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By David Vance On March 1st, 2011 at 9:41 am

I was intrigued by this.

The government is to outline plans to stop direct development aid to 16 countries and freeze the level of assistance given to India. But some nations, such as Bangladesh, Nigeria and Pakistan will get more money, which the coalition says will be “better focused” on the poorest people.

Well, I don’t agree with that. I think the entire Foreign Aid budget should be cut drastically. However, that is not the point of this post. Because reading on, I then see that..

Labour says too much of the UK’s aid budget is being mis-spent.

Which party was in power for the previous 13 years when this mis-spend was happening? Which Party put in place the parameters which are now being at least re-assessed? The fact is that Labour is busy revising history, pretending it had nothing too do with all the waste and mis-spend it now criticises! That the BBC colludes with such delusionalism and revisionism is not suprising but Labour really will say and do anything to win electoral support.