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I’ve been away from ATW central all day so just catching up on various things! I’ve been dared to blog this and never one to shy away from such, here you go – a  4th July themed musical entertainment via Texas. You can’t shame me!

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30 thoughts on “4TH JULY REPRISE

  1. I know I’ve said that I generally can’t stand rap music, but I have to say that this fusion of rap and metal sounded great played loud!

  2. Ohhh Baby, these boys rock!!

    Tom I knew you had impeccable taste.

    Turn it up LOUD when you play it friends……Texas is rocking tonight!

    David, I’m sending you a ten gallon hat Dude!

  3. Daphne

    Is that because no-one is willing to buy it !……. ..only joking, hope your having a great 4th of July.

  4. Hey darlin’ Colm – I’ve missed you!

    They’re actually selling pretty well. You ought to go see.
    Their best song is called Yoko Ono – you might appreciate it!

    I hope you’re doing well Colm.

  5. I am Daphne. I have been away for 2 weeks , guess where?. The good ol’ US of A. Washington DC and the Big Apple to be precise. Very impressed with both cities.

  6. Come south next time – we’ll knock your socks off – hospitality is second nature here. Glad you had a good trip!

  7. Daphne et al.

    Have a gt day. Not sure we should be celebrating, but my boss is from Vermont and has forced us (!) to partake of his clam chowder and whiskey sours. Enjoy the fireworks

  8. Sara – Thanks! I’m not sure about whiskey sours though….
    Whiskey Neat suits me better.

    Go ahead and celebrate – we love you guys!

  9. you can download their latest CD for free.

    is it any surprise. its hideous.

    Bodycount they aint!!! or Mordred !!

  10. Independence (from Britain) Day.

    Watching that video….

    ….I’m glad we did!

  11. Alex

    It’s not that bad having me back is it ?


    Thanks – glad to be back.


    I was very impressed with all the famous political iconic buildings and monuments in DC, especially Capitol hill and the Supreme Court. Awesome buildings. New York was exactly as I expected. Fast furious, fun, but a city that works well. And it was hot and sunny every day, unlike the weather here in the UK which I hear has been miserable.

  12. Tom Tyler

    You simply must come to New York.

    If you like to walk, Manhattan and Brooklyn have many distinct neighborhoods awaiting your discovery.

    I like the people in Texas, but so very much of the cities and suburbs there are designed for cars as the sole mode of transportation that they turn me off.

    I know that Houston has put in a light rail, so that is a sign of progress.

    But do come to NYC. We love our European visitors and with the exchange rate being what it is, its too cheap to stay home

  13. Colm

    I’m curious as to what specific places you may have liked in NY, incl pubs and restaurants.

    Did you ride the subway? (I’m a mass transit geek, always ready to speak about that subject)

  14. Great music David. And beautiful picture from Andrew. I meant to upload some 4th of July shots from my neighborhood – 5 k in the AM – Kids triatholon, parade and upcoming fireworks. I have to go outside and help with the barbque (my husband is helpless with anything except steaks, fire and beer — so he claims!) Anyway, I need a nap because it’s been too hot but off I go to help out. No photos today.

    What’s with the weather in London? I just saw some incredible photographs of a hail storm in July?

  15. Charles

    The big fireworks show in the Harbor is still on. There are lots of clouds and some light sprinkles of rain, but I think they’ll be able to have a show in less than optimum conditions.

    Fireworks display in Jones Beach (Long Island) was cancelled.

    I will in a few minutes be writing something on my site about fireworks in Brooklyn. Oh, do I miss the old days.

  16. Jeeze, why must rap poison everything?

    Thankfully, I hear it’s in decline. Back to real music again.

  17. All fireworks have been cancelled here in the Hill Country in Texas – it’s still raining and the flooding is incredible.

    Backyard rockets for us this year.

    Happy 4th of July Charles, Phantom, and Patty!

  18. Oh – LOL! I had heard about this terrible and ‘controversial’ tune. DANG. I ADORE it!!

    What’s so controversial about it, though?

    So glad that I saw and heard this – especially at the end of a day like today. Lots of pride in America on display all around us today.

    Thank you!

  19. Good Lord is that a recruiting video for the Taliban? As subtle as a sledgehammer. As I watched all I could think was Brother From Another Planet. To each his own I suppose.

    Colm – I sensed a disturbance in the force here in New York, little did I realize that you were strolling the streets of the Big Apple. Glad you had a good time.

  20. Mahons,

    Those mugs are collector’s items. Mind you, if Colm wanted one of his own……I have stock! 😉

  21. This song represents an attack on MetalValhala itself, never before has a distortion pedal been so abused and in public! I’m off to listen to Bathory and purge my heart of this fake metal womanlyness.
    Hope you guys had a nice forth of July but seriously that song……….

    if you want good American metal get into Exedous or Anthrax (‘its a mad house’ for the friday night playlist, come own we owe it to Thor himself after that fartmetal wimpery !)

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