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As we reach the end of 2021 I must ask, have we reached the end of the hell that our incompetent leaders have been putting us through?

I highly doubt it.

We have suffered a man-made virus that we more than likely paid for, that has caused over 800,000 deaths. Yes it’s a large number but not a number large enough to equal the cost of the damage that these petty tyrants in office have done in it’s name.

They used it to not just steal an election, but to steal our Civil Liberties. There is also no end in sight to these petty little tyrants abuses. Look at Comrade DeBlasio he has less than a week left in office and he puts a Mandate on every Private Sector Business in NYC on Vaccinations. Dictating to the Private Sector what they must do with the Private Citizens that work for them. There is a Reason it is called the Private Sector, but you can’t tell these tinpot’s that. They are in charge and you will comply.

These people that are leading us are not just incompetent, they are Criminally Corrupt and Intentionally Negligent. Except for the rare exception in the lot, the majority have no clue what their Constitutional Responsibilities and Duties are for the Offices they hold. Not only do they not know what their duties are they couldn’t care less. They are not there to Serve the People or give back to a Nation that has provided them the opportunity to succeed. Which are the ONLY two reasons a person is supposed to hold Office under the Principals of our Country. Principals we have long given up.

We have created our founding fathers greatest nightmare, a Political Royal Class in our Society. They knew it was not only possible but very probable to happen. What they counted on to prevent or correct it was the vigilance of the people. For them to maintain the quality of the individual’s they chose to Serve and Lead them, and correct it when it when the wrong people gained power.

It is We The People who have failed.

We are now paying the consequences for our negligence, or at least being witness to the disaster it has led to as it unfolds before our eyes. No other Administration in history exemplifies the nightmare we have allowed our Government to grow into better than the Biden Administration.

They believe they have the right to Mandate the American People to do as they see fit for the simple reason that they are in charge, and that what they say is the way it’s going to be. Period! People who have never held any other Job than Politician, yet have acquired 10’s of Millions of Dollars just by being one, are demanding we the people they serve must comply.

The fact that No One has given them that authority is irrelevant, they are doing what they can because they can. It is just that simple. We have given the authority through our compliance to their repeated failures and nonsense.

We have two methods to fight this and very little time to stop the damage this small group of people is wreaking upon the Nation, and are about wreak upon us.

The First method is always the first thing that is screamed for by the stupid, and used against them to abuse them because those in power fear the reality of it. VIOLENCE…. Grab the Guns…. Both sides threaten to grab the Guns, just for different reasons. Neither are right.

We are the heaviest armed people in the world. The rest of the world views us as a gun culture, we are not. It’s just that everyone of us IS armed, so it just seems that way.

No one is planning an armed revolt. It is not who we are are. Any talk of such a thing is both a Red Herring and bullsh**, nothing but a distraction used to change the Focus away from the real issues.

That leaves the only REAL option. The Pressure of Our Voices.

We have several battles before us. The American Public runs on auto-pilot. The average productive American goes to work each day and just wants to be left alone to provide for their family. They live within the Law and aren’t interested in what the politicians are doing unless what they do interferes with that simple life. We need to raise our voices and tell them it’s time to get interested.

What the Politicians are trying to do will effect that simple life in ways that not only has no one told them, but the consequences of these policies they intend to pass have been purposefully hidden from the public by a Press that long ago ceased doing the sole purpose that a Free Press exists for, “to inform the People of the TRUTH”. Good or bad is supposed to be left to the reader, not to the “Journalist’s” own personal point of view an political agenda. Which is sadly what our Press has devolved into, along with it being the willing propagandists for “The Party”. They have injected themselves instead as participants in the process rather than Reporter’s of the Facts.

That leaves it to the few malcontents like myself to beat the drum and scream in outrage, praying others will do the same. Praying and understanding that if even only one person hears me it’s a victory. The Pen is mightier than the sword, but like the sword you have to pick it up….

An Enumeration of Loud Voices is the most powerful weapon that any people have to weald.

I refuse to go silently, how about you?

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