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reset-600x399Russians Rage Against America...

Enduring Sanctions, Anger Turns to Hate…

Racist Names for Obama…

American flags used as doormats…


The only Domain of any President that is his/hers alone is Foreign Policy. It is theirs to either Triumph or Fail with.  The above is just the tip of the Iceberg of the massive failure that make up Obama’s Foreign Affairs.

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32 thoughts on “Obama and Hillary’s Idea of a Russian Reset

  1. Troll is now mad at Obama for making Putin mad and for helping whack the Russian economy

    If he made Putin happy he would also be mad.

  2. I can only assume that Troll wants the American govt. to do everything Putin demands and that the USA keeps quiet and takes no action regardless of how provocatively Russia behaves. Yep that must be ‘pacifist’ Troll’s position 😉

  3. //Why should Russian anger against Obama be seen as a failure of American foreign policy ?//

    Russia was always at war with Islam and wanted to keep it out of Europe, see its war against Chechnya and its support for Serbia against Bosnian Muslims. Well, that obviously annoyed Obama, and as soon as he became President he had to get back at Russia out of spite. This destroyed US – Russia relations which had been quite good until Barack Hussein came to power.

  4. Putin’s junta controls most of the Russian media and cowes the rest of it. So the party line is taken to be the unvarnished truth by the masses. It’s amazing that they don’t hate Obama even more, Putin needs to try harder.

  5. And, as I wrote recently, the drive for a black James Bond is on:


    The prospect of Idris Elba eventually replacing Daniel Craig as the next James Bond went from hypothetical internet speculation to something more substantial last week, when the Daily Beast uncovered an interesting nugget in the piles of hacked Sony emails.

    “Idris should be the next Bond,” Sony Pictures chair Amy Pascal wrote, reportedly to a fellow studio executive.

    A yard-ape: every white woman needs one.

  6. There’s been a lot of crowing about Russians losing their use of Mastercard & Visa in Crimea, and therefore unable to get at their money.
    Don’t Russians have cheque-books?

  7. The phony baloney Zero Hedge thingie thinks Russia don’t need no Visa or Mastercard since they have Chinese credit cards available to them

    Hows that de-dollarization working, Vladimir?

  8. There was a lotta talk in the UK last year when banks suggested that cheques were too expensive to produce, and process by staff.
    Justifiably the public were outraged and the banks backed down, but what’s happened in Crimea is a good example why too much reliance on digital plastic has its drawbacks.

  9. I would think that relatively few Russians use credit cards as compared with say N America and UK

    In the US, Travelers Cheques if that is what you speak of have nearly gone away. They used to be everywhere, now very few stores would know what to do with them.

    But the same controls that have been put on plastic could be put on any form of check.

    The alternative could be to carry cash, but few want to do that.

    I have gone to London with nearly no cash because I rely on credit or debit cards.

  10. You call them checks, we call them cheques, but either way they’re here for a while yet Phantom.
    Our increasingly elderly population find remembering pin numbers difficult whereas a signature at the bottom of a cheque is no problem. All banks will pay out cash on a cheque, while a few may ask for identification.

  11. Paper checks ( not the same as travelers cheques ) are fast fading here too. I used to write maybe eight personal checks a month. Now its maybe five a year – for charities, small gifts, or the dentist!

    This is one of a million things that have changed due to the internet etc.

  12. If memory serves, the interesting thing about that so called; “Reset Button”, was that they (US) used a Russian word on it that they thought sai: “RESET”. As pointed out at the time by the Russian Foreign Minister (pictured), it said not such thing.

    I love the internet.

  13. all the Americans miss the point.

    The post was just a throw up, but it is not contradictory, absurd, or not thought through.

    The Obama Regime made a big deal of how with him as President the one area for sure that we as a nation would benefit is in foreign policy. According to them the simplest of this improvement would be with the Russians.

    I’ll ask a couple of simple questions.

    Has our relationship with Russia improved or deteriorated?

    Name ONE foreign policy success of the Obama administration.

    This minor example of Obama’s total foreign policy failure is just that a minor example, his policies have destroyed our credibility with our allies and given our adversaries reason to laugh.

    Is it bashing the man if what I say is true? Instead of just tossing one line dismissive statements out why not show me and everyone else an example of an Obama Success?

    I await with bated breath the Lists from the 3 of you.

  14. Putin has proven to be a revanchist belligerant. He has made his own bad relations with the world.

    At least Onama did not look into Putey Pure”s eyes and see his soul like GWB did.

  15. The reset was foolish and seemed based on the notion that strained US Russian relations were the result of the Bush administration rather than the nature of the Kremlin regime. Those who pointed out that Russia was a problem were sneered at as being hopelessly ill informed, think of the reaction by the Obama administration and the likes of the New York Times to Mitt Romney saying that Russia was a geopolitical foe.

    Since the attack on Ukraine Obama’s approach has been much better and the same is true of European countries but it took a long time to get there.

  16. Troll

    The ‘Russian rage’ against America is due to the diplomatic and economic sanctions the Obama administration is effecting as a result of Russia’s aggressive interference in Ukraine. This is what you describe as a foreign policy failure. Do you then believe that the US should not have effected any sanctions against Russia ?

  17. The phony baloney Zero Hedge thingie thinks Russia don’t need no Visa or Mastercard since they have Chinese credit cards available to them

    Something I didn’t realise the last time Zero Hedge came up here is that it’s not just a random conspiracy site by people who have an affinity with Russia but probably a formal disinformation outlet for the Kremlin. As economist Craig Pirrong noted a few years ago:

    That comports perfectly with the ZH MO. Provocative and poorly sourced allegations with a particular slant are scattered among legitimate news and data. The solid news stories attract eyeballs that also views the agitprop. And some of the ZH material has made it up the media food chain.

    And it is also the RT MO. RT is well-known for sprinkling its more outlandish “reporting” and commentary in a stream of legitimate news stories told in a relatively straightforward way.

    So what is ZH, exactly? Its creator is Daniel Ivandjiiski, a native of Bulgaria. Daniel has a very dodgy past, including losing a job and his securities license for insider trading. None of this is hard to find out: it was covered in a New York Magazine piece that ran soon after ZH first gained notoriety. Mr. Ivandjiiski’s checkered past perhaps explains his clearcut antipathy for Wall Street. But there may be more to it than that.

    In light of my flash analogy of ZH to a Soviet disinformation operation, what is really interesting is the background of Daniel Ivandjiiski’s father. Ivandjiiski pere (Kassimir) was a Bulgarian “journalist” and “envoy” during the Cold War. A member of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Trade, in the COMECON and EU departments. A journalist. A “special envoy” (hence presumably with very useful diplomatic cover) in every proxy war in Central Asia and Africa in the 1970s and 1980s.

    That is an intel operative’s CV with probability 1.

    Perhaps it is just coincidence that the son of an obvious Warsaw Pact intelligence service agent with the “journalistic” and “diplomatic” background commonly used in influence and disinformation operations starts a website that employs classic influence and disinformation methods, and spouts an editorial line dripping with vitriol and hostility for American (and Western European) financial institutions and governments: a line that follows that of RT quite closely. Perhaps. But if it is, it is a fascinating one, no? (It amazes me that although Kassimir’s background has been discussed in the context of Zero Hedge, I cannot find anyone in an English language source making the obvious connection with Bulgarian, and hence Soviet, intelligence. It is as plain as the nose on one’s face.)

  18. but probably a formal disinformation outlet for the Kremlin.

    Ross – are you aware that the entire MSM of the US and UK are outlets for CIA disinformation?


    The Agency’s special relationships with the so‑called “majors” in publishing and broadcasting enabled the CIA to post some of its most valuable operatives abroad without exposure for more than two decades. In most instances, Agency files show, officials at the highest levels of the CIA usually director or deputy director) dealt personally with a single designated individual in the top management of the cooperating news organization. The aid furnished often took two forms: providing jobs and credentials “journalistic cover” in Agency parlance) for CIA operatives about to be posted in foreign capitals; and lending the Agency the undercover services of reporters already on staff, including some of the best‑known correspondents in the business.

  19. Colm

    It will never be possible for ATW bi coastal Super Duper Republicans to give Democrats for anything.

    They never said boo against GWB when he was in office, now they have nothing positive to say about Obama, even when he orders the takeout of Osama.

    Every issue is framed as Republicans Always Good / Democrats Always Bad and their entire tenure at ATW shows this at all times

    In contrast, I once heard Newt Gingrich speak candidly and openly about the fact that the conservatives were dead wrong on civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s but that ” the liberals had this one right “. Don’t wait for any such comment on these pages ever.

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