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By David Vance On April 14th, 2016 at 4:41 pm

Did this amuse you?

U2 frontman Bono has suggested that comedy should be used to fight extremist groups. 

In testimony before a Senate subcommittee at Capitol Hill, the musician called on members to take swift action to deal with the global refugee crisis and terrorism. “It’s like, you speak violence, you speak their language. But you laugh at them when they are goose-stepping down the street and it takes away their power,” he said.

I see. So the Nazis were trounced in WW2 by people laughing at them,  as opposed to bombing them? Islamic State will collapse because of comedy?

Has he had a blow to the head?


By Pete Moore On April 13th, 2016 at 9:47 pm

IS CORBYN doing this deliberately? To give me a hernia? The Richfinder General should have had the best week of his comedy leadership stint, what with every Prime Ministerial penny coming under scrutiny. Instead, he keeps taking out that blundernuss and shooting his feet off.

Having been asked by no-one to release his tax return, he proudly stated this is exacty what he’ll do. And he did, after searching a week for it. Whereupon we discovered he was a tax-dodger (not that tax-dodging isn’t an admiral thing) who was fined for submitting it late.

Then we found out he’s a tax dodger who failed to declare his state pension on his tattered, stained tax return. And now it’s happened again, and again

Jeremy Corbyn failed to declare a third pension on his HMRC tax form, it has emerged, as he refused to disclose documents regarding his full tax declaration last night.

Three income streams! What a tax-dodging tramp. And what a socialist too. He admitted that after 33 years in the House of Commons, on an MPs rich pickings, he has no savings. He’s such a socialist he’s even run out of his own money.


By The Troll On April 13th, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Holier than thou U2r Bono was at Congress begging for American Aid.

Bono drew a bleak picture as he described the flood of people fleeing their homes in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The human torrent threatens the very idea of European unity, he said, as he urged lawmakers to think of foreign aid as national security instead of charity.

Wearing his trademark rose-tinted glasses, Bono said members of Congress need to confront an “existential threat” to Europe that hasn’t been seen since the 1940s.

Now there are points I agree with him.  It is an “existential threat” to Europe, so why is it our Problem?  Why should the US have to expend our Wealth for a situation that You created.?

And this is a situation that you created. The US gets the blame for the woes of the world, why?

Ok whether you like the politics of it or not. The US got attacked on 9/11. We responded, arguing over the why’s and wherefores is irrelevant. Now we’ve pulled out completely.  Whether good or bad is irrelevant.

The situation is YOUR nations are being flooded by hostile immigrants. What have you done to prevent this? Nothing that I can see, just the opposite. You turned the Laws of your Countries over to a select group that you do not have any control over, and who do not have your interests as a concern.

You’ve elected and reelected Governments that have both encouraged this transference of power, while at the same time have facilitated large communities of these hostile immigrants in the hearts of your communities. You brought this on yourselves.

So tell me why should the US help you?


By Pete Moore On April 12th, 2016 at 7:08 pm

WHAT? Reports the Standard:

BBC journalists are threatening to strike over their evening meal allowance, which may be cut from £16 to £10.

Currently staff can claim up to £16 for a meal on expenses, which are paid from licence fees, every time they work a late shift.

Sixteen quid?! Funny that, when I do a bit of overtime I take “an extra sandwich”. And it doesn’t cost me or any other sucker 16 bloody quid.

Their meals don’t cost me anything either, nor the bottle of plonk which must come with it, because I still have too much respect for myself to pay for the State’s permission to own a TV. Not now, not ever.

Sixteen bloody quid. And you go to prison if you refuse. (But only if you ‘fess up.) Just remember that the next time some overweight BBC correspondent bleats on about heartless capitalists.


By Pete Moore On April 12th, 2016 at 6:54 pm

As if we didn’t know

THE BBC is jubilant at the “news” that crony global debt gangster, the IMF, has warned that Brexit “could cause “severe regional and global damage”. Yeah, and it could cause tsunamis, earthquakes and plagues, but it won’t.

Since the IMF is wrong about everything, our conviction that Brexit would be great is confirmed.

It’s really just an EU-aligned bureaucracy with a remit to “foster global monetary cooperation”. The surprise then would be if the IMF, a creature of the global state/banking nexus, came out in favour of Brexit. Also, as Guido points out, the Chancellor strongly lobbied for Christine Lagarde to head up the IMF. Have a little payback, Gideon. By the way, she faces serious charges in France in relation to mega-million fraud.

The last time we (though apparently not the BBC) heard about the IMF was last week, when wikileaks revealed an IMF plan to destabilise Greece (even further) and Europe. Apparently now Brexit has them worried.

I sincerely hope so, because what’s bad for them is bound to be good for most other people.


By David Vance On April 11th, 2016 at 8:46 pm


First it was “The Boss” showing us his hungry heart.

Bruce Springsteen on Friday cancelled an upcoming concert in North Carolina because of a controversial anti-LGBT law that critics say legalizes discrimination. Springsteen was scheduled to perform on Sunday in Greensboro, but said he was cancelling the show because he and the E Street Band “want to show solidarity for those freedom fighters” protesting against the law. “To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress,” Springsteen said in a statement.

And the ‘FREEDOM” being fought for?

Under the law, all public institutions must post signs designating that bathrooms and locker rooms are to be used only based on biological sex.

It’s an outrage, I say. How DARE the authorities expect men to use the men’s bathroom? Yes?

I now see that “Summer of ’69” rocker Bryan Adams has joined in the fun.

Bryan Adams has canceled his Thursday performance in Biloxi, Mississippi, in protest over the state’s new law that allows religious groups and some private businesses to refuse service to gay couples.

Supporters of the law known as HB1523 argue it offers protection for Christians who adhere to tradition christian values.

Given the highly principled stand of Springsteen and Adams, I am sure they have ensured that they do not take commercial advantage of downloads or CD sales of their catalogue in the Muslim world?


By David Vance On April 11th, 2016 at 8:27 pm

The great thing about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is that he just keeps on giving. As Pete points out below, Corbyn firstly couldn’t find his tax return and then it transpires that he was fined because he was late in submitting it. However, the fun keeps going…

“What isn’t disclosed is that in previous years Corbyn made a significant amount of income from offshore sources. In the last few years he declared £5,000 in payments from Press TV, the Iranian state television channel, and another £5,000 from Al-Jazeera, the Doha-based Qatar-backed channel. Not to mention junkets to the Middle East, South America and elsewhere worth tens of thousands paid for by foreign governments. The corporate tax rate in Qatar is just 10%…”

Let me be clear. I could not care less about the tax returns of ANY politician. This only allows these bozos to virtue signal. What REALLY matters is how they waste OUR taxes!


By Pete Moore On April 11th, 2016 at 7:22 pm

I TOLD YOU. I told that Jeremy Corbyn, as Leader of Her Majesty’s Disloyal Opposition, will be the greatest comedy act around. And I was right. Every day is another day of disaster for the Labour rabble with him at the helm.

The Prime Minister has been on the rack over the completely fake “outrage” of his taxes. (He did nothing wrong or illegal.) Six days ago Corbyn weighed in by demanding a HMRC investigation into the Cameron family taxes, while also declaring about himself: “There is no problem with my tax affairs.”

Oh but there was a problem. His promised release of his tax return (spit) was held over for nearly a week because he couldn’t find it. Which comes as no surprise. He’s a shambles and dresses like a tramp. Can you imagine the state his home must be in? I reckon it’s as much a mess as he is.


Well he stumbled across the tax return, probably under a pile of old Marxism Todays and vegetarian pizza boxes, and today it was released, and we find out he was fined a hundred quid for submitting it late! HA HA HA HA

That makes Corbyn a tax evader and a self-declared criminal in my book. Cameron’s as clean as a whistle while Comrade Corbyn was hiding a tidy pile under his smelly mattress. Oh, and that tedious old windbag Dennis Skinner was thrown out of the Commons today for insulting the PM. This is such a glorious reign. Please, just let it continue for a few more months.


By Pete Moore On April 10th, 2016 at 8:20 pm

THE welcome plaque at the European Parliament’s Visitor Centre:


(Lord Lothian must have been quite some moron, to state that national sovereignty was the root cause of the most crying evils of his time, when Stalinism was at its height.)

The EU has never made any secret of its purpose. That is, to abolish nation states in favour of one continental mega-state. It’s only in the UK that it’s been viewed (and deliberately skewed) as a club of seperate members, pooling sovereignty for economic ends. This view has always been a fairy tale. So Leo McKinstry is right when he describes the EU as “a federalist monster that will not stop until nations are abolished”, but he’s stating the glaringly obvious too.

Remainders want us to think that escaping the EU yoke is the radical choice. When the simple truth is understood, it’s obvious that the radical choice is to abolish your heritage, birthright and country by staying in.

An Enjoyable Series

By The Troll On April 10th, 2016 at 5:06 pm

I just finished watching the 2nd Season of the Netflix Series Dare Devil.  It is a dark morality play that takes place in the Comic Book Universe, although these aren’t the comic books of our youth.  Dare Devil is a blind Lawyer in Hells Kitchen whose blindness gave him senses as he lost his sight. He does not have any super powers per say, he can’t fly or have super strength anything like that. The old subtitle of the comic books was “The Man with No Fear”.

He’s a Catholic, and a lot of the story line is influenced by Catholic Guilt. His refusal to kill played very heavy in the Second Season with the other main character being Frank Castle The Punisher.  The Punisher just kills the bad guys with Extreme Prejudice.

The writing of the Series is excellent. There are a million subplots and a million subtleties with well fleshed out characters that twist you through a multitude of emotions. The second series was even better and more complex than the first.

This is not a Family show don’t know what the rating is, but I would put it at an R. Don’t watch with young children.

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