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Pete’s 7 seconds of Truth…

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg is not a very bright individual. He’s one of those people that has failed upwards his whole life. Every once in awhile he’ll say the truth without thinking. Now if we had a Press in the United States the above statement would be on every Frontpage and the lead on every News Site, but of course it is not.

It is the Federal Governments Decision that NO ONE will be able to use the Gas/Diesel Engine, and the Nation as a whole will no longer use Coal/Oil/LNG for power. THEY’VE DECIDED. They didn’t ask you or I if we were WILLING to give up our cars, trucks, and heating oil – let alone everything else that runs on gas & diesel while at the same time they’re shutting down coal and Liquid Natural Gas electric power stations all over the ENTIRE COUNTRY. No – they’ve decided that We The People will follow their Religion of Climate Change.

I recorded this 3:29 video clip in March, it’s even more relevant today, please take the time to watch it.

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