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Who? Why? What’s going on? 18 people?

By The Troll On September 15th, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Parsons Green Tube ?

Is it a bun? Is it a football club?

By Mike Cunningham On September 15th, 2017 at 9:54 am

In my previous post, which was all about the ethics of Harvard offering a PhD scholarship to a woman who has served twenty years for killing her child; I received some startling replies, and an animated conversation, which is what this site is all about.

So let me ask a further question of ATW readers; again regarding Harvard University.

Is it fitting, or wise, or even even-handed of Harvard to offer not just a PhD scholarship to a felon, but in fact a Visiting Fellowship to a person who, in a singular act which was acknowledged as the worst American Intelligence leak ever.

Harvard University had awarded Fellowship status to the convicted felon, and he / she / it responded positively to the invitation.

However, in a second statement less than seven hours after the first, Harvard withdrew the Fellowship offer, but confirmed that the traitor will still address students.

So, was Harvard right to give the Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning a prestigious Fellowship, or were they even more correct, and possibly making themselves even sillier, by rescinding the Fellowship invite within hours?


By David Vance On September 14th, 2017 at 7:44 pm

Consider this image.

A statue of a Catholic saint. Beheaded and covered in fake blood.

Where? Yes – California.

“At the Old Santa Barbara Mission in California, a statue of St. Junipero Serra was found decapitated this week and covered in dripping, red paint.”

I was past it last year.  The Left are now emulating ISIS.


By David Vance On September 14th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Angela Merkel  has insisted that Germany is greatly benefiting from her Open Borders to third world immigrants. Got that? Here is how that manifests itself…

The number of rape attacks in the German region of Bavaria has increased by 48 per cent, and the number attributable to migrants has increased by 91 per cent. Bavaria has seen a drastic rise in the number of rapes since 2016, with 685 cases being reported to police from January to July of this year — up 48 per cent.

More migrants please. Cultural suicide.


By David Vance On September 14th, 2017 at 5:48 pm

Amazing story here captured by Ezra Levant over on the excellent Rebel Media!

They’re Canadians from Muslim countries where they’d be killed for being gay, or at least arrested. So they like being in Canada, where we don’t kill gays. And they want to talk about sexual repression back in their home countries.

According to the Vancouver Sun, they’ve marched in gay pride parades before, and even won an award for originality. But now they were banned, for being “culturally insensitive.” Gay pride parades in Canada have really just become Justin Trudeau photo ops and virtue-signalling opportunities for the big banks.

But not for these men, who fled places where they would be killed.  Sorry guys: You left Iran and its sharia law. But a little bit of Iran, and sharia law, has followed you to Canada.

Isn’t it remarkable? These gay people want to celebrate the freedoms offered them in Canada but Canadian leftists say NO.



By David Vance On September 14th, 2017 at 5:41 pm

Meet Sheila. Sheila White. Sheila is head of Ofcom, an organisation that in exchange for a cool £9m a year, helps “regulate” UK broadcasting. Sheila isn’t happy. Absence of “diversity”, innit?

Ofcom has criticised British broadcasters for a “woeful” lack of diversity among their staff and accused the BBC of failing to lead the way. Women, minority ethnic groups and disabled people are all under-represented by broadcasters, a major report by the media regulator has found. This lack of diversity is creating a “cultural disconnect” between programme-makers and viewers, with older people and people from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background (BAME) feeling they are portrayed negatively.

Let’s dissect this political agitprop care of Andrew Tettenborn on Conservative Woman…

“Tougher, stronger regulation to ensure diversity is what she wants: and please note, this does not seem to mean diversity of points of view (if only), but rather diversity of workers reckoned by gender, origin and race, and where necessary quotas to make sure it happens. Content she’s also apparently quite happy to dictate.”

Andrew nails it. This is about advancing a POLITICAL narrative. This is about reducing DIVERSITY of opinion whilst enforcing particular race groups. This is a waste of time. Close down OFCOM before it closes down all real debate and diversity. BTW – Ofcom is a quango brought into being by…yes, Tony Blair.

Redemption is just a ten-letter word!

By Mike Cunningham On September 14th, 2017 at 2:42 pm

Prison sentences are there, so we are informed by the do-gooders of this world, so that offenders may redeem themselves, and so enter life outside prison ready to take part in civil life once more. Sentences are never, outraged voices claim, for the purpose of punishment, for the forced removal of dangerous people from civil society: no never ever that; for that would amount to ‘cruel and unusual’ practices, and that would never ever do. So we should maybe turn, for a singular lesson in the ‘redemptive process’, to, firstly a female prison in Indiana; and thence to the hallowed walls of Harvard.

We should examine the case of Michelle Jones, pregnant at fourteen, attacked and beaten by her mother, sent into the care system; who killed her small son when he was four. She got fifty years in the Big House, but received her freedom after twenty years by a demonstration of her own mind and willpower, based on her good behaviour and educational attainment.

Incarcerated in 1996, Ms. Jones worked for five years in the law library at Indiana Women’s Prison, and got certified as a paralegal. She received a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University in 2004, and audited graduate-level classes at Indiana University. Her blossoming as a historian began in 2012, when Kelsey Kauffman, a former professor who volunteered at the prison, encouraged inmates to research the origins of their involuntary home, which opened in 1873 as the first adult female correctional facility in the United States. Soon, Ms. Jones was placing library requests for reference books and, when they arrived months later, scouring the footnotes for what to order next. All this WITHOUT internet access! 

After meticulously logging demographic data from century-old registries from the Indiana Women’s Prison, Ms. Jones made a discovery: There were no prostitutes on the rolls. “Where,” she asked, “were all the ladies?” meaning so-called ladies of the night. With the help of a state librarian, she and another inmate realized that a Catholic laundry house that opened around that time in Indianapolis was actually a reformatory for “fallen women” — those convicted of sex offenses. Then they found more than 30 similar institutions around the country, akin to the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland. Under Ms. Kauffman’s tutelage, they wrote up their findings, published them in an Indiana academic journal, and won the state historical society award. Ms. Jones also presented the paper remotely at multiple academic conferences, and, at others, shared different work about the abuse of early inmates at Indiana Women’s Prison by its Quaker founders.

Ms. Jones was supposed to be released in October, but received a two-month reduction of her sentence so she could start a Ph.D. program on time this fall. She applied to eight, with Harvard her first choice because of historians there whose work on incarceration she admired.

But Harvard, in a stunning reversal of their own acceptance policies, refused Michelle entry, partly on the grounds that she had minimised her crime.

“Michelle was sentenced in a courtroom to serve X years, but we decided — unilaterally — that it should be X years plus no Harvard,” she said. “Is it that she did not show the appropriate degree of horror in herself, by applying? “We’re not her priests,” Professor Johnson added, using an expletive.

As Michelle said, ““Forget Harvard. I’ve already graduated from the toughest school there is.”

Unlike Joseph, Jacob’s coat has only one colour: Tory Blue!

By Mike Cunningham On September 14th, 2017 at 11:45 am

Consider the following:-

  • Theresa May, at the urging of her ‘inner’ circle, chose to call for an Election when there was no need for such a nationwide turmoil.
  • The Election was supposedly to centre around Mrs. May, as the leader who was trusted to deliver a Brexit.
  • The Tory Manifesto, upon which the Election would be fought, proved to be a mish-mash and a complete disaster, as it was compiled virtually in-house, no consultations on specific policies was even requested, and, as a result of the suddenly not-so-strong Leader; politics, from a Tory point of view, went downhill rapidly.

So, the Election was fought, and both won, and lost.The Tories remained the Party most numerically strong, but had to ask for the D.U.P.’s help to form a Government. Politics dragged along, until the summer recess, when political commentators had nothing else to do but ‘appoint’ various so-called heavy hitters into a position whereby they would attempt to unseat a weakened Prime Minister. Various names were conjured out of the thin air, including Boris, Liam, Hammond, along with all the other runners and riders; but absolutely no-one took the bait, pushed himself or herself forwards, because the appetite simply was not there for either a new contest, which would tear the Party apart: and the certainty that there would be a call for another General Election, and the Tories were uncertain if their message, as amended, would prove popular; letting Corbyn’s rag-tag Lefties, Marxists and crypto-Communists in through the back door, fuelled by a young electorate who had not lived through either the threat of a hard-line Soviet Communist Empire, complete with a nuclear arsenal: or the chaos and turmoil of a hard-line-Union dominated Government.

So those same commentators swept their gaze around, and fixed upon the studious, old-fashioned Tory gentleman named Jacob Rees-Mogg. Along with their sudden interest in Jacob, came a campaign slogan with the title ‘Moggmentum’. Suddenly they had a Tory to push, make lots of headlines with: and all, unfortunately, for nothing. With his upright personality, his repeated statements that he had no further ambition than to represent his Constituency, and look after his burgeoning family; he just wasn’t playing ball.

So he was invited on to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, and was promptly ambushed with repeated questioning over his deeply-held religious beliefs. Why the ambush? His name had ‘come up’ as a Tory Candidate’ and ‘the public has a right to know’. His answers, which were that ‘these were personal matters which were voted on a ‘free vote’ in Parliament’, although perfectly correct and truthful, were the trigger for more ambush questions.

Jacob then appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics, where the acid-lipped Jo Coburn accused Rees-Mogg of not being ‘impartial and balanced’. Rees-Mogg, standing in front of a Number 10 image which he then proceeded to puncture by stating that he was in another studio a few yards from Coburn; replied that, unlike many at the BBC, he was both impartial and balanced. As Coburn attempted to skewer Jacob by asking which Ministerial job he would like, Rees-Mogg replied once more that he had no further ambition than to represent his Constituency.

I like Jacob because he oozes integrity, he doesn’t waltz around the barnyard with the political winds. He opposes all abortion, as I do; he is strongly opposed to the very idea of homosexual marriage; as I am, and he gives me the impression that he doesn’t even notice the expressions of ‘abhorrence’ and ‘disgrace’ regarding his long-established ideals and principles. He probably will never see a Ministerial red box, and that is a sad thing to state; but it is a reflection of a principled man, a man who will not tack to the prevailing winds because he sees opportunity; as so many of his Parliamentary colleagues, from all Parties have done, because they seek preferment!


By Pete Moore On September 13th, 2017 at 7:09 pm

Mark my words.

Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, gave his annual “State of the Union” address today. If that’s a familiar title for a speech you can work out how Brussels sees itself.

He outlined plans for an EU Army and compulsory adoption of the Euro for all member states. You know, some of those things which Remainers assured us were not going to happen. The EU intends to take the Western Balkans also. They mean Albania, Bosnia, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo. That’s alot of new net recipient countries of alot of EU funding.

We are about to leave a very big hole in the EU budget. Many EU citizens are about to discover the joys of transitioning from taking to coughing up. And then the arse end of Europe will arrive with even bigger begging bowls. I suspect that’s when a few countries might decide to ship out.

The EU plans to subject so-called Corporation Tax to Qualified Majority Voting. The ROI has done well out of attracting employers with a very low Corporation Tax rate. But if QMV is adopted then it will absolutely be outvoted and have much higher rates imposed on it. Goodbye jobs, you can visit them in the UK at the weekend if you like.

It’ll happen one day, so Dublin might as well plan now for the inevitable Irexit. Otherwise, in a few short years it’ll go from being a net recipient of funding to losing jobs and seeing all its money handed over to Kosovan politicians. Irish remainers will always be dumb enough to go along with it, but the rest of the country will decide otherwise. One day they will leave the EU.


It’s NOT an Opioid Crises it’s a Heroin Crises

By The Troll On September 13th, 2017 at 2:19 pm

I have a real issue with this politically correct naming of the Nations Heroin Crises being called an Opioid Crises. It’s pure BULLSHIT of the most dangerous kind.

It paints a Picture that the problem is somebody who broke their back, or had some major injury was prescribed to many Oxys or some other pain killer from a doctor and they got addicted, od’d and died….. Sorry that’s a frackin fantasy, one that is causing problems.

The CDC has put out restrictions on Doctors limiting the amount of Pain medication a patient can have in a 24hr period to 1.2 pills. Now that applies to everyone, Cancer patients included. Your doctor if he feels your pain rates more than that must fill out a ten page appeal form to be reviewed by the insurance company to meet Federal Guidelines. This has to be done for every Opioid Prescription every month for every refill. This will not save a single life, but it has made the life of millions of sick people a further Hell.

The US over the past 8yrs has been flooded with cheap powerful Heroin. It comes right across the Southern Border. I don’t care and don’t want to hear from the loonz that will say it’s the CIA, it’s the Government or some bullshit conspiracy.

What it is, is an abundance of cheap powerful heroin, an abundance of unemployment and misery and Government/Insurance Restriction on addiction therapy.

The Government/Insurance Restriction on addiction therapy is they will only pay for 28 days of treatment. 28 days of treatment is NOT enough. If an addict goes through the 28 days 8 out of 10 go back to using. A 90 day treatment has a recidivism rate of 3 out of 10, but both Government/Insurance will NOT pay for 90 days.

As usual the Politicians are causing more problems than they are fixing.

When you hear someone mention “Opioid Crises” Please correct them. It’s a HEROIN CRISES not an opioid one.

Here is a good story on the HELL that is going on all over the US, Please take the time to glance it over.

Seven Days of Heroin, this is what an epidemic looks like