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War of the Buttons

By Mahons On January 3rd, 2018 at 1:55 pm

I doubt anyone could put out a satirical film like Dr. Strangelove these days as reality has long passed fiction.

The President has been tweeting that he has a bigger nuclear war button on his desk than the leader of North Korea (who had boasted of his). Nuclear war in the hands of such bickering children is not exactly comforting. Are we going to build a bomb shelter and make North Korea pay for it?

Is there anything the President might do or say that his core supporters would not back? It seems not. I think his revealing claim that he could shoot someone in the street and keep their loyalty was an astute analysis.


By David Vance On January 3rd, 2018 at 10:47 am

You may recall that Sadiq Khan was elected as Mayor of London promising to cut crime. So, let’s review how he has performed. Data from the Mayor of London’s Police and Crime Office  reveals a sharp uptick in violent crime in Khan’s first year.

  • From the years 2015/16 to 2016/17, homicides in London rose by 27.1 per cent.
  • Youth homicide jumped 70 per cent.
  • Serious youth violence was up 19 per cent.
  • Robbery was up 33.4 per cent, while home burglaries rose by 18.7 per cent.
  • Theft went up by over 10,000 incidents in a year, up 33.9 per cent, and there were more than 4,000 additional knife crime incidents under Khan than under his predecessor, a rise of 31.3 per cent.
  • Rape in the capital rose by 18.3 per cent, while there were 2,551 incidents of gun crime, representing a rise of 16.3 per cent on the previous year.

Great job, right?

But relax, the Metropolitan police have got their REAL priorities straight.

What can possibly go wrong?


By David Vance On January 3rd, 2018 at 10:10 am

Germany staggers into deeper trouble under the steely gaze of Merkel.

Social media sites face fines of £44million for failing to remove hate speech under tough new German laws. Sites with more than 2million users that fail to remove ‘obviously illegal’ posts within 24 hours will have to pay up under rules which are now being enforced. It comes after Beatrix von Storch, deputy leader of Germany’s far-right AfD party had her Twitter count suspended over an offensive message about Muslims – sparking a debate about freedom of speech.

Now, on the topic of Von Storch who had her Twitter account suspended and faces possible criminal charges – she tweeted that German women were the targets of groups of predatory Muslim men. Got that? Now – here is what happened in Berlin on New Years.

Seven people have been arrested over 10 suspected sexual harassment cases in Berlin, Germany’s capital, according to the Die Welt newspaper. The alleged sex attacks took place during a New Year’s Eve event at the iconic Brandenburg Gate, where hundreds of thousands gathered to celebrate, the paper said.

So, NO ONE can dispute that German women were sexually attacked as Ms Von Storch tweeted. The only issue is whether the culprits were Muslims. Given what we already KNOW, this seems highly likely. So the truth is Von Storch has been censored…. for speaking the truth.

From my own experience, I have had notifications from Twitter than some comments I have made that are critical of Merkel’s regime may be deemed unacceptable in…Germany.

Can you see where this is heading? A German Chancellor who will broke no criticism, who closes down free speech and who could not care less about the suffering of the German people….

Ten Months & Five Hours

By Mike Cunningham On January 3rd, 2018 at 9:44 am

Valentin Krzyzyk had been found not guilty of a single sexual assault charge by a jury majority verdict, but only after a ‘combination of errors’ saw no witnesses, and indeed no complainant, warned to appear on the trial’s first day. Seizing her chance, the defence barrister demanded that the CCTV which recorded the events in the nightclub be handed over, despite waiting to receive it automatically from the prosecution team for ten months. Once the video was screened, the jury was shown that, apart from a five-second interval when the camera was obscured, the accused Frenchman never touched, groped or assaulted the complainant in any fashion whatsoever. Indeed, the alleged victim was shown flicking her hair, and carrying on drinking.

The CPS and the Met. Police were both censured by the Judge, who stated:- I am entirely satisfied that there has been an unnecessary or improper act or omission in the failure on the part of the prosecution to warn any prosecution witnesses, including the complainant, in this allegation of sexual assault for the first day of the trial,’ the judge said.

‘Indeed, it is conceded on behalf of the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service that the cause of the failure was a combination of errors by the witness care unit to liaise with the officer in the case and the inaction of the CPS.’

The head of any Establishment Agency sets the tone and the manner in which it carries out its work. There have been too many failures to be just an off chance thing, and the fingers are pointing towards the top. It is the view of a growing number of people that Alison Saunders’ time as the boss of the CPS is numbered, and she should go before she is pushed!

The Book of Mormon

By Mahons On January 2nd, 2018 at 11:05 pm

83 year old Utah Republican Senator Orin Hatch has announced he will not run again for the Senate seat he has held since 1977. This clears the way for relatively new Utah homeowner Mitt Romney to run for the Senate in that state where he is very popular. Big name, own wealth, and most important in Utah – his Mormon faith.

Hatch, a Trump supporter, was facing high negatives and the Grim Reaper. The President urged him to run again (mostly to dodge the critical Mitt). It will be a highly charged race to see if Mitt could win and position himself for a third time is the charm run for the Presidency.

Amazing how sane and principled Mitt now appears in light of the present President. Even if he did not present possible primary challenge to the President he could frustrate that part of Trump’s agenda that he disagrees with. Interesting development.

Ce sera mon réveillon., he mused, holding the extinguisher!

By Mike Cunningham On January 2nd, 2018 at 2:09 pm

New Year’s Eve celebrations in France led to national outcry after footage of a female police officer being savagely attacked surfaced, among reports that over 1,000 cars were burned overnight and 510 arrests took place.

Only ‘over 1000 cars burned’!

Les Banlieus must do better than that, just to salvage their honour!


By David Vance On January 2nd, 2018 at 10:30 am

For many years, as regular readers of ATW can confirm, I have been a trenchant critic of the Mad Mullahs in Iran and their terrorist supporting theocratic thugocracy. Now it seems the Iranian people are rising up and demanding their freedoms – which would mean the END of the world’s first Islamic Republic (Est 1979) This is proving very difficult for some people. You see it appears that the Iranian people are …Islamophobic and with very good reason! At a time when western liberal women virtue signal the benefits of wearing a Hijab, Iranian women publicly tear their Hijabs off!

Hey Nike – this didn’t age well.

The likes of CNN and the BBC are trying to frame this as if it were about economic conditions. Utter rubbish. This is a people that have endured almost 4o years of Islamic suppression and they want to return to the freedoms enjoyed before the Ayatollahs.

Here is a picture posted by a Twitter friend of mine – she was born in Iran before moving to Australia. Can you guess which picture was taken BEFORE Khomeini came to power?

Here is what REAL feminisn looks like, btw,

That temple of moral depravity, the UN. remains mute on the human rights abuses being carried out by Rhouhani’s thugs against these innocent people, and other Iran shills like Obama and Kerry should be hanging THEIR heads in shame.

Northumbrian Water Customer survey

By Mike Cunningham On January 2nd, 2018 at 9:42 am



  1. Can you state your e-mail (research purposes only, of course)
  2. Please state age range you fit into. (HOW OLD ARE YOU?)
  3. Which gender do you associate with?

At that point, I left the survey, as I just don’t understand or accept the need or the purpose of the question! I am a man; my wife is a woman.

There are only two genders; male and female, and what does that question have to do with the supply of clean drinking water, and the competent removal of human waste for treatment of the foul water soiled by that same human waste; along with the safe treatment of the solids removed from the sewage effluent?



The Thaw of Iran?

By Mahons On January 2nd, 2018 at 2:26 am

Iran is not a nice place to live. Nice people live there, but their government is a theocratic nuthouse. Those of us who prefer our politicians to support their policies as God’s will take note. Recent days have seen protests in which at least a dozen folks have died.

It seems the current protest was started based on economic frustration as opposed to the political frustration that fueled the Green protests in 2009. Nonetheless, I expect the regime will crack down as it has in the past. A shame, as Iran’s population deserves better and hopefully one day will have better.

A Confused Pastor

By Patrick Van Roy On January 1st, 2018 at 7:20 pm

As Baltimore closes the year with more than 300+ murders a Pastor Blames the Police.  He does give some blame not ANY actually at all to the Animals running the streets, but he does give just a tad to the Black Community Leaders.

Some residents attribute the high murder rate to relaxed police patrols in the city following high-profile cases of police brutality. Officers have backed off in neighborhoods, like the one where Freddie Gray was arrested.

The Rev. Kinji Scott, a pastor in Baltimore who’s held positions in local city government, says the opposite needs to happen.

“We wanted the police there,” Scott says. “We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.”

I will go into what the good Pastor has to say below the fold……

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