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By Mike Cunningham On October 1st, 2014 at 3:13 pm

My son’s wife works in Local Government here in County Durham, and being reminded of this link to those who, in large and small ways, help govern this Nation, decided to trawl through a couple of postings on the Northern Ireland pages of the BBC News website.

The first item which caught my eye was the news that ‘remains’ had been located in County Meath after  ‘information’ had been received from the murderers via the good graces of SinnFein. The remains, unearthed from a drainage ditch adjacent to a bog  near Kells, are presumed to be the mortal remains of Brendan McGraw.

We are led to believe that a sadness clouded over the visages of SinnFeinIRA’s leaders for approximately fifty-five milliseconds, as the information was handed over to the relevant search teams.

The second item, gleaned again from the BBC pages, was a list of reports emanating from the Historical Institutional Abuse hearings, set in Banbridge Courthouse. Although there are no reports of murders or unexplained deaths from these hearings, I would lay good money on there being a solid core of suicides resultant from the treatments ladled out from these ‘caring and god-fearing’ religious men and women. To read of the treatment dished out to small children: CHILDREN, simply makes my blood run cold. To read, as the report makes abundantly clear, of a small girl being beaten ‘black and blue’, and deliberately not crying or showing any emotion, because the nun enjoyed her tears, says many things of the regime and climate in which these children were supposedly ‘cared for’!

The third item was a detailed explanation of how the ‘Devolved Government’ had failed to implement the Welfare Reforms as required by Whitehall, and how yet another ‘Committee’ was going to explain how this was inexplicable!

Sure, and isn’t Local Government wonderful!


Read My Lips.

By Mike Cunningham On July 3rd, 2014 at 4:40 pm

As I am always aware that I post on ATW as David’s guest; I would simply ask you to


Read My Lips!

I just go on ‘wondering’

By Mike Cunningham On December 11th, 2013 at 4:18 pm

When Ashfaq Ahmad,said his son is “totally innocent” and the case against him “ridiculous”; I wonder if he really, truly believed it?

I just wonder if  the group of concerned professionals from across the UK who run the We are Babar Ahmad blog are somewhat dismayed at the trial outcome in America?

I wonder if the foolish ones who donated here are wondering if they can maybe get their money back?

Loved the quote from our hero about freedom:-

This phrase was chosen to give the impression that although captivity may imprison my body, my soul will remain free. Though captivity may physically restrict me, mentally and spiritually I will always live free and no-one can take that away from me.

My favourite quotation is:-

Alls well that ends well, especially as the fool finally pleaded guilty!




By Pete Moore On June 22nd, 2013 at 4:05 pm

Fox accuses hens of raiding the coop

Federal prosecutors have filed a sealed criminal complaint against Edward Snowden. The United States has asked Hong Kong to detain him on a provisional arrest warrant. Snowden was charged with espionage, theft and conversion of government property.

The Telegraph reports the possiblility of Hong Kong authorities complying, though I’d have thought that Peking would rather like to keep Snowden on their turf. He knows the extent and methods of US state security organs. You’d think that the Chinese government would like a chat with him at least rather than hand him back.

Michael Rozeff posits an interesting question: how would Americans have regarded the hypothetical whistle-blower Eduard Snowdenski, who might have spilled the beans on te NKVD prior to defecting? Probably a brave hero, I’d say.

What a surprise that GCHQ is chief among the snoopers. According to The Guardian’s latest leaks from Snowden, those parasitic doughnut-munchers have programmes “aimed at scooping up as much online and telephone traffic as possible”, and that “this is all being carried out without any form of public acknowledgement or debate”.

“It’s not just a US problem. The UK has a huge dog in this fight,” Snowden told the Guardian. “They [GCHQ] are worse than the US.”

Did politicians have any idea that GCHQ has been strip mining our private information and handing it all over to their fellow doughnut-munching parasites in the US? Either (as I suspect) they did not, or they did, which suggests they’re complicit in espionage against the British people for and on behalf of a foreign country.

Citizens are reminded that terrorists hate us for our freedoms.


By Pete Moore On April 28th, 2013 at 2:46 pm

So what?

They must be right worried to drag out that old tosh yet again, and out of their minds if they think it still works.


By Pete Moore On November 1st, 2012 at 5:41 pm

Can we leave yet?

The loan from the European Union’s bank, owned by Britain and fellow member states, was agreed in June as part of a billion dollar investment plan – about £600m – for Ford’s sprawling 395-acre site in Kocaeli which is taking over production of Transits from Southampton.

We’re even being fleeced now to destroy our own jobs. Why do you continue voting for the same traitorous scum? They’re not on your side, they don’t act for you, they have contempt for you.

Bottom line: the politicians and bureaucrats who do these things have no legitimacy. There are millions of us and a few of them. Withdraw your consent, do not comply, do not legitimise what they do.


By Pete Moore On October 28th, 2012 at 2:13 pm

The Telegraph: Britain facing new eastern Europe immigration surge

Britain is facing a new wave of Eastern European immigration which will put British workers’ jobs at risk, experts have warned.

Twenty nine million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain in 2014 under European “freedom of movement” rules.

Last night forecasters said it could lead to a significant number of new arrivals, in the same way as when Poland and other Eastern European countries gained the same rights in 2004, with the scale likely to be increased by the economic crisis gripping the rest of Europe. And a Government report was disclosed to show concern among official advisers that the British labour market will suffer “adverse effects” as a result.

Can the government prevent it? Of course it can. It simply needs to tell the EU that restrictions will not be lifted and then enforce that policy. Will it do so? I very much doubt it. “Adverse effects” to labour markets not only don’t affect the ruling class but it increases the power of the state because of the demands that something must be done after the act. The incentives for politicians are completely opposed to our own.

At least when the Labour regime allowed us to be flooded most recently it was by Poles who look like us, are Christian and relatively civilised compared to others from Eastern Europe. Romania and Bulgaria have plenty of undesirables who we really don’t want here, and who be coming from economies that are nowhere near as wealthy as Poland’s.


By Pete Moore On October 2nd, 2012 at 2:11 pm

It’s difficult to imagine that an apologist for National Socialist mass murder would be treated politely, yet the apologist for communist mass murder (and friend of the Cambridge Spy Ring), the execrable Eric Hobsbawm, was feted, showered with trinkets, awarded a Companion of Honour and is eulogised still by equally execrable politicians.

Asked by the Canadian academic and politician Michael Ignatieff on television whether the deaths of 20 million people in the USSR – not to mention the 55 to 65 million victims of Mao’s Great Leap Forward – might have been justified if this Red utopia had been realised, Hobsbawm muttered in the affirmative.

The maxim is that you should say only good things about the dead. Ok, Eric Hobsbawm’s dead – good. The Commentator has a suitably honest appraisal of Hobsbawm, although it’s a touch unfair on much more pleasant David Irving.

Update: How fitting that Ed Miliband (now there’s a surprise) described Hobsbawm as “a lovely man”, and Tony Blair described him as “a giant of progressive politics”. Yeah, many progressives were happy propagandists for evil.

Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.

By Mike Cunningham On July 15th, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Massey Mining, and the Alpha Natural Resources outfit which bought Massey up after the disaster at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine has paid out millions, but the beneficiaries ain’t happy.

You can’t tell why they’re unhappy, because their lips have been sealed with those same millions of dollars, but most of us can guess.

No-one has been charged with negligence, no-one has been dismissed. No new safety legislation has been placed into the hopper of the House of Representatives.

The man’s son has been buried, he looks out over the grass towards the forests where he used to hunt alongside his son, and he cries. And I understand his tears, because he knows he cannot say why he is crying.


By Pete Moore On May 17th, 2012 at 1:57 pm

An ominous landmark:

White births in the United States are no longer in the majority, according to new data from the US Census Bureau, as a rising Hispanic population contributes to an historic demographic shift.

Minority races – Hispanics, blacks and Asians and other mixed races – accounted for 50.4 per cent of births over the year to July, accounting for a majority for the first time in US history.

The foul Ted Kennedy would have been so proud.

UPDATE: I see DV has posted on this immediately above, so comments there please.