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By David Vance On September 24th, 2014 at 10:46 am

I read with interest that Nichola Sturgeon seeks to replace Alex Salmond as leader of the Scottish Separatist Party. My very best wishes to Nichola, I am sure she will do a sterling job!


And the difference between him, and him; is…

By Mike Cunningham On September 24th, 2014 at 10:16 am

We get the government we deserve. We also get, by that same definition, the Opposition we deserve.

But consider, if you would, the two men who claim to have all the answers, all the routes to economic and political success in and for our Nations.

Cameron, in both his speech to the Conservatives before his election as their Leader, as well as major speeches since becoming Coalition Prime Minister, gave those speeches from memory, without teleprompters or speech notes; and those speeches were considered a great success partly because they seemed, but of course were not; from the heart.

awallaceMilliband, unfortunately, during his keynote speech to an audience who were just waiting in breathless adoration for their ‘anointed’ leader, tried to deliver both, which was a memorised speech, combined with written ‘bullet points’ to give his memory a jolt.

But Gromit forgot to talk about THE most important point of all, which of course was the huge Deficit in Great Britain’s current accounts; and also didn’t say a single memorised syllable about Immigration, the other thorn in the foot of every practising British politician.

So there we have it; Cameron………….at least he does remember what he is supposed to say, whilst Gromit just………………………………………………………doesn’t…………………………………………..recall!



By Pete Moore On September 23rd, 2014 at 9:35 pm

The usual routine; sovereignty must be respected unless Washington’s doing the bombing.

President Obama confirmed that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar had taken part in or supported the strikes.

He said the US was “proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with these nations”.

What a line up! Every one of them an absolute monarchy or ruler-for-life which has funded ISIS and mercilessly crushes the slightest hint of dissent. And with the Saudis we’re talking head-choppers par excellence. Turkey is nowhere of course, despite being a NATO member and having ISIS both on an within its borders.

Don’t be surprised if this bombing campaign goes like Belgrade and hits Assad too.

Cameron’s English Votes for English Laws

By Mike Cunningham On September 23rd, 2014 at 11:48 am

Away from the ebb-and flow of noisy political debate, a group of people asked a very simple question; ‘would things have been THAT different if Scottish MPs, and of course this really means Scottish Labour MPs, had been excluded from voting on English matters’?

They got busy chewing thorough various spreadsheets and listings, and came up with a very interesting conclusion: there have been twenty-one Bills which may have been affected if Scots MPs had been excluded from the Commons Chamber for voting purposes; amongst these are:=

  • We would have seen the ‘Bedroom Tax’ bill probably amended before Assent.
  • We may have seen Syria bombed by British aircraft
  • The Review of Parliamentary Boundaries would have proceeded.
  • We would not have seen a call for a real-term cut in Euro Budget
  • We would now see Halal meats labelled as such.
  • We would have seen further Generating Station CO2 cuts.
  • We would NOT have seen Inquests replaced by an Inquiry.
  • We would have seen an immediate Inquiry in to the seizure of Damian Green’s files.
  • We would not have allowed detention times for terrorist suspects to be 42 days
  • We would not have seen a security screen in the Commons’ visitors gallery
  • We would not have seen the huge rise in University students’ fees.
  • We would not have seen the abortion which goes under the name of NHS Foundation Trusts.
  • We would have seen an 80% elected House of Lords.


Reading through the lists, would Great Britain, or indeed England, have been any different? I think so, because we would have been inveigled into bombing Assad’s Syria, and that would have been the biggest mistake of Cameron’s oily existence!


and its here; proof, in black and white: from my model!

By Mike Cunningham On September 23rd, 2014 at 10:47 am

Just what is it about the Illiberal-left that imbues them with the knowledge that they, and they alone, are the ones which are correct in their thinking? What is the chemical they have been absorbing which wrenches their minds away from being the average easy-going but engaged guy to a narrow-minded bigot whose one response to an opponent is simply “There must be a Law to prosecute these guys with, so that we can then lock ‘em all up”? There must be an algorythm to detect the actual moment when a left-winger is turned from a guy who is prepared to defend a viewpoint, to a zealot whose only solution is to deprive their opponents of their liberty, so as to stop them speaking or practising their views in the public’s space? What is so unnerving to the ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ crew that makes them want to stamp out all discussion of a ‘Science’ which is presumably fixed?

A name, and of course the echoes of a political ‘dynasty’ has come forward to attract our attention; this of course being the latest ‘noise’ from the throat of ‘Environmental Activist’ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He, knowing all and being supremely confident of his position, calls for his opponents to be brought before the Hague on ‘War Crimes’ charges, as the Laws of the United States seemingly are insufficient to arrest and charge the Koch brothers, so he intends to get them another way. How intolerant of a ‘family member’ whose forebears were seemingly so inclusive; hell, the Kennedy brothers were so inclusive, there wasn’t anyone they wouldn’t screw, just to get ahead!

Closer to home, might I resurrect a name from the past? Remember David Bellamy? Remember the gravelly-voiced tones of that respected botanist and environmentalist? Of course you do. Its just a great pity that you have not seen his face on your tv screen for some ten years now. It is as though he was literally blanked off the public’s consciousness! Why? He committed the high and serious crime of stating that he did not believe in man-made Global Warming. He was instantly dropped from the programmes he had made famous, and, as long as he holds his ‘absurd beliefs’ he will never again feature on any BBC or commercial tv broadcast.

So why do these people act in such a dogmatic fashion? Can they not even contemplate any opposition to their stated cause? Are they worried that someone may just examine their computer calculations, their models, their suppositions of the thickness and spread of Arctic ice? Have they never ever heard of the premise that computer models are not ‘proof’: Facts are ‘proof’!



By Pete Moore On September 22nd, 2014 at 7:33 pm

I see it’s been about as productive as a Greek factory in here today. Someone must have something to say. I might think of something later, but I caught a moment of Ed Balls speaking at the Labour Party conference earlier and have avoided the news since.

Take aim then and have yourselves an Open Thread –


Like Father, Like Son

By The Troll On September 21st, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Microsoft Word - Document4There is a special kind of crazy that runs in the Paul family.  They are very smart people, but they are dangerous phonies with a cult following.  A large enough cult to keep them in office and feed their delusions.  Yet thank god not large enough to put them in the Presidency. There isn’t much that I am willing to praise the RNC over, however I give them credit that they have never accepted this family as the standard bearer.

Rand Paul is running full throttle for the Presidential Election in 2016. He like his father gets many points right, the Lawlessness of this President, and the empty suit that Hillary really is. However like his father he gets just enough wrong to keep him from ever being the candidate.

Rand Paul is a much better speaker than his father, he can be packaged to sell to a much wider audience than his father.  He is without a doubt though a clone of his father in many ways.  He talks about cutting budgets and fiscal responsibility while placing line items in Bills that he knows will pass for funds he wants to spend on his pet projects,  while he votes against those Bills .  That is something I despised his father for, and the son does exactly the same thing.

Rand Paul is just one of the People that is vying for the Presidency, he has a better chance than his father ever did.  He will however fail. His attacks on his Party will keep the establishment money away from him, and his inherent Libertarian Lunacy will keep the more important votes away from him in the majority of the Primaries.

We will however have the Paulbots, the loyal cult of his families followers truly in our faces for the next two years.


By Pete Moore On September 21st, 2014 at 3:23 pm

Am I the only person to wonder how we got ourselves into contant wars? The news, every day, for years, is about war: who we bombed yesterday, who we’re bombing today, who we should be bombing and who we’ll bomb tomorrow. Is no-one else sick of war?

I suspect that Peter Hitchens is right today, in describing the demented war in Europe as “First Ukrainian War”. There’ll be another one, even though this one hasn’t yet finished.

Russia has shown quite clearly that it means what it has patiently said for years, and will fight against any further Western expansion of the EU.

Yet intelligent friends of mine, influential among policy-makers, are urging that we refuse to accept this verdict, and prepare for another, similar conflict a few years from now by arming and training Ukraine’s feeble armed forces. Why? How is this in Britain’s interest, or the interest of the human race in general?

NATO and the EU are determined to bring Ukraine and its resources fully under Western oligarchal control. So is the Kiev regime, but then it was installed by the West. President Poroshenko went to Washington a few days ago and read a speech prepared for him to Congress.

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By Pete Moore On September 21st, 2014 at 2:43 pm

What verminous liars politicians are. The moment one poll had the porridge wogs heading for (fake) independence, Westminster’s liars formed an alliance and promised everything which Gordon Brown offered (with authority from where?)

And the moment the Jocks voted to stay in, the alliance fell apart. What a surprise. The Prime Minister is already rowing back on the timetable agreed before the vote, but then he’s a serial liar. Look at the shock on my face – that’s right, none at all.

What he’s pushing for instead is an end to Scottish MPs voting on English matters, the old West Lothian Question. Ed Miliband rejects the idea, which you can understand because it would hole Labour below the line. Regardless, Miliband’s position is without justification. Labour created the Scottish Parliament, devolved powers to it, and created the situation where Scottish MPs have no say on health and education north of the border, but can impose their views on the English.

That he rejects reform shows what this is really all about: who gets to lace the bovver boots and give us all a kicking. It’s about who controls the plantation, gets to steal our income and who gets to give it to their friends. The Tories don’t give a stuff for democracy or fairness, they want only to stiff the Labour Party in the chase for power over us. They have no intention whasoever of “devolving power to the English”. None of us will get the slightest sniff of more liberty over our own lives. It’s about giving themselves more power to kick us around.

Don’t be mislead into thinking this is about anything else.

Have you noticed?

By The Troll On September 20th, 2014 at 11:22 pm

The Obama Regime has been bombing IZZY for a week now, yet no Headlines.  Why?

Obama has restricted bombings for now to just Iraq providing IZZY safe haven in Syria. Not one bombing mission has taken place on them in Syria. Even with them overrunning our Kurdish allies causing 45,000 to flee into Turkey.  The Kurds along the Syrian/Turkish border are being slaughtered, and no action at all from our supposed Air War on IZZY.  Despite the fact that the Kurds are pleading for help.

The lack of headlines is easy to explain.  There has been NO success so far, it’s that simple. Every bombing run must have Obama’s personal approval. It takes a minimum on a good day 2 hours for the commanders to get an answer from the White House.

By that time the conditions on the ground have changed.  So far the Academic has proven to be as bad a Leader in War as he is on everything else.