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Foaming europhiles like Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg uses every media opportunity to hawk around the scary statistic that the Uk would lose 3 million jobs if we do choose to exit the EU. Naturally this is a pure scare tactic and it is neatly rebuffed here by Dan Hannan;

That figure, which came from a paper by a Brussels-funded London academic more than a decade ago, has been disowned even by its author.  In any case, it relates to trade with Europe, not to trade dependent on EU membership.

One of the few jobs that genuinely would disappear is mine, as an MEP.

Norway exports two-and-a-half times as much per head to the EU from outside it as we do from inside; Switzerland four-and-a-half times as much. Both countries are free to sign independent trade accords with non-EU states. 

Switzerland, for example, is negotiating a trade deal with China — something that Britain, bound by the EU’s protectionist common trade policy, cannot do.

You may have noticed that Norway and Switzerland are doing rather well, with low debt, low taxes, low unemployment, low inflation and high growth. 

Small wonder that, in both cases, around 80 per cent of their people prefer the status quo to EU membership.

Seven million Swiss and four million Norwegians, relying on a  series of trade agreements, are able to give their people, respectively, the third-highest and the highest standard of living on the planet. 

Are we supposed to believe that the UK, with a population of 62 million, a maritime nation connected by language and law, commerce and kinship, habit and history to every continent, could not prosper under its own laws? Are we truly so diminished as a people?

The answer is that Europhiles ARE so diminished. They have long since given up on us as a free NATION and instead see us as a part of the great European Federation, currently falling apart at the seams of course.


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One thought on “3 MILLION STRAW-MEN..

  1. Yes, fair points from Hannan and dangerous thoughts all round.

    That some have this meme implanted in their minds that to leave the EU is to cast ourselves “to the fringe” of Europe is a testament to the power of propaganda. They didn’t suggest that we’d be “on the fringe” of the Anglosphere when we betrayed the Commonwealth and the English-speaking people of the world in favour of the Brussels soviet, yet that’s what happened.

    The arguments for ejecting the EU are total, overwhelming and unarguable. It will happen, it’s just a matter of time.

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