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The poverty industry is big business and those within it require an endless conveyor belt of OTT headlines to keep their snouts in the taxpayer trough.

“There were calls today for child poverty to be tackled as the Government confirmed that almost 100,000 children in Northern Ireland are still living in deprivation.

100,000 children – wow, that’s a huge figure! And all fantasy, of course.

The Office of the First and Deputy First Minister released the figures as families struggle increasingly to cover the cost of basic household bills and more and more jobs are axed as the UK falls deeper into recession. According to the OFMDFM figures, the number of children living in ‘relative poverty’ — based on a measure of households in a country on below average income — has fallen by 39,000 since 1998/99, with the most recent estimate in 2006/07 standing at 96,000 — equating to 22% of all children in the province.

As anyone with a scintilla of intelligence knows “relative poverty” is a leftist invention which insults those unfortunates who actually DO live in real poverty. Relative poverty is a bit like relative virginity – an oxymoron. It is a stick that the poverty industry elite use to stir up public opinion in order that they can lay claim to more taxpayer cash. It’s redistribution of wealth, of course, and utterly obscene.

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4 thoughts on “100,000 lies

  1. This goes right along with Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House (Democrat – San Francisco) saying that we will lose 500 million jobs if the US Congress doesn’t pass the trillion dollar spending bill.

    Despite the fact that there are only 300 million total inhabitants in the US.

    You’re correct – numbers are used by the left to manipulate public opinion.

  2. According to the OFMDFM figures, the number of children living in ‘relative poverty’ … has fallen by 39,000 since 1998/99

    That’s a measure of taxes and income retardation. Well done politicians.

  3. David:

    Of course the poor little mites are living in deprivation. Their mummies didn’t get them a mobile for Christmas.

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