Muslim-only jails?

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I read that the government is considering building a Muslim-only prison, in order to better ensure the safety of Muslim prisoners, particularly those of the terrorist persuasion. This follows attacks on the jailed terrorists Dhiren Barot (which I discussed here) and Hussein Osman, and the alleged receipt of death threats by Omar Khyam. Aside from protecting these terrorist lowlife from the justified anger that they arouse even in criminals’ hearts, it is expected that the special Muslim-only prisons will enable staff to better cater (or should that be pander?) to Muslims’ dietary and prayer requirements.

Well, screw that! Personally, I really couldn’t care less if "people" like Barot or Osman are getting attacked – indeed, as my comments following the attack on Barot show, I am more supportive of than opposed to prisoners (or anyone else) giving such creatures the beating of a lifetime. So what if they suffer in jail: it’s no more than they deserve.