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By David Vance On March 11th, 2011 at 11:12 am

Swivel eyed Eurofanatic AGW warrior Chris Huhne let’s the Euro cat out of the bag;

“Fears that the Coalition is edging towards total surrender to Brussels were sparked last night after a Lib Dem Cabinet minister called for “Europeanisation” of British politics.

Chris Huhne, the Climate Change Secretary, told a private meeting of EU supporters of his desire for the UK to switch to a European style of politics, with frequent coalition deals.

Critics said his comments confirmed suspicions of a secret plot among Lib Dem ministers to change Westminster’s parliamentary system beyond all recognition. Mr Huhne claimed Britain was “moving to a system where it is normal to work across party lines” with Tory and Lib Dem ministers co-operating “in a European manner”.

He added: “If I’m right about the Europeanisation of our politics – that actually the chances of getting an overall majority for either Tories or Labour are substantially reduced, then we’re much more likely to generate Parliaments without an overall majority.”

Huhne and co want to see the end of British politics and its replacement with the “Euro-model” of bland consensual coalitions. That’s why the very concept of this current Coalition with hybrid politics and no principles may be the ending of principled politics. We see the same thing in the Irish Republic with an odd “centre-right” and “centre left” Government that looks both ways at once.