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By David Vance On December 30th, 2017 at 4:36 pm


By Pete Moore On December 29th, 2017 at 6:32 pm

UK stock markets close at a record high

UK stock markets climbed to new highs on the final day of trading for 2017.

Both the FTSE 100 index of leading blue chip companies and the FTSE 250 reached new records at the close of trading.

US stock markets have also hit new peaks over the year, helped by Donald Trump’s sweeping tax reforms.

Stephen Eckett, author of the annual Harriman Stock Market Almanac, said: “All the dangers that were anticipated with a Trump administration haven’t materialised.”

This is quite some economic catastrophe which Remoaners keep going on about. Just as well that most of us kept our heads, eh? I see that Americans are suddenly richer and that their pensions are doing quite alright too.

I dunno, call this a wild guess, but if commies kept quiet and allowed decent people – patriots and conservatives – to make the decisions, it looks like we’d all benefit.

You’re welcome.


By Pete Moore On December 26th, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Say it ain’t so.

Project fear was wrong about Brexit, a major new economic report has concluded today, as it revealed the UK will bounce back to overtake the French economy in 2020.

The World Economic League Table revealed that Britain has recovered from an initial economic blip after the vote to leave and now looks set to maintain its position in the rankings and even improve by 2020 […]

It shows that despite warnings of a “significant” effect on the UK’s fortunes after the decision to back Brexit, “fears were exaggerated”.

“Exaggerated” as in “made up”. It must be awfully embarrassing for many economists. Imagine the automatic assumption, in everyone you meet, being that you know nothing, make it up and get the forecast wrong. But that’s where the mainstream of economists are and they deserve no sympathy.


By Pete Moore On December 13th, 2017 at 6:20 pm

We know the score: Britons were going to vote to remain in the EU. Then Putin and his henchmen fiendishly concocted an online campaign to brainwash us into voting to leave. That’s what we’ve been told happened. Even MPs are saying so in the Commons. So what happened? How widespread was it? How many millions were duped by those Russian bots?

Facebook: Russians spent just 73p on adverts during Brexit campaign

“Responding to the Electoral Commission and to Mr Collins’ separate inquiry, Facebook said that during the official referendum campaign, between April 15 and June 23, just three adverts were seen a total of 200 times.”

Wow! The Russians poured 73 pence into three ads, seen a whopping 200 times on Facebook? Stop Brexit! We’ve been had!


By Pete Moore On December 6th, 2017 at 6:50 pm

BOOM (2): We still want Brexit

God is an Englishman of course, but sometimes we’re just great all on our own.

British voters increasingly think Brexit is being mishandled. But that doesn’t mean they’re turning their backs on the idea of abandoning the European Union — just on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government.

A report by the National Centre For Social Research published Wednesday found that 52 percent of people believe the country will get a bad deal, compared to 37 percent in February, a month before May began divorce proceedings […]

The survey found little change in people’s attitude to Brexit itself.

I said in here, before the referendum, that I would vote to leave the EU even if I thought it would do economic harm. I would not regret my vote even if it affected my job. That might surprise some, but we Brexiteers are principled. We cannot be bought. Some things are worth more than mere trade, travel and a neighbour called Bogdan.

The prospect of bequeathing a free, independent and self-governing country to our descendants is beyond any price. If (when) the Tories screw it up, no matter. Forever is a long time to rectify their ineptitude.

Brexit costs Money (Squared)

By Mike Cunningham On November 11th, 2017 at 6:40 pm

European Union demands Britain pay its fair share of all projects signed up to during her membership of the European Union.

That is all projects, useful, practical, helpful: or not; over four decades of waste.

Even the real pie-in-the-sky projects, dreamed up by people who fell in love with an idea so ridiculous that it should have been rubbish-bin-bound before being even printed.

Let me lead you down the path of sheer, utter stupidity; which, amongst others, had cost British taxpayers just over a million quid before the Government came to their belated senses and cancelled the whole stupid, outrageous, silly shebang: and then, the lunatics having taken over the Asylum, are again considering spending lots of our cash on, well, absolutely nothing workable at all! As well as the sheer lunacy of the Climate Change Act, which will cost us, here in the UK, billions of pounds to achieve: absolutely nothing!

The EU wanted to show super-willing, with all the garbage about either ‘Global Warming/Climate Change  (GW/CC) due to man-made Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which they claim too much of which is changing the weather, melting the ice-caps and flooding Pacific Islands. Lots of people have written lots of stuff about GW/CC, so I won’t bore you with the details. When I state that the first bloke to run with this lunacy was an American POLITICIAN named Al Gore, which should really have warned a lot of sensible people that a whole heap of cash was heading, well, Gore-wards! Suffice to say that ten thousand scientists have bodged up twenty million reports, graphs and papers, all telling us we’re all doomed: and people like me, only much, much smarter; are calmly saying “Hang about a bit, if you are right, we should be seeing this, or that. Instead, folks, we are seeing, well, not a lot of change at all.”

So the Europeans heard of the ‘Gold Standard’ of GW/CC strategies, which is Carbon Capture & Storage. This scheme, which basically says any Carbon Dioxide which comes from, say, a coal-fired Thermal Power Station should, I repeat SHOULD, be stored safely, preferably underground, and not released into the atmosphere, where it would be allegedly melting all that ice at the North Pole, and possibly the South Pole as well. So they spent £520 million quid on the planning and various detailed projects, and came up with Sweet **ck All; because they had got their sums wrong, and the (hoped for) technology just would not work, or be efficient, or not run thirty times over budget!

The British side of things was to set up a competition to design, build and operate a C.C.& S system, worth One Billion quid; but then they cancelled it, as I wrote, because it just would not work, and then some clown got the ear of yet another POLITICIAN, and now Claire Perry thinks she can SAVE THE WORLD from, well, not very much at all!


By Pete Moore On November 9th, 2017 at 7:52 pm

Brexiteers knew what they were voting for. We said that Brexit would result in higher wages. We haven’t even left the EU yet and already we are proved right.

The Guardian: Shortage of factory workers starts to push up pay rates

“Bank of England and businesses say firms raising wage offers to find staff, as level of unemployment drops and Brexit vote cuts number of EU workers in UK”

That’s beautiful news, not that testosterone-deficient liberals will care. Factories are full of racist northern monkeys who voted to leave the EU afterall. But maybe the young will have them happy?

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Demand for staff robust, availability of labour falls sharply, so wages are rising, particularly for starting salaries

The iron laws of economics are clear: when demand stays relatively high in relation to supply, prices rise. We knew that wages would rise. This is a Remain disaster only for the pro-EU middle classes who like cheap nannies, baristas and waiters. Decent people, however, will welcome the news.


By Pete Moore On September 22nd, 2017 at 5:27 pm

All mouth and no handbag

THE Prime Minister is useless. I told you that. And never trust the Tories. I told you that also. The useless Prime Minister has flown to Florence to give her much heralded speech about UK/EU relations. It was a speech without substance, like her, except for one bit.

She has proposed a two-year “transition period” after Brexit. The UK will still leave the EU in March 2019, but her offer is for the UK to remain in the customs union for two years. It means that trade and the free movement of people will continue as they are for that period, until 2021. It’s being in the EU in all but name. Goldman Sachs and GlobalMegaCorp will be very much in favour. I am not.

Reminder: we instructed the government to get us out of the EU in June 2016. Now, 15 months later, we get this. I told you that Theresa May is useless. She has zero leadership qualities – she disappears, she has no energy, she cannot communicate and her judgement is flawed. This last she demonstrated in running a disastrous General Election campaign.

Reminder: There’s a General Election in May 2022. We will not be fully done with the EU by then. So the Tories will campaign on getting us out of the EU, fully, “during the next parliament”. You’d have to be stupid to believe them. Some will believe them and we’ll still be fleeced of billions every year for years to come. Brussels must be cackling tonight. We’re told the PM made the proposal to move deadlocked negotiations forward. This is after a year of the PM telling us that no deal is better than a bad deal.

Yanis Varoufakis doesn’t strike me as the most honest story teller. But the former Greek Minister of Finance has recounted his experiences of trying to negotiate with Brussels, and if just half of what he said is true then we are not negotiating with an honest broker across the table. But we can see this. Since June 2016 Brussels has become a hostile party, full of explicit threats against the British people.

The government ought to walk away from the table. Instead, the most useless PM the Tories could have appointed is caving in.


By Pete Moore On September 8th, 2017 at 6:55 pm


UK employers raise pay as Brexit skills shortage bites

LONDON (Reuters) – A fall in people coming to Britain from other European Union countries has aggravated a shortage of workers and forced employers to raise starting salaries at the fastest pace in nearly two years during August, a survey showed on Friday.

I love how pay rises “bite”. We can clearly see the direction from which this piece comes. But yes, the laws of economics will assert themselves. When the supply of a good (labour) declines relative to demand, its price (salary) will rise. How true this story is, who can tell? If it’s another Remain scare story then I remain rather unperturbed. That uncontrolled immigration has forced down average salaries in very many sectors is beyond contention.


By Pete Moore On September 5th, 2017 at 8:46 pm

THE GUARDIAN claims to have a copy of a leaked Home Office paper which “sets out detailed proposals including measures to drive down number of low-skilled migrants from Europe” post-Brexit.

Britain will end the free movement of labour immediately after Brexit and introduce restrictions to deter all but highly-skilled EU workers under detailed proposals set out in a Home Office document leaked to the Guardian […]

“Put plainly, this means that, to be considered valuable to the country as a whole, immigration should benefit not just the migrants themselves but also make existing residents better off,” the paper says.

It proposes measures to drive down the number of lower-skilled EU migrants – offering them residency for a maximum of only two years, in a document likely to cheer hardliners in the Tory party. Those in “high-skilled occupations” will be granted permits to work for a longer period of three to five years.

There are many more details in the link. There’s absolutely nothing contentious there to a sane mind. The idea that immigration ought to suit the country receiving immigrants is so plainly sensible that commies will probably go mental (note that The Guardian says it will please “hardliners”). Screw them anyway.

The glaring caveat prevails, which is to never trust the Tories. The CBI will intensify its lobbying on behalf of its clients. That’s a great danger. Tory MPs are partial to a boardroom placement. Still, I have to admit that I expected worse than this.