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By David Vance On March 2nd, 2011 at 9:55 am

Interested to read of the brewing storm between the Government and the Police;

Theresa May will today make an explosive pledge to cut police pay packages. The Home Secretary – who has been told to slash Home Office spending by a fifth – will say keeping officers on the frontline must come before pay and perks. She will commit the Government to the biggest overhaul of terms and conditions for a generation. The most likely target is overtime payments worth almost £400million a year. Housing and travel allowances will also come under the spotlight. There has been widespread criticism of so-called ‘Spanish practices’ in the police service. Last year five constables boosted their wages by £50,000 with overtime, figures from the Metropolitan Police showed

What the UK needs is effective front-line policing and all “spanish practises” need erased. Why should the public pay for expenses abuses? I’m afraid that decades of indulgence are no longer affordable in this age of austerity. Let us reward hard-working police officers but also end overtime culture, expenses indulgence and yes, gilt edged unaffordable pension provision.