Pinochet. The BBC’s hatred of him is summed up in a question I heard an interviewer pose this morning "Should anyone mourn him when he dies"? I suppose the fact that Pinochet was avowedly anti-Communist did for him with the BBC. 

It strikes me that whilst all Dictators are equal, in BBC land, some are more equal than others.

How Mean Was My Valley?

By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 8:04 am

As someone who has always wanted to see compulsory National Service re-introduced in this country, I fail to see the problem with the Army recruiting in certain areas and certain schools in the UK.  Our defence and law-enforcement agencies should be free to interest and recruit members in ANY part of the Union.  So why does the Welsh separatist movement, Plaid Cymru, have an issue with what it calls selective recruitment by HM Army in the poorest parts of the principality?

Surely if these areas are as deprived as the party claims, offering its young people (who might otherwise turn to nefarious activities) a rock-solid career in one of the finest State armies in the world is better than seeing them cast adrift on the rock of hopelessness.  Or is this mean-spirited attitude from PC indicative of the fact they don’t like Welshman wearing a uniform with the Queen’s crown emblazoned upon it?  Separatist AM Lynne Wood is to demand a ban on Army recruitment in schools.  She said:

‘I believe that young people in Wales should not be subjected to armed forces propaganda….’

Armed forces propaganda, eh!?  Sounds like the sort of rubbish that would spew forth from one of the 24 IRA MLAs at Stormont.  However, when you consider both parties support the same disgusting ends, it is hardly surprising that the language would be similar.  Our Defence Forces have traditionally been free of menacing political influence.  I trust the Labour lackies in Cardiff will remind Ms Wood of the importance of maintaining that tradition.

On This Day…05.12

By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 7:57 am

1766 – James Christie, who founded the world famous auctioneers, holds his first sale in London.

1791 – The death of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, aged 35.

1933 – The 21st Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified, bringing an end to the prohibition of alcohol in America. In early 1919, the 18th Amendment banned the manufacture, sale, and transportation of intoxicating liquors within the United States.

1945 – The Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean claims more victims as five US Navy bombers from Fort Lauderdale in Florida disappear while flying over the area. No trace is ever found of any of the planes or the pilots.

1958 – Inauguration of Britain’s STD telephone service in Bristol.

1977 – Five Arab nations break diplomatic links with Egypt – hostile to President Anwar Sadat’s peace initiative with Israel.


By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2006 at 7:38 am

The Government is making much of its proclamation that tests in the English language and the British way of life will be compulsory from next year for foreigners wanting to settle here. It will bring long-term immigrants into line with people who seek UK citizenship, who already have to sit the tests, allegedly.

But as we have come to expect from this Government, it’s all a  CON, a Tuesday sound-bite.

Consider this; The "Life in the UK" test is aimed at those with a good grasp of English and their pass mark will be at least 75 per cent. Each applicant sits a 45-minute exam of 24 questions to show a basic knowledge of national culture.  Mmm…I wonder what sort of questions this Government has in mind as to what determines insight into "national culture"?

Those less accomplished in English (And what % do you think that might be then, folks?) can attend a combined language and citizenship class instead. They will be expected to complete the course ”successfully"…………BUT….they do not have to pass the exam to gain citizenship.

So, those who have least English will be happily excluded from any such Exam.

Here are three questions I would pose to would-be immigrants;

1. Were you happy when you heard about 9/11? Yes or No.

2. Are Jews the sons of monkeys and pigs? Yes or No.

3. Is Jihad justified anywhere there are non-believers? Yes or No.