Moment of Truth in Iraq

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Many of you might already know Michael Yon by his widely publicized, hugely popular photographs from the war front.
A former US Green Beret, Yon has been working as an embed journalist since December 2004. He works freelance and has been embedded with both American and British troops. He writes what he sees and  this book, Moment of Truth in Iraq,  provides one of the most complete, interesting, and even-handed accounts I personally have ever read.

As an embed, Yon witnessed mistakes committed during the early years of the war, and  recently, witnessed the precarious “second chance” being played out by General Petreaus and his troops. Yon writes of the guerrilla warfare, in progress as you read this book review.  This book documents the actions of our soldiers as they carve out a precarious victory.

Yon has a captivating writing style.  But don’t believe me; judge for yourself. Here is an excerpt from his book from a section describing his embed with British troops: