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By David Vance On February 24th, 2019 at 2:03 pm

Bangladesh has been much in the news with the Government decision to strip Islamic State terrorist Shamima Begum of her acquired British citizenship. Born to two Bangladeshi citizens, Begum could claim Bengladeshi citizenship although Bengladesh has stated that she is not one of their citizens, does not have a Bengladesh passport and will not be accepted into their country.

All of this leads to a need to understand exactly what is going on between Bangladesh and the UK in terms of immigration.


Bangladesh has a population of 160 million people and an annual goverment revenue of $27bn. i.e. approx $180 per person. By contrast, that UK figure is $15,000 per person (spent on welfare, health, defence, transport etc)

There are approx 600,000 Bangladeshis in the UK, ie approx 0.3% of all Bangladeshis in the world.

Of these, around 400,000 are found in London.

Let’s assume 90% of these live in council accomodation, with 4 persons per accomodation. That’s more than 100,000 council properties required to house them. (And then some wonder why we have a “housing crisis”?)

The council properties in London are obviously valued at a higher level than those outside. In fact property values in places like Tower Hamlets would actually be even higher if it hadn’t morphed into little Bangladesh with mosques blaring out the call to prayer.

So with 100,000 properties at an average value of £350,000, the total value of these properties is £35bn ($45bn)

So the value of the accommodation for these 0.3% of Bangladeshis living in the UK is substantially more than the entire government revenues of Bangladesh itself!

Let that statistic sink in!

According to the UK Government, Bangladeshis (along with Pakistanis) have the highest unemployment levels of any group in the UK, excluding Somalis. Bangladeshi women have a 24% unemployment rate and over 40% of Bangladeshi men under 25yrs  are unemployed.

In Tower Hamlets itself 32% of Bangladeshis people aged between 18–25 years are unemployed. They are living in the most expensive city in the UK and are doing so on UK welfare.

With a startlingly high birth rate in the UK, those Bangladeshis that do work are almost entirely on minimum wage work. Spending per head on health, education etc is also more expensive in London due to local costs.

So if we assume a net UK Government spending of $15,000 per head, this means there is little net economic productivity from Bangladeshis to the UK but a slightly higher than average cost per head (Vs the rest of the UK) as they are almost all in London, with the rest in other major urban centres (particularly Birmingham)

So. the UK Government spends $10bn on 0.3% of Bangladeshis (600,000 people)  whereas the Bangladeshi Government generates $27bn to spend on 160 MILLION people!!!!

Now factor in all the intangible economic effects of the high crime rate, high jihad rate, ghettoisation, lack of integration and the real cost of our lunatic immigration policy emerges.

Recall also that Tower Hamlets voted for Lutfur Rahman, the local Bangladeshi mayor who started diverting funds to extremist groups and a UK Bangladeshi TV channel as his propaganda news network. Rahman was removed from office by government order.

It is clear that this equation is a catastrophe for the UK taxpayer. It is also a golden ticket for the 0.3% Bangladeshis who make it to the UK.

And THAT is why they keep coming. 


By Pete Moore On February 23rd, 2019 at 8:17 pm

Giles Fraser is a turbulent priest. He’s always been an interesting commentator, but I’ve noticed that age is making him wise, more conservative and reactionary. His latest piece in unHerd has provoked a vicious backlash from Remainers. Some people just hate having the truth rammed down their throats. And that truth is that freedom of movement is anti-social and anti-family. Therefore it is anti-welfare and hurts the weakest in society.

No self-respecting leftist can possibly disagree with Fraser’s piece, which is magnificent, and which I commend to the commentariat.

For David and contrarians, everywhere

By Patty On February 22nd, 2019 at 7:53 pm

Here’s to the Crazy Ones:


By Pete Moore On February 22nd, 2019 at 7:35 pm

Because Friday night is Music Night

I see that Peter Tork died the other day. I loved The Monkees way back then. Yep, I know, a manufactured band and all that. Not important when you’re a nipper and you love the songs. We had the show early Saturday evenings, just after The Banana Splits. Do you remember The Banana Splits? Strewth, that was a show designed with the help of hallucinogenic drugs.

So have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


By Pete Moore On February 22nd, 2019 at 6:24 pm

Seventy five years ago today, ten young American airmen lost their lives when their B17 crashed in Sheffield, Yorkshire. They sacrificed their lives to avoid a group of schoolboys playing in a park. I discovered this when I saw this tweet and thread early last month from Dan Walker, a well known journalist and TV presenter in the UK.

It’s an amazing story about that day and one of the schoolboys who, without publicity, has maintained their memorial every day. It’s something he just needed to do. I’d like you to click on the tweet and read the thread. Then when you’ve done that come back and have a look below the fold to see what happened in that park today.

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By Patrick Van Roy On February 22nd, 2019 at 12:40 pm

Chicago just in February

February to Date
Shot & Killed: 17
Shot & Wounded: 83
Total Shot: 100
Total Homicides: 20

Including a one month old child shot in the head in a drive by. A person is Shot in Chicago once every 5 min 19 sec, a person is killed once every 28 min 38 sec.  Yet 24 Detectives had to waste time and resources on the Smollett Hoax.

The Police Superintendent sums it up well.


By Pete Moore On February 21st, 2019 at 7:32 pm

Dumber than doorposts, more political and anti-British than ever. If you ever wondered how the West Yorkshire Police allowed thousands of British girls to be jihad-raped by muslims, this one tweet is explains it all. Never forget, the police are not on our side.


By Pete Moore On February 21st, 2019 at 7:15 pm

Has “Allahu Akbar” on it.

Jeremy Corbyn says that Shamima Begum “has a right” to return to the UK, but that “she must face questions”. The question he’s thinking of is can we count on your vote? We all know the answer to that.

So lemme get this right: Shamima Begum is none of Bangladesh’s business, despite both of her parents being Bangladeshi, because she was born in the UK. But her child, born in Syria, is as British as a Sunday roast because its mother was born in .. erm, Britain. It’s as if they’re making it up.

The most unsurprising news today is that Corbyn sides with her. Which he does. In the Marxist mindset the world is made up of oppressors and victims. Begum is a victim because she’s brown and a muslim. That’s all there is to it as far as their kind is concerned.


By Pete Moore On February 21st, 2019 at 6:45 pm

I’d never heard of Jessie Smollett until last week. All I know is what’s been in media about him, that he’s black, gay and invented a pack of lies about a supposed attack that he paid two men to carry out.

The investigation eventually led them to the two men, who were arrested by police last week and later released without being charged. Johnson said police have a check Smollett used to pay the men.

Oh, and that he must be a Democrat.

The Millstone

By Mahons On February 21st, 2019 at 6:02 pm

The Vatican is holding a conference to address the decades (probably centuries) old issue of sexual abuse of minors. The Pope has noted condemnation is not enough, and that concrete steps have to be taken.
My take as a member of the Church – we arent looking to the clergy to solve this. Their record, despite the mitigation of some decent people, is nothing less than horrifying.
Immediate referral to police and prosecution os the only course of action. For any pedophile and any accessory. Expedited defrocking of any clergy convicted is the only thing they are responsible for. Enough is enough.