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A very happy St George’s Day to my fellow English everywhere.


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19 thoughts on “23 April

  1. My best wishes to ALL ATW’s English readers – have a great day and I hope St George rises again and slays the dragons that the liberal left have let loose on your land.

  2. St. George is the patron saint of Aragon, Canada, Catalonia, China, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, and Serbia, as well as the cities of Amersfoort, Beirut, Ferrara, Freiburg, Genoa, Ljubljana, and Moscow, as well as a wide range of professions, organisations and disease sufferers.

    Not an obvious Pete Moore icon then.

  3. And a happy St George’s Day to you too, Peter. It gets worse. St George is commonly thought to have come from Asia Minor (Turkey, if you like) and never set foot in this green and pleasant land. But it’s what he represented and stood for as a Christian martyr that led him to being adopted as England’s patron saint by Richard the Lionheart.

    However, anticipating a jibe or two, I helpfully provided England’s real and original flag, the Wyvern. It’s the symbol of Wessex under which King Alfred the Great defeated the Deans at Edington. The mighty King Athelston subdued the Welsh, hammered the unruly Scots and became the King of all Britain under this banner, and poor King Harold fell beneath it defending England from Duke William the Bastard of Normandy.

  4. But it’s what he represented and stood for as a Christian martyr that led him to being adopted as England’s patron saint by Richard the Lionheart.

    Quite. The Lionheart barely set foot in England either, spending most of time fighting for his family’s extensive lands in France. He was also, shall we say, a tad unorthodox in his sexuality. Amazing that the Victorians chose to erect a statue of him outside the Houses of Parliament.

  5. Mahons yes, generally here in London it’s ignored!

    However there were rumblings that it would be celebrated this year. All I saw on my way to work was them giving away cardboard badges with one of the free papers.

  6. We’ll again be observing the traditions of getting drunk at the pub while the local council makes up an excuse not to mark the day in case someone is offended.

    Are you an Ale drinker yourself Pete. English pubs really do have a variety of drinks in them, ales etc that you just dont get in Irish pubs.

    You can get the stuff in bottle form in the ROI but its expensive.. Black sheep have some lovely stuff as anything from St Peter’s Brewery

    Enjoy the day

  7. Thanks Kloot.

    I do like a decent beer or light ale or IPA. The regional varieties we have here are one of our lesser appreciate glories, in my opinion. Ridley’s is my local brewer. If you’re ever in Essex I can well recommend a pint of Old Bob, it’s lovely stuff.

  8. These Big Up Your Identity Day things always seem a bit banal to me. Glad they aren’t doing any stooopid parades even if the reasons not to are seriously dubious.

    Technically I’m not really English having been born here to Polish and Italian/Med parents with no known blood line claim to England and we all know how hated immigrants to these isles are! However.

    Over in London tonight myself and a crew of assorted new immigrants will be cheering on St George and every opportunity this fabulous country has afforded us by eating fish and chips, drinking ale and supporting the English teams tonight (and all the foreigners in ‘em) in the Champions League.

    – Happy St. Georges Day –

  9. If you’re ever in Essex I can well recommend a pint of Old Bob, it’s lovely stuff.

    Cheer Pete. Ive not been over to Essex yet. Ive a sister living in near York, so a lot of my ale sampling comes from visits there. Other then that its trips to Rathmines and Ranelagh in Dublin here where there are 2 excellent off licences supplying some a pretty decent variety of ales and beers from across the world. Of course, they just aint the same out of the bottle as when pulled from the tap.

  10. St. Peters is good . Quite expensive by the 16.9 oz bottle in my local quality supermarket, which is the only place I’ve ever seen it.

  11. Pete Moore…..in England. Grand tribute pal.

    "Went the day well".

    And to all proud fellow patriots, including the self-loathing ones, party poopers, and ‘would-be’ English men and women.

  12. Happy St George’s day for yesterday!
    I always thought we should leverage the fact Shakespeare was born on the day as a cause/theme of celebration.

    Anyway, I saw the word beer and thought i had to contribute.

    In my mind England’s ale heritage is one of its most under-utilised resources. I cant think of a country which has more variety and quality than we have.

    A couple of tips:
    Tribute by the St Austell brewery in Cornwall (indeed virtually anything by them)
    Doom Bar, by the Sharps Brewery, again in Cornwall.

    Tim Taylor’s landlord is good but rare to find it being kept well

    Cheers, all!

  13. Andy –

    I don’t know the Cornish chaps, but I’ll back your shout for Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Booze being a creature of context (method, water source, local ingredients, etc) beers and ales ought to be drunk locally. For Timothy Taylor that means Yorkshire. Downing it anywhere else just wouldn’t seem right. I’ll leave it there before people get the impression I have a beard and elbow patches.

  14. Pete
    I understand – I often find myself apologising for being into ale.
    As for the creature of context thing – you have a point. They say the same about wine of course, although I tend to find beer travels a bit better.

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