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By David Vance On June 27th, 2015 at 10:13 am

So, first the details in case you have forgotten. France, yesterday…

On Friday morning, a car – that he is believed to have been in – drove into the Air Product factory’s main gate and reportedly threw gas canisters, causing explosions. During the attack, two people were injured and a decapitated body was found nearby. The head is reported to have been put on the fence outside the factory.

The Jihadist is called Yassin Salhi and he had previously been investigated in 2006 for radicalisation and links to the Salafist movement, Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister, said.

Now, here is what his WIFE had to say…

“We are normal Muslims. We do Ramadan. We have three children and a normal family life,”


We have imported a death cult that will destroy our civilisation.


By David Vance On June 27th, 2015 at 10:04 am

It appears most of the tourists shot to death on a Tunisian beach resort were British.

The majority of the 38 people killed in the attack on a Tunisian beach resort were British, the country’s prime minister Habib Essid has said. Islamic State extremists have said they carried out the attack. At least five Britons have been confirmed dead by the Foreign Office, which warned the death toll could rise. Thomson and First Choice said their customers were among “a number of fatalities”, and they had sent 10 planes to bring home 2,500 tourists.

Prime Minister David Cameron has shown his steely determination to deal with this mass slaughter of British people by asserting that “Islam is a religion of Peace”. He said that as bodies were being lifted off sun-beds. My point is this; If our leaders deny that ISLAM is central to all these terror attacks then we have no chance of defeating it. Instead we sit back and wait for them to come for us. It’s been a long time since a British PM did declare that we would fight them on the beaches…..


By David Vance On June 27th, 2015 at 9:52 am

Bob Dylan is now 74 years old. Quite an age. I read this amusing story about Dylan and wanted to share!

“Visiting America a few years ago, Dave Stewart, of the Eurythmics, said to Dylan that the next time he was in England he should drop by his recording studio in Crouch End, an undistinguished north London suburb. Dylan, at a loose end one afternoon, decided to take him up on it and asked a taxi-driver to take him to Crouch End Hill. Cruising the bewildering array of near-namesake streets – Crouch End Hill, Crouch End Road, Crouch Hill End, Crouch Hill Road and various other permutations of “Crouch,” “End” and “Hill” – the cabbie accidentally dropped him off at the right number but in an adjoining street of small row houses. Dylan knocked at the front door and asked the woman who answered if Dave was in. 

“No,” she said, assuming he was referring to her husband, Dave, who was out on a plumbing job. “But he should be back soon.” Bob asked if she would mind if he waited. Twenty minutes later, Dave – the plumber, not the rock star – returned and asked the missus whether there were any messages. “No,” she said, “but Bob Dylan’s in the front room having a cup of tea.” It’s a sweet image, compounded by the subsequent rumour that Dylan had been seen with local realtors looking for a house in the area. Perhaps deep inside his southern field-hand persona is a suburban sexagenarian pining for a quiet life in a residential cul de sac, dispensing advice over the fence to the next-door neighbour on how to keep your lawn free of grass clippings: “The answer, my friend, is mowin’ in the wind.”

Brilliant story from Mark Steyn.

and they will come; except in Baltimore

By Mike Cunningham On June 26th, 2015 at 3:15 pm

I note that our fellow contributor Mahons delivered a eulogy to the life of freedom in the America he sees today. If that is what he sees, and believes, good luck to him!

However, just beneath the surface, there are roiling tensions from the huge and ever-widening gap between Black and White Americans today.

As many know I hold sporting endeavours with supreme disinterest; but I also accept that I am in a minority, both here in England, as well as in America. To the vast majority of Americans and their British cousins, sport remains the ultimate dream; to win, to compete, to endure, to admire, to envy and to follow. As I wrote, it all just leaves me stone cold, but; if that is what turns their wheels, why not?

So I just wonder what our good and true friend Mahons thought about the Baseball game played on April 29th to an entirely empty stadium. Empty because the game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox was scheduled at the same time as the Black-run City of Baltimore’s Administration and Police stated that they could not guarantee the safety of the fans.

As Rush Limbaugh said:-

That’s right, my friends.  Baltimore is going to pay tribute to gangs and community organizers and freelance thugs today.  The Baltimore Orioles will play at Camden Yards without fans because it’s too dangerous.  You know how much economic impact a baseball game, a baseball season has in Baltimore that’s being shut down today?  It’s incredible, the economic impact of a home game for the Baltimore Orioles, and it’s just gonna be wiped out.
Because they don’t have the courage to let fans in, because they don’t think they can control the riffraff.  This is unprecedented.  According to John Thorn, the official historian for Major League Baseball, this will be a first.  There has never been a game played before an empty stadium. The previous low record for attendance happened on September 28, 1882, for a game in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The lowest attended game was then, and 1882 is back in the days of the founding of the game.


Rush only got one thing wrong. The stadium had to close the gates, because the Police had been withdrawn, and the Mayor had virtually handed the entire City over to the Black hoodlums!



By David Vance On June 26th, 2015 at 2:21 pm

It’s all in the voice. He sang like no one else and this is a truly beautiful song. Quite a group around him too! In a savage world it is nice to have the soothing world of music to fall back into. Hope you like this one.


By David Vance On June 26th, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Seen this?

Two gay couples have been given the green light to challenge Northern Ireland’s ban on same-sex marriage in the courts.

PANews BT_P-c9a6ba9a-4423-49bb-ab80-f7b3c3b2ed13_I1

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland that has not legalised same-sex marriage. Grainne Close and Shannon Sickles, and Chris and Henry Flanagan-Kane, are bidding to challenge that ban. Today a judge gave them leave to seek a judicial review.

“Same Sex Marriage” has been voted on FOUR times in the lawful Assembly of Northern Ireland. On each occasion it has been voted AGAINST. But that it not good enough for the activists and so they can find the finance to secure expensive legal reviews. And so the quest continues to subvert the will of those we elect and ensure that gay supremacism continues.


By David Vance On June 26th, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Way back in 1985, I went on holiday to Tunisia. I didn’t care for it much and would never would go back. However it has forged a reputation as a popular holiday spot for many people with some lovely hotels and so this makes todays news so sad…

At least 27 people have been killed, including foreigners, in an attack on a beach near two tourist hotels in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse, according to the interior ministry.  Officials say one gunman has been shot dead and another is being pursued.

Sousse is a popular tourist destination.  Tunisia has been on high alert since March when militants killed 22 people, mainly foreign tourists, in an attack on a museum in the capital Tunis.  The interior ministry told the BBC “a terrorist attack” was ongoing.

Tunisia is where the “Arab Spring” started. As you can see, we can measure the success of that in body bags.


By David Vance On June 26th, 2015 at 1:54 pm

A severed head, hung on a fence, covered in Arabic writing.

Syria? No. Iraq maybe? No.


Today. Just because you are not interested in the Jihad does not mean the Jihad isn’t interested in killing you.


By David Vance On June 26th, 2015 at 1:43 pm

Here you are – a selection from today’s news.

At least 19 people have been killed in an attack on a tourist hotel in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse, according to the interior ministry.

A man has been decapitated and several others injured at a factory in France in what President Francois Hollande has called a terrorist attack.

At least four people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack on a Shia mosque in the Kuwaiti capital. Many people were injured, and unconfirmed reports put the death toll much higher.

Isn’t it lucky that Islam is the Religion of Peace. Can you imagine the carnage if it was violent?

Elsewhere, Muslims have been offended…

Tesco is under fire for promoting Ramadan with a display of smokey bacon flavoured Pringles.  Fasting Muslims do not eat during daylight hours and followers of Islam are prohibited from eating pork.  Though the product contains no pork and is actually suitable for vegetarians, the supermarket giant faced ridicule on social media – as well as accusations it was being culturally insensitive.

Gosh – culturally “insensitive”?


By David Vance On June 26th, 2015 at 10:48 am


It’s the cold arrogance that so appals.

A lecturer who revealed Sir Tim Hunt’s controversial comments about women in labs yesterday said she had ‘no regrets’ over the furore that cost him his job.

Connie St Louis caused a social media storm that led the Nobel Prize winner to resign from his honorary professorship after being accused of sexism.

Asked yesterday if she regretted Sir Tim losing his job, the lecturer in science journalism replied: ‘I’ve no regrets about breaking a journalistic story. This is about journalism. Secondly it’s about women in science. My intention was not for him to lose anything. But he didn’t lose anything. He resigned.’

He resigned because of the pressure put upon the poor man by the outraged feministas. I regret this and he should have told them to take a hike and cry their eyes out.