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By Pete Moore On August 3rd, 2020 at 9:49 pm

I’m so old I remember the commies saying that President Trump was peddling conspiracy theories with this stuff.

Why the Botched N.Y.C. Primary Has Become the November Nightmare

Nearly six weeks later, two congressional races remain undecided, and officials are trading blame over the mishandling of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots.

That’s just one city and it’s an electoral Third World joke. It’s a Democrat city, therefore it’s an electoral Third World joke, but it’s still one city. Of course the November election will take place and millions of votes will be fraudulent or not counted. To parties on the left that’s a feature and not a bug.

No Mask

By Patrick Van Roy On August 3rd, 2020 at 9:35 pm

Holland’s position is based on assessments by the Outbreak Management Team, a group of experts advising the government. It first ruled against masks in May and has re-evaluated the evidence several times, including again last week.

It believes they detract from a clear three-pronged message that has kept deaths from coronavirus down to less than half the rate in Britain: wash hands regularly, maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres and stay at home if suffering any symptoms.

The one exception outside of the medical frontline has been on public transport, where masks are mandatory on the basis it is difficult to stay apart on crowded buses, ferries and trains. ‘We have seen this approach works,’ said Christian Hoebe, a professor of infectious diseases in Maastricht and member of the advisory team. ‘Face masks should not be seen as a magic bullet that halts the spread.

‘The evidence for them is contradictory. In general, we think you must be careful with face masks because they can give a false sense of security. People think they’re immune from disease or stop social distancing. That is very negative.’

The Colossus of Peace Has Left Us

By Patrick Van Roy On August 3rd, 2020 at 2:39 pm

Guest post by Paul

The giant of Irish politics, John Hume, has passed away:

He died earlier today at 83 after a long period of illness.

Hume was one of the principle architects of what we now know as the Good Friday Agreement which had its genesis in the Hume / Adams talks of the late eighties which in turn led to the IRA ceasefire of 1994 and the subsequent loyalist ceasefires thereafter. Hume faced opposition to the talks from not only unionism but from also elements within his own party, the SDLP, some of whom were vehemently opposed to him exploring talks with the political representatives of armed Irish Republicanism.

A stalwart of the Civil Rights campaign and witness to Bloody Sunday Hume was one of the first generation of Catholics in the NI state to attend university in the fifties and was a schoolteacher by profession. An unflinching commitment to a peaceful solution of the Irish conflict Hume’s network of contacts in the Irish government, British politics, the European Union and of course the Irish American political establishment meant that he was perfectly placed to put the myriad of pieces of political infrastructure, support and guarantee into the jigsaw which enabled the Good Friday Agreement to happen.

A pacifist his entire life who drew inspiration from his political hero Martin Luther King Hume was the only men on earth to have won the Noble, Martin Luther King & Mahatma Ghandi peace prizes and was bestowed the honour of some forty eight separate honorary doctorates.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam, ní fheicfimid do leithéid arís riomh


By Patrick Van Roy On August 2nd, 2020 at 9:34 pm

R.I.P. Willy

By Patrick Van Roy On August 2nd, 2020 at 5:49 pm

Wilford Brimley, Cocoon Star and Face of Quaker Oats Commercials, Dies at 85: ‘One of a Kind’

Wilford Brimley, the film and television actor known for his roles in Cocoon and The Natural, has died. He was 85.

Brimley’s manager Lynda Bensky told CNN and NBC News that he died on Saturday while hospitalized in St. George, Utah. He had been in the ICU receiving treatment for medical problems and was on dialysis.

“Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust. He said what he meant and he meant what he said,” Bensky said. “He had a tough exterior and a tender heart. I’m sad that I will no longer get to hear my friend’s wonderful stories. He was one of a kind.”

Brimley got his start in 1969 with a role in John Wayne’s True Grit and went on to appear in the hit television series The Waltons, as well as Our House. Some of the character actor’s other film credits include The ThingHard Target, and The Firm.

2 scenes from an underrated great film where he had a bit part….. I wish I could find the whole scene.


By Patrick Van Roy On August 2nd, 2020 at 4:13 pm

Kodak at one point in time was one of the largest corporations in the world. They even at one point caused a world wide panic by trying to buy up the world supply of Silver. The advent of digital photography all but destroyed the company. It still exists, because Film will never go away, but it is now a niche not the holy grail.

In upstate NY Kodak’s main labs sit almost idle in Rochester NY. It sits on 1200 acres, has it’s own power plant, water treatment facility, a rail spur, 88 chemical reactors, and all the tools and access to personal expirienced in chemical engineering.

The President has made a deal with Kodak. This plant when up to speed will supply the U.S. with 25% of the base chemicals that are needed to make all human consumed drugs.

The move does two things, it relieves a large portion of our dependency from China while providing upstate NY with 1000s of jobs manufacturing them, and 10s of thousands in ancillary jobs. A boon upstate NY needs desperately.

Congratulations Kodak, NY, and Trump.


By Patrick Van Roy On August 2nd, 2020 at 3:19 pm

This weeks choice are two songs by an artist I admire and two of his Musical commentaries on life.



Bonus track

So, my oh-so-nosey Capita friends, just try it!

By Mike Cunningham On August 2nd, 2020 at 1:31 pm

I am, as yet, not completely recovered from my infection, and the problems therein: but an compelled to state; categorically and definitely, that I shall never, ever send my bank statement and personal details to the National Propaganda Machine which also goes under the title of the BBC.


Imagine, any sentient being, capable of independent thought, making a conscious decision to send personal unencrypted  banking details to the Leakiest News Organisation on the Planet? I think not!


I will not apply for a ‘free’ TV licence. I will not disclose to anyone whether I or my wife are in receipt of Pension Credit or not, because it is, quite simply, NONE OF THEIR F*****ING BUSINESS!



By Pete Moore On August 1st, 2020 at 8:06 pm

Okene in Nigeria celebrates “Arsenal Day” every 28th December. Nope, me neither, but it’s a mad world.

So here’s to Okene, tonight’s party and the mighty Gunners, who have just won the FA Cup for a record 14th time. Football annoys and irritates more than it brings joy. That’s all part of being a fan. But I love that old trophy. Up the Gunners.


By Pete Moore On August 1st, 2020 at 6:09 pm

President Donald Trump has announced he is banning the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok in the US.

He told reporters he could sign an executive order as early as Saturday.

US security officials have expressed concern that the app, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, could be used to collect the personal data of Americans.

China is a hostile, despotic and genocidal communist regime. Tik Tok is Chinese spyware. It might be a disappointment to people who want to watch 16 year olds dance, but I have no problem with banning bad Chinese products. A relaxed attitude to Peking was a grave error. Teaching them that bad behaviour has its consequences is now necessary.