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Saudi Arabia proposed hosting a male-only Olympics in a joint bid that would have seen neighbouring country Bahrain hosting the women’s events . Prince Fahad bin Jalawi al-Saud, an international relations consultant to the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, proposed the gender-segregated games in an interview with the French sports website Francs Jeux.  He claimed that under new rules passed in the Olympic Agenda 2020 reform package a joint, segregated bid between the two nations would be allowed.

You can understand where Saudi is coming from. Their dark ages mentality demands women are treated as third class citizens and segregation is the cultural norm.

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13 thoughts on “MEN ONLY OLYMPICS.

  1. As I said ages ago, you will not change them.

    They will change you.

    Yes, this can be a wonderful precedent for the monstrously corrupt IOC.

  2. Their dark ages mentality

    So how should we treat a country with a dark age mentality?

    I know, how about we sell them billions of dollars and pounds worth of military equipment.

  3. Leaving aside the utter absurdity of this proposal…

    What time of year do they propose hosting these Olympics? Surely these will have to be “Winter” Summer Olympics?

  4. But the linked article says

    But the suggestion was quickly shot down by the IOC, whose president, Thomas Bach, said in a statement:

    A commitment to ‘non-discrimination’ will be mandatory for all countries hoping to bid for the Olympics in the future. This was made very clear in the Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms and will even be in the host city contract.

    If this is not applied, the bid would not be admissible. Countries like Saudi Arabia must really work to allow female athletes to ‘freely participate’.

    So the Saudis are wasting everyone’s time

  5. we sell them billions of dollars of military equipment so that the billions of dollars we spend on their oil flows back to us and commerce circulates.

    We need to choke this Barbaric nation off, and the only way to do that is to start exporting oil and not purchasing from them. Something that is now quite easily achievable.

    We need to wash our hands of this nation asap.

  6. //What time of year do they propose hosting these Olympics? Surely these will have to be “Winter” Summer Olympics?//

    The question doesn’t even arise. In Saudi Arabia a woman isn’t allowed wear a bathing suit or a leotard in public, so no swimming or gymnastic events. In fact, even a picture of a woman doing gymnastics is forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

  7. I was recently on a Caribbean cruise. I’m an early riser and was a little surprised to see one of the hot tubs filled with Muslim women i(before the hot tubs were ‘officially’ open/ before sunrise).Their long dresses were billowing up around their necks; heads wrapped in turbans…they were so enjoying themselves. I couldn’t help but think it was dangerous though with all that material floating near the drains and bubble-makers. These sense of ‘freedom’ was palpable.

  8. …I’d prefer to see them floating around on the outside of the ship Mairin.

    In any case the ancient Olympics were originally for the European tribes, not these degenerate sand monkeys.

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