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By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 6:47 pm

The BBC asks the dumbest questions.

Citizenship test: How hard should it be to become British?

Foreigners cannot become British of course. One is British by birth (English by the grace of God). A foreigner might be handed a British passport, but that is a bureaucratic chit. It doesn’t erase the past, it cannot hide the humble origins.



By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 6:42 pm

More muslim rapists aided and abetted by the “authorities”.

Five men have been jailed for sexually exploiting eight teenage girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago.

Vulnerable girls were targeted and given alcohol and drugs before some were raped by multiple men, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The usual ugly names, the usual ugly faces. And the usual nod and wink from people who, one day, must be put in a dock and made to answer for their wicked acts. Please, don’t tell me that the police and councils are on our side. We have more than enough evidence to say otherwise. And don’t tell me that this country has benefited from mass immigration. Don’t make me laugh.

Sentencing the five, Mr Slater said he was “quite satisfied” that the “relevant authorities” were well aware of the way vulnerable teenagers were being targeted for sexual exploitation at the time.

He described it as a “lamentable state of affairs”, saying that the authorities at the time were at best “totally ineffectual” and, at worst “wholly indifferent”.


By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 6:36 pm

This is truly the week that the EU jihadists and loony leftists reached escape velocity in their journey from sanity. The Prime Minister doing a normal thing, which is done every year (proroguing the old parliament to allow the new session to begin) has sent them all insane. A highlight has been the idiot’s idea of an intellectual, Stephen Fry, melting down publicly. He tweeted: “Weep for Britain. A sick, cynical brutal and horribly dangerous coup d’état. Children playing with matches, but spitefully not accidentally: gleefully torching an ancient democracy and any tattered shreds of reputation or standing our poor country had left.” What a hysterical drama queen.

We also have one ex-Prime Minister, John Major, suing the current Prime Minister over the proroguing of Parliament. Apparently the normal is unacceptable, but proroguing Parliament to avoid scrutiny of corrupt Tory MPs, as John Major did, is fine. Americans hate being left on the blocks of course. Having seen the Loony Olympics over here they have entered their own champion. Apparently President Trump might murder more people than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined!

I love how the CNN hosts sit calmly, as if they haven’t just heard an insane commie unmask himself. Then again, this is CNN and every hour is crazy hour on the left. That’s why they keep losing.

Fox on the Run

By Mahons On August 30th, 2019 at 12:39 pm

President Trump is upset with his coverage by the Fox television network. He has said it isnt working for him anymore. Most observors with a modicum of intelligence were dumfounded since Fox’s coverage of Trump has gone past their fair and balanced catchphrase into the realm of…how shall I put this…cheerleading?
But Fox is no Russia Today, a network whose slavish devotion to Putin would be comical if the World didnt have so many fools. There are stray liberals and principled journalists at Fox who have piereced the 24/7 approval factory. But the President can’t have that. In the words of the late Freddie Mercury he “wants it all.”
In America a President who thinks he is entitled to uncritical coverage is a strange bird. Oh sure, many hated the press, and were livid at certain reporters, newspapers and networks. But even Nixon recognized the free press had an important role. Trump in his paranoia simply sees the press when it is not loyal to him as an enemy. A reporter may support him 99% of the time, but he will not forgive a 1% deviation.
The reporters at Fox are learning this lesson, slowly but surely. After all, when people ask you what you do for a living what would you rather say? I’m a television journalist, or I play one on tv?

We will not be employing our guns

By Patrick Van Roy On August 29th, 2019 at 9:11 pm

But the outrage that is percolating beneath the surface is palpabil you can feel in the air a charged pressure building with each passing day.

For over 2 years it has been shoved down our throats that the President was a Traitor. He colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary.

That is what they claimed and that was what he was framed to look like he was doing. While the same people that were framing him falsifying evidence and committing perjury to use the Patriot Act to destroy a political candidate. This was the very thing the Left screamed would happen with the Patriot Act, and that is exactly what the left did.

They never expected he would win, no one really did. Come the end of election day however Trump was President not Clinton. Now the Obama administration officials are screwed. If their activity is discovered they could all go to jail. The Mueller investigation was set into motion the incoming administration must be kept on the defensive to prevent them from proceeding to look into the counter espionage investigation and the Hillary “probe”. They had no doubt that Mueller’s investigation would uncover crime. Trump was a NYC Real Estate Developer half the construction business in NY is Mob connected. They knew they would find something and then he’d be gone.

One problem the last thing anyone expected, Trump was Mr. Clean…… they got nothing.

When it all unravelled the backlash began. There are 5 separate IG Criminal investigations looking into the origins of the FISA Warrants, the counter espionage investigations origin, the Hillary email cover up, the use of foreign intelligence assets to subvert american law, and a little one on Comey’s admitted leaking of classified information.

The framing of Trump and the Clinton Cover Up were ran out of the White House. It was coordinated through Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, and Comey.

No one expects Obama or Clinton to ever see a courtroom let alone serve the time they deserve, but we expect those that broke the law in their name be held accountable to the Law.

The fear that they will not is causing an underlying unease in half the population.  An unease that will quickly erupt into outrage.

They destroyed General Flynn’s life, Manafort and Cohn got what they deserved, Papadopoulos got screwed, and Carter Page the man they first set up is going to wind up filthy rich by the time he’s done.

Today the minor IG report was revealed to the public, it was considered so small in the tempest of this storm of investigations that no one even knew it was going on. Crooked Cop James Comey’s admitted leak investigation. It has been decided that the crooked cop won’t be prosecuted for this violation of the Law.

He has been smarmy all day demanding apologies and reparations…. scumbag. He won’t get either and he is still under investigation as part of ALL FOUR of the other investigations. He is far from in the clear.

The Law Abiding that go to work pay their bills and taxes while playing by societies rules are holding our breath. If major players in this scandal don’t get charged with the crimes that they committed the unrest of the middle class will be quite real. How it will manifest I can not predict except we will not resort to violence.

But that outrage will be expressed if it is confirmed to the general public that there is a two tier system in our Country.

Personally I have Faith….. there will be prosecutions and justice will be served. I do not believe my nation has fallen.


By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2019 at 7:40 pm

A timely and urgent reminder, which I recommend –

All of these are achievements solely achievements of capitalism and markets. Only the awesome wealth-generating capacity of capitalism and markets have enabled all of these great things. It’s one thing to work for a cleaner and more fuel efficient future, both of which are assured with capitalism and markets, but quite another to de-industrialise simply to reverse progress. It’s the latter which inspires much of the radical eco-communist movement.

If only they loved the planet as much as they hate capitalism.


By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2019 at 7:07 pm

Former FBI Director James Comey has been criticised in a Department of Justice report for the leak of memos on his interactions with President Trump.

An internal watchdog said Mr Comey had failed to “live up” to his duty to safeguard sensitive information.

The watchdog said Mr Comey broke FBI rules by giving the contents of a memo to a friend to share with a reporter.

But the inspector general said he was not recommending that Mr Comey be prosecuted for the breach.

America’s a funny country. Some dopey kid can be banged up for a long time for having a small bag of drugs. But leak sensitive information to the New York Times, break DOJ and FBI rules on the handling of information, and seek personal advantage while trying to damage to president, you get a pass.

When it comes to future CNN contributors, it’s a different system of justice.


By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2019 at 6:51 pm

Right, tax fans?


By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2019 at 6:49 pm

Ruth Davidson resigned today as leader of the Scottish Tories, for personal and political reasons. We know the political reason; she’s a hardcore EU fanatic. The personal reason is that she has a very young son and wants to spend time with him. Quite incredible, given that she’s a lesbian, but that’s the Tories for you.

Remainers continue to shriek like they’ve been set on fire, so they probably missed that Davidson today blasted MPs for voting down Theresa May’s atrocious Withdrawal Treaty three times. Then she said “For God’s sake, at the fourth time, vote for a deal.”

The treaty is coming back, slightly warmed over. Davidson met with BoJo a few days ago in Downing Street, so she’s up to speed on what he intends. She knows that a clean Brexit is BoJo’s second choice and that he will present MPs with “the fourth” chance to pass it.

A True Giant

By Patrick Van Roy On August 29th, 2019 at 1:52 am