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By David Vance On March 15th, 2015 at 10:53 am

Seen this?

A Labour MP is to repay expenses after claiming the cost of a poppy wreath to honour the war dead on Remembrance Day.

Sarah Champion admitted the claim ‘should never have been made’ and will return the £17 to the expenses watchdog this week. The MP, who was the star of a documentary about life in the Commons, billed the taxpayer for the tribute last November.

The fact that she only thinks this was WRONG after it was EXPOSED says it all.


By David Vance On March 15th, 2015 at 10:48 am


Billy Bragg, singer songwriter. Russell Brand. Comedian and political thinker.

Both proud socialists.

But after a hard day’s socialising, they can always look forward to going home and having a well deserved rest. Billy’s pad is on the left, and one of Russell’s on the right.




By David Vance On March 15th, 2015 at 10:43 am


For the Democrats

By The Troll On March 14th, 2015 at 8:53 pm

It’s Not the E-Mails, It’s the Corruption: Congress Has to Find All the Facts

March 11, 2015
Newt Gingrich

hillary2016Hillary Clinton held her first press conference in years yesterday to address a few of the questions everyone wants to ask about her emails. But the focus on Clinton’s emails misses the larger and more dangerous scandal, of which the private server is only a symptom.

The poorly-defended personal server in her closet, her use of a personal email account for all of her official business, her unilateral decision to erase more than 30,000 emails, her narrow definition of “official” as emails sent to U.S. federal government addresses (when several of her top aides also used personal email accounts) – are all outrageous, yes. But none of these go to the heart of the Clinton scandal.

The key fact is that a former president of the United States and his wife, a U.S. senator, then Secretary of State and always a possible future president, have raised nearly $2 billion dollars–a significant part of it from foreign governments–for their family foundation.

That figure actually understates the total amount of money flowing through the Clinton empire since they left the White House. There have been extraordinarily highly paid speeches and consulting gigs. There have been extraordinarily large book advances (the most recent of which almost certainly did not earn back the advance). There have been expensive trips on private planes and yachts to stay at private mansions.

The IRS has investigated churches and Tea Party groups run by grandmothers to determine the extent of their political activities. The FBI has investigated Republican governors for corruption or abuse of office on the most tenuous grounds.

Yet apparently neither has any interest in the $2 billion raised for the personal foundation of America’s most prominent political family.

Given the national security issues at stake–and the national security consequences that may already have occurred–Congress needs to look at questions much larger than Hillary’s email. It needs to look at the Clinton Foundation’s income and expenditures. Because the Clintons didn’t just raise $2 billion. They also spent $2 billion.

Who gave the money is one question.

Who got the money is another question.

Whom did they favor with their largesse? What personal business transactions occurred parallel to foundation activities?

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By Pete Moore On March 14th, 2015 at 8:02 pm

There’s no doubt Syrian president Assad is not the kind of man you want heading the government where you live – let’s be clear about that. But since we’re curious about the world, we want to know actual facts and not made up stories. On this, the great Justin Raimondo brings us a heads up:

The US State Department has announced their latest round of “non-lethal aid” for Syrian rebels, and while couched as an attempt to “support the Syrian opposition,” much of the money is going to pet projects to try to rile up international support against the Assad government.

$15 million of the funding is going to go to journalists and opposition figures “to support documentation of war crimes, human rights violations, and other Syrian government abuses.”

(Incidentally, this brings the total amount of American tax-victims’ dollars sunk into the murky world of Syrian opposition groups to $400 million since 2011.)

Everything has an economic angle. This is the economics of the State Department’s latest propaganda wheeze: It has walked into the journalistic market place, waving around $15 million, the demand being for particular anti-Assad stories. Supply will always match demand, so we can be sure that the stories will materialise. There’s no doubt that Assad’s regime has done and will continue to do bad things. However, stories will emerge regardless of truth. Even if his regime turns pure, the stories will emerge because big bucks demand them. They will be published, because the State Department needs to clear its budget and deliver.

So be mindful of this when you read about Assad in the press.

The Sodomite’s Charter

By Mike Cunningham On March 14th, 2015 at 10:50 am

A copy of a letter sent to three of our local newspapers.

It is a subject upon which I have strong views.

For the attention of the Editor

Dear Sir,

As the British General Election is just around the corner, I would take this opportunity to remind your readers what has been abolished, ‘IN YOUR NAME’, by the ghastly Tory/Lib-Dim coalition, aided by the fellow-travellers of the Labour Party. The voters of Britain, barring Northern Ireland of course, have had their Marriages abolished by the Tories, Labour and of course the simpering Lib-Dims, and had ‘Equality’ dumped in their unprotesting laps instead. Yes folks, you, along with some twenty-five million other married people have been made equal, by Act of Parliament, to a bunch of perverts, homosexuals, lesbians and other weirdos by the Same-Sex Marriage Act.

You were not asked if you wished this  transition, which gives ‘equality’ to a bunch whose prime drive is buggery and sodomy. When a ‘Consultation’ was undertaken on the suitability and acceptability of this Legislation, some 600,000-odd signatures on a petition were treated as ONE voice, and of course were disregarded by the gay-friendly mob in Westminster, because they wanted this Act to go through. 400-odd voted for it, with only 170 against; because the gay lobby, which desires your children to be told that homosexuality is not a perversion, pushed for this despicable legislation to pass.

No conscience clauses were accepted, no exceptions were made, you do as you are told!

So, in finishing, remember that your Marriage was diminished last year; your Marriage, when you either stood and made your vows before your God, or stood and promised in a Registry Office was diminished by a bunch of politicians who never ever asked if you cared. Remember that diminution when you stand in the Ballot Booth on May 7th; and treat them accordingly!


Mike Cunningham


By David Vance On March 14th, 2015 at 9:48 am

Seen this?

Two Jewish teenagers leaving a synagogue in Marseilles on were beaten up and robbed in an anti-Semitic attack purportedly by two men “of African origin,” according to the French National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA).

The teens told police that the attackers yelled, “Dirty Jews, we will exterminate all of you,” according to Israel National News. 40% of the population of Marseilles is now Muslim; it is estimated that Marseilles will become the first Muslim majority city in France.

I wonder will there be any space left for JEWISH people in Marseilles when Muslims become the majority? France has imported a death cult that grows by the day and which has zero tolerance for ANY minority once it becomes the majority.


By David Vance On March 14th, 2015 at 9:43 am

Here is a relaxing piece of music that provides calm in this hurried world. Take a moment from your busy life and listen…


By David Vance On March 14th, 2015 at 9:41 am

The EU is actively working to encourage BRITISH companies to hire foreign workers in preference to local workers.

Brussels is offering British firms cash ‘bribes’ of almost £1,000 a time to take on foreign workers. Thousands of youngsters are also being offered payments totalling more than £1,100 to take a job in Britain under the European Commission scheme. The extraordinary initiative appears to directly undermine Government efforts to persuade firms to take on British workers as the recovery takes hold.

One can understand the EU motivation from one stunning but simple statistic.

Unemployment in the EU zone is 11.5%.

Unemployment in the UK is 5.7%.

In essence the EU is exporting its unemployed to our shores and we can do NOTHING to stop it.



By David Vance On March 14th, 2015 at 9:33 am

I have to tell you that I was SHOCKED to read this and I am sure you will share that sense of disbelief…

According to a forensic, year-long, 15,000-word investigation by the respected New Yorker magazine, the plans for the co-ordinated bombing of Central London had been made months earlier at a secret meeting in Belfast, chaired by none other than Gerry Adams.

Gerry Adams. Leader of Sinn Fein – a bloody terrorist?? Well I never.

This foul calumny in the New Yorker is untrue. How do I know this to be the case? Well, Mr Adams says he was NEVER in the IRA. Never Ever.  Even when there is photographic evidence of him in IRA regalia, this is also clearly a lie.


In fact all this proves is Mr Adams was a member of the Frank Spencer Appreciation Society, a popular British comedy of the time, as I recall.


Why oh why does the media blacken the reputation of peace loving Mr Adams by suggesting he is an evil two faced lying monster?