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Trolls faceIt has been a slow year of turmoil. When I look back over the past twelve months I view a year I’m glad to see come to an end.

It started with a Funeral of a friend and ended with a funeral of a family member.  The events of the year seem to be a mishmash of tragedies, at least this year. Some years are a flow of victory and joy, some a combination of both.

In reality our lives are no different we move from the time of our birth to our death flowing through our time punctuated by events happy and sad.  Those events combined with our families and our luck shape who we are.  We as a group are luckier than most because we have all chosen to share our views of the daily events of the world with each other. We are a minority that has reached out to find others to talk about things that most of our friends never even give a second thought to.  Whether we fight or get along is just the color of the paint we use on the Canvas of ATW.

I am grateful for all of you ally and adversary, we all add color to this canvas.  This year comes to an end, a new one begins.  I have no idea what this year will hold for me let alone any of you.  I do know that some of us will share the events of our lives some won’t.  The only thing that can be counted on is that we will argue about world events that will effect our lives, but that we our powerless to do anything about.

The next two years my country will be in extreme political battle with itself.  Factions of every type will be vying for power while we also try to hold the damage being caused by those in power now to minimum. We live in the curse of Interesting times.

I bid farewell to 2014, and welcome 2015 with both fear and joy. All I know for sure is each of us will grab the Tiger by the tail and be dragged along for good or ill, and we will each share our perspectives with each other.  Each of us will be better than most because of our interaction here, remember that as we trade punches and share trenches.

and remember the threat in the background that is coming for us all.


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45 thoughts on “2014 comes to an end

  1. Interesting take on the UK economy in 2014:

    “UK gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to total $2.828 trillion (£1.816 trillion) this year, compared with French GDP of $2.827 trillion, as The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said Britain’s acceleration was boosted by the inclusion of sex and drugs to UK growth (as part of new pan-European accounting standards). Official estimates show prostitution added about £5.7bn to the UK economy in 2013, while illegal drugs were worth about £6.62bn. One question – how did they estimate it?”

    Link here

  2. Greece may be about to blow up the Eurozone, and in the process derail the EU federalist project, if its parliament fails to elect a president on Monday. Here’s hoping, and here’s a great tale from David Stockman:

    “On the old continent, this December 29th, a succinct political showdown is scheduled to take place which may well become a defining moment for our entirely unsettled new millenium. What is at stake is none other than the prosperity of the common man pitted against the privilege of concentrated power. Lamentably, this deliberate dogmatic divide has relentlessly defined human civilization for the ages.

    What is at hand isn’t so much about lofty ideals. It’s not about Socialism. It’s not about Capitalism. It’s not about Communism. It’s not about being a progressive, or a conservative or a liberal. It’s not about left vs right. Forget all those dumbed down dichotomies. It’s much more fundamental than all of that. Quite simply, it’s about People vs. Power, that’s it, nothing more. Those that have and wield institutional power, and those that do not. It’s as elementary and base as that I’m afraid.”

  3. Whether it be our bought and paid for Political Class, our rapacious Banking Sector, our completely captured Regulators, our entitled Multinational Corporations, our entrenched Governmental Agencies, our marauding Military Industrial Complex, our fleecing Healthcare Providers, our muzzled Free Press, our hijacked Justice System, or our grossly overpaid CEOs, Athletes, and Entertainers, they all have one thing in common, and I assure you that it’s not the common good that they share. What they seek above all else is to expand existing institutional dominion and their own privileges within it.

    Peter – whenever I state the above in blunter terms, you wail ‘conspiracy theory ha-ha-ha’. Why is that? Let’s look specifically at what Stockman wrote:

    our rapacious Banking Sector, our completely captured Regulators, our entitled Multinational Corporations, our entrenched Governmental Agencies, our marauding Military Industrial Complex, our fleecing Healthcare Providers, our muzzled Free Press, our hijacked Justice System, or our grossly overpaid CEOs, Athletes, and Entertainers,

    I’ve stated that clearly on here, adjectives and nouns – yet each time to meet opposition and attempted ridicule from you. Why is that?

  4. Allan

    Peter ridicules the specific claims you make regarding corporate or individual power and greed not the fact that such a culture exists at all. There is a difference.

  5. ATW is a part of the British press, Allan

    A small part, but a part nonetheless

    Allan what have you been prevented from saying here, on a site that has worldwide distribution for anyone wishing to read it?

  6. Colm – if the culture of corporate powerand greed exists then so too do the manifestations of it. How can it be otherwise?

  7. Phantom, on December 28th, 2014 at 3:05 PM Said:
    Allan what have you been prevented from saying here, on a site that has worldwide distribution for anyone wishing to read it?

    Where do I claim to have been prevented from stating my opinion on ATW? I’m asking why it is that Peter can link to “rapacious Banking Sector, our completely captured Regulators, our entitled Multinational Corporations, our entrenched Governmental Agencies, our marauding Military Industrial Complex, our fleecing Healthcare Providers, our muzzled Free Press, our hijacked Justice System” yet when I do exactly the same and with specific examples (which are not debunked), Peter is the first to wail ‘conspiracy theory’.

  8. Colm, on December 28th, 2014 at 3:08 PM Said:

    You are being vague. What do you mean by ‘manifestations’ ?

    I disagree. I think you fail to understand what I have written, and it’s not particularly challenging:


    Manifestation – a sign of something existing or happening:

    She claimed that the rise in unemployment was just a further manifestation of the government’s incompetence.

    › [U] appearance:
    Unlike acid rain or deforestation, global warming has no visible manifestation.

  9. You and whathisname are saying that the press has been muzzled.

    Yet you say that you have not been muzzled, so I think that you are arguing with yourself

    Where have the British press been muzzled, and what have your reporters been prevented from reporting?.

  10. Phantom

    To be fair to Allan he wasn’t claiming his views were being muzzled, only that they were being dismissed by Peter and others despite Allan’s claims that they prove the very thing Peter is complaining about.

  11. The internet is absolutely part of the press. It is the fastest growing part if it, per the ongoing transition from paper.

    Some good local and other original reporting has come from blogs.

    It is all the press., the free exchange of ( good and bad ) ideas.

  12. Colm

    I want to hear what stories have been muzzled.

    I don’t think that Allan knows of any such stories

  13. Phantom – reporting of crime is deliberately not accurate in the MSM:


    Associated Press

    Tom Kent, deputy managing editor for standards and production at The Associated Press recently admitted that the AP censors black crime.

    New York Times

    Philip Corbett, associate managing editor of the New York Times recently confessed to censoring black crime.

    Chicago Tribune

    Last June Chicago Tribune senior vice president and editor Gerould Kern admitted the newspaper censors black crime in a rather nasty response to his critics.

    Washington Post

    In August of 2010 the Washington Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander stated that the paper censored race. He said that Weekend News Editor Robert E. Pierre supported the censorship.

    LA Times

    The LA Times was the first newspaper we ever noticed openly admitting to racial censorship. This was back in 2007. The paper made an online database of homicides. They offered a sort of apology for including the races of the perpetrators. They stated that it was normally their policy to censor this information.

  14. Let’s look more closely:


    This week the Chicago Tribune published several news stories and related columns about assaults by groups of youths in the Streeterville area of downtown Chicago. More coverage appears Sunday.

    A number of readers have asked why we have not included racial descriptions of the assailants and the victims in these incidents.

    We do not reference race unless it is a fact that is central to telling the story.

    By all indication, these attacks were motivated by theft, not race. Further, there is no evidence to suggest that the victims were singled out because of their race. Therefore we did not include racial descriptions in our initial news reports.

    Hmmm… whites are being mugged by blacks and race is crucial to the narrative. Put another way, if whites were mugging blacks, one can be absolutely sure that race would be at the forefront of a huge national furore.

  15. We’ve all heard of Trayvon (aspiring fizzissist), Stephen Lawrence (aspiring architect) et al. How many have heard of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian? How about the Wichita massacre?


    Newsom was gagged with a sock in his mouth, his ankles were bound with his own belt, his hands were tied behind his back, his face was covered with a bandana and his head covered with a sweatshirt that his five assailants had tied around his neck with shoestrings.

    .He was then violently raped with an object and beaten.

    “One can only imagine the horror Christopher experienced as he was then forced to walk barefoot to the nearby railroad tracks, where he was shot in the neck in the back,” Beck said solemnly. “But the shots didn’t kill him — he fell to the ground and was paralyzed.”

    “That’s when the assailants stood over him, placed the gun against his head and fired, killing him execution style,” he added. Newsom was shot a total of three times.

    But not even that was enough. The attackers then poured gasoline on his body and set him on fire.

    The woman was forced into a back room of the house where she was hog-tied with a strips of fabric from a bedding set. She was brutally raped “in every possible way imaginable” for several hours as the assailants beat her viciously with several objects, including a broken chair leg.

    By the time Christian was taken into the living room, the five attackers realized they had left their DNA on their victim. In an attempt to cover their tracks, they poured bleach down her throat and on her body before they wrapped her body in black garbage bags and covered her head in a plastic grocery bag.

    “She was then placed in a garbage can in the kitchen of the house — all of this while she was still alive,” Beck noted.

    “Channon Christian’s last minutes on earth were spent slowly suffocating in a garbage can after she had been savagely beaten and raped for hours,” he added

    Had this happened to a black couple at the hands of a white gang, one would never have heard the end of it.

  16. Allan

    You actually raise valid points there.

    Blacks do commit a hugely disproportionate share of violent crime, and it is true that major media, starting with the 1970s have largely stopped using race in descriptions of perpetrators

    This isn’t because the press has been muzzled though. This is because editors have made atrocious decisions in efforts at political correctness.

    In the US and also in the UK, you can say what you like, the only real problem being bad libel law in the case of Britain.

  17. Phantom – the presence of political corectness and ‘muzzled’ (more accurate would be ‘skewed’ – not my word as selected) press is not accidental: the former begets the latter. In the US and UK, one cannot say as one likes. A ‘wrong’ word and one can be thrown out of work.

  18. Peter – whenever I state the above in blunter terms, you wail ‘conspiracy theory ha-ha-ha’. Why is that?


    I have never argued that the banks are not corrupt parasites. Goldmans is known as the great sucking squid for a reason.

    But I dispute conspiracies in general for the simple reason that if they existed they would be exposed eventually. The best example is the assassination of JFK in 1963. The conspiracy theories were many and varied, but all have now been discredited and the banal truth of a lone assassin is accepted by all but the wilder loons. The Warren Commission made mistakes, but it got the basic verdict right, as I’m sure you agree?

  19. “2014 is set to be England’s hottest year in over 350 years, according to the world’s longest continuous record, with climate change at least partly to blame. The whole world has had a warm year and global data, released later on Wednesday, is likely to indicate a new record.”

    Link here

  20. The Warren Commission made mistakes, but it got the basic verdict right, as I’m sure you agree?

    I certainly would not agree but I don’t intend to develop the JFK assassination today.

  21. Peter – I shall be very happy to enlighten you. Let me know when you have the mistakes of the Warren Commission. Usually, when ‘mistakes’ are made in any report, it affects the result adversely.

  22. //Are you still a gun advocate? //

    Daithi, OK, this toddler shot a woman dead in a supermarket.

    But shit happens. You ignore the fact that many muggers and murderers had been scared off attacking this group because they knew the 2-yr-old might be armed.

  23. Peter just for you sweetheart

    Satellite Temperatures Reveal the ‘Global Warming Pause’ Lengthens to 18 years 2 months – (218 Months)

  24. Noel, D

    This is the point that the Gun Fondlers cannot considerr.

    Widespread availability of guns, including among the untrained ( most states have no requirement that a gun owner knows which end of the gun the bullet is fired from ) can only lead to more ” accidents “, shootings in family / neighbor rows, or suicides.

    This incident was not an accident. A decision was made to allow a curious, restless two year old to be in very close proximity to a loaded handgun. Everything that came after flowed directly from that decision, and from the diseased gun culture of the US.

    Say a prayer for that poor child.

  25. Oh and the NRA wants blind people to have the right to have guns also.

    They’ve said so openly this year.

    Not a joke.

  26. That video is just nuts. Apart from the lunacy of the point he’s trying to prove, a person who speaks like he does should simply be never allowed near weapons.

    “The fact is it has been proven that people that lack vision have an increased awareness of their hearing and spatial surroundings. The biggest concern I hear is having blind people carrying in public. Are you envisioning the person waving the gun around and pointing at anybody for no reason? For that’s what it sounds like.”

  27. there are people that shouldn’t have access to guns, knives, cars and especially children.

    Accidents happen irresponsibility happens more often. Eliminating guns from Law Abiding people has proven to be more dangerous than allowing the majority to have them.

    But to people like Phantom facts on the issue of firearms mean nothing.

    People are the problem not the things we have access to.

    I use the following story as my example. Read it and understand that these are the type of people that are the problem, that no matter what you ban or wish didn’t exist babies would still die.


    You don’t like guns, you don’t know how to use or handle a gun. In any analysis you are ignorant on the topic. Ignorance breeds fear.

    I can find 1000 stories like the one I link to for every ONE about a gun misuse that you can find.

    Worry about the children born to people like the ones in the story I link to. There regretfully you’ll find pain and suffering 1000 fold over any problem caused by a firearm.

    but as I said reality means nothing to you both on several subjects.

  28. Eliminating guns from Law Abiding people has proven to be more dangerous than allowing the majority to have them

    Who told you that, and give precise information backing it up please.

    Keep in mind the gun death rate per 100,000 population in the following northeast / mid atlantic states ( figures from 2010, but they have not changed much over the decades ) Why the huge difference between NY and NJ and the other states?

    The gun fondlers here try to say that the difference is because of the presence of blacks in certain states but the ultra high gun death rates in Alaska 20.4 and Wyoming 15.6 where there are virtually no blacks kind of give the lie to that one too

    New Jersey 5.2
    New York 5.1
    Pennsylvania 10.1
    Virginia 10.8
    West Virginia 14.1

    Deaths Due to Injury by Firearms per 100,000 Population

  29. //I can find 1000 stories like the one I link to for every ONE about a gun misuse that you can find.//

    Can anyone explain how the fact that many children die through neglect has any relevance to the story of a 2-year-old shooting dead a woman?

    I means, hundreds of thousands of children die from famine; does that mean terrorist murders of a few children are OK?

    Troll, you might have a point if you link to a story of a 2-year-old shooting dead a potential murderer.

  30. The gun fanatics, including the specimen here, who are not to be confused with responsible gun owners, can never and will never address this issue rationally.

    They’ll always come back to a few anecdotes and will never address the statistics of populations within the US or which compare the US and much safer countries such as the UK or Canada.

    The fanatics oppose all regulations, except maybe those which would not allow felons to have guns. Theirs is an angry and emotional response at all times.

    The NRA is a disgusting organization but there are gun nuts more extreme than they are.

    I looked at a gun nut chat room and saw many of them strongly endorsing the ” rights ” of blind persons to be armed. I swear.

  31. One may talk about ‘gun fanatics’ but what about anti-gun fanatics, many of whom are in power and break the law in their quest:


    HIGH RIVER — RCMP revealed Thursday that officers have seized a “substantial amount” of firearms from homes in the evacuated town of High River.

    “We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are,” said Sgt. Brian Topham.

    “People have a significant amount of money invested in firearms … so we put them in a place that we control and that they’re safe.”

    That news didn’t sit well with a crowd of frustrated residents who had planned to breach a police checkpoint northwest of the town as an evacuation order stretched into its eighth day.

    “I find that absolutely incredible that they have the right to go into a person’s belongings out of their home,” said resident Brenda Lackey, after learning Mounties have been taking residents’ guns. “When people find out about this there’s going to be untold hell to pay.”

    Basically, police seized legally-owned firearms from homes evacuated during a flood in Alberta. Several of the guns were taken from houses which were broken into by police who then subsequently broke into the locked cabinets where the guns were secured.

  32. Who told you that, and give precise information backing it up please.

    Read John Lott and get back to me on where he is wrong.

    Phantom it isn’t me who has no facts on their side it’s you buddy boy….

  33. Troll – your link mentions

    legal scholar John Lott

    Who is John Lott? Have you heard of him before? If not, why do you link to him now? Did you just ‘google’ him to back your pre-conceived views? Does he have a degree in Gun Studies?

    Hey – I’m just kidding. The inane questions above are what Phantom asks when he’s been rumbled.

  34. that’s quite all right Allan, Phantom knows who Lott is.

    The thing is there are topics which each of us will never be swayed by reason or fact.

    Guns is one of his.

  35. Troll

    What level of gun control do you support?

    None ?

    Should the following class of people be allowed to own guns –

    People with a criminal record? Alcoholics? Drug addicts? Illegal aliens? Tourists?Those with a record of domestic violence?

    Those on psychotropic medication?

    The blind?

    Should any safety or marksmanship training be required, as it is in many places?

    Should records be kept of all gun sales or transfers?

    I don’t expect answers, as they’ve not been addressed over the years here.

    Allan actually has spoken about the need to deny guns to those on psychiatric meds, so I give him credit for that

    I’m fine with guns – I only want them controlled in a sensible way. Like autos or airplanes, these are powerful machines that should be respected and which require knowledge to use properly.

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