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By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 7:26 pm

795151-576779-thumbnail.jpgThe media has been enthusiastic in projecting Ségolène Royal, the French presidential candidate, as a thoroughly modern, smart and even sexy lady. Ms Royal, the first woman with a realistic chance of winning the French presidency, is now struggling to extricate herself from the controversy sparked by a meeting in Beirut with MPs, including Ali Ammar of Hezbollah.

In a 20-minute tirade Mr Ammar attacked “unlimited American insanity” for sending troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. He then said that Israeli “Nazism” was no better than Hitler’s Third Reich. Ms Royal, who is on her first overseas trip since winning the Socialist Party primary, replied: “Thank you for being so frank. I agree with a lot of the things you have said, notably your analysis of the US.”

Quite. Naturally her media courtiers are saying this is all caused by an unfortunate translating misunderstanding. I bet. I would imagine that with this kind of mindset towards the US and Israel, she’s a sure bet to get the French Muslim vote.

persona..s non grata

By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 5:09 pm

I thought this was an interesting write up on the Kendal Myers episode last week. I admit my initial reaction was to question why such outspoken and self important remarks hadn’t been made of say France re Iraq. If he wanted to have France et al in thrall of their decision(s) and increase a cynical attitude to the US overall then he was certainly going the right way about it.

Mr Myers was "ill-informed", "plain wrong", "not authorised" and the US government wanted to "repudiate and disassociate" itself from what he said. No need to read between the lines there. This was about as blistering a dressing down as a diplomat would ever deliver. It seems probable that Mr Myers will be asked to resign and if he declines to so will be fired.

Officials in Britain were livid.

But I particularly agreed with these sentiments:

“I received an email (subject line: APPALLED) from a former long-time US intelligence official that read in part: "I hope that some still know there are other Americans who understand that what Brits and Europeans generally have bequeathed to us in the New World is a civilization and way of life that is worth defending against the challenges that face us all today.

"These aren’t just lofty words for many of us: we know they have real life consequences in blood and treasure – but the failure to live up to them will have consequences, too, in more terrorist attacks and dead civilians being pulled out of the rubble of blown-up buildings and train cars."

I’d also add that with regards to the security resources he mentions, the share and the exchange – we give as much as we get – and that also includes soldiers lives. Flippant comments that Im glad to see were treated with the contempt they merited. And no Gwyneth Paltow’s silly outburst isn’t a fair exchange!


By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 3:49 pm

Did you see that the Mad Mullahs in Iran have been quick off the mark to welcome the re-election of Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez? All around the world, those who hate the United States as the global guarantor of freedom, have great reason to celebrate. Party on….?


By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 3:30 pm

Like many others who have resolutely supported the Bush Doctrine, it has been a difficult time over recent years watching W reverse his own philosophy. Driven on by a hostile media, and accelerated by a poor grasp of who his real friends are, it has been sad to watch George W. revert to the uninspired mediocrity of his father, George Herbert Bush.

john-bolton-un-bg.jpgSo the news that John Bolton has followed Rummy into the great political departure lounge is not a surprise. John Bolton was a great guy, full of the right stuff. Now he’s been stuffed. That’s the way it is with the Bush administration these days as the appeasers gain the upper hand, and the likes of James “F*** the Jews” Baker and Condi “Islam is the religion of peace AND love” Rice dictate direction. Cut and run it is going to be, and there’s little point in us denying the obvious u-turn being executed by Bush and his dhimmified associates.

That’s fine. I’m sure that in the god-forsaken caves where eyes once glowed with pleasure as the twin towers fell, such eyes glow again. I wonder what their next target will be? Bin Laden believed that the USA lacked the resolve to tackle a resurgent Islamic movement. These days, who thinks he was wrong in this assumption?

“The phone is busy- please try later!”

By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 3:24 pm

Being of a certain age, as ATW readers will have guessed by now, I occasionally suffer small memory lapses; what my cousin describes as a ‘senior moment’! Now normally I suffer in silence, but on this last happening, it was to be experienced in the glare of a public stage. I should really argue in mitigation that I am computer-literate, as can be vouched for by my guest-contributing to this ‘blog’, along with my various books, spreadsheets and many letters to an assembled array of middle-management utility managers and bureaucrats; but I digress! My son and I share a mobile phone contract, and he decided to swap to a pay-as-you-go offer from the same company. He did all the necessary identification calls, IME phone numbers and all the other technical doo-dads which allows a fiendishly clever system to call you up when you are sitting on the toilet, and left me with the supposedly simple task of swapping the old SIM card for the new, registering for the credit, and that was supposed to be it! How wrong can one be? I attempted to make a call to my eldest son, and that was when I found out my big mistake, the old SIM had all my phone numbers held within it’s silicon shell, and it wasn’t letting go easily. Eventually I trotted down to the phone shop in Durham, confessed all, and asked if it was possible to resurrect my directory and transfer it to the new one now held in my phone. Without so much as a blink, she took the old and new SIM cards, slotted them into an electronic mixer, and two minutes later, handed me back a fully-numbered phone, heavy with all the numbers which help heal my failing memory. I tried to thank this charming young lady for her help and expertise, but she dropped the hammer by smilingly replying,

“It’s no bother, we get requests like this a lot, sir, we help lots of OLD people all the time!”  

“ Obesa cantavit – The fat lady has sung”

My other son, who’s expertise is in the design of the computerised radio innards of these mobile phone whatzits, cringes every time I talk about phone design, because I just don’t want an ‘upgrade’ to a fancy sleek device which allows one to browse the Web at the same time as one takes photos and send them to someone else! What’s the point? All I ever want is to speak to the person I dial; everything else is window-dressing!


By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 11:38 am

You have to laugh at the dhimmi-bleating from the Government partly funded "DEMOS" think-tank which has cooly decided that Muslims are being driven into the arms of "violent extremists" 9 by official attempts to engage with them after the 7 July bombs. (That would be the July 7 acts of mass murder on the London transport system by..erm..devout Muslims) Yes, their love of Jihad, their pitiful ant-Semitism, their enduring contempt for Britain is…OUR FAULT. Who would have guessed that a left-wing think tank would end up thinking it’s all our fault?

But it gets even better. Get this. The report calls for "community relations to be at the heart of security policy". Oops – there was me thinking that stopping acts of Jihad might have been quite a good heart for security policy – and killing Jihadists would be EVEN better, but Demos has carried out the hard work and they know better. That’s why they conclude that…"The grievances that are felt in some parts of the Muslim community about foreign policy, and especially about Iraq, are pretty cogent and pretty convincing", we know we are in the presence of grateness. 

If only we would consult with Muslims before determining foreign policy, Demos pleads! Oh, and how about making it clear that were it not for Israel’s irritating insistence on the right to existence on Muslims might be a lot less angry. 


By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 10:33 am

Two simple questions for you.

Do you agree with a number of our MP’s who are lobbying for a 66% pay increase in their salary – taking them from a miserable £60,000 to a more attractive £100,000 per annum? Since 1997, MPs’ pay has already risen by 37 per cent – although the Commons sat for a mere 137 days last year. 

The second question is why do you think MP’s would demand such a salary increase? 


By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 9:47 am

I always think that elderly people are the most vulnerable in our society, and nowhere is this vulnerability more acute than in their economic circumstances. So it is saddening, though not surprising, to read today that the cost of living for many British households is up to 4 TIMES the Government’s published rate of inflation.

Millions of families are experiencing inflation far beyond the official rate of 2.4 per cent, new research suggests. Pensioners are the hardest hit, with inflation rates of almost nine per cent, as record gas and electricity bills take a massive slice out of their budgets. The revelation comes only days after the Government said there were no plans this year for extra cash for pensioners’ winter fuel payments.

Now then, ATW has raised this issue before, since it is obvious that this Government, LIKE ALL GOVERNMENTS, cheats with statistics. But what annoys most is the way in which so many elderly citizens are having to endure record high inflation across a range of utilities and this rotten Government pretends all is under control.


By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 9:02 am

apusia2_iraq_un_005jq.jpgI see Kofi Annan has dropped by the BBC as he conducts the latest leg of his "Farewell to bribes" tour 2006 and pronounces that "life for the average Iraqi was now worse than under the regime of Saddam Hussein."

How interesting! I guess that must mean that all those hundreds of thousands of marsh Arabs that Saddam so loved that he drained their homelands so they could starve to death are only FAKING their relief the tyrant is gone! Yes, and all those Kurds against whom he used weapons of mass destruction are only PRETENDING that they are satisfied he is gone. For these "average Iraqis" life is immeasurably better. Kofi knows best, right?

I wonder precisely which "ordinary Iraqis" are now much worse off?

Well, there are the remnants of his tyrannical regime – the former Tikriti mafia that now consist the Saddamite rump- who are far from happy! And then there is Al Queda who are most unhappy about the Great Satan being in one of their lairs.

So I guess Kofi is showing the political left’s idea of "real courage" by speaking up on behalf of Saddam’s spawn and the Jihadist brigades of suicide bombers. And to be fair, that has proven to be his forte! He is the "one true voice" that will speak up on behalf of murderers, tyrants, terrorists, indeed all those who hate liberty and freedom.  Mind you, when it comes to genocide, such as that practised in Darfur, well, as he says himself,  the UN lacks "the will" to do anything about it. In this regard, Kofi’s career is complete. He stood back and watched a mIllion people die in the killing fields of Rwanda – and he has quietly slumbered whilst tens of thousands died in Darfur. What a disgrace this man is.

a proper thug in chief

By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2006 at 8:56 am

Venezuela’s Commie thug-in-chief Hugo Chavez appears to have won his bid for re-election.

Apart from stamping his face all over everything including spaghetti sauce he wasnt averse to stamping his feet over other possible outcomes. Just to be sure and all that, eh!?

"If I am assassinated, there is only one person responsible: the president of the United States," Mr Chavez said during his weekly radio and television show, Hello President. He offered no proof of any conspiracy but said the Cuban president, Fidel Castro, had warned of a possible plot against him last week.

"I will not hide, I will walk in the streets with all of you … but i know i am condemned to death" Mr Chavez told his listeners.


Chavez: if the opposition pulls out of the Dec. 3 vote or makes false claims of electoral fraud to the Organization of American States, "I would call a national referendum to have the people decide if I can continue here indefinitely or if I have to go after six years in 2014."

Hat tip  Pool Bar &  Drunks for War