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By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 12:05 pm

Whilst it is obvious to me at least that being excessively drunk isn’t great behaviour, much less attractive in either males or females, the issue being discussed in the context of rape cases is surely NOT the alcohol but the male propensity to and decision to commit a crime against a woman. Reports into alcoholism, binge drinking, drug taking should be used precisely to examine and reduce the effects of excess drinking as a social issue in itself rather than conflate rape with alcohol and thereby exonerate CRIMINAL male behaviour.

Lately there seems to have been an onslaught of alarmist sensationalising of womens behaviour in rape cases. This includes front page news focusing on the tiny tiny minority of women who lie – at a time when far greater number of rapes go either unreported or unprosecuted. None of these victims cases make front page news. In all instances the women who lie are prosecuted and then made an example of. Interesting to note that recently some woman who lied in a rape case was not only named and shamed, but she also received much the same sentence as a group of men who trafficked and forced women into sex slavery. Some of these terrified women were held against their will and forced into prostitution for up to two years. In the womans case the law comes down with all its might – but in the case of criminals profiting off fear and an inability to defend (however that comes about), it consistently fails.

Devious defence lawyers ensure that the womans sex life not the mans is put on trial in rape cases, one third of the British public believe a woman is in some way to blame for a criminal action against her. The perception of women as meat (remind you of anyone?) in rap music or frankly on the middle shelf (no longer the top) of the newsagents, Judges as recently as 1998 making light of a rape victims appauling violent trauma. …All this doesn’t seem to me to put us on a very much higher moral platform than the all to be expected views of some crack pot Ozzie imam. It doesn’t matter your political leaning -left right centre. Its an issue.

Ruth Hall of Women Against Rape is therefore 100% right to question the purpose of this report  – and to condemn the moralising that occurs in our approach to rape. It is men’s behaviour not women’s that needs to change first. Rape existed long before ladette culture went into overdrive.

I also read today that Musaharuff in Pakistan faced down the extremists and reformed rape laws (a woman now no longer has to rely on the testimony of 4 male witnesses to a rape as part of the reformed Hudood Ordinances)…given the far greater challenges he faces there – that is no mean feat. It is a pity that a western society given to lecturing and with far less reason to be slow to change, lacks the moral fortitude to do precisely that.  Keep the focus on the criminal not the victim. I would wholly welcome a reform of our own rape laws that switches the responsibility to the man to gain clear consent.


By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 11:27 am

Regular readers of this site will know that ATW views all terrorist groups with equal contempt. 

So the news that one of Northern Ireland’s MOST depraved gang of killers – the Ulster Volunteer Force – has been involved in an alleged wreath-laying ceremony at the Belfast Cenotaph is most unwelcome. 

Referring to an incident that supposedly occurred on Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph at Belfast City Hall, when members of the paramilitary group are said to have formed in ranks around 9am, SDLP representative Alban Maginness said that..

This is an outrage. The UVF may claim some lineage to their historical namesakes, but veterans and relatives of the those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country will be disgusted at this sullying of their good name."


Alban is quite right. The UVF are indeed an abomination. And so is it’s political wing – the PUP.

Yet the same SDLP has been a consistent cheerleader for PUP "leader" David Ervine! And the same SDLP argues that the IRA’s proxies in Sinn Fein MUST sit in our local Government. And therein lies the difference between my stance and that of the pro-Agreement cabal. It disgusts me that those who represent terrorists are allowed anywhere near the Cenotaph in Belfast. It equally disgusts me that we would countenance those inextricably linked with terrorism being allowed anywhere near the levers of political power. Alban, for all his fine words about the UVF, is two-faced on this issue.

Such is the tragedy of Northern Ireland.


By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 9:24 am

First kite-flyer UK PM Tony Blair and now the Bush administration itself openly suggests that Iran – the centre of the axis of evil – must be spoken to in order to enlist its HELP in making the Middle East, and Iraq in particular, a safer place. LOL – the Mullahs must think Christmas has come early. (Or they would do if they were Christian!) 

Meanwhile, for ATW readers in the reality-based community, here is an update on current Iranian thinking

For the first time in the 60 years of its disgraceful life, the Zionist regime – the West’s beloved in the Middle East – tasted the taste of defeat, and the citizens of this regime trembled at the menace of Hizbullah’s missiles… The nation of Muslims must prepare for the great war, so as to completely wipe out the Zionist regime, and remove this cancerous growth. Like the Imam (Ayatollah) Khomeini said: ‘Israel must collapse.’"


Now, does that sound like the caring words of helpful peace-minded kinda guys? Exactly. It is 1938 again and the media won’t listen and the damaged Bush regime won’t act responsibly anymore.   

 Let the talks commence….and prepare for the second Holocaust. Bush, urged on by the likes of James "F*** the Jews" Baker, is abandoning Israel to the tender mercies of Iran, Syria and the other Islamist wolves in the region. Little wonder that the day will dawn when Israel will have NO CHOICE but to act alone to ensure it survives. That is the day the great war will commence.


By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 9:11 am

Interesting to read that Bank of England Governor Mervyn King has once again launched another attack on the Government’s failure to track massive levels of migration from eastern Europe.

He hit out after it was revealed official estimates of the number of migrants living here are based on surveys of only a tiny number of those flooding through the country’s airports. Mr King, who uncovered the figures, said monitoring concentrates almost exclusively on Gatwick, Manchester and Heathrow airports – with only 79 interviews taking place outside these in the whole of last year. This is despite the fact the vast majority of Poles and other eastern Europeans arrive on budget airline flights which arrive at smaller regional airports where few checks take place. It could mean there are hundreds of thousands of eastern Europeans living here who do not appear on official records.


If you check out the link, you will see that the methodology being used by Government looks as if it were designed to massively underestimate the number of Eastern Europeans coming into this country. The Government’s "official" figure puts at 600,000 new arrivals since the controversial expansion of the EU on May 1, 2004. I don’t believe this figure. I strikes me that the actual number must be considerably greater than this, and Government is playing statistical games to make it appear otherwise.

It’s not the Eastern Europeans I blame, it’s our own elected Government which has lost all control over immigration and which has already presided over population change on a historically unprecedented scale with nary a care for the consequences. There may well be lies, damned lies and statistics.

Then there are ruthless Governments which use all three!

Lyrical Hypocrisy

By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 8:14 am

There’s no doubt about it, UB40 are a good band.  These lads from Birmingham were one of the principal musical groups of the 1980s.  I have their greatest hits in my collection.  When I played the CD late last night something occurred to me: how come there is no comparable ditty about the state of Britain today?

I have to ask because UB40s hit, ‘I Am the One in Ten’ was a critique of UK unemployment in the early 1980s.  Out of a working adult population of around 30 million, unemployment was 1/10 of that total – thus creating the background to the song.  A number of bands of the decade wrote not-so-subtle indictments of the Conservative government’s handling of joblessness at the time.  Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Wishing I Was Lucky’ is another example; in the USA the Bon Jovi classic, ‘Living On A Prayer’ was an American equivalent.

Figures published yesterday showed British unemployment levels have risen 27,000 to 1.7 million.  In addition, there are far more people in other categories of economic inactivity than there was when Margaret Thatcher was in power.  Over 2 million more claim Incapacity Benefit (often when they are perfectly capable of working).  Even excluding the other sectors of inactivity it still comes to a total of nearly 4 million.  Any chance of Marti Pellow or Ali Campbell belting out an indicting tune on those figures?  Or how about a release of ‘Sing Our Own Song’ in support of white farmers in Zimbabwe who were, and are, brutally suppressed by Mugabe’s regime?  Thought not.  Enjoy the above songs by all means, but ignore the loaded Left wing and selective agenda that lies behind them.


On This Day…16.11

By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 8:06 am

1724 – Notorious English highwayman Jack Sheppard is hanged in front of a crowd of 200,000 at Tyburn.

1828 – Andrew Jackson defeats John Quincy Adams to become the next President of the United States.

1907 – Oklahoma becomes the 46th state of the United States of America.

1960 – Death of Hollywood legend Clark Gable.

1965 – The USSR launches spacecraft Venus III, an unmanned craft which successfully lands on the planet Venus.

1969 – U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley Jr. faces court martial for directing his platoon in the March 1968 massacre of 102 unarmed peasants in My Lai, South Vietnam.


By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006 at 7:35 am

bbc.gifI wonder is there anybody out there who does NOT accept that Hamas are a gang of cut-throat terrorists, who will happily use any available means to target and kill innocent civilians? Apart from the BBC, obviously?

I was reading this report about the Israeli army striking back against these Palestinian killers and noted that the BBC substitutes the word “militants” instead of using the correct word – terrorists. This is policy from on high and it reeks to high heaven.

Worse still, and In a supreme irony, the BBC chooses to put the word “terrorist” in quotes when it is used by an Israeli official.  Such is the Orwellian reality of having a State Broadcaster which deliberately refuses to define terrorism or terrorists. 

Hamas purposefully fire Qassam rockets into civilian areas, hoping to kill at random. Hamas kidnap and murder Israelis. Hamas send self-detonating fanatics onto buses, into Disco’s and Wedding Parties to slaughter as many innocents as possible. And yet the morally bankrupt BBC refuses to call the perpetrators for what they are  – TERRORISTS. In this age of moral relativism, the BBC refuses to judge. Instead it bastardises language, avoids harsh truth, and misrepresents what is actually happening. Hamas ARE terrorists and the BBC further tarnishes its already sullied reputation by refusing to acknowledge this.

I wonder would Nazis have just been “Germans”?

Fine and Dandy

By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2006 at 10:59 pm

‘Horses?  We can’t afford to lose no horses, you dummy.  Send over a couple o’ niggers.’  It has to be one of the funniest lines in Blazing Saddles; the scene when Slim Pickens tells a loyal Burton Gilliam that the railroad into Rock Ridge has run into some quick sand, and a small team is required to investigate.  The film, as I recall, has a large cast of black actors (including the fantastic and sadly-missed Cleavon Little) who don’t object to starring in a movie with such a frequent use of the word.  Then again, some blacks don’t have this perennial chip on their shoulder.  Alas, many others do, and they are constantly indulged by a supine MSM who substitute ‘nigger’ for the ‘n-word’.  Have you ever heard of anything so bloody stupid?

I’m a honky.  They’re niggers.  That’s all there is to it.  I don’t have a problem with blacks using the term to describe whites – even in a derogatory sense.  So why should some have an issue with our use of description?  Moreover, why should people get vexed about a harmless comic published in the days when there were few blacks in this country, let alone those with over-sensitive dispositions about their skin colour?

The Glasgow Anti-Racist Alliance (a euphemism for a coalescence of bleeding-heart Lefties and ‘uppity niggers’ – another quote from Blazing Saddles) is calling for a re-print of the 1939 edition of Dandy to be removed from bookshops because it contains several references to the ‘n-word’, sorry, ‘nigger’ , in its cartoons.  A number of Shakespeare’s plays also use negative language to describe Jews and blacks.  Are we going to airbrush him from the arena of PC purism, also?  My only advice to these idiots is to get a life


By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2006 at 10:48 pm

Yes, I know I have put this up before but it IS my favourite song and this performance just OOZES attitude and I love it. We were all younger back then… !


By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2006 at 10:29 pm

From my eclectic collection – the song and images don’t connect but the images are pretty and I like the last verse for its melodrama…