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Great bit of information here about how member of the House Intelligence Committee Eric Salwell dated, had money bundled for his Election, and got an Intern hired into his DC Office by a Chinese Spy who has fled the Country back to China

Tucker: How Chinese spies gained access to Washington elites

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5 thoughts on “Chicom Eric

  1. I watched this on Fox last night.

    This compromised representative is on the Intelligence Committee?


    This issue had best be dealt with this week.

  2. lol GOP jealous that Dems have links with Jina and we’ll work with them
    rather than just slag them off like stoopid have done for years ( DJT)

    GOP had their chance with the Ruskies, but blew it and it ended in ignomy
    with them being caught out and Trump impeached, Rudy will go to jail next year

    moral is : corruption has consequences

    Trump is 215 when comparing criminal indictments during his admin
    graphs like that tell you all you EVER need to know , and I put that in especially as a favour to pat, as he is very interested in the LAW and indictments

    hope I get a thanks one day , still waiting 😉

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