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The Un’Reality’ moves ever onwards.

By Mike Cunningham On July 20th, 2015 at 10:30 am

Sub-Heading:- Two Balls for Two Boobs

Being a writer myself, I would protest strongly if anyone attempted to tell me what I could, or should, write or publish, and I hold that right sacred for all. As I consider myself to be fairly broadminded, and thus unwilling to propose, or to act as a censor on whatever anyone reads, or looks at, or even considers. I have made few comments on the need for mass mental masturbation, as is contained within the pages of The Sun, for example. I have always considered that if a nubile young woman wishes to degrade herself and her femininity by removing her clothing for a mass- and truly down-market publication, and she gets paid the going rate for acting as a mental prostitute; good luck to her! I once worked with the father of one of these ‘well-known’ girls, and he did confide in me that he was always ashamed that her surname was the same as his. But that was just the conscience of one individual talking.

However, I write today, not only on the subject of near-nudity, but on the parallel subject of the so-called ‘Reality’ celebs, of one so-called Family in general, and of one strange ‘personality’ in particular. If you have ever glanced at the ‘Sleb’ pix on the Mail site, or on any of the ‘fanzine’, ‘gossip’ magazines or garbage of that type, you will have come across the name of the Kardashian clan. They have parlayed a sex, and celebrity-obsessed portion of this planet, through the medium of a so-called ‘Reality’ show on television, into a multi-million-dollar empire which exists on semi-porn photos, rap ‘music’, exposure of various breasts and other parts of their collected bodies, exposure to various gossip paparazzi lenses, and more, much more, semi-porn videos and pix of the three main female perpetrators, all of whom sport the same vapid, middle-eastern facial features which sprawl across their web-sites and publicity stills. But the worst of this family is this thing who used to be a man, and the father of certain clan members; but now claims to be a transgender woman named Caitlin. As I do not accept that it is a man, and I further do not accept that it is a woman, I am compelled to state that we shall have to accept that it is a third gender, with none of the accepted traits of either man, or woman, and therefore am further compelled to invent a name for this strange existence amongst us, and we shall call it an amalgam of ‘She’ and ‘He’, as well as ‘It’: and for a short form should therefore be known as ‘She_He_It’‘.

True, through the miracles of chemicals, hormone treatments and modern plastic surgery‘. ‘She_He_it’ has got a magnificent pair of boobs, and wears a wig which truly makes ‘She_He_It’‘ look almost lifelike, but there does seem to be something missing. While not either willing or wishing to explore what surgery/ implant/ insertions have been done to ‘She_He_It’’s reproductive organs, we can assume that modifications have been made to give the impression that ‘She_He_It’‘ has got what it takes. A fleeting involuntary glance at a forthcoming tv special labelled ‘My Name is Caitlin’ gave the unfortunate impression that the ‘star’ was some sort of Thai lady-boy with the unfortunate addition of a genuinely husky manly voice! Seems a pity to have spent all that cash and not gone all the way. Still, She/He/It can always slit its throat, and put the world out of its self-imposed misery!

A very strange thing to be given an award for  Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award), presumably for what was done a long time ago, as opposed to a genuine winner .

Just saying!

ATW POINT 2 Hey Hacker Screw You!

By Patrick Van Roy On February 28th, 2011 at 10:46 am


By David Vance On February 28th, 2011 at 7:50 am

If you want to hear a stupid idea, ask hard left Trade Union Leader Comrade Bob Crowe!

“Asked for his strategy for protecting jobs while tackling the deficit, Mr Crow told Channel 4’s 10 O’clock Live Show: “If groups of workers are under attack, we believe we should coordinate and stand firm – propose a tax of 1p per email, and get rid of Trident.”

It is not the first time that Mr Crow has suggested that the Government impose taxes on modern technology in order to pay down the country’s record budget deficit. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper last year, he said: “If you put a 1p tax on every text message that’s sent in Britain, that would nearly wipe out half the deficit”.

Who favours paying 1p tax on email? How about a 1p tax on text? The ramblings of a deluded leftist or enlightened progressiveness?


By David Vance On February 28th, 2011 at 7:45 am

Wonder what liberals make of this?

“More Asians are now opposed to immigration than white Britons, according to a new poll which reveals that opposition to new arrivals now transcends race.

Research commissioned by the Searchlight Educational Trust found that 39 per cent of Asians, 34 per cent of whites and 21 per cent of blacks believed immigration should be halted either permanently or at least until the UK’s economy was back on track.

The findings are a stunning rebuke to the Labour government, which opened the doors to untrammelled immigration and then sought to brand voters ‘bigots’ who questioned the pace of change.”

Are Asians racist? Or, is it at all possible that most Britons see the damage caused by unfettered immigration? What do YOU think?


By David Vance On February 28th, 2011 at 7:39 am

Following the Irish General Election, and because no Party got an overall majority, Fine Gael is now seeking to form a voluntary coalition with another party. This means that they will have to agree on a joint programme for government in order for the new Parliament to be effective. Same thing happened at Westminster last year. It also happened in Edinburgh and in Cardifff, as voluntary coalitions were formed in order to provide cohesive joined up government. BUT, here in Northern Ireland, we are denied such an opportunity. Instead the basis of government is corrupted, insisting that ALL parties get into power, that ALL parties operate Ministries as private fiefdoms. That is why Government keeps failing here – the mechanism is broken, unworkable, failed.

” Taxi “, Harry Chapin

By Phantom On February 27th, 2011 at 11:37 pm


A big-hearted man, who died too young nearly thirty years ago. This is the song he is most known for.

I heard him sing this song in the Broome County Arena in Binghamton NY.


By David Vance On February 27th, 2011 at 11:02 pm

Wonder what YOU make of this;

Britain is to stop giving aid to 16 countries after a major review found they were no longer in poverty. Countries such as Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Moldova and Serbia will be stripped of millions of pounds a year, following the inquiry ordered by International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell. Aid to India – which can afford its own space programme – will also be frozen. But vast amounts of extra money – 30 per cent of the entire aid budget – will be pumped into unstable terrorist hotspots such as Yemen and Somalia, in a bid to help them to crack down on citizens exporting violence.

Here’s a suggestion – stop ALL of this aid right now. India and China sure don’t need it but trying to bribe the Yemenese and Somalians is also pure folly.


By David Vance On February 27th, 2011 at 10:39 pm

Enda Kenny - Fine Gael leader set to be next Taoiseach

My congratulations to Enda Kenny and Fine Gael on their electoral success.

I was also delighted to see the demise of the Green Party.

Fianna Fail got what it deserved – a truly cataclysmically awful result! Sinn Fein got 13 seats, the same number as Independents.

It was sickening too see Grisly Adams top the poll in Louth.

The bigger question is this, however. What now?

Kenny says he “will try” to renegotiate the terms of the IMF/EU bail out. He has no chance. In fact I think things are about to get a whole lot worse as Merkel and Sarkozy seek to move on Irish corporation tax. In that regard, perhaps Cranmer has captured the true essence of what has happened here.

Is there a new dawn for the Republic or is the only light that of a setting son?



By ATWadmin On February 27th, 2011 at 4:54 pm

Well then – we are BACK.

Let me firstly explain what happened on Friday afternoon  and then share with you where we  are now.

ATW was hacked by a serial hacker early Friday afternoon. Within a very short period, we were up top of this, and the entire incident could have been resolved via a simple site back up. Sounds simple, right?

That’s where the problem really begun. You see the company that we use to host and back up (A US based company, NB) FAILED to provide us with the non corrupted back up required. Despite endless communication, it transpires that they cannot/will not do something as simple as providing us with a site back up from 24 hours previous before the incident. This is a matter of ongoing dispute as I am far from happy at their failure to provide such a simple request.

However, the reason ATW is now back with you is because of the Herculean strength and motivation of All Seeing Eye, without whose support we would be.still be in deep deep trouble. Essentially, ATW has had to be rebuilt on a new platform and all in the space of 48 hours.

ASE deserves the thanks of everyone who places value on this site for the onerous work undertaken. I am forever in his debt.

Naturally, it will take a little while for everything here to be perfect however the main thing is that WE are back in business.

You can’t keep a good blog down. And I am sure you will all bear with us as we put all the finishing touches to this thing. One of the annoying aspects of what has happened is that we have lost all material since November last year and so it is with a smile on my lips I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR on the new ATW.


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 6:06 pm

Just consider this.

A rapist who taunted the mother of his victim over the phone has been jailed for two years after he tried to break into a house just weeks after he was released from a jail term for the sex attack. Michael Quinn (21) was jailed in 2007 for twice raping an 15-year-old English schoolgirl.

Quinn had threatened the girl with a screwdriver and after brutally raping her, took her mobile phone and rang her mother telling her: “I enjoyed raping your girl.” Quinn was handed an eight-year term for the attack but was released in August last year.

First of all, WHY did he get out after less than two years for this horrendous crime. Worse, why has he been sentenced for another two years?

The Judiciary show a total lack of regard for the seriousness of the crime and the utter wickedness of the individual concerned.