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By David Vance On August 17th, 2017 at 11:24 am

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If you suffer from this – and most of the legacy media does – then I predict you are going to have a miserable time ahead, and it will last for another seven and half years!

They JUST don’t get it. First it was he would NEVER win the GOP nomination. Then it was he would NEVER beat Clinton. Then it was he is there care of the Russians. Now it is he is a Nazi sympathiser. And all the time, the more he sticks to his election promises, the greater the chance he will win a  SECOND term and the emotional breakdown from the Left will be complete.

It’s interesting watching the globalist media and political elite endorse Antifa violence. It’s interesting watching their thid rate commentators lie their heads off rather than face the truth of the matter. It’s interesting to see that once they get the statues to Robert E. Lee pulled down they have a new target….George Washington. I guess Thomas Jefferson is next after that. The feral Antifa supporting Left want to erase American history and they have the full support of the Democrats and its poodle media. Great to see Trump stand up to them.


Gone With The Windbag

By Mahons On August 16th, 2017 at 7:39 pm

Perhaps Donald Trump really just wanted to be President of the Confederacy?  After all, it was only 11 states and he could still live primarily in Florida.  Plus the South tends to be more hospitable to…how do I say this…eccentrics.

Most Americans by now don’t really expect anything Presidential out of him.  I never thought he’d get Charlottesville right and therefore can’t say I am disappointed.  Aghast at the continuing spectacle of him and embarrassed we couldn’t get our act together to elect virtually anyone else.  But we are stuck with him at the moment.

I am sure he’ll find something else to screw up soon to help us forget how he failed in this instance.  The cumulative effect of his lies, mistakes, and abject stupidity at least has a way of making sane folks forget any one transgression.

Even most conservatives are shaking their heads any hoping this too shall pass.   Believe me if there is one thing Rhett Bumbler of the White House doesn’t give a damn about it is conservative policy.  He just wants attention, even if it isn’t favorable.  Personally I wonder if the best solution for dealing with this Windbag is to ask the media to stop covering him.  Then maybe he’ll just leave on his own and be gone with the wind.



By Pete Moore On August 16th, 2017 at 6:09 pm

.. is forced to resign.

A shadow minister in Jeremy Corbyn’s cabinet has quit after warning that Britain has a problem with Pakistani men “raping and exploiting white girls”.

The Labour MP, wrote in an article for The Sun newspaper: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.

“There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?”

This is Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, one of the Islamo-rape ghettos. She claims that The Sun altered her piece and shouldn’t have published it. The Sun says no way, that her office was perfectly happy with it.

We know what’s gone on: she spoke the plain truth, but Labour’s Islamo-Left loons in Momentum have pressured her to retract and resign. Everyone knows that the piece was the truth. But dissenters must be hounded out of their jobs. Everyone thinks it won’t be them, but the Left is pushing the bounds of intolerance all the time. The only way to maintain free speech is to speak freely.


By David Vance On August 16th, 2017 at 8:45 am

It’s perfectly obvious that the legacy media is still seething about the fact that Trump, not Clinton, occupies the White House. Consider their abominable coverage of the Presser the President gave yesterday. Because he DARED to condemn ALL sides involved in the Charlottesville violence, he has been castigated. Because he called out Antifa thuggery, he is a Nazi apologist apparently. It may be 2017 but it is always 1984 when it comes to the deplorable left wing media. Trump was RIGHT to double down on his very first statement on the Charlottesville violence, nothing he can ever say or do will satiate the venom spitting from the mouths of the media.


By David Vance On August 15th, 2017 at 10:28 pm

It’s how they roll…..


By David Vance On August 15th, 2017 at 9:59 pm

Just wanting to update you on where things stand with my new digital platform. Firstly, it should launch in November. We will have global reach in every sense, with written, youtube and cartoons even. The mission is to provide an alternative to the dreary colourless Fake New Media, everywhere. At this point we have dozens of contributors and the site is already functional in basic form. Much more has to happen. We will have an App to allow people to view it with a click of their device. We will provide challenging opinion across the news agenda. I have had meetings with others in terms of set up and it’s all looking very encouraging. The pressure of doing all that is taking up my time so excuse my absence here. I have no intention of dropping ATW but there are only 24 hours in a day. My apologies for delays in responding to your emails, same issue. As the song goes “I’m putting the world to rights”….


By Pete Moore On August 15th, 2017 at 6:13 pm

UTOPIANS will never give up the quest to perfect society. Some in Iceland are celebrating that Down’s syndrome has been been almost eradicated from society. They just kill Down’s children before they’re born.

These abortionists would look at this girl above and conclude that there is something wrong with her. That she is defective. That it would be better if she were never born. Decent people would think that she’s a beautiful, happy little girl.

Even the Democrats are starting to Panic

By The Troll On August 15th, 2017 at 4:09 pm

A Report came out last week a Team of Forensic investigators have been evaluating the “Evidence” of the “DNC Hack”.

The Following is an article about the so called Hack. It appears by all AVAILABLE evidence that the DNC was NEVER Hacked. That the information was Leaked by a DNC insider.

The Article comes from the Nation. The Nation IS the DNCs Propaganda Magazine.

Based on the Reports because that is all that can be studied since the DNC refused to Turn their Servers over to the FBI for physical Examination the Investigative Team has come to the conclusion that ALL the information was LEAKED not Hacked.

Once again the following Article was written by a Left Wing Loon in a Left Wing Publication not anyone from the Right. It is very long, but worth the Read.

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Too late the day

By Mike Cunningham On August 15th, 2017 at 10:24 am

As one commentator wrote in 2014:-

Out of curiosity, I drove up to Regent and then down and along the new peninsular road, which is under rehabilitation. Leicester Peak is now rid of all forest cover and vegetation, and has been left naked for developers to continue their havoc. On the peninsular road, my heart bled as I looked up at Mount SugarLoaf and the chain of mountains of the Western area Peninsular, overlooking Freetown and the Atlantic Ocean.

I came to the conclusion that the concerned ministers were attempting to lock the stable gates after the horses have already bolted. The mountains have been completely rid of every forest cover and vegetation, leaving them bare and ugly. This unfortunate and sad condition has been caused by human activity, including deliberate clearing for the expansion of human settlements. Everywhere, buildings are being erected further up towards the top of the mountain range.


The government through both the ministry of agriculture, forestry, food security and the environment; and the environmental protection agency (EPA), must now make a determined effort to take strong action. They must halt any further extension of human settlements up the mountain slopes. Also, they must seek funding and contract out the task of comprehensive tree planting on the mountain tops and the entire area. Unless and until there is a political will to do this – regardless, the battle to save the western area peninsular forests and mountains, would be futile and lost forever, with predictable dire consequences.

When the trees are cut down, the roots no longer bind the soil together. When whole forests are logged out, providing space for ever-more developments close to the city, when the rains come, all the soil turns to silt, and washes ever more away. When Government does not listen to words of warning; when advisors are totally ignored and their common-sense advice is brushed aside: this is what you get in return!

We can now look forward to the URGENT calls for donations to various charities; disaster funds and the like. No mention of the simple truth that this disaster was both foreseen, avoidable, and self-inflicted!

Mueller’s former 2nd in command

By The Troll On August 14th, 2017 at 8:32 pm

Phil Mudd is a CNN Law and Justice Commentator. He was Deputy Director of the FBI 2nd in command when Mueller ran the FBI.

These are his comments Last Thursday…..

Trump made a Sarcastic Remark and this is CNN’s analyst of it. They even deny they can see the sarcasm, but Phil Mudd’s comments on how the Government Beurocrats are going to KILL him for it says it all. He’s a Leftist insider and he describes why the attacks against Trump will never stop.