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By David Vance On March 17th, 2011 at 9:21 am

St. Patrick’s Day = a day for Irish triumphalism when it comes to IRA/Sinn Fein.

A row over which flag should fly at the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Downpatrick has cast a shadow over the planned festivities. In previous years the flag of St Patrick, a red cross on a white background, has been used alongside the council flag. Sinn Fein councillor, Eamon McConvey is expected to carry an Irish tricolour flag at the parade instead. Several schools and organisations have pulled out as a result.

Rightly so.

Let’s be honest here and cut to the heart of things. Around the world, St Patrick’s Day is enjoyed as a celebration of things Irish. I wish all those who partake in the festivities well!

But in Northern Ireland, it is different. It is an opportunity for some to try and shove Irishness down the throats of the British majority that live here. I have no interest in it save this. It is called St Patrick’s Day after the man who allegedly brought Christianity to pagan Ireland. So that SHOULD make it a celebration of Christianity. It’s not. The beer, the parties, the parades – nothing to do with the virtues of the man after which the day is named. Most will think that fair enough but for anyone who is a Christian, surely the day is an oxymoron. Councillor McConvey is just a moron.

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