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Well, it’s NOT as if there is a recession on.

Britain yesterday pledged almost £2 billion in “climate aid” to help finance foreign projects including wind turbines in Africa and greener cattle farming in Colombia.

£2 billion of OUR cash to the third world? So some Government Minister can feed their inner bleeding heart?

In the meantime, 20,000 BRITISH starve to death because of the cold.

Couldn’t the £2bn be better spend? I believe charity begins at home and the lavish abuse of national resources on “climate aid” is a scandal.

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  1. Someone please make it stop.

    £2 billion of OUR cash to the third world?

    Not quite, David. There’s no spare £2billion lying around.

    This is long-term debt, borrowed from banks. It’ll be your son and daughter who pays it back, with interest. They’ll be doing so the DFID parasites stay in jobs today, they’ll be doing it long after Third World wind farms have rusted and collapsed (if they ever get built), and they’ll be doing it to keep DFID parasites in gold-plated pensions.

    For the benefit of bureaucrats, Third World dictators and other grafters, and not forgetting the corporate welfare bums who build the turbines, your son and daughter will have lower standards of living imposed on them.

    Apparently it’s immoral to argue against it, because it’s moral to hand over your cash when the state points a gun to your heard and says a number, whatever that number is.

  2. Apparently it’s immoral to argue against it, because it’s moral to hand over your cash when the state points a gun to your heard and says a number, whatever that number is.

    As the IPCC shouted in a blaze of Glory ” The debate is over ”

    Do not agree, then you are a ‘Denier’ or a ‘Flatearther’ .. So with no furthet ado, pay up and shut up 😉

    Oh, and if you don’t ‘pay up’ all your children, grandchildren and there kittens will drown .. so think of the cheeeldren, for they will have to ‘pay up’ as well.

  3. Seems a very christian gesture to me. Pledging to help the poorest and all that as the season of goodwill is upon us.

    Here’s what the Energy Secretary said:

    Mr Davey said the money should be spent because “climate change is a global threat and with every passing year, the nature and the extent of that threat grows clearer”.

    “We also recognise that the world’s poorest will be hit the hardest by the impacts of climate change, and we need to help communities adapt to these challenges,” he added.

    One would have to be heartless to argue with that.

  4. We can all be generous with other people’s money, but where’s the Christian spirit in violently robbing millions?

    Christianity says it’s wrong to steal. All Christians must therefore oppose taxation. There’s no argument against that.

  5. Violently robbing millions?

    Do you mean robbing millions of people or millions of pounds? And how does violence enter the equation?

  6. “Withold your taxes and see what happens to you.”

    I did on several occasions. Not an armed bandit in sight. You’re raving again, Moore Pete 😉

  7. If you are PAYE .. how is that possible?

    The State pretty much have the theft of peoples earnings down to a fine art.

    As for the Global warming Climate change scam, i think we can now safely assume that the lunatics really are running the aslyum.

  8. Harri,

    Wind farms are used to produce electricity. Apart from electrical storms in the Kalahari it can’t be plucked out of thin air in Africa. Turbines will be a boost to oil-deficient countries such as Kenya.


    Wind farms in Africa will save British lives, says Minister

    Climate change: The UK will “pay the price in British lives” if the Government fails to spend money helping poor countries deal with climate change, according to Greg Barker, the Environment Minister […]

    Greg Barker isn’t an escaped lunatic, although he’s clearly a lunatic.

    However the scheme will cost around £70 per household in the UK.

    Socialists are other riff-raff are invited to stump up on my behalf. I refuse to comply. Africa’s not problem, it’s the problem of collectivism.

    Those who will tell me the state must point a gun at me and rob me and that this is good and moral can dig deeper and be more moral and more good themselves.

    C’mon do-gooders, time to put your money where your mouths are.

  10. Richard,

    My wallet, my money, my choice.

    If some African wannabe gangster wishes to sit around all day under some tree, clutching a machete in one hand and a 22ct gold plated Kalashnikov in the other, eyeing up his 12 year old next door neighbours daughter .. that’s fine, just please don’t expect me to pay for it.

  11. Not to worry. I’m sure most of this cash will disappear into Swiss bank accounts and Mercede’s dealerships before windfarm 1 is ever built. Corruption…it’s what Africa does best ….

  12. exactly, I wonder how much of the original sum actually gets to the root of the problem?

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