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So you’re planning your honeymoon?

By Mike Cunningham On September 13th, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Great, so you are thinking of Cuba? Fair enough, so are thousands of others, tourists, holiday makers, no worries? You ignore the fact that the brutal Castro Communist Regime rules the island with a velvet glove concealing the Iron Fist within; because the urge to lie in the sun on a cheapo holiday overwrites all possible scruples against the forty years of a terror-wielding bunch of Communist thugs?

So you make all the arrangements, the white dress (Like a Virgin, eh?); the wedding service in a church which you have probably never visited since being baptised, the super-duper spread in the hotel or fancy stately-home of your choice,,,,and all the rest! You did check out the Weather where you plan your dream honeymoon? Of course you did, you aren’t daft! You just missed the warnings that, at this time of the year, there just might be what is known around the Caribbean as ‘The Big Wind’? Of course you missed those warnings, printed categorically in every advisory from every Island in the whole Caribbean and America.

So you fly in just as what will become Hurricane Irma heats up into a small circle of death out in the Atlantic. Charlotte and Ricky Goffe were in Varadero when Irma skated past, where Cuba only felt the lash of 120 m.p.h. Hurricane-force winds, and the tons of rain deposited; as Irma passed by on her route towards Florida.  The couple, who had married in Britain a week earlier, slept on the bathroom floor when the storm hit their hotel and  son Jason was in the bath lined with pillows and blankets.

Mrs Goffe, who is from Solihull, posted photographs of their battered resort in Varadero and said Thomas Cook should be ‘ashamed’.

In a message on their Facebook page she added: ‘Thomas Cook your “crisis” staff have been terrible. One rep at our initial hotel popped in for 5 minutes to tell us “it would all be ok” and to have a nice day then left as it was his day off’.

Describing the ‘worst 24 hours of her life’ when Irma hit Cuba she said: ‘We spent the evening sleeping on the floor in the bathroom of a room where we had already seen 2 cockroaches as the hurricane lashed down. The situation has been handled so poorly by Thomas Cook’.

2 Cockroaches eh! The End of the World is, indeed, Nigh!

They do not even know how to spell ‘unbiased’,…

By Mike Cunningham On September 13th, 2017 at 11:26 am

…..never mind to understand or define what it means.


Readers are asked to recall or remember four things which all these countries have in common:-

  • They are all a combination of States lead by autocrats, dictators or royalty backed by massive military forces
  • They are all Muslim-religion dominated States
  • They are all members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
  • Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (An organisation which seems to have exceeded the bounds of satire)

All these characters have strongly condemned the Burmese actions towards the Rohingya people, all of whom are peaceful Muslims (or so they say). The leaders of Turkey, Pakistan and Iran, (Strong outposts of Democracy all, naturally) were among the signatories.

The same bunch released their Tenth Report on Islamophobia. Listing in great detail the huge rise in ‘Islamophobia’, as well as ‘hate Crimes’ against muslims: but, strangely enough, do not list the thousands of the victims of Muslim terror attacks listed as such by the authorities, reluctant as they are to state, categorically, what every ordinary person has known about for decades. They just cannot accept that the protesters might; just might: have a point. Page after page details instances of Hate crimes against Muslims, and of almost institutionalised Islamophobia in both America and in Europe. Of the actual terror attacks by Muslims against both their own, as well as the rest of the world………ZERO!

My own response to the Report? Aw Diddums!


By Pete Moore On September 12th, 2017 at 8:41 pm

THE BBC/Labour alliance is forever banging on about how poorly state employees are paid. They were at it all day, yet again, today. It’s nonsense of course, but commies are so insular they never even notice those who ultimately funds everyone’s wages.  The reality is that the parasites have ever had it so good –


By Pete Moore On September 12th, 2017 at 6:49 pm

I SEE that he “liked” a naughty film on twitter. (Sure Ted, it was a staffer.)

Chortles all round no doubt. What happens next depends on the content, but if it was anything gay or underage then he’s in the clear with liberals.


By Pete Moore On September 12th, 2017 at 6:12 pm

FIVE minutes this takes. Five minutes into a world of truth –

Commies have long been on the case of the British Empire. But they have the freedom to do that, thanks to our magnificent, buccaneering forebears. They’re still wrong, but when didn’t the Left lie?

Look at most of the lands which were coloured pink. Now compare to those unfortunate places never to feel the beneficial embrace of the Pax Britannica. It’s like chalk and cheese. So let’s be clear: the British Empire is the greatest thing that ever happened to an undeserving world.

I am Music, who with sweet accents

By Mike Cunningham On September 12th, 2017 at 2:22 pm

My wife, when she was still sound of limb and mind; used to accuse me of giving preference to classical music over my family. I will admit that to queue for four hours in the rain outside a booking office (this being in 1970) before heading on to work might seem, to some, to be just a tad over enthusiastic; but in reply I said that we did get the tickets we wanted, there were over four hundred other people in the queue, and I wasn’t first in line. My life has been lived with the rarest of accompaniments, my mind has been filled with glorious sounds. Even in the darkest hours of our marriage, when parted by an illness which knows no cause or cure; we had, besides our children and our love for one another; a shared wonder at what the mind of Man can produce. As anyone who reads my words can maybe understand; classical music has been, to my wife and myself; a soothing sensory balm which can overcome mountains. Those sounds have been a small part of the whole which has sustained us so that we can celebrate fifty years of marriage in 26 days time.

But enough of us,  Cunningham!

I write of a desire, from musicians both unknown and famous, as well as many others who claim an affinity with music in the Classical sphere, for a brand-new Concert Hall, to be known as the Centre for Music, whose sole purpose, as far as I can tell, is to provide a place in which Sir Simon Rattle will get the London Symphony Orchestra to make music. The previous Chancellor, along with Boris Johnson, pushed this scheme for all their worth; inclusive of the words ‘but its only £278 million!’

The ‘great and the good’ having been thwarted of their ‘Bridge over Troubled Waters’ by the sensible decision of London’s Mayor to state ‘enough is definitely enough’ after the spending of £39 millions of public money by his predecessor, but before a single penny of the promised sponsorship funds appeared; have moved away from their desire to commune with Nature whilst walking over a bridge with toll gates and time slots; and aimed instead at ‘Culture’, in the proposed form of the ‘Centre for Music’. They have persuaded the City of London to cough up some £4 millions so that the ‘Business Case for the Centre’ may be completed; and presented the Government in the hope that their minds may be changed. With the completion of the ‘Business Case’, they hope to change the Government’s mind, and get started on the Centre for Music.

 I have a great admiration for the musical talents of Sir Simon; I was present when the Birmingham Symphony played at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff, and it was a revelation to watch and hear an orchestra playing as one, with deep feeling and perfect timing; conducted by the Maestro himself.

We have a world-class concert venue in the Sage Centre in Gateshead, there are many other centres where music, of all types, definitions and character can be enjoyed. But, and it is a big ‘but’ of which I write, surely we have many more pressing things which must be attended to before a massive concert hall, music and rehearsal rooms included, can be built so that Sir Simon can create his own magic inside that hall. London holds many concert halls, large and small, and if Sir Simon doesn’t like the Barbican, base of the LSO for now, maybe he can get the acoustics corrected to his taste by means of computer studies; or he can drum up the balance of the cash himself to build his dream; after all, its only £278,000,000: chicken feed to his mates in the City, the über-rich, and the hedge funds, and we can allow our wonderful, caring Governments to throw our cash away in DFID projects all across the globe.

The day Ends

By The Troll On September 12th, 2017 at 1:42 am

Not a delightful day, an anniversary of a horror committed by Animals, and then to be filled with the conspiratorial ramblings of the deficient and insane…. well you can’t fix stupid and that’s why the insane are called insane. No matter what you say, they will always be in that grassy knoll.

Well if they can live in fantasy Land so can I

In my fantasy Liberals actually have values, they are still nuts but they understood the underlying value they would be to the world if they actually practiced what they preached.

This Fantasy, this “Decent” Liberal does have an example model….. Ladies and Gentleman…. I give you Alan Shore defending a homeless man of Cannibalism.

I really appreciate a good read, …..

By Mike Cunningham On September 11th, 2017 at 11:24 pm

….Especially when the writer has researched, and knows she has identified the enemy!

As Ruth Dudley Edwards so markedly observes:-

“Sinn Fein/IRA is a cancer, a malignant growth on the island of Ireland.”


By Pete Moore On September 11th, 2017 at 7:09 pm

TOUGH times bring out the best in some people. Some others don’t have a best.

That’s Miami, but following Irma, the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten has descended into a lawless hole. It’s a reminder that urban primitives are people best avoided. This is barbarism held in check only by stronger, more civilised forces. Remove those forces and it’s back to the Stone Age at light speed.


By The Troll On September 11th, 2017 at 12:05 pm

Two great Posts below, one from the heart and one simply good. Here is my contribution.

This is how most people experienced that day. Glued to their televisions watching in Horror.