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By David Vance On February 1st, 2017 at 9:02 pm

Have a look and a laugh. Labour are destroyed regularly in the Commons and this is quite superb. Withering.

May: Corbyn “can lead a protest, I’m leading a… by ODN


By Pete Moore On February 1st, 2017 at 6:57 pm

The Left’s embrace with violence becomes tighter and tighter. One of The Guardian’s hacks is now openly excusing violence against political opponents. I won’t post the video here. It’s not because of the opinion. It’s because she has that uniquely annoying, preachy, Left Wing tone of voice, and I hate that Left Wing tone of voice. This is where you’ll find it.


There are plenty of comments calling her and The Guardian out, but that’s not enough. The Left’s death spiral is becoming ever more wild while they become ever more desperate. Of course violence and Leftism have always been one and the same thing, but they don’t even pretend otherwise now.

Some things are just predictable

By The Troll On February 1st, 2017 at 4:38 am

When Justice Scalia died it was the beginning of an Election Year, his timing was horrible, but I really don’t think he had anything to say about it. Anyway, The Supreme Court of the United States is the holy of holy’s if your a Politician.  You see for 200yrs the courts been operating outside of it’s purview ever since Marbury v. Madison the Court took on the ability unofficially but set in stone the ability to Make Law.

Now I know contrary to the rules of my Republic which clearly state that Federal Law is made in the House and Senate, something our last President set a milestone of ignoring.

The Supreme Court

Marbury v. Madison, arguably the most important case in Supreme Court history, was the first U.S. Supreme Court case to apply the principle of judicial review — the power of federal courts to void acts of Congress in conflict with the Constitution

With that one controversial case this court made itself the the ultimate seat of power in my country. They are the word of God as far as right and wrong the final decider of ALL LAW. Now that is not how it was designed to be, and I don’t believe it should be and sooner or later if we are to survive as a nation it will have to go back to it’s original design. For now though and I expect the rest of my life time it will remain the way it is.

Whichever Philosophy is in Majority of the Court they run the Country. It’s been a 50/50 split most of my life with a wildcard in it. 4 solid Progressives 4 solid Conservatives and one Judge you just really can’t tell which way he’ll jump. Scalia dying right at the end of Obama’s term caused an issue. You see he already put two Progressives on the Court and Scalia was the Anchor Conservative an almost absolute originalist on the interpretation of Law  by the Constitution and Founders Papers. The Law interpreted as it should be.

Of course Obama wanted to fill the seat, tip the scales. The country was volatile enough so even the democrats didn’t really push the issue. The cities were already rioting thanks to Obama’s Justice Department add to that they had to concentrate everything they could to keep the Clintons out of Jail. Besides the Beast would win no matter who the Republicans put up……. they called that one wrong didn’t they?

Anyway so now Trump just nominated Judge Gorsuch. A very Conservative Constitutionalist. A man beyond reproach of character and judicial knowledge. On his cover he looks like the perfect replacement for Scalia. I say on his cover because he wouldn’t be the first Judge to lose his mind after he put on the Robe. However his nomination keeps the balance. If another one drops dead odds are it will be one of the progressives. Hillary was actually hoping to be able to do this nomination and two others. So she could tip the balance for the next twenty years.

That privilege may now fall to the Donald…. you see god does have a sense of humor.

Confirming a Supreme Court Judge is a Circus at the best of Times. Let the entertainment begin. The Confirmations of Trumps Cabinet will wrap up quickly now. The Big Top has just been raised…. enjoy the show folks.

did you ever notice that the NYT never tells you who wrote their Opinion Pieces….. why is that?

Neil Gorsuch, the Nominee for a Stolen Seat



The Trump Train has left the station!!

By Patty On January 31st, 2017 at 6:06 am

Jump aboard while you can!!  Choo choo!!


By Pete Moore On January 30th, 2017 at 8:11 pm

Brexit and the fact of President Trump has truly unmasked the Left.

In Parliament, the courts and on the streets, they’re still trying to nullify our decision to once again be a self-governing and independent nation. Tonight a series of “emergency protests” (I know, I know) are taking place across the UK against Trump’s desire to keep Americans safe. Meanwhile a petition against his announced state visit has garnered something like 1.5 million names. (In truth it’s only a few hundred thousand real names, but the fake news is in spate right now.) What joy to see demands for a travel ban, because of the supposed evils of a travel ban.

And of course the American Left has gone completely mental since 8th November, where the protests and violence are taking on the air of a new normal.

Make no mistake – they’re not interested in listening, learning and discussing. The Left has lost and lost big in 2016. Its response is clear and it’s a response based on solely on violence, intimidation and asserting its will by force. This is their true face.


By David Vance On January 30th, 2017 at 4:23 pm

I can think of little more disgusting than those who would prey on people at prayer. We saw it happen here in N.Ireland back in the day and we now see it happen in Quebec.

Two men opened fire at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre during prayer service on Sunday night, killing six people and injuring 17 others.  The second suspect called 911 to say he was armed and give up his location, police said on Monday.  The Canadian authorities are treating the shooting as a terror attack.

Earlier on today, the BBC was trying to somehow link this to the Trump travel restrictions and Canadian PM Trudeau has said it was a terror attack on Muslims. Well, yes and no. Killing all those people was indeed terrorising but as for the culprits….

One of two gunmen who shouted ‘Allahu akbar!’ as they opened fire at a mosque in Quebec City was of Moroccan origin, a witness and local media reported Monday, revealing the first details about the attackers in the massacre that killed six men. His name is Mohamed Khadir.

It seems that at least one of the killers was a Muslim. This seems more like muslim on muslim violence. Trudeau may want to reflect on that.

109 out of 335,000

By The Troll On January 30th, 2017 at 2:31 pm

That’s the amount that was detained.

Everyone is having conniptions over the fact that the President of the United States used his Constitutional Authority to start controlling Immigration and travel into and out of the United States.  Out of 335,000 people that made entry in 24 hours 109 were detained for additional questioning and extra background checks.

This has caused mass hysteria from the Snowflakes and Soros paid Protests all over the Country. I say boo hoo. 109 People and all but one have already been cleared already and you Snowflakes are going to melt and Protest…. Sorry but I just have to Laugh, and remind you Our Security is more Important than your easily bruised feelings.

Well after 24hrs of Protestors and Press losing their minds over what was almost a duplicate of an order put in place by Obama for 6mths that didn’t raise a peep Trump deploys his standard Strategy…… Change the Subject.

At 8am this Morning the President Tweeted….. “I have made my Decision on a Supreme Court Judge. Will announce at 8pm Tuesday”

Once again he distracts and defuses the situation with a single tweet. Now for the next two days all the news and focus will be on the Pick, who is the pick, what will the Democrats do yada yada yada. He’s playing them like a Stradivarius.


By David Vance On January 29th, 2017 at 10:40 am

The British Medical Association  – the trade union for the Doctors – has some wise words. 

NHS doctors have been told not to call pregnant women ‘expectant mothers’ because it might offend transgender people. The astonishing warning comes in official guidelines issued by the British Medical Association to its 160,000 members, which says mothers-to-be should be referred to as ‘pregnant people’ instead.

The controversial advice to doctors in hospitals and general practice comes just weeks after it emerged that a Briton who was born a girl but is changing to a man put his operation on hold to have a baby. Four-months pregnant Hayden Cross, 20, is legally male and has had hormone treatment but not sex-change surgery.

I wonder how many “transgender people” are offended by the use of the word “expectant mothers”? And even if they are, so WHAT? This is language fascism – and it needs confronted. There are two sexes, male and female. There are fathers and there are mothers. End of.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4167632/Don-t-call-pregnant-patients-mothers.html#ixzz4X96XJZ3q
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By David Vance On January 29th, 2017 at 10:31 am

I’m sure you will have been horrified by the travel ban. This one……

And TALKING on bans against a group of people, isn’t it ODD how quiet the Fake News media is about this….?


By Pete Moore On January 29th, 2017 at 9:43 am

IT’S “global fury” according to The Observer, as President Trump’s ban on migrants tales effect. It’s global fury in Left Wing newsrooms. As always, what most people think might be rather different. Andrew Marr, on BBC1, has just let slip that the atmosphere in the Observer newsroom “is at boiling point”. Of course it is; their wacky assumptions and prejudices are finally being challenged.

The reporting around what President Trump has done is hogwash. The narrative being pushed is one of a muslim ban. The truth is that he has imposed a “90-day suspension on anyone arriving from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.” Excluded are the five most populous muslim-majority countries on the planet. So talk of a muslim ban is narrative, it’s fake news, and not news reporting.

But why these seven countries? According to Steven Portnoy of CBS News:

Why those 7 countries? Trump’s relying on determinations made by Obama’s DHS/State last yr that they have “repeatedly” supported terror […] Last June, DHS/State added Libya, Yemen, Somalia to list ordered by Congress. It had previously included Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan.


So the Obama administration determined that they have repeatedly supported terror, and so constitute a particular problem. They were identified for extreme vetting purposes, and President Trump picked it up. That rather alters things.

Leftists are (of course) whipped into mass outrage by a fake narrative. They are led to believe that the President has dreamed up a list of muslim countries, “banned” travel from them, and so created a “muslim ban” policy. It’s drivel but guaranteed to be well received by people psychologically programmed to hate sensible security measure much more than they do Islamic terror and mass rapes.