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By Pete Moore On September 10th, 2019 at 7:26 pm

Something else we were told “would never happen”:

This is the EU’s Grand Poobah taking direct aim at national legislatures, at national sovereignty and the fiscal autonomy of democratically elected governments. Please, don’t delude yourselves that it’ll never happen. It’s happening. The EU is in perpetual motion toward ever greater union.

You can leave or be wholly subsumed and your nation abolished. That is the choice.


By Pete Moore On September 10th, 2019 at 6:34 pm

On the day that Grandad Semtex slams the Tories for “the biggest squeeze on wages since the Napoleonic wars”, more bad news for Labour:

Wages have continued to grow at a strong pace and employment remains at record highs, official figures show.

Earnings excluding bonuses grew at an estimated annual pace of 3.8% in the May to July period, down slightly from the previous reading.

Including bonuses, wages rose at an annual pace of 4% – the highest rate since mid-2008.

Some wage squeeze that is. All while the chaotic chaos of a chaotic cliff edge Brexit halts the economy!


By Pete Moore On September 10th, 2019 at 6:29 pm

US President Donald Trump says he has fired his National Security Adviser John Bolton.

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House,” he wrote.

“I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions,” Mr Trump wrote, adding that a new national security adviser would be appointed next week.

The world is a little safer today. Bolton never heard a country mentioned without wondering how to preemptively bomb it. The wonder is that he got the gig in the first place. The disagreements could have been over Venezuela, Iran, Afghanistan or Syria. I suspect it was all of them.

The really interesting thing here is that the entire press pack was taken by surprise. “White House sources” is a line you always see when they’re pushing their daily bullshit. It turns out they have no sources.


By Pete Moore On September 9th, 2019 at 9:17 pm

Thanks to tolerant left-liberalism  this country is a clownshow –

We’ll recall that while this (presumed) woman might have been intrusive, rude and uncharitable, she only said “shame on you”. The authorities might now be going where they would be wider to avoid.

Homosexuality is forbidden under Islam. It is a grave sin according to their god. It appears to be a sincerely held article of faith. Some, maybe many muslims believe that the proper “punishment” for it is death. This prosecution, however, cuts across that and seeks, therefore, to curtail freedom of religion. One might say that it is a so0celled “Islamophobic” prosecution.

You cannot have it both ways, libs.




By Pete Moore On September 9th, 2019 at 7:07 pm

Bercow is slinking off then. Having done to the country what his wife did with his cousin, the Tories announced that that they would stand a candidate against him. Bercow’s always been a coward and a bully, the kind of man who should never be left unsupervised with junior staff. A Parliamentary investigation left no doubt what this pompous jackass is like in private. His female private secretary was so mistreated that she’s many believe she suffered PTSD. That Labour MPs protected him afterward tells you everything about them.

Be in no doubt that this partisan activist has destroyed centuries of hard won reputation for the Speaker’s chair. He has made up numerous new rules and overturned convention after convention, all to see the triumph of the EU over the British people. Even in going he has binned impartiality, enabling criminal MPs to install yet another EU lickspittle.

It’s fitting that when he announced he was going half of the Commons rose to applaud while the other half sat on their hands. Whoever this source is, I couldn’t put it better –

Camptown Races

By Mahons On September 9th, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Im not sure if laughter is the appropriate response to President Trump’s tweet cancelling meeting with the Taliban at Camp David. But it was my reaction.
The perpetual grievanes and duplicity of the various Afghan factions makes conventional negotiations impossible. Having them come to Camp David for “talks” is an absurdity. Id have more respect if he invited them to one of his golf clubs for a few rounds. Of course they might view the phrase a few rounds differently.
Afghanistan remains an ungovernable disaster and will likely remain so for the duration of time. Efforts to enlighten, educate and improve are simply alien to its people’s core beliefs.
To think that a lasting agreement for a sustainable peace could be achieved

And they have the nerve to judge us……

By Patrick Van Roy On September 9th, 2019 at 1:13 pm

My poor poor British Cousins….. as I watched this week, hell the last 3 years what I have felt for the British People is a severe case of Pity with a good streak of Anger combined in the mix.

3 years ago the people voted to leave the EU….. right thing wrong thing is irrelevant. What is relevant is the people voted 52-48 to leave. For the past 3 years since that vote the “Elected” officials in GB have pissed down the peoples backs and told them it was raining as they did everything in their power and some things they even invented out of whole cloth to stop Brexit and ignore the will of the people.

Whether Brexit is a good thing or a bad thing is unimportant, what is important is the status of my brothers and sisters across the Pond. Are you peasants, serfs, the unwashed commoner, or are you an Equal Citizen in a Nation of Laws ?

My country and Great Britain are for the lack of a better description Democratic Republics. We pick the thieves that Govern…. their power is supposed to come from the people. Well the British Government has put that straight haven’t they ?

Your Vote means nothing to them, they rule you….. and the part that makes me really angry is you let them.

The citizens of Great Britain need to get their collective asses together….. You have been told by your Government that you work for them, you will do as you are told they know better.

Now is that who you are ? Brexit No Brexit that’s unimportant, what’s important is in a rare moment of Democracy you voted, you expressed your will….. and they have pissed on it and intend to do what they want not what you want you ignorant peasants.

Go on Strike, everyone call out sick, park your ass outside you MPs office and flood their offices, the press, the radio and the TV with a demand for New Elections….. but hey what you have to remember is you can’t send these same people back into office no matter what side of Brexit you’re on.

They have no care or interest in what you think, just give them your money, shut up, and do as you are told.


By Pete Moore On September 8th, 2019 at 11:32 am

Professor of Government, Vernon Bogdanor, a Remainer no less, today rightly describes this parliament as “wretched and unviable” for refusing to allow the people to decide whether or not they want to leave the EU on 31st October.

If it takes a Gaullist move to get us out then so be it.


By Pete Moore On September 7th, 2019 at 9:41 pm

Some terrible week that is. The EU’s Amber Rudd has just thrown in the towel in what the press will describe as a blow to the Prime Minister. That’s worth another two points in the polls.

The truth is that almost all political reporting in the UK is complete bullshit, brought to you by the kind of people who said that Trump had no chance of winning right until the moment he won. It’s the myopic Westminster Bubble airing its bigotries. Out here in the country, the distant, ignored and forgotten country,  Boris is doing alright.

Every barb and insult, every resignation by pro-EU MPs, and every attempt to bring him down adds weight to the idea that he’s taking on an establishment which hates the people for their desire to leave the EU.

Happy B’day

By Patrick Van Roy On September 7th, 2019 at 6:54 pm

Would have been 83