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Only ninety-six years today…………….

By Mike Cunningham On November 21st, 2014 at 5:27 pm

………..the world truly turned upside down.

The combined Royal Navy Grand Fleet moved out of the Firth of Forth in the mists of early morning, joined up with five American battleships and three French cruisers; and set sail for a moment of destiny. Forty Battleships and Battlecruisers moved out, to be joined by over one hundred and fifty cruisers and destroyers. They met, by arrangement, the German High Seas Fleet, and with only signals from strings of bunting flags, along with signal lamps, the massive convoy of naval metal turned and, led by a single British warship, the German fleet sailed into the Firth of Forth to an ignominious surrender.

Admiral Beatty’s Fleet orders were simple yet succint;- “Turrets and guns are to be kept in the securing positions, but free. Guns are to be empty with cages up and loaded ready for ramming home. Directors and armoured towers are to be trained on. Correct range and deflection are to be kept set continuously on the sights.”


Beatty’s final signal stated “The German flag will be hauled down at sunset today and will not be hoisted again without permission.”

The seeds of the Second World War were, unfortunately, sown at the Versailles Peace Conference, where a humiliated Germany was given no chance to repair herself, to feed her starving millions; and a single patriotic Austrian corporal, who was also an unsuspected megalomaniac, commenced his deadly ruminations.


First..the Flag; now….The Photo

By Mike Cunningham On November 21st, 2014 at 3:24 pm

The single photograph which encapsulates the Labour ‘Islington elite’ like nothing else ever could.




The new ATW Contest

Readers are invited to guess the exact words used by Ed Milliband as he sacked Emily Thornberry for revealing the exact and unvarnished truth how Labour supporters are viewed by the Labour elite.

Usual rules apply. The funniest or alternatively best barbed comment wins. Asterisks acceptable. Closing time 18.00 hrs GMT Saturday.

The Wrong Trousers

By Mike Cunningham On November 21st, 2014 at 2:51 pm

All the major players, the mainstream Parties, Labour, the Tories, Lib_Dims, joined now by an insurgent crew from UKIP; all are talking, denying, mainstreaming only one thing: Immigration. Fair enough, UKIP has grabbed the idea of all those Eastern Europeans, coming over here, and swamping our services. Not too many claims about benefit tourism, that is reserved for the newcomers; the Roumanians, the Bulgarians; but the rest? Hard-working and industrious Poles, welcomed even by the Irish, because they are ‘just like us’, they swell the congregations of the Catholic churches both North and south of the border. The Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, all were welcomed in by Labour, and although there are one hell-of-a-lot of them, they were, in general, welcomed, because they ‘INTEGRATED’. They were just like us, only a great deal more likely to go searching for work, and not too proud, or rather lazy, to take what was offered.

The political polemics have been washing around the ‘European’ migrants, and Cameron, Millipede and even Nick Clegg have all proposed limits of varying intensities on the European Ideal of the ‘free movement of people’ across borders, because those borders, at least as far as Schengen goes, do not exist any more.

But very little has been heard, except on right-wing sites and blogs such as ATW, about the true elephant in the room. Yes, I am talking about the two-odd million Muslims who have lurched across the prayer-mats, set up their loudspeakers and their bloody minarets, and brought the true Fifth Column into our very doorsteps. The Labour Party unleashed the deluge, changed the system so anyone with a ‘family connection’ gets a free pass; and we now are exporting young killers to get training in Iraq and Syria, and if they survive, they come back and are ready to unleash their hatred of our Nation on unsuspecting innocents, all in the name of their bloody ‘jihad’.

Enoch Powell had it about right, but he was warning about the Jamaicans, when he should have been warning us about those ‘men of Pakistani heritage’, as our leaders like to call them.

Cosby down?

By Mike Cunningham On November 21st, 2014 at 1:53 pm

In the past, I haven’t really formed much of an opinion about Bill Cosby, except that he tells a good story about his everyday life, as in the clip:-

YouTube Preview Image

However, in the pattern we have now come to know as ‘Historical Abuse Allegations, a more sinister story starts to emerge:

Camille Cosby smiles, uncomfortably shifting in her chair. Staring off camera, switching positions, silent. In the latest contribution to the Bill Cosby saga, we see husband and wife side by side as he addresses the very act of questioning about his numerous rape allegations in an AP interview (above). Mrs. Cosby continues to smile and looks away from the reporter several times, both she and her husband presuming that the cameras have stopped rolling. I will not read into her silence. I will not pull meaning about this woman and her thoughts and decisions other than to say that in the watching, the silence is palpable, wince-inducing and profoundly painful.

The NPR audio interview released last week showcases Cosby’s clearly pre-determined response to the softest, almost nervous questions about the rape allegations: deafening silence. Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Cosby is having a worse week than Mike Nichols

By Mahons On November 21st, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Celebrated film and Broadway Director Mike Nichols died of a heart attack this week at age 83. Accusations that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted 17 women (at last count) have been dominating the media landscape here in the USA. Guess who is having a worse week?

I always liked Cosby. I have been hoping that the accusations would prove false. Some of the accusers seem outright lunatics. Howver, the numbers are starting to numb, and not comfortably. The stories of using drugs and alcohol in pursuit of women are creating a decades long pattern of alleged behavior that are hard to dismiss. I doubt he faces criminal charges due to the lack of evidence and passage of time, but absent some convincing refutation, his legacy has been shattered.


By Pete Moore On November 20th, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Sometimes liberalism and mental illness are indistinguishable

AN EXCELLENT primary school  in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, cannot be rated as “outstanding” by the government inspectorate. Problems with bullying? Nope. Poor maths results? Nope.

The terrible fact is that the school is too white and too British.

Apparently there aren’t enough disabled and immigrant children in the area, blighting the 97% of children who have English as a first language, and what an odd concept our forebears would have found in that. Not having black and muslim children around is apparently blighting the poor little souls. It leaves a large gap in their “cultural development”, leaving the pathetic school open to “diversity criticism”.

Really, I’m not making this up.

Being white and British, in official government education policy, is a blight on the lives of children. Just think about that.

and hold this receptacle just so…..

By Mike Cunningham On November 20th, 2014 at 3:53 pm

I reckon we should be told the method by which they gained the sample which proved positive for Ebola!



Plane Wreck At Los Gatos

By Mahons On November 20th, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    The President of the United States will address the nation tonight on his unilateral plan to address the issue of illegal immigration and deportees. It will not be received with universal support.
    Republicans have painted themselves into a corner by often playing to the baseSt ethnic objections to immigrants and in not coming up with a workable formula of their own. Don’t assume the Democrats have taken the high road, they certainly have not. Many Democrats, the President included, see this as a way to appeal to a growing Hispanic demographic that will play well in critical electoral states.

    We have real and troubling issues, issues that can not be solved by bumper sticker slogans. And issues that should not be decided by unilateral action. A Republican Congress would never give the President a major legislative victory like a sensible immigration law, but he should take it to them anyway.

“You ain’t seen harassment yet, darling.”

By Mike Cunningham On November 20th, 2014 at 12:49 pm


abrassI write today about abortion. Abortion is legal on the Mainland, but is very heavily regulated in Northern Ireland, with just one Stopes Clinic open in Belfast.

I have my own opinion of abortion, as well as those who provide it, use it and legitimise it, but it is a fact of life that it is legal.

But the vicious protesters who stand in the way of those women who seek an abortion in Belfast have taken things to a new level, especially in the court case nearly concluded. The head of the Stopes Clinic was harassed and vilified, and Bernadette Smyth has just been found guilty of that harassment.

Things are not yet as bad as in America, where clinics have been bombed, and people have died, whilst trying to provide a legal service, but, with harridans such as Bernadette around to stoke up the flames, just give them time!


Is Bob Your Uncle?

By Mahons On November 20th, 2014 at 3:36 am

I had thought we put the horrors of the 80’s behind us, Tiananmen square, the Soviet Union, and Mary Lou Retton. But now comes Bob Geldoff and the latest self-righteous musical crime – Band Aid 30. This is his fourth version of the song, which means he has tried it at least 3 more times than he has tried bathing if his appearance is any guide. Am I the only one tired of his stream of expletives, wacky hair and self-promotion. I will always have a found place for his song I Don’t Like Mondays, but as Mr. Brand noted – Geldoff surely knows about famine having dined out on that song for the last 30 years.

Do They Know Its Christmas was a creepy song. The line “Tonight Thank God Its Them Instead of You” could have been written by the Ku Klux Klan, and when warbled by tax evader and do-good-lecturer-to-the-World Bono it is especially appalling. Let us face it, the song is the fruitcake of Christmas songs. Now they have changed it a little to complain about Ebola, which frankly has killed far less people in Africa than TB, Malaria, Diarrhea, and Muslim Extremists. Instead of filming themselves singing the ludicrous lyrics (no rivers flow in Africa, nothing grows there?), couldn’t they all just write a check? Do they know its Christmas? Find me a pop star who goes to Church more often than the hundreds of thousands of Christian Africans. There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas? Well famine and snow aren’t a lovely combination to begin with (ask the poor Russians) but surely despite global warming there is snow on top of Kilimanjaro.

There are many celebrities who have done great works for charity, and I am not opposed to group efforts to raise awareness as they say. But Geldoff has always seemed to me to be a guy who has done pretty well in the compassion business (he’s worth a reported $32 million, and I doubt THAT is from sales of the Boomtown Rats back catalogue).

I won’t buy the record. There are many organizations, long on the ground and with less self-promotion and contempt for the rest of us who are more deserving of our funds.