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By David Vance On May 20th, 2015 at 9:07 am

Death, when it comes, should be as dignified as possible. It is reasonable to expect our NHS hospitals – the ones that we are told are “the envy of the world” to ensure this happens. But it doesn’t.

The BBC this morning highlights two horrible examples. One mother had to call an A&E doctor to come and give her son more pain relief because staff on the palliative care ward he had been on had failed to respond to her requests.

A 67-year-old man’s family learned of his terminal cancer diagnosis through a hospital note – before he knew himself. This ‘failed every principle of established good practice in breaking bad news’, says the report.

Julie Mellor, the ombudsman, uses uncompromising language:

‘Our investigations have found that patients have spent their last days in unnecessary pain, people have wrongly been denied their wish to die at home, and that poor communication between NHS staff and families has meant that people were unable to say goodbye to their loved ones.’

My own experiences of the NHS in recent years confirm this. The lack of communication between staff and then between staff and patients is shocking. Yes, there ARE many doctors and nurses who care deeply and profoundly – yet there are far too many who do not.

“As innumerable family members of desperately ill patients will tell you, for every cheerful, efficient and compassionate member of the ward staff there is someone with an attitude problem – that is, someone who should never have been appointed in the first place and should have been sacked long ago. That, surely, is one of the fundamental problems identified by the ombudsman’s report. Platitudes about ‘best practice’ will get us nowhere while the NHS refuses to recognise this fact.”

100% RIGHT. Death is hard enough without an uncaring unhelpful NHS.



By David Vance On May 20th, 2015 at 8:59 am

The Scottish National Party seem to have decided that communism is the way to go for Jockistan. Get a load of this!

Landowners’ rights to use their property as they wish are to be watered down for the public good, a senior SNP minister has warned as she unveiled a Left-wing agenda to create a socialist society over the next century.

Aileen McLeod, the Scottish Land Reform Minister, told a conference in Edinburgh that the “core of my approach” is to shift the balance of the law so that the “public interest” is given greater precedence at the expense of “individual’s rights.”

She said the Scottish Government would use its new power over land ownership to push forward “social justice” and tackle inequality as part of a drive to work “towards the kind of society we want to be in the next 50 to 100 years.”

Got that? The SNP object to landowners right to use their own property as they see fit. This fits in with their previous announcement that in Scotland, no one will be allowed to BUY Council houses.

The fact is that property rights lie at the heart of a healthy democracy. In Scotland the SNP are out to subvert that and in doing so they pursue a path that will make North of the border closer to North Korea – a one party communist-life system based on a cult.


By Pete Moore On May 19th, 2015 at 7:08 pm

So in modern, democratic Northern Ireland it’s illegal to not bake a cake, in celebration of gay marriage, when someone wants you to do so – even though gay marriage is illegal in Northern Ireland.

A Christian-owned bakery that refused to make a cake carrying a pro-gay marriage slogan has been found guilty of discrimination after a landmark legal action.

Damages of £500 have been awarded, according to BBC News on the wireless. Right, I’m off to order a muslim baker to make me a cake topped off with a Mohammed cartoon, a lesbian baker to ice an anti-homosexual slogan on a cake, and I especially want one of these from Heimi the Baker of Golders Green –


If they refuse, that’s £500 quid each they owe me. It’s discrimination, innit?


By David Vance On May 19th, 2015 at 8:58 am

Oh those liberal Scandinavians – they lead the rush to cultural self immolation…

“At least 32 Danish citizens have received about 378,000 kroner (US$57,000) in unemployment benefits …while they were ‘employed’ engaging in jihad, fighting alongside extremists in Syria, government data shows.

“STAR [Danish Labour Agency] has thus far received information pertaining to 32 people who, according to PET’s [Security and Intelligence Service] information, have gone abroad in relation to the conflict in Syria while at the same time receiving social benefits,” an Employment Ministry document obtained by Danish Radio24syv says.

The benefits paid to members of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) are in the form of kontanthjælp and dagpenge, two types of unemployment payments.”

So, Muslims that have gone from Denmark to Syria to fight the Jihad in support of the savage Islamic State are rolling in the welfare provision! Something is very rotten in this State.


By David Vance On May 19th, 2015 at 8:52 am



By David Vance On May 19th, 2015 at 8:52 am


Here they are – the five contenders for the Labour Party leadership. They have one thing in common – none of them has ever had a proper job. Four of the five were SPADS (Special advisers to Politicians) whilst the other was a Council leader. Detached from the working reality that most of us face, they are all posing as the new face of the Labour movement. But at the heart of all of this is the essential existential crisis for Labour. It is funded by the (public sector) Trade Unions and the Trade Unions demand policies that are acceptable to it. These policies are unacceptable to the wider electorate. See the problem? I suggest that at this rate Labour is setting itself  up to be out of government for at least a decade – which is great news!


By David Vance On May 19th, 2015 at 8:38 am


Seen this gem from the diversity front?

The Goldsmith University Diversity officer embroiled in a racism row could lose her job after allegedly tweeting with the hashtag “kill all white men”.

Bahar Mustafa, the university union’s welfare and diversity officer, caught the media’s attention after telling white people and men not to come to an event about diversifying the curriculum. She then defended her position on camera, saying ethnic minority women cannot be racist as they “do not stand to gain” from inequality.

Now students have started a petition to have her removed from her job, while a public change.org petition calling for the same thing has racked up 1,500 votes. “The current welfare and diversity officer has used hate speech based on race and gender,” the union petition, which closes on May 26, reads. “For example, the consistent use of hashtags such as #killallwhitemen and #misandry, and publicly calling someone ‘white trash’ under the official GSU Welfare and Diversity Officer Twitter account.”

Wouldn’t it be better if all these utterly pointless “Diversity Officer” posts were scrapped? They promote division, hatred and the childish politics of the hard left mindset.



By David Vance On May 19th, 2015 at 8:31 am

I found this a rather sad tale of ignorance.

A teacher accused of public humiliation of a pupil has herself had a dose of public humiliation.

Nicole LeMire was sacked in front of a crowd of parents supporting her after she called out a boy who had blown his nose on other children, pushed another pupil to the floor and used inappropriate language. She said that she asked the boy: ‘Do you know how your actions and your words are hurting other students and your friends?’

Ms LeMire was sacked from her job at Glen Oak Elementary School in Delaware County, Ohio, after a board meeting.

I hope she takes legal action against the school. In standing UP to a bully she is then bullied by the School Board! I think this is seriously misguided and it will do nothing to inspire discipline and good manners in this school. Right across our education system, bullies seem to operate with impunity and this example shows a weakness that is cosmic. The bullying pupil deserved to be reprimanded and how it ends up with the teacher being sacked is beyond me. Your thoughts?


By David Vance On May 19th, 2015 at 8:23 am

Hi there, I am back, in case you wondered what happened to me! My wife and I were across in London this weekend – the primary purpose to go to Wembley and watch my football team, Grimsby Town, play Bristol Rovers in the Vanarama Play off final – with the winner gaining admission to the football league. We lost 5-3 on penalties, alas. 10985928_10152766833196205_6408177478483427128_n

It was lovely day but during the game I got a call to say my brother in law had died. He has been suffering from a malignant brain tumour for the past six months. We cut short our visit to London and came back home for what will be an emotionally turbulent week. I buried my mother two weeks ago and now this – it’s been a tough month. I am glad his suffering has ended but feel so sorry for the family he leaves behind.


By Pete Moore On May 18th, 2015 at 7:25 pm

To protect Palmyra.

ISIS has appeared near Palmyra, and there are fears that the ancient city may be targeted. It’s a justified fear, given the destruction wrought by these and other Islamic nihilists, from Nimrud to the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. London Mayor Boris Johnson makes the perfectly reasonable case for air strikes to be used in Palmyra’s defence.


I’d actually go further. I’d have no problem with a military zone to dissuade ISIS or even tactical nuclear warheads  being dropped on the first Abdul Kaboom to ride up in his white Toyota. If governments with the resources to protect one of the world’s great treasures allow it to fall into the hands of barbarians who might take it apart with bombs and bulldozers, that would be unforgiveable. Some things simply must be defended.