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By David Vance On August 20th, 2015 at 5:40 pm

I was sorry to read this news.

Jimmy Carter has said cancer that was first discovered as a tumour on his liver is also on his brain, and he will undergo radiotherapy.

The former US president said at a news conference, in his first public remarks since his diagnosis, that he will undergo the first treatment straight away. He also said he will cut back “fairly dramatically” on his work at the Carter Centre foundation.

Mr Carter said a tumour showed up on an MRI scan after he sought treatment at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. He said he first felt sick while he was in Guyana in May to monitor an election. He added that he underwent surgery to remove the tumour on his liver on August 3.

Mr Carter said: “I get my first radiation treatment for the melanoma in my brain this afternoon.” Wearing a dark blazer, red tie and jeans and surrounded by friends and family, he said at first he thought the cancer was confined to his liver and that the operation he had earlier this month had completely removed it, “so I was quite relieved”. But that same afternoon, the MRI showed it was on his brain.

“I just thought I had a few weeks left, but I was surprisingly at ease. I’ve had a wonderful life,” the 90-year-old said.

Having lost my brother-in-law to brain cancer in May, I can fully appreciate the agonies the Carter family will go through. The only consolation is that he has lived to 90 and seems at ease with what will become the inevitable. God bless him and his family at this time.


By David Vance On August 20th, 2015 at 5:31 pm

Wonder what you make of this from Morrissey?

Morrissey has courted controversy once more by declaring that suicide is ‘admirable’ in his first on-screen interview in 10 years. The singer made the dark statement in an interview with Larry King for Larry King Now on Wednesday, which addressed politics, mental health, and his battle with esophageal cancer.

Addressing his own battle with depression, the 56-year-old said ‘everyone has thought about’ suicide but only a few ‘take control’ to escape the ‘silliness’ and those individuals are ‘admirable’.

I disagree. I think that suicide is desperation, it may be the product of distressed circumstances, but it is not in any way, “admirable’. Those people who take the drastic step of taking their own life can be sympathised with, along with their family but let’s not set it up as a role model.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3203963/It-s-admirable-Morrissey-courts-controversy-applauding-SUICIDE-bizarre-interview-Larry-King.html#ixzz3jNDEYp8m
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By David Vance On August 20th, 2015 at 5:21 pm



Police say they believe Provisional IRA members were involved in the murder of Kevin McGuigan Sr in east Belfast. Police say the organisation called Action Against Drugs, whose members include members of PIRA, were responsible. Mr McGuigan Sr, 53, was murdered at his home in east Belfast last week.  Det Supt Kevin Geddes said a major line of inquiry was that members of PIRA were involved.

How inconvenient. So, the killers were Provos. No ifs or buts.

Just watch how this one gets sanitised. For starters we have the ludicrous “Direct Action against Drugs” heading. This group was set up BY the IRA and the nom de plume means nothing.

Where did the Provos who killed McGuigan get their weapons? Who authorised it? How come we have armed IRA killers active almost 20 years after “peace”?

I’ll give you the truth. The IRA never “went away”. Some of their leaders swapped their balaclavas for Armani suits and posturing at Stormont but the foot soldiers simply melted into the background, often as “community workers’. They have been killing throughout the years as the next of kin of Robert McCartney and Paul Quinn can testify. But in order to keep the “peace” it is vital that justice is evaded. This is what will now happen with the IRA killers behind this murder.

I was just standing there, and this woman came up and propositioned me; honest!

By Mike Cunningham On August 20th, 2015 at 12:14 pm

 Michelle Thomson, a newly-elected SNP MP, also found her details had been published, but said a hacker had used an old email address of hers to access the site, and she had never visited the website herself.

• Ashley Madison addresses released by hackers
Among them are 124 civil servants, 92 Ministry of Defence staff, around 50 police officers, 56 NHS workers, 65 local education and school staff and 1,716 people at universities and further education colleges.

In some cases staff appear to have used work email accounts to access the site, but many other users claim their identities have been stolen and that they have never used Ashley Madison, raising the question of how their details were so easily obtained by others.

Seems as though there has been a great many easily-obtained passwords; or perhaps the alternative, which is that they have been caught, not exactly compromised, but certainly with a great deal of explaining forthcoming to family, alleged loved-ones,………?

Not exactly cheering on a bunch of hackers, but they certainly knew how to get maximum publicity for their cause!



By David Vance On August 20th, 2015 at 11:25 am

Gay activists never cease in their legal quest to transmogrify the religious institution of marriage. Get this;

A gay couple are to challenge the ban in the High Court as they argue that it discriminates against their Christian beliefs.

The men were married in London last September but when they returned to Northern Ireland, where they live and work, their marriage was only recognised as a civil partnership.

The couple, who cannot be named, are now trying to get their marriage recognised in their home region as they say that the current legislation infringes on their religious rights. Despite being together for some time, they chose not to have a civil partnership ceremony because it has no religious significance, and went to London for their wedding in September after same-sex marriage was introduced in England.

Here’s the problem. Gay marriage is antithetical to Christian values. The Bible plainly makes it clear that marriage is the union of ONE man and ONE woman for the purpose of having a family. I wonder where these guys get the idea that they are denied their “religious” beliefs when in fact that which they wish is the opposite of their religion?



By David Vance On August 20th, 2015 at 11:19 am

I see that Denmark is taking a strong stand on immigration. It is criminalising those who oppose it.

Tuesday was a bumper day for the enforcers of multiculturalism in Denmark, as a People’s Party politician was handed a hefty fine for being disobliging about Muslim immigration, and another man was arrested for comments made about a mosque fire in Copenhagen.


Veteran politician Mogens Camre, former member of the Danish parliament and European Parliament for the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkpartei, DF) was convicted of racism offences handed a £750 fine on Tuesday.

The conviction came after he made a tweet in 2014 lamenting the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe caused by the immigration of religiously intolerant Muslims.

Writing in July of that year, he wrote “Regarding the Jews’ situation in Europe: The Muslims are continuing where Hitler left off. Only the same treatment Hitler received will change the situation… forces in the Islamic world who threaten non-Muslims should be fought like Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and Gadaffi were”.

Well, I really don’t believe it is possible to be racist about Islam since it is religion, not a race. I don’t think his comments re Hitler were that helpful but have the Danish police NOTHING better than this?



By David Vance On August 20th, 2015 at 11:09 am

It’s not that long ago since the SNP were trying to claim that Scotland would be revelling in oil revenues based on a yummy $110 a barrel pricing. This would ensure their independence would be ..coughs …”fully funded”. So… this…..



Oil drops to $40!! Hahaha.


By David Vance On August 20th, 2015 at 11:05 am

I always find Mark Steyn such a sensible voice and he continues to talk plain common sense. Here is on the topic of WHY Trump is doing so well. Some great one-liners.


By Patty On August 19th, 2015 at 7:27 pm

Nay. Butchery, by any other name.

YouTube Preview Image

From Breitbart:

‘“In the latest video produced by the Center for Medical Progress, Holly O’Donnell describes a medical technician using scissors to cut through the face of a newly aborted but nearly fully developed baby boy at a Planned Parenthood facility so that his intact brain could be extracted.
O’Donnell says that the technician could also make the boy’s heart beat.”

In case you hoped this issue was just going to go away, it’s not.


By Pete Moore On August 19th, 2015 at 5:41 pm

This is what happens when government central planners lay down targets and “plan” things, like further education:

Number of graduates entering low-skilled jobs ‘at saturation point’

Six in ten university graduates in the UK are too qualified for the jobs they are doing because of a shortage in high-skilled vacancies

Well that was a waste of three/four years and thousands of pounds for tens of thousands of graduates each year. In the meantime:

Shortage of brickies, carpenters and plasterers forcing building companies to turn down work

Two-thirds of British builders have had to turn down work because they don’t have enough skilled tradesmen, a survey has found

Now this is a government-planned disaster come to perfection. For years it’s had targets for the number of undergrads going to university. It’s incentivised the scam by forcing tax-victims to subsidise course fees and low-interest student loans, half of which are never repaid. The effect is to inflate course fees, which the universities love of course, but then they profit hugely from the scam of further education.

In the end we have a labour market which is so unbalanced that tens of thousands of graduates each year are over qualified for the jobs they end up doing, while there are so few skilled tradesmen that not even the influx of foreign labour can fill the void. (And, of course, part of the demand is fulled by ultra low interest rates.)

The only solution is for a fully free market in further education and training. It’s too important to allow government any hand.