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I was going to write about the famous Pearl Roundabout, and how the Bahreini King had it knocked down because it was a focal point for protests, but instead found another site which intrigues me greatly.

It begins with a link to a New York Times op-ed piece which  is in itself revealing of the possible origins of the Bahreini revolution, but the truly dynamite content is the photos from Google Earth; whereby a young Shia man, crammed into a shack along with 17 other members of his family can look up the Island of Bahrein, and see for himself how land is distributed between the rulers, and the ruled. Follow the photos, and see the wealth as it is displayed in the palaces, the pools, the reclaimed land, and the fantastic standard of living for the favoured 20%. Which 20% would that be? Oh, that would be the Sunni King of Bahrein, the Prime Minister Khalifa, and all the generals, the officers, the imported mercenaries. They are the ones sitting in the sun, and the Shia are sitting in the shite!

Oh, and I forgot one small detail, the PDF file was compiled after the Bahrein Government blocked Google Earth from their Island paradise!

I have no great fondness for the Iranians, but when they say that there is a great imbalance in how the Shia are treated in places like Bahrein, you know, they have a point!

But to return to the New York op-ed piece, he thinks that all the unrest in the Arab World, and Bahrein in particular, springs partly from one man; and that man is Barack Hussein Obama, and I reckon he just might have a point as well!


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One thought on “…and then stir vigorously!

  1. As has been said many times before, – ‘it takes but a spark to start a fire!’

    I would add one of my own; – ‘Intentions mean little, it is the cosequences that make history!’

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