Compare and Contrast

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g125.jpgThe Association of Chief Police Officers has established a crack defence team to prosecute drivers who dare to challenge their prosecutions for speeding. The new company, called Road Safety Support, will fight cases in court where police forces are struggling to prosecute drivers who contest their prosecutions over what ACPO believe are legal technicalities. Meredydd Hughes, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, comes out fighting:

We are going to demonstrate that spurious cases get a slap. This team will defend the integrity of enforcement equipment and help us win high-profile cases.

Ouch! But if you think that’s tough talk from the Chief Constable, he has more:

We are saying to drivers who think they can try it on, ‘Come and get us if you think you are hard enough’.

So there you have it, motorists. The Association of Chief Police Officers believes that laws can be poorly drafted, equipment can be faulty and prosecutions flawed but you are still guilty. They have no obligation to get it right, shouldn’t be called to account for mistakes and you, the motorist, ought to accept your guilt on their word and pay up. If you disagree, the Chief Constable will start slapping.

Meanwhile, over in Texas ….