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Schnitzel Haus Stands Up

By Phantom On August 10th, 2016 at 9:51 pm


The Schnitzel Haus is a popular German restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Good, simple German grub, really good German beer. A welcome part of the neigbborhood.

For the past ten years, there has been a signed photo of Donald Trump on the wall. In 2006, Trump wasn’t running for office. The restaurant was thrilled at the endorsement.

Fast forward to 2016. Trump is running for president, and lots of people don’t like him. Which is their right. But some of those people here have taken to demanding that the restaurant remove the Trump photo. They took to posting negative Yelp reviews on line, as a way of punishing the small business. Nice people, huh?

And about a week ago, the restaurant did cave to the pressure. They took the photo down

The matter was the subject of much debate on local chat rooms.

Well today, in a blow against intimidation the restaurant put the Trump photo right back on the wall, where hopefully it will stay up forever.

I don’t like Trump. I don’t like boycotts, intimidation, and thin skinned namby pambies even more. Long live the Schnitzel Haus.

Charles, meet me for dinner there when you visit NYC.


By David Vance On August 10th, 2016 at 9:08 pm

My debate this evening. Your thoughts? I think he thinks adultery is polygamy!!!


By David Vance On August 9th, 2016 at 5:03 pm

I’ll be appearing on RT News this evening to discuss this story. Have a read;

Following the introduction of civil partnerships, Muslim representatives in Italy are now demanding the legalisation of polygamy. Responding to a new law allowing same sex couples to enter civil unions, Hamza Piccardo argued that if gay relationships, which Muslims disagree with, are a civil right then Italians must accept polygamy as a civil right too.

Several points,

  1. Long time ATW readers will know that one reason that I am an opponent of the contortion of marriage to include anything other than one man and one woman is that it left open the road to polygamy. Muslims accommodated “gay marriage” on the basis it then gets to be there turn to contort marriage.
  2. That said, Polygamy is simply not part of our culture and if those from the Arab world miss it so then they should return to it.
  3. Same sex relationships being allowed to enter a civil union commands the support of the majority of public opinion in Italy. There is NO such support for polygamy. Muslims need to respect the culture they have entered.

Any feedback appreciated. I will be on SKY Channel 512 at 8pm.


By David Vance On August 9th, 2016 at 3:29 pm

Well then, the Rio Olympics have commenced and with them an outbreak of curious prudery! Helen Skelton is the BBC presenter covering the swimming gala. She appeared in what some thought was a “too short” skirt on the first night. Since then, her wardrobe has been a-changing, from right to left.


I am wondering how long before she covers the swimming dressed as this!


WHY should see cover up and WHO is demanding it?


By David Vance On August 9th, 2016 at 3:23 pm

There is a globalist movement to essentially remove borders. I do believe that John Kerr criticized Republican nominee Donald Trump’s foreign policy agenda during a commencement speech at Northeastern University by saying that international barriers are “nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past.”

Barriers? Oh – he clarified.

“The future demands from us something more than a nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past that did not really exist in any case,” he added. “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world.”

Dog whistling. If you don’t have borders then you don’t have countries. If you don’t have countries then must expect many more things like this…

More than 200 migrants forced their way across the Italian-French border and into the town of Menton.  Helping them sneak into the country was a group called No Borders, whose members have been at the centre of shocking scenes of violence in Calais. The anarchists accompanied the mob of migrants in the face of a heavy police presence.  In an attempt to remain anonymous the troupe wore black balaclavas, and after at least four were arrested, officers discovered three of them, all French nationals, were armed with bats and knives.

I holidayed in Mento for three consecutive summers. It’s a lovely old town just on the edge of the Italian border. But if there is no border it’s just another land mass – awaiting occupation by these fine people.MuslimsInMenton

Great Speech

By The Troll On August 9th, 2016 at 12:11 am

take the time to watch it

Words worth Listening to

By The Troll On August 8th, 2016 at 12:30 am

What Rudy talks about here is the nuts and bolts of what Hillary has to worry about. 95% of Americans are Law abiding citizens. There are terrorist shootings every week in Europe. Chicago, NY, LA, Philly, Balt, all have had major crime hikes as has the little towns across America. Plus the Border cities are on Fire. If She loses what Rudy’s talking about is why she will lose if she does.

The Democrats have rejected Law and Order and Embraced Those that advocate the Death of Cops. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, and Communist all want to feel safe in their streets. They no longer do. PERIOD!

Meet the New Boss , the Same as the Old Boss

By The Troll On August 7th, 2016 at 1:25 pm

I posted the song a week or two ago because what was happening was more than obvious. When Trumps campaign was taken over by a large portion of the team that worked for Bob Dole the writing was on the wall.

It still took a little more time, a couple of rigged pols and few more public renouncement’s by elected Party members, but Trump made his pact with the inside the Beltway Republicans. His Full Throated  endorsement of both Paul Ryan and John The Traitor McCain was the public pound of flesh and the seal on whatever deal has been struck.

Both Ryan ans McCain were in Primary challenges, both struggling.  Ryan more than likely would have pulled it off but McCain was the walking Dead. In the last two weeks the Party shifted it’s internal attacks off of Trump and turned them against the Conservatives. The Party is trying for a quiet Purge.

The only question that remains is IF Trump wins who will all this backfire on?

My money says the Establishment still gets screwed, but it will take two years till the followup Election.


By David Vance On August 7th, 2016 at 10:11 am

Well then, yesterday saw the annual “Gay Pride” parade in Belfast. At last the BBC have found ONE parade through our streets that they approve of! My own view of these Parades remains the same. I respect the right of people to public assembly in pursuance of whatever their views are. I wish Gay people well in whatever they do, and most certainly want to see them safe from any form of bullying!

That said, why do they feel the need to publicly traipse their sexual preference through our streets? I think it is vulgar.It would be equally vulgar if we had “Straight Pride”. Surely sexual preference is a private concern?

The other aspect of it which concerns me is that increasing attendance of young children at these events. Is it REALLY appropriate to have kids watching this overt celebration of sexuality? These concerns are swept under the table as Gay Pride becomes a central feature of our society. We may live to regret it.


By David Vance On August 7th, 2016 at 9:51 am

Let’s cut to the chase. Many people struggle with mental illness yet have constructive and happy lives. They cope with it, they get on with it. We can all admire their fortitude and endeavour. However we now face a situation across the West where every time we witness an obvious act of terror by radical Islamists the authorities and media trot out the “suffering from mental illness” line, even as the culprits shout Allahu Akbar. This is SUCH an insult to those who suffer genuine mental illness in my book.

Now we COULD argue that to be an Islamist IS a form of mental illness but that’s not the media game. They are seeking to sanitise evil acts lest we come to the conclusion that there is a REAL danger amongst it and it’s called Islam.

I covered the jihad knife terror a few days ago. The Police were INSISTENT that this was a case of “mental illness” and that the killer, Zakaria Bulhan, had NO terror connections. This was repeated by an obliging media and the case was effectively reduced to one of street crime.

Except it wasn’t that simple.

In the past few days, on the social networks, the following facts have been revealed.

Heat Street has found evidence that a person using the same name – Zakaria Bulhan – has listed at least one book advocating violent jihadism in their personal account on the Good Reads website since 2014.

Update: An exhaustive search of UK records by Heat Street shows there appears to be only one person in the whole of Britain with the name Zakaria Bulhan. He is registered as living at an address in Tooting, South London.

It is a near-certainty that this is the same person arrested by police and said to have “no links” to terrorism, but merely to be mentally ill.

Between January 2014 and September 2015, Zakaria Bulhan flagged up on Good Reads three books on Islam and Islamist theology as texts they intended to read. The most interesting, and the one that shows that at the age of 17 this person was at the very least exploring a book which is very clear on urging violent jihadism as a duty of Muslims, is Riyad-us-Saliheen, a 13th century text.

Meanwhile, in Belgium, this…

A crazed man hacked at a policewoman’s face with a machete and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before turning on another officer just seconds before a third cop shot him dead in a suspected terror attack.

Meanwhile, in Italy….

One can argue that these demented people DO suffer from mental illness. One can argue that they are being manipulated by others to carry out such acts. But one cannot distance them from the fact they carry out their terrorism in the name of Islam.  It is Jihad and trying to redefine it is cowardly.