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The Database N.H.State is coming, and to a site near you!

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 3:16 pm

Running online? Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read this blog! Satisfied about your preparations and security? Firewall active? Keep your ‘cache’s’ cleaned? History scrubbed? Of course you are! But then that’s because you are responsible for your own protection, otherwise a bunch of clowns might invade your own cyberspace, get full details of all your details, credit cards, purchases, random thoughts and anything else you’ve got stored on your hard drive!

Transfer your mind’s eye to the last time you visited your G.P.! Apart from your own family, there lies the place where just about all your own personal details, history of problems both medical or otherwise, are securely stored! That is what you believe, and that is how it is; but not for much longer!

795151-575384-thumbnail.jpgThe roll-out of the all-encompassing NHS Care Records system is well on the way, even though the hugely-expensive computer sysytems won’t be working for about ten years, (guess who’s paying to fix that little boondoggle?), and they need data to feed the angry jaws of the electronic beast. So all, repeat ALL,  of your most private details will be placed upon a National Database which is said to be for ease of use across the system! Be honest! How many times have you been to visit a strange doctor in another city or town? Never, is the usual answer! But that’s what the system is presumably designed for; or is it?  Once you are on the system, it takes an M.P. raising a debate in Parliament to get off it, especially when the records allege you are a ‘drunk’! Oh, and by the way, all your details, besides being freely available to every Tom, Dick or bloody Harriet, may also be fed to MORI for statistical analysis!

So hop on down to THE BIG OPT OUT,  fill in the details and download the .pdf letter, print it out, tell ALL of your friends, and let’s get Patricia Hewitt up in arms at these pesky people who won’t just shut up and do what they’re told!!!

what they were like

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 12:04 pm

Historians in Poland have discovered the wreckage of a World War II RAF Halifax bomber along with the remains of its British and Canadian crew. The bomber was shot down while dropping supplies and ammunition to the Polish underground during the Warsaw uprising.PL-30858.jpg

Project manager Piotr Sliwowski, who heads the museum’s history departmentMr Sliwowski said:

"These were boys aged 28 or 30. Their remains were for decades in the ground, now they will be able to return to their homelands."

Documents, notes and maps and personal items belonging to the crew, like a folding knife and a well-preserved aviator’s badge, were also discovered.

"It takes you back 62 years and you start thinking, ‘What were they like? What did they look like? Did they have girlfriends?’" Mr Sliwowski said. 

Thats exactly what I was wondering as I read the article. I also considered how young and brave they were and what they sacrificed.

Some things you can’t polish

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 11:57 am

eu-flag.jpgBritain’s Labour government is set to squander millions of pounds on a “rebranding exercise” to brainwash us into loving the EU, according to a leaked Cabinet paper. Ministers will be reprogrammed not to say words or phrases with negative connotations, which strangely enough include the names of all the main institutions of the vile organisation (e.g. the Commission, the "Constitution", the Common Agricultural Policy.)  Instead they will be talking about other, more positive things, which involve Europe but have nothing to do with the Brussels kleptocracy (e.g. The Eurovision Song Contest, UEFA Champions League, holidays in the Med).

Labour’s strategy will be aimed at the “young and educated” (N.B “educated” in today’s Britain doesn’t mean what it once did), and won’t waste time with older citizens or Sun readers, who are not so maleable to their lies, propaganda and spin. As with so much of the Socialist agenda, the aim is divide the population. The choice gets starker every day: will you be a good sheep and think what you’re told to think or are you an incorrigible goat, too old or stupid to see how right our masters are?  Just call me Billy.


Taking liberties

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 11:48 am

This is a pretty damning piece on Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty. And deservedly so. Only a few weeks back Liberty hosted an event aimed at discussing ‘freedom of religion’. They shared the event hosting with the Muslim Brotherhood (hat tip Harrys Place), a reactionary fundamentalist organisation diametrically opposed to the very concept they were discussing and like all good modern nutjobs, masquerading behind the concept of human rights to gain an extremist platform. The fact that it was then attended by Labour and Tories is equally damning of them. Surely by now everyone should be aware of a such an organisation, if they are, as Cameron suggested adopting a ‘ much more rigorous approach to combating Islamic fundamentalism’. Its one thing to challenge such people at an event, quite another to host it with them and let them take the lead.

In Liberty’s latest campaign they are fighting to force pub owners in the village of Ruddington in Nottinghamshire to admit a man they have banned for his threatening behaviour towards staff. Liberty believes it breaches human rights regulation.

I agree with the article that the

‘The Pubwatch scheme under which he is excluded is a fine example of community action against antisocial conduct. As such it achieves the utilitarian ideal of the greatest good of the greatest number’.

Plain common sense. There are far more deserving cases to champion. Surely part of the problem is the way groups like Liberty are abusing this legislation and their position more than an issue with the concept of the legislation itself–a huge design in attention seeking by Liberty, dressed up as ‘libertarian’, to justify their existence. Individual rights should be about a balance – increasingly now it is one big joke hijacked by criminals and terrorists.

“The core challenge to democracy since September 11, 2001, has been to achieve proportionality between the competing priorities of individual liberty and public protection. Ms Chakrabarti has come down relentlessly on the quasi-anarchist side of the debate. Her defence of individual rights against collective needs takes the demos out of democracy and leaves her organisation marooned on the extra-parliamentary left of politics”.

Or as Mr Taylor, whose daughter died on July 7 2005, put it to her more succinctly regards her opposition to the 90 day detention proposals: “What about the human rights of my daughter?’”. To which she had no answer.

‘Da Poor Oppressed Ketholics’

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 10:22 am

Cliftonville, a Belfast club supported by the city’s third-class rebel children, loses a match against Glentoran and its supporters take to the streets in a mass display of violence.  It’s the age old syndrome of Ulster: republicans cause violence; the police or army respond appropriately; and another excuse is given to withold support to the legitimate forces of law and order.  Having tried the same old trick countless times since their first foray in Londonderry’s Bogside back in 1969, you’d think they’d have realised the rest of us are now wise to their con-artistry.  Who knows, in thirty years time they could have another dupe like Lord Saville to look into yesterday’s violence in order to satiate their hurt feelings.

A Call to Welsh Unionists

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 9:43 am

It is a part of the Union often disparaged by the rest of us.  Anne Robinson doesn’t like them; Blackadder made caustic remarks about them; and they are pejoratively humorised as people who like to cuddle up to sheep on the hillside.  For we Unionists, on the other hand, it is no less a sacred part of our United Kingdom than any other part.  I am referring to the principality of Wales.  I was therefore initially annoyed that a hotel owner on the Isle of Anglesey had taken down a Union Flag after protests from the local ‘Sons of Glendower’ groupies.

Ruth Barnett removed the Union Flag after e-mails and letters called for its absence.  The hotel, in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (can’t the people at the BBC spell its full name?), lies at the gateway to the island.  It is pleasing to read that people on the island who cherish their Britishness have spearheaded a successful campaign to have the flag re-instated. 

Nationalism is a poor creature in Wales.  They have been stirrings, with the ignorant amongst the population claiming the Union Flag does not represent Wales like it does the three remaining parts of the country.  Their limited knowledge of the Constitution and the monarchic structures contained within do not grasp the fact that, to compensate for this vexillological omission, the British monarchy allows Wales to have its own Prince as Heir to the Throne.  There is no Prince of Scotland or Prince of Northern Ireland. 

If Unionists have to take the fight to all four corners of the country then that is what we must do.  Calling for the removal of our flag on Ynys Mon is as objectionable as calling for its abolition in Aberdeenshire, Norfolk or County Armagh.  I applaud those on the island who have stood firm in the face of separatist nastiness.  I hope others throughout the UK will do the same.

Doctor Dolittle……….MP?

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 8:41 am

Like most people I act with a mixture of anger and revulsion whenever I hear of animal cruelty.  A farmer not far from me lost his pet goose to a group of teenagers who set an Alsatian on to the poor creature.  He found it a few weeks ago at the edge of his field near to the main road: it had been decapitated and was covered in massive bite marks.

I felt sorry and vexated simultaneously as I am sure many of you will do.  However, we in the United Kingdom have some of the strictest laws on animal welfare anywhere in the world.  I recently mentioned the thug in Huddersfield who fed a live cat to a pit bull terrier.  He has since been fined and compelled to spend 4 months in prison.  If you, like me, find the sentence insufficient, the best person to lobby is your Member of Parliament to have existing punishments increased.

What there is no room for in British politics is a movement dedicated solely to the ‘rights’ of animals.  Animal Count, due to be launched in London, will focus mainly on the abolition of hunting and the transport of live animals to the continent.  On the first point, hunting is something that the human species has been engaged in since time immemorial.  There is a chasm of difference between hunting birds and big game and deliberately prosecuting torture against a defenceless creature.  On the second, live animal transportation is essential to keep farming costs to a minimum; it is regulated by the relevant authorities; and there is a greater potential for cross-contamination in dead as opposed to live farmstock.  If these animal rights morons want to protest about overcrowding, why don’t they launch an attack on the overcrowded conditions millions of commuting Londoners have to face on its antiquated Tube system day after day?

Animal Count will, I contend, go down as one of the many 5-minute political freak shows on the UK political scene.  People in this country adore animals, but they will always vote on the basis of what policies they think best suite the human fraternity – and especially themselves. 

On This Day…03.12

By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2006 at 8:28 am

1894 – British author Robert Louis Stevenson dies of a stroke in his villa in Samoa aged 44.

1926 – Crime writer Agatha Christie disappears from her home in Surrey. She is found 11 days later staying under an assumed name at a hotel at Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The writer claims she has no idea what she is doing there!

1967 – Lewis Washkansky receives the first successful heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa. Washkansky, a grocer who suffered from chronic heart disease, received the transplant from Denise Darvall, a 25-year-old woman who was fatally injured in a car accident. Surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed the revolutionary medical operation.

1984 – More than 3,000 people die in India after a chemical spillage from the Union Carbide plant at Bhopal.

1988 – British Health Secretary Edwina Currie controversially claims that most eggs produced in Britain are affected by salmonella. Soon afterwards she is forced to resign.

1997 – In the continuing crisis over BSE in British cattle, the Government announces a ban on the sale of meat ‘on the bone’ including steaks, roast ribs and oxtail.


By ATWadmin On December 2nd, 2006 at 5:36 pm

OK – Aileen has generously provided us all with another dose of logical enquiry. Who will solve it first?
You are on your travels in the land of living saints and sinners. That means that all of the natives are either saints, who always tell the truth or sinners who always lie. You meet six men on a road side.
Then you have a problem – you can’t find your wallet and you had it before you met the six men and you can’t figure out if they are truth tellers or not. So you ask a few questions and here are their answers:

Allan: "Fred stole it. Fred also hears quite well."

Barry: "Calvin is a sinner. I did not steal it and I know Allan did not steal it."

Calvin: "Allan and Dwayne are both saints. Eddy stole it."

Dwayne: "Allan is a sinner. I did not steal it."

Eddy: "Only 4 of us are saints. I did not steal it. I know Calvin did not steal it."

Fred: "I am deaf but read lips. Barry did not steal it."

There is no one else about.

Who’s got the wallet?


By ATWadmin On December 2nd, 2006 at 2:17 pm

Suspended between two Poles

“I say, I say, why don’t polar bears attack penguins?
“I don’t know! Why don’t polar bears attack penguins?”
“Because their claws aren’t long enough!”
“Why are polar bear claws not long enough to let them attack penguins?”
“Because penguins live at the South Pole; and polar bears at t’North! Da-Daaaah!”

I know; it’s really old, and corny; typical tuck-shop queue humour for eleven year-olds; but there is a serious side to this hoary chestnut. Nelson Thornes, the publishers of books and computer resources destined for use in English G.C.S.E.’s wherein the claim is made that polar bears eat penguins, had already distributed thousands of copies into schools; all these publications carrying the endorsement of the relevant AQA board. This demonstrates the calibre of the people who supply so-called educational material for our useless schools, when they seem to have forgotten the old maxim; namely, check, check and check again!

Money, is, Mouth, place, where!

Read a letter from Des, yep, that’s right, Des Browne: Browne the clown! Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence! Seems he, or rather his boss, the great Tone, made a commitment to pay a certain tax-fee bonus to all British Armed forces personnel presently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, but subsequently was told by the M.O.D. bean-counters that the Royal Marines, who were due to be paid this money, were not entitled to some or all of the cash. Now we are talking here about sums amounting to £2000.00 per fighting man, which seems a small reward for placing your life on the line! So the Clown Browne slams the brakes on the payouts, despite feeling “his heart sink”

The salary, excluding Parliamentary allowances, for the Secretary for Defence in the Cabinet is – £136,677

Just thought you’d like to know that your cash is being correctly husbanded at all times!