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More than 93,000 people died from drug overdoses in the U.S. last year, a record experts say was partly triggered by the isolation that many experienced during coronavirus-related lockdowns. The government reported Wednesday that the 2020 total easily surpassed the previous record of about 72,000 deaths in 2019.

Unintended consequences, the true results of hasty unqualified decisions. No matter any decision you or anyone makes there are always consequences. Some consequences are intentional they are the result you want from making the decisions you make, other consequences are unintended. You built a sandbag wall around your farm as the river rose saving your farm, but the diverted water was redirected down the road and flooded your neighbors barn killing all the horses.

The Unintended consequences of the covid lockdowns are just starting to creep out. This one is a 2 fold set of unintended consequences from 2 different government actions. The first being the Covid Lockdowns the second being the Open Border.

During the Covid Lockdowns one of the unintended consequences was all AA/NA meetings were shutdown. Addiction is a mental disease that requires daily maintenance in the form of meetings and counseling. For those that have gone down the unfortunate path of hard drugs they require daily medical treatment.

All this was shut down for the last year. No AA/NA meetings, no individual counseling, no methadone clinics (some clinics did violate the “Law” and stay open, but not many) the end result was over 93,000 Drug Overdose Deaths. The greatest number of OD deaths in recorded history.

The second unintended consequence was the Opening of the Southern Border. It allowed the unfettered delivery of illegal drugs across the border, the primary drug being Fentanyl. In 2019 a total of one pound of Fentanyl was seized in El Paso, in 2020 42 pounds of Fentanyl was seized. Like Illegals caught crossing the border only 10% of what comes across the Border is apprehended. Another very interesting fact Fentanyl it is manufactured in only one city in the world…. Wuhan China.

Some people don’t care about addicts, they say they deserve to die because they did it to themselves. Nothing could be further from the Truth and very few people can claim that the disease of addiction hasn’t effected some member of their family, but hey screw those people we had to lockdown the world over a virus with a 98% survival rate.

More and more damage from the mismanagement of this outbreak will be revealed overtime. The majority of the damage is being hidden, but you can’t hide 20,000 deaths.

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8 thoughts on “20,000 Collateral Deaths from Covid Lockdowns

  1. When it comes to the Covid virus, the only thing which is out of control?

    Is the panic.

  2. The virus and the shutdowns were part of the problem, but the widened availability of illegal synthetic super addictive synthetic opioids were the greater problem. And a lot of those deaths were caused by meth, which is often made in the US

    The southern border wasn’t any more open in 2020 than it was in 2019 or 2018.

  3. that’s not a source for several reasons. A) it’s put out by the WHO, B) It does not even mention ANY type of Drug.
    try again.

  4. No source will say otherwise

    But of course the doctors and scientists in all the countries are all lying because they’re afraid of losing their funding

    The Brits here often spend their days and nights and years and months whining about the NHS but that institution must be doing something right if that population has vastly lower opioid use and drug deaths as compared with the US

    Let’s all agree on that

  5. No Phantom you don’t understand the issue.
    That is not meant to be an insult, just a simple reality.
    There are only 3 topics that I qualify as a real expert on. The Airline Business, Firearms, and Addiction.
    Not idle boast, years and years of training in all 3 fields.

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