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Please keep your eyes on the Center Ring…

By The Troll On July 11th, 2017 at 8:16 pm

Now playing in the Center Ring the Media vs Trump show…. step right up read the anonymous speculation…. The Russians did it, and Trump helped them do it…..

Do what? ssssshhhh we don’t know, but it happened and it’s called “Collusion” ……

I feel like I’m watching Bugs and Daffy trying to convince Elmer if it’s Duck or Rabbit Season…….

In the meantime the real battles are being fought by the few. The Democrats can not defeat the republicans. They have No Platform and no evidence to back up this nonstop collusion attack, there is just no there there.

However the Republicans can still lose everything giving both the House and the Senate back to the Dems and at this point most likely will.

This man understands that, and wants to stop it from happening.


Climate Temperatures are Raised

By Mike Cunningham On July 11th, 2017 at 6:37 pm

Whilst I have never claimed to really understand the Canadian Legal System, and probably nobody else does either, apart from a few Canucks themselves; and again perhaps understanding mainly the outline of this legal story, could it really be the end of the legal battle between ‘climate changer’ Michael Mann and his long-time legal opponent Dr. Tim Ball?

Long time back, Dr. Ball opined that Michael Mann’s climate change calculations were, literally, hooey; so Mann slapped a LAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) libel suit in the British Columbia Supreme Court, Vancouver six long years ago.

Unfortunately, six years later, the Court accepted the Plaintiff’s plea arrangement for the further adjournment of the trial, as the Defendant had also agreed that this delay could take place, as long as Mann kicked up with all his computer data and codes for the Court’s examination by a certain date. Calendar clicks forwards, Mann doesn’t come up with the codes and proof, and it now looks as though Dr. Ball triumphs, as the Canadian Court can now charge Mann with contempt. Contempt sanctions could reasonably include the judge ruling that Dr. Ball’s statement that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn. State’ is a precise and true statement of fact.

But better news is heading down the legal highway. Michael Mann, once the darling of the ‘Climate Change Brigade’, with his now-infamous ‘Hockey Stick’ graph, so beloved of the IPCC, Gore and all the warmish crowd, is now looking at the collapse of his celebrated trial and suit against Mark Steyn. Not bad for a Tuesday!

mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome ‘treatment’: or Rest in Peace?

By Mike Cunningham On July 11th, 2017 at 10:40 am

I was in two minds which subject I would write on ATW today; Care Homes; or the true human tragedy of tiny Charlie Gard. I decided to leave the Care Home commentary on my own site, and lay out what maybe be the way forward for the parents, the Courts; and of course the very young child at the heart of this dispute.

First, the parents; Connie Yates and Chris Gard. Understandably, they do not wish to be parted from their young son. They have fought in private, they have petitioned in public, they have fundraised over £1.25 million for a jet transport to take them to America where an ‘experimental’ therapy offers hope, but only ‘offers’ that hope. They are distraught, pulverised with the pressure, but they believe they are doing the only thing left, fighting for the life of their son. All they want is for their small child to be given the chance; it might not work, but; why not try?

The medical professionals at Great Ormond St. Hospital find themselves in the invidious position of trying to get two parents to accept that medical science cannot reverse the damage they have shown has happened to little Charlie. They do not want to switch off the ventilators and slice away the feeding tubes, but their vast experience and knowledge of paediatric illnesses and conditions informs them that that tiny body is defenceless, has suffered irreversible brain damage, and, more than likely, is in great pain. They do not wish to end that life, but their argument is that the very quality of that life is so low as to be non-existent, that they should be allowed to accede to the long series of court decisions, and switch everything off!

The legal side of things has proved accommodating to the urgency of the situation, with speedy hearings in the High Court, the Appeals process, the British Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights, but the final decision now rests with High Court Judge  Mr Justice Francis. His is the mind which must act as this nation’s ‘Solomon’, but the decision is not one of ‘jurisprudence versus humanity’; but what is in the best interests of little Charlie.

The Pope, who intervened a few days ago with purportedly an offer of a new passport and further medical intervention. I would comment simply that the Pope is presumed ‘infallible’ in matters of religious doctrine, but a doctor, he ain’t. President Trump also offered free treatment, but, as with His Holiness, The Donald is not a medical specialist.

Mine own opinion, for what else is there in this tragic case but lots of opinions, and opposing these beliefs are  medical facts and certainties, is that the Judge should hold Connie Yates by the hand, and ask her if Charlie hasn’t already suffered enough, and sadly; deeply sadly, agree to his ruling: and simply let the little mite GO!

How Do You Like Dem Apples?!

By Patty On July 11th, 2017 at 4:12 am


Like Hillary Clinton, we  learn that James Comey knowingly released classified information that he should not have released. His defense is identical to Hillary’s. First, he says his memos weren’t classified; then, we learn that they were not marked classified and now we learn that his memos were retroactively classified.

So….what’s next in this corrupt game of “laws are for other people, not me.”

If all goes according to  Hillary Clinton’s formula for shirking responsibility and getting away with breaking the law, we have the following, from The Conservative Treehouse:

Step 4 –  Missing/deleted = Wiped Comey memos: “what, like with a cloth or something?”

Step 5 –  Robert Mueller (filling the role of Comey circa 2016) will hold a 2017 presser to say: James Comey didn’t intentionally violate the law with sharing classified information within his leaked memos in 2017.  Adding: “we could find no intent” by him to do so.

Step 6 – Mueller will conclude his presser by saying: “no reasonable special counsel would recommend charges“.

Errrmm. Ladies, no, scratch that; you lot over there giggling!

By Mike Cunningham On July 10th, 2017 at 8:34 pm

Strewth! Hasn’t the stupid git got nothing better to do with his time than this garbage?

I mean:-

Ms Berry welcomed the Mayor’s response, telling The Independent: “No one should feel shut out of society.”

She said the removal of “ladies and gentlemen” would be well-received by anyone who found the announcements out of date.

“There are many people out there with some degree of gender variance and, with our huge population, a large number of Londoners will be trans and non binary,” she told The Independent.

“Gender neutral announcements will make a difference not just to trans people but to everyone who thinks being greeted as ‘ladies and gentleman’ is out of date.”

As the old statement went: We’re doomed, I tell you; doomed!


By David Vance On July 10th, 2017 at 5:18 pm

Faux hysteria here.


A Tory Brexiteer has described the UK leaving the EU without a deal as a “real n*****r in the woodpile” at a meeting of eurosceptics in Central London. Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbott since 2010, made the astonishing remark while discussing what financial services deal the UK could struck with Brussels after 2019.

Despite using the racist term, none of her fellow panelists, including Tory MPs Bill Cash and John Redwood, reacted.  After saying just 7% of financial services in the UK would be affected by Brexit, Morris said: “Now I’m sure there will be many people who’ll challenge that, but my response and my request is look at the detail, it isn’t all doom and gloom. “Now we get to the real n****r in the woodpile which is in two years what happens if there is no deal?”

Was John Lennon a racist when he used it in his song “Woman is the nigger of the world”? Was Elvis Costello a racist when he sang of “One less white Nigger” in Oliver’s Army? And of course is it ok for Jay Z to deploy the expression multiple times? Who gets to say what IS racist and who can and cannot say it? What words are verboten?

The expression used by this Conservative is a COLLIQUIALISM that has been around a long time and familiar to my age group. Would I use it? No. I don’t care for it. But is it WAYCIST for this Conservative MP to use it in the way she did ? NO!

A Trump Web?

By Mahons On July 10th, 2017 at 1:11 pm

The Trump follies continue.  What was claimed to be Fake News appears to becoming Real News.  This weekend it has been reported (and acknowledged) that Donald Trump, Jr., Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump’s then campaign manager met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign under the apparent promise of damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Trump Junior’s initial response was that it had to do with adoption (perhaps his wish that he had been), but in the face of additional information he’s admitted to the differect agenda.  He’s playing it off as a meeting set up by an aquaitance that didn’t have much substance.  Not sure that will fly since he in turn brought along the campaign manager and his brother in law during the heat of the campaign.

More details will follow.  I had thought Russian efforts to influence the election through hacking and publication of emails etc was essentially a high tech effort to sow chaos.  Certainly having Trump as President is Chaos personified.  And I had thought Trump’s dismissive comments about Russian involvement were vanity-driven complaints relating to his failure to win the popular vote and more the words of someone smarting from that fact.  I still dont believe that the ultimate outcome was changed by the Russians.  But Now?  The investigation must take its course, because if there was collusion then that is a threat to the integrity of the elective process and must be dealt with accordinly.


The Glory of Her Mash

By Mahons On July 9th, 2017 at 10:51 pm

Everyone has a woman in their life who introduced them to the glory of Mashed Potatoes.  Mashed potatoes are proof that there is a God and he loves us.  Those who suggests otherwise will be impaled on a stake at the Apocalypse and damned to eat kale for eternity.  The white fluffiness, creamy butter, salt and gravy are glorious tastes that only heathens could deny.

Sure, the backward parts of the World were demons reign you’ll find more worship of rice, corn or wheat.  But in my book a good spud is, as the Irish say, Yer Man.

Take the tuber and roast it, bake it or fry it, and it is damned delicious.  But there is no greater calling than the call to the table for a bit of mash.  My grandmother’s mash is more memorable to me than how she wore her hair.  My mother’s mash a pot of beauty.  My father in law, an old Irish farmer, damns restaurants that don’t serve mashed spuds with the wide-eyed fervor of an Old Testament Prophet.  I’ve known comrades who won’t talk at dinner until they’ve finished their mash…what conversation could be more important?

The appeal of the peeled spud crosses generations, religous and political lines.  Sure, he Spaniards brought some gold back from Peru in their conquests, but no treasure was as rich as the domestic potato which they introduced to Europe.

The apples of the Earth as the Frogs say (if they spoke English) are the main ingredient of this simple yet beautiful comfort food.  I’m having some right now.  Envy me.


By The Troll On July 9th, 2017 at 1:41 pm


By David Vance On July 9th, 2017 at 11:37 am

The feral left have left their imprint on Hamburg.