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By David Vance On April 23rd, 2015 at 6:49 pm

Seen this?

Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, has been found guilty of “corrupt practice” regarding his election. The independent left-wing politician was accused of electoral fraud by four voters who launched a legal challenge against him under the Representation of the People Act. Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey, who was sitting as a judge in the Royal Courts of Justice, said Mr Rahman had “driven a coach and horses” through local authority law.  He said Mr Rahman should be barred from office and his election re-run.

In essence, Rahman used political funds to BUY votes. But not just any votes. No, he was after Bangladeshi votes. All 81,000 thousand of them. You see Tower Hamlets may be physically located in London but in many ways it is a foreign land,

Those who classified themselves as White British now make up about 31 per cent of the borough compared with about 43 per cent a decade ago. Overall, when other white population groups such as eastern European are considered, the white population is now a minority in Tower Hamlets. It has fallen from 51.4 per cent in 2001 to 45.2 per cent in 2011. At the same time, the Bangladeshi population has become the largest group by ethnicity (81,000 now versus 65,000 in 2001) The Somali population has also surged.

So, Bangladeshis are the dominant ethnicity with Somalis expanding at quite a rate and are already (2011) one sixth of the size of the White British in this constituency.

Multicultural is in essence demographic  colonisation and Tower Hamlets seems to be a template for what we can expect elsewhere. Enjoy.

As ye sow, then so shall you reap

By Mike Cunningham On April 23rd, 2015 at 1:34 pm

In the avalanche of dismal news regarding the General Election, with all the usual suspects gobbing off on how many jobs they would ‘create’, how much money they would ‘save; along with all the other lies, fabrications and bullshit: there shines a single news item which should encourage many in their pursuit of both free speech, free elections and, primarily, Justice.

Yes, as predicted, Lutfur Rahman has been found ‘Guilty as Charged’ on counts of election fraud, subverting democracy, postal voting manipulation and fraud.

Barrister Francis Hoar stated ‘Since the beginning of his political career, he has been prepared to take whatever steps, use whatever means, recruit whatever support, to obtain power – power for himself, power for his friends and most importantly, power over his community.’

Good news for Tower Hamlets in the Mayoral Election, which was subverted by this amoral Muslim thief, crook and fraudster; and this should be a signal to examine, in detail, all the other Fifth Columnists of his ilk as they prepare to lie through their collective teeth to gain power at Westminster.


Cry God for Harry, England and St. George

By Mahons On April 23rd, 2015 at 12:17 pm

A happy salute from across the Pond to the Land of Hope and Glory this St. George’s Day.  There will always be an England, naysayers be damned.  From King Arthur to the Beatles we anglophiles cheer you on.  God Save the Queen!


By David Vance On April 22nd, 2015 at 5:41 pm

Remember this golden oldie? It was THE moment when the halt of the rise of the oceans began, according to Narcissus. So, seven years later, how’s it going?

“Environmentalists have been sounding the alarm over a recent Harvard University study that found that sea levels have actually been rising faster than scientists initially thought. The liberal blog ThinkProgress reports that the study showed “quite alarmingly, that the planet’s seas have been rising much faster than we thought.”

We “used to think the rate of acceleration of sea level rise in the last 25 years was only a little worse compared to the past — now that we know the rate used to be much slower, we know that it’s much worse,” ThinkProgress writes.”

Actually, you can relax a little, no need to start building an ark. As stated, the above is the view of one set of liberal Gaia worshippers. Meanwhile….back on planet earth…if not terra firma exactly….the good news it sea levels are falling. 

“some tidal gauge data does show deceleration, but since it started in 1960, the year he was conceived, he probably can’t take full credit for that.”

Delicious irony.



By David Vance On April 22nd, 2015 at 5:26 pm

This made me smile. A “Sharia compliant” sex shop is reportedly set to open in Mecca selling halal products. 

El Asira, an erotic brand originating in Amsterdam, is branching out to Islam’s holiest city in Saudi Arabia, visited by millions of Muslims a year on the “hajj” pilgrimage. Founder Abdelaziz Aouragh announced his ambition last year but now the shop is almost ready to open, Morocco-based website Alyaoum24 reported.

Muslim clerics and Saudi sheikhs have reportedly been consulted to ensure the business complies with local laws and customs. “The products we’re putting on the market have nothing to do with blow-up dolls or vibrators,” Mr Aouragh told the AFP news agency. “It’s not about the sex act, it’s what’s going on around it. Our products increase the atmosphere and heighten feelings of sensuality.” Women’s freedoms are severely restricted in Saudi Arabia and Islamic codes of behaviour and dress are strictly enforced but El Asira says it strives to lead to “more admiration and love for women” by improving marital relationships.

Given that this is what those Saudi women look like, it does make you wonder what exactly they plan to sell?




By David Vance On April 22nd, 2015 at 5:19 pm

How apt. This footage has emerged concerning comments made by the SNP former leader and putative leader at Westminster, Alex Salmond. In the footage, Mr Salmond says: “The Scottish Labour leader will not be writing the Labour Party budget. But then I knew that already – because I’m writing the Labour Party Budget.”

His response. He was “joking”. The danger from the SNP could not be more great,


By David Vance On April 22nd, 2015 at 3:40 pm

The positive media publicity afforded to SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon during the General Election campaign has been staggering. Her hard left credentials impress the BBC and The left wing press, regardless of how disconnected she is from reality. I thought this a rather good review of who she is and what the SNP stands for;

And yet among numerous people from  the land many of her followers revile, Sturgeon is hailed as a Joan of Arc figure for, striking fear into the Westminster establishment. Many English people have fallen for the rhetoric of cross border friendship and solidarity that has been emanating from the SNP this month.

“After the 2 April debate, many beyond Scotland searched on Google to see how they could vote for the SNP. Affection for a party based on grudge and grievance appears to be a pan-British phenomenon.

But the 80,000 new members include people who are clearly impatient with the niceties of democratic behaviour. In a typical example, a Labour MP has been regularly heckled and photographed by activists as she canvassed doors, with her SNP opponent describing this as ‘community justice’.

On 20 April, Sturgeon felt it necessary to tell activists to treat journalists ‘respectfully’ and that they should be allowed to ‘scrutinise our manifesto’. What does it tell you that she felt it necessary to say something that should really go without saying at all?

Britain thrived, while much of continental Europe periodically succumbed to civil war, revolution and tyranny, because no party ever enjoyed as much dominance as the SNP does in Scotland and the freedom of political activists to campaign was determined by the law.

Now, Scotland is rushing towards a form of absolutism likely to end in tears before too long. Currently the reaction of many in England is twofold: big state advocates say can we please have some of that too; alternatively, people alienated from cartel politics say good riddance to Scotland, let it head out of the UK.

England is stuck with Scotland whether or not it remains in the UK. But there is no sign that craven political leaders and a mediocre commentariat will bother to raise their game as Nicola Sturgeon currently walks all over them.

I think this is fair comment. The SNP need confronted, not appeased. Scotland is already enjoying way too much in terms of tax transfers from the rest of the UK (READ ENGLAND) via the discredited Barnett Formula. And yet the SNP will gain the overwhelming number of votes north of the border. It begs the question whether Scotland is worth keeping in the UK. The price looks increasingly too high but then again all this insular nationalism ends in financial failure.



By David Vance On April 21st, 2015 at 3:37 pm

When you read that AMBULANCE staff are having to don RIOT gear to go about their business you realise parts of our society are feral.

Some paramedics in Northern Ireland are to wear full PSNI riot gear when called to disturbances.  The Ambulance Service has said the move is a result of a review of riot situations.  John McPoland from the Ambulance Service said paramedics are often in situations that put them at risk. “We need to continually review our operational procedures and this is just one step to try and protect our staff as best as we possibly can,” he said. “The uniform that our guys wear normally out on the road, it had a protective hat and a reflective coat.  “But in a riot situation and with the number of petrol bombs that have been thrown about the place, we felt that we could offer them better protection, by providing them with police riot gear and paramedics quite clearly displayed on it.”

Ambulance staff are regularly attacked by gangs of thugs. Same goes for the Fire Brigade, I am reliably informed. I find this incredible and it shows that below the alleged shiny surface in Northern Ireland some things are rancid. This will be the first time EVER that Ambulance crew have to don full riot gear. Sign of the times.


By David Vance On April 21st, 2015 at 3:16 pm

Greens are getting redder by the day!

“Britain’s Green Party, led by the hapless Natalie Bennett, is pretty much a stereotypical ragbag of tree-huggers at the nice and squishy end of the spectrum and hard-line Lefist ideologues at the other end who never really recovered from the fall of the Berlin Wall and departed from traditional Left-wing politics on the grounds that it had sold out to capitalism.

With the latter strand of Green thinking in mind — and it is there that one finds the most influential voices in the party — no surprise then that the Greens have emerged as the party with the most bigoted approach to Israel among all those vying for representation at the general election in two and a half weeks time.

A report in the Jewish Chronicle (JC) underlines how bigotry and willful ignorance go hand in hand. In an interview on Friday, Bennett affirmed her support for boycotts of Israeli artists, musicians and academics, as well as an arms embargo and suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

“We need to get the message across to the Israeli state. It needs to comply with international law and human rights…. The boycott of Israel is Green Party policy. It is a really difficult area, but I would support the policy,” she said. Singling out a state that just happens to be Jewish is nothing new of course. But what was striking in the Jewish Chronicle’s interview was Bennett’s absolute refusal to go to Israel (she has never been) and see the situation for herself, along with the most extraordinary reasons for not doing so.”

Here’s the deputy leader of the Green Party in full Nazi mode;

Nice people, eh?

For those in peril………

By Mike Cunningham On April 21st, 2015 at 10:35 am

We should stand for a minute, in memory of the day when an era of short-cuts, penny-pinching, fraud and greed was to cost eleven lives

I am not, as many will recall, overfond of mass memorials. Yes, the Two-minute Silence in Great Britain at 11 a.m. on 11th day of the 11th month to remember those who gave their lives so that we might live without tyranny is, to my mind, one of the very few exceptions to my own rule. Anything proposed or formulated by the European Union is definitely beyond the pale as far as I am concerned.

But there are times when I believe we should pause, and remember those, who by a combination of arrogance, stupidity, greed, simple corruption and fraud have lost their lives while simply doing their jobs.

A minute, if you will, for the Dead of Deepwater Horizon!




The arrogance, stupidity, greed, simple corruption and fraud are all charged against the employers, the rig owners, the well developers and the people who exposed the workers to those terrible risks! I apologise if my words were misstaken in any manner whatsoever!