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Pope Francis and Watership Down Syndrome

By Mahons On January 21st, 2015 at 6:57 pm

I was relieved to hear my wife and I are under no obligation as Catholics to breed like rabbits.  Good work if you can get it some might say, but it is rather tiring.

I must point out that the Pontiff is the eldest of five children, which means that his rabbit comment could be viewed as a swipe at his mother.  Ironically he had just mentioned he would punch anyone who insulted her the other day.  Is he now going to have to flagellate himself?  Younger siblings might point out that it is usually the eldest in the family who says no more kids are needed.

Anyway he seems unnecessarily fixated on the copulatory habits of rabbits.  Does he think Beatrix Potter wrote 50 Shades of Grey?  Frankly, I prefer the practice of randy rabbits to more religious examples from the Animal Kingdom like the Praying Mantis.  The female mantis bites off the male’s head while in the act of mating, which gives the phrase getting some head a darker meaning.

Bugs Bunny, Br’er Rabbit, Harvey, Thumper, Hazel, Peter Cottontail, Roger Rabbit, The White Rabbit and the Easter Bunny never seemed oversexed to me, although Bugs did cross dress a lot.

I like this Pope, he seems for the most part to be balanced appropriately given his role.  However the rabbit comment demonstrated his tongue has a bit of a hare trigger (forgive the pun).  In any event, to use his phrase, who am I to judge?  I will just note for the record that carrots are not the new oysters.


By David Vance On January 21st, 2015 at 3:11 pm

Hi all. Our server crashed two days ago (not for the first time) and it has taken the company concerned until this morning to get it back up. Unfortunately some posts and comments will be lost until full restoration happens so be a with me. Such a bloody pain.

(Monday)Today we Celebrate one of my Heroes

By The Troll On January 21st, 2015 at 11:06 am

I thought this post went up on Monday,  I could have sworn I hit post.  So forgive that this is out of sync.  Monday was the day We celebrate this mans life, a life that was worth celebrating.

This Speech is 17 minutes long. If you’ve never heard it take the time. it is well worth it. We are blessed that so much of what this man had to say was captured for all history.

YouTube Preview Image

Little bit less noise at the front, please!

By Mike Cunningham On January 21st, 2015 at 9:59 am

One of the many things which both my wife and I have been forced to abstain from, primarily because of certain side-effects of her illness, is visiting and listening to live classical music concerts. If I could explain that, in terms of the essence, the immediacy of live music is both enhanced and achieved only with perfect silence within the auditorium, so that all the multitude of sounds which coalesce to form an orchestral piece, or a strong tenor’s voice in a well-loved solo, or the thrilling sounds of a female as she performs an aria; can all coalesce into the ears and minds of an audience. I have complained about extraneous noise in a concert hall, because there is nothing more distracting than any noise, no matter how slight, impinging on your enjoyment of sublime music. My wife cannot, simply cannot, be quiet. She breathes noisily, coughs a great deal, and in general makes many involuntary noises.  Could I bring my beloved wife to listen to a concert? Of course I could. But the question surely is: should I? If I have respect for the other fifteen hundred members of the audience; of course the decision is that I stay away, and not disconcert or annoy other paying customers and lovers of music.

Do I resent having to absent myself from attendance of these concerts? Of course I do, but I do so out of respect for all the other members of the audience, and I expect the same respect for my own enjoyment by all others. Could I go alone to hear the music which has been part of my life for so many, many years? Of course I could, but I would not dream of attending without my wife, mainly because we have been together for so long, that a visit without her beside me, would simply be so selfish as to be impossible.

Which is why I find the attitude, and actions, of this bloke, together with his ‘carer’; in complaining because he was asked to leave a cinema because the noise of the motorised respirator annoyed other members of the audience, totally disgraceful.  It is not ‘discriminatory’, it is not ‘insensitive’, it is not ‘disgraceful’ this is the world in which we live.

As one ‘Disability Campaign Officer’ stated, “If the noise unfortunately disturbed other customers, then you would hope they would make the compassionate choice to move seats.”

No Madam, you are wrong. These people paid their cash, and wished to enjoy the film uninterrupted by noises such as a ventilator, and they were correct in complaining. The Odeon cinema chain were equally wrong in their apology; as far as I am concerned, they had nothing to apologise for.



By Pete Moore On January 18th, 2015 at 6:26 pm

Brrr it’s a bit parky out there. Apparently we’re in for the coldest night in a three years. Best go back down the pub and it’s roaring fire, I reckon, to raise a few pints of Old Marston’s Country Scrote in celebration of the mighty Gunners putting Man Citeh to the sword.

Have yourselves an Open Thread then, one decorated with a randomly chosen image. Play nice now.


The Hunger Games

By Mahons On January 18th, 2015 at 2:49 pm

Apparently some British TV station has given a commission to an Irish writer to create a sitcom.  His side-splitting idea for a sitcom?  The Irish Famine.   Although only in development stage and unlikely to become a reality, it has already caused a stir.

At the outset, I don’t object to the right of someone to create a television comedy.  I agree with the legend Ernie Kovacs who said television is called a medium because it is hardly ever rare or well done.  I do believe that trivializing something tragic is wrong, and the subject matter isn’t really appropriate for comedy.  This is not to say that some genius couldn’t do it, but is this man a genius?   It sounds more to me like an attention-seeking proposal and an opportunity for the smug to lecture those who might be offended.  We have developed a bit of an immunity for those who offend in our society, and I don’t mean by allowing them to offend, but by permitting them to do so without their being offended back.  We are told they are brave, artistic and cutting edge, when more often than not they are boring, inartistic and obnoxious.

I don’t think any topic is sacred, The Life of Brian is quite well done.  But that is the point isn’t it, the Life of Brian was well done.  In lesser hands it would not have worked as well.  Blackadder (WWI)  M*A*S*H* (Korean War) and Father Ted (Irish Clergy) worked well not merely because of their topics, but because of the writing and talent.  Hogan’s Heroes (a POW concentration camp) less so.  Jerry Lewis’ holocaust film, The Day The Clown Died, was thankfully never released.

I think a sitcom can have shock value, but perhaps it should not be premised upon shock value for shock value’s sake?  Comedy may equal tragedy plus time in some situations, but sometimes tragedy is just tragedy.  And the tragedy deserves a dignity not often bestowed by a laugh track.


By David Vance On January 17th, 2015 at 3:32 pm

I see Islamic State have taken to throwing gay men to their death.B7gpUjQIgAEHcNN


Once again, the savagery on display, the sheer depravity, is incredible. And yet, these crimes against humanity seem to barely ruffle the feathers of the liberal left who run around like headless chickens assuring us that what we see is not “real” Islam. It seems pretty real to me.


By David Vance On January 17th, 2015 at 3:27 pm

You have to hand it to our local politicians at Stormont. Give them power and they will exceed your expectations –  by making the situation worse.

A&E waiting times in Wales and Northern Ireland have got worse in the past month – dropping well below performance in England. Hospitals are meant to see 95% of patients in four hours. But during December just 76.7% in Northern Ireland were, while in Wales it was 81%, a drop since November for both nations.

What amazes me is the relative lack of interest in this abysmal performance from the local media. It’s almost as if they are so tame, so controlled, that will not not rock the cradle. Why is Stormont not being held accountable here? I heard the Health Minister, Jim Wells, reel off a few stats obviously prepared for him and that was it!!!!!


By David Vance On January 17th, 2015 at 3:22 pm


Looks like the Religion of Peace is angry. Again.

Protests against Charlie Hebdo’s front cover have seen thousands more take to the streets – with students in Somalia declaring ‘Je Suis Muslim – and I love my Prophet’. Students marched through Mogadishu on Saturday morning, three days after the commemorative edition of the satirical magazine went on sale. The magazine features a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed shedding a tear underneath the words ‘All is forgiven’, after 12 of Charlie Hebdo’s staff were killed in a massacre earlier this month.  But the use of the Prophets image has angered many Muslims around the world, with protests taking place from Somalia to Niger, and Pakistan to Jordan.

Angry Muslims? Watch the body toll count rise…


By David Vance On January 17th, 2015 at 3:12 pm

I know, I know. It’s been a car crash for US foreign diplomacy this past week. To recap….

Basically, for reasons known only to itself at the highest level the Obama Administration did not choose to send a prominent American to join world leaders at the huge march of defiance against Islamist terror.

Even worse, US Attorney General Eric Holder who was in Paris anyway did not join the rally.

Resounding criticism of this ‘snub’ extracted a humiliating concession by the White House press spokesman: “We should have sent someone with a higher (sic) profile.”

Anxious to make up for this ineptitude, the Administration decided to get John Kerry to Paris asap.

OMG… just watch,

Obama seems clueless abroad. Anyone who can make Hollande look good is indeed truly special.