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By David Vance On June 6th, 2011 at 9:21 pm

So, what’s behind this?

California, while in fiscal shambles, may soon be rich in foreskin if an activist group gets its way. Santa Monica, California recently joined San Francisco in proposing a ban on circumcision of male infants. The Santa Monica bill was penned by the same anti-snipping activist who wrote the measure on the ballot in San Francisco. Proponents of the ban claim that circumcising boys is tantamount to genital mutilation, that the practice is harmful and dangerous. They say the goal of their group is to make cutting any baby boy’s foreskin a federal crime, and they’re very adamant about it. Reports the New York Times,

In case you needed a further clue, why not check out the comic Foreskin Man?


Those damned demonic Jews, right? This is pure anti-Semitism and it is alive and well in California.

Slicing Pi

By Daphne On March 22nd, 2011 at 11:31 pm

I’ve come to the conclusion that most folks elected to office are mentally defective. Doesn’t matter if they’re riding the liberal or conservative rail, the ponce fools running the show seem to be cognitively dysfunctional, sometimes on levels too bizarre for comprehension.

Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-Ala.) is sponsoring HR 205, The Geometric Simplification Act, declaring the Euclidean mathematical constant of pi to be precisely 3.

“That long-held empirical value of pi, I am not saying it should be necessarily viewed as wrong, but 3 is a lot better,” said Roby, the 34-year old legislator representing Alabama’s second congressional district, ushered into office in the historic 2010 Republican mid-term bonanza

Roby, raised in Montgomery, Ala., is on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education.

“It’s no panacea, but this legislation will point us in the right direction. Looking at hard data, we know our children are struggling with a heck of a lot of the math, including the geometry incorporating pi,” Roby said. “I guarantee you American scores will go up once pi is 3. It will be so much easier.

Yes, I snipped that bite down to the bone of contention.

The nitwittery continued when crybaby Boehner weighed in with this beauty.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) ridiculed objections from the left as further examples of classic elitist liberalism.

Sanity help us.


By ATWadmin On October 10th, 2008 at 7:48 pm

Did you catch this latest news from the land of cuckoo clocks?

Last month, Switzerland granted new rights to all “social animals.” Prospective dog owners must take a four-hour course on pet care before they can buy a canine companion, while anglers must learn to catch fish humanely. Fish can’t be kept in aquariums that are transparent on all sides. The fish need some shelter. Nor can goldfish be flushed down a toilet to an inglorious end; they must first be anesthetized with special chemicals, and then killed.

What’s Wrong With the Left?

By ATWadmin On September 10th, 2008 at 6:50 pm

Tree sitters in Berkeley, California finally come down from the trees, allowing the University of California at Berkeley to go forward with construction on their property.  ht: littlegreenfootballs.com. Zombietime.com has photos.

They”ll Make it Man, They’ll Make it

By ATWadmin On July 9th, 2008 at 10:25 am

Title care of Gordon in the thread below about the police. Daphne suggested i take up the issue of the constant denigrating of this counrty I live in. I have done that once before focusing on the Daily Mail and boy oh boy did that go down a storm! This is much more general. So here goes. It’s pretty off the cuff.

In answer to Gordon. ‘Make what’?

What is it that you all think is so terrible that we may not make it? Islam? Islamic terrorism? Gordon Brown?Ha! You need to get on some serious Prozac or something. I’d suggest a very British pint and an E at the weekends for good measure. Cheap as chips too. Seriously – get a grip.

If you’re American take your nose out the Down on Britain trough and consider this. One of the worst things we have seen in the West in recent years was that whole New Orleans debacle. It’s up there on the list of horror stories.  My boss, native of your splendid country, wandered into the office shell shocked and maudlin and said his country resembled “the third world”. Yep. It did.

Now consider that if that had happened here the expression most readily used would have been ‘going to the dogs’, ‘going to hell in a hand basket’, ‘it’s all over’, ‘the fat lady is clearing her throat’.  The Sun would have suggested the last person to leave Britain should switch off the lights and we would never hear the end of it. Trust me. But you wouldn’t let that sort of mud stick now would ya. I wonder why.

I’ve never so felt so good about this country. On a basic level I love showing people around my beautiful city and country. If you are ever in London look me up and I” show you around and bore you with it’s illustrous history and awesome evenings out. The city is a wonderful place now, so much so that I came back to it having lived and worked abroad and couldn’t wait to get started. I still could live and work abroad but I choose not to. Luckily I sense none of this Britain is going to the dogs balloney from young people who live and work here. Positive people enjoying their revitalised city and country to the max. It’s forever growing and bustling and brimming with talent. And the young talent that moves around does so because it can out of Europe, so wonderfully placed (and why would you not want to experience all the world has to offer – unlike the limits on your parents generation).

So the government. Nuuu Labour. The level of nose thumbing and ludicrous attitudes to the government make me laugh at those who talk about ‘nanny state’. Not for the issues which I agree with most of the time. But because YOU are the ones looking to the government to make you happy the whole damn time or for whom it has such a negative impact it is necessary to denigrate the WHOLE country and everything in it!

Live a little. Go out and enjoy what’s on offer. Count your lucky stars you have maybe a great job, definitely a good lifestyle, house you have no doubt profited from hugely these last ten years. On the latter I sure don’t, firmly kept off the housing ladder by spiralling prices. It still doesn’t get me down. The idea that a government I never voted for should have such a bearing on my life is ludicrous. They do not. On the occasions I have badly needed the police… hey …guess what! They have been beyond excellent and all a positive experience.

Frankly I want for nothing here. I don’t object to the taxes I pay though I’d like them to come down like anyone else or be better used. I do not feel that islamism is about to ‘do us in guv’ and I’m happy to recognise and fiercely debate the continuing issues we face therein or what I maybe think is right, without looking over my shoulder as though the whole country is about to buckle under. It ain’t. Neither is Europe. Such hyperbolic nonsense on US blogs over those particular issues is never ending.  

And this is a priceless and prescient example.  Over on another post fellow writer Patty suggests my opinion isn’t representative of this country and I have no hold over it. No sh** Patty. As though there are a slew of objections or people willing to defend it ever for starters. So accustomed is she to hearing the bad news, that my attitude, my little stand up to “anti-britainism” (i use that term tongue in cheek because I think anti americanism is overstated and overblown), one POSITIVE UK defending difference of opinion and ..it’s invalid.  So what does that tell me? It tells me some people WANT To hear ONLY the worst of this place. They expect it. The world is coming to an end.  It’s like some weird obssession.

Get a backbone, get a grip and for Britons get some pride in what’s good. It’s entirely possible to have a fierce old go at the government or the various bugbears we all have without pulling the whole country to pieces because you feel like it.

Frankly it could be argued if you are not part of the answer you are a part of the problem. In my opinion..You ARE the problem!

Woman Smokes Marijuana Daily for BBC Documentary

By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2008 at 1:41 am

Nice to see the BBC putting all that British taxpayer money to good use. Have a woman leave her kids for a month, bone up excessively around the clock, watch her get fat because (duh!) she had the munchies and act like a blithering idiot because she’s consuming excessive amounts of skunk weed.

What, they couldn’t just find some other slackers on the dole to do this with?

Real groundbreaking television.

"I felt absolutely terrified," recalls Nicky, a divorced mother-of-three, thinking back to her first experience just over a month ago.

"Paranoia set in, and I felt as if I was having a panic attack. At one point, I was simply too frightened to get out of my chair.

"I had a feeling the drug had unlocked some sort of paranoia in my head that would never go away again – I suddenly felt everyone hated me. Without doubt, that was one of the worst moments of my life."

Well, just so people don’t get the wrong idea, this didn’t just happen from smoking some joints.

She actually had herself inject with pure THC!

Certainly not advocating excessive marijuana use here, but is it any wonder somebody gets whacked out when they’re injected with THC?

How stupid is this woman?

As I do not have access to the regular programming on the BBC and this show Should I Smoke Dope aired on BBC3 Tuesday evening, I’m curious to know whether anyone viewed this and what they thought of it.

I find it a terrible way for someone to go about learning about marijuana use. Even worse, this Nicky Taylor left her children with her mother while in Amsterdam. How about staying home with your children and working on your parenting skills if indeed you want to keep them away from drug use.

Doofus With a Cause Planned to Walk from Britain to India, Dream Dies in France

By ATWadmin On March 1st, 2008 at 1:40 am

tool.jpgYou can’t even feel sorry for saps like these. You’ve got some self-righteous pinhead who actually believes you can exist without money, and he sets off with two other dopes to walk 9000 miles from Britain to India without having to pay for anything along his way.

So the freeloader manages to get about 250 miles into the trek before abandoning the walk once he realizes the French in Calais aren’t down with the cause.

Poor thing.

Ardent and idealistic, he calls himself a "community pilgrim".

But when Mark Boyle set out on a mission to show he could survive on peace and love instead cash, he was a pilgrim who didn’t make much progress … thanks to the tightwad French.

The aim of the firebrand anti-captialist was to walk 9,000 miles from Britain to India totally penniless, relying on the generosity of human beings in pursuit of his dream of a money-free global economy.

"Most of the problems in the world such as greed, fear and insecurity, manifest themselves in money," he declared.

"So I’m going out and instead putting my trust in the universe."

Just stop and soak that in for a bit. Some socialist schmuck thinks we can live without money.

Now he’s stunned to find out he’s a laughingstock.

However, just 250 miles later, when he got to Calais and asked the French if they shared his Utopian vision, the answer was a resounding ‘Non’.

Instead, they accused him of being a "freeloading backpacker" and refused to help him and his two companions.

Eventually – cold, tired, bedraggled and hungry – they decided to call off the pilgrimage, less than a month into the planned two-and-a-half year trek.

To add insult to injury, the three were forced to use the hard currency they hate so that they could get back to the UK.

Naturally, this tool has a blog. I wonder how he managed to purchase his computer?

Writing on his blog, 28-year-old Mr Boyle, a member of the Freeconomy movement – which encourages barter instead of money – said of their French experience: "Not only did no one speak the language, they also see us as just a bunch of freeloading backpackers, which is the complete opposite of what the pilgrimage is really about."

That really scared us, and given that we now were pretty much out of food, hadn’t slept in days and were really cold, we had to reassess the situation.

"We spoke to a few people who were willing to talk and they said that France would not go for this unless we could speak fluent French, which none of us could.

"The advice was to make a beeline for Belgium, as folk said they would be more likely to want to speak English.’

But the nearest big Belgian town was Bruges, 105 miles away.

"All we had was three tins of soup, a bag of trail mix and a chocolate bar to sustain us. As it was unlikely that we would get a chance to help or be helped by French people in the journey getting there, the task looked daunting to say the least.

"Deflated, we sat down and thought about what on Earth we were going to do – head off on the three-day hike to Bruges with practically no food and hope the situation there got better, or to call it all off."

How about wearing a sign saying you’ll lecture people for food?

Mr Boyle, the former boss of an organic food company, left his job in July to concentrate on the Freeconomy movement and he and his companions set off on the India trip from Bristol on January 30.

Now they’re three jobless nitwits who are going to have a tough time getting by.

Without money.

Read the comments after the story. You’ll have tears in your eyes.

Times Online also has an item on this moron. A reader comment:

Where do people like Mr Boyle get these mind-bogglingly moronic ideas?

Money is at its root a simple-to-understand and universally acceptable enabler of interchange among people; indeed, money liberates people all over the world to be able to live creatively, invent, and accomplish, instead of wasting the better part of their lives haggling, bartering, and laboriously carting around heavy goods on their backs.

This soft-head wants to project his own personal anxieties about "insecurity" and "fear" on all the rest of us, and in so doing, foist upon us a world in which any remaining smidgen of efficiency in both local and international trade is obliterated. Somebody please re-train this poor fellow and move him past the Pleistocene Age.

Also at JWF

Reality Confronts European Union

By ATWadmin On January 18th, 2008 at 4:28 am

The al-Goracle cult, otherwise known as the Religion of Environmentalism, has many devotees within the corridors of the European Commission and European Parliament.

That is, until a known eeeeevil – reality – jumped up and bit ’em on the ass.


EU Members Lobby against ‘Harmful’ Climate Plan

European countries and businesses have criticized a climate change action plan that COMINTERN the European Commission is scheduled to unveil next week. Their concerns about competition and carbon trading could undermine the EU’s commitment to confront climate change.

As the European Commission puts the finishing touches on a sweeping climate change policy package to be unveiled on Jan. 23, politicians and business leaders from the EU’s richest member states are lobbying to revamp draft policies that they believe could harm them in Europe and abroad.

Among the critics of the bill are France, which wants to protect its nuclear investments, Germany, which is worried about its renewable energy sector, and major European auto and steelmakers, who are concerned that Europe could lose its competitive edge.

But the Commission says it will not be bullied into diluting the climate change package. To back down, Commission President José Manuel Barroso told Reuters, would be an international embarrassment after the EU worked to promote itself as the international leader in addressing climate change. “We knew from the very beginning that transforming Europe into a low-carbon economy is not an easy task,” said Barroso. “But this is the moment to be serious, responsible and coherent with our commitment.”

In other words, Barroso believes that saving face is more important than the economic health and well-being of European Union member states. Nice to see that the consummate tax tick has his priorities straight.

Barroso was responding to complaints that include a letter from French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in which Sarkozy objected to a policy that would raise the share of energy that Europe derives from renewable sources from 8.5 percent currently to 20 percent by 2020. He said the policy “unnecessarily penalizes the prospects of growth.” France wants to have its huge nuclear energy program counted in the mandatory contribution it will be asked to make toward the EU goal, but atomic power, which produces toxic waste, is not considered a form of renewable energy.

Germany and Spain are protesting another proposed policy. Ministers in Berlin and Madrid sent a letter this week to the Commission criticizing a system [that] would encourage companies in Europe to trade renewable energy across borders. They are worried that an EU-wide system would undermine their existing national systems. “This will put a very successful development of renewables at risk, which is not acceptable to our governments,” read the letter in part. It was the second time this week that German officials criticized the forthcoming policies, after Bavarian politicians condemned (more…) a proposal to cap the amount of carbon dioxide that new automobiles produce per kilometer they are driven.

In an interview with the German magazine Capital published Tuesday, the EU environment commissioner, Stavros Dimas, denied that a new renewable energy trading system would infringe upon existing “feed-in” systems in Germany and Spain. “Don’t worry,” said Dimas. “We will ensure that Germany can keep its system without restrictions in (the) future and … we will construct it in such a way that it doesn’t hinder national promotion systems in Germany and other countries — that’s a promise.”

A politician making a promise. ROTFLMAO .

Private sector leaders also criticized the forthcoming policy package, saying strict limits on greenhouse gas emissions will hit major industrial polluters unfairly and encourage them to relocate outside of Europe. BusinessEurope, a lobby group that represents most of the Continent’s largest companies, said it had learned that the Commission will require industrial polluters to cut emissions to 21 percent below 2005 carbon emission levels by 2020.

EU officials explained that 2005 was chosen because it is the first year in which data includes the impact of the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme; BusinessEurope says it is unfair because it does not take into account efforts to reduce emissions that companies made between 1990 and 2005. In a letter to Commission President Barroso, the group also objected to broader plans to strengthen the continent’s carbon trading scheme.

Many of the permits that a company must hold to emit carbon are currently distributed for free, but the Commission is proposing to auction those permits to the highest bidder by 2020. To offset the impact that might have on the competitiveness of a European business, the Commission is considering a carbon tariff (more…) on imports from outside the EU that were not produced within a carbon trading market. Still, BusinessEurope calls the prospect of an auction-based trading scheme “extremely worrying.”

The lobbying in Brussels this week is in sharp contrast to the proud tones in which European leaders announced last March their joint agreement to cut carbon dioxide emissions to 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 and make major investments in renewable energy and biofuels. As the Commission drafts policies that will make those goals a reality, Europe’s richer countries are frustrated that they will be asked to bear the brunt of the collective goal.

EU officials told Reuters this week that the Commission wants to allow the EU’s poorest member states to actually increase their emissions, by up to 20 percent above 2005 levels. That would help poor states like Romania and Bulgaria grow their economies – but could spell trouble for the strong European countries charged with making up the difference.

Via der Spiegel Online

See also Moonbats and Economics.

Also at JWF.

There’s No Such Thing As The Nanny State

By ATWadmin On December 22nd, 2007 at 9:59 pm

Take a state legislature that’s dominated by neocoMs, add a healthy measure of moonbats, then swirl with a RINO governor and you can reasonably conclude how this will turn out.

State to Look Closer at Caffeine as Health Hazard

A state environmental health committee Monday voted to further study the stimulant caffeine for possible inclusion on California’s list of substances known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

By law, the governor must publish an updated Proposition 65 list of harmful chemicals each year. Inclusion on the list also requires that the chemicals be publicly posted and also appear on product labels.

The earliest the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification panel make a decision on adding caffeine to the list would be next year. The Proposition 65 designation would only apply to products with caffeine added artificially, not naturally-occurring caffeine products like coffee and tea. Five of seven committee members would have to approve the listing.

The committee has already looked at caffeine research for the last 10 years and found studies associated the chemical to reproductive problems.

The American Beverage Association defends caffeine consumption, citing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the March of Dimes as saying up to two cups of coffee daily — including for pregnant women — is a safe amount.

Ahnold’s uncle-in-law, the Fat Drunk from Taxachusetts, was unavailable for comment.

Via News10/Sacramento

In honor of the California Legislature & bureaucrats

Damnable fools.

From Peace Activist to FARC Guerrilla

By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2007 at 11:04 pm

tanja3.jpgLet this be a lesson to those alleged peace activists who harbor romantic visions of Che Guevara while bashing capitalism and feeling guilty about their existence.

Joining up with the bad guys can be hazardous to your health.

Dutch Woman Joins Guerrillas in Colombia

The army stumbled on the handwritten diary during a raid on a guerrilla camp. It lay near the embers of a communal kitchen where fleeing rebels left their breakfast untouched.

"I’m tired, tired of the FARC, tired of the people, tired of communal living. Tired of never having anything for myself," wrote the author, a 29-year-old Dutch woman.

Sucks, doesn’t it? Maybe you should have thought about that before aligning yourself with terrorists.

Colombia’s government couldn’t have hoped for better propaganda against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. It leaked excerpts from the diary found last June to the media, even making available an English translation of the Dutch entries.

The first known person from outside Latin America to join the region’s largest rebel army wasn’t just disillusioned. Like most FARC foot soldiers, Tanja Nijmeijer apparently wasn’t permitted to leave.

"This would be worth it if I knew I was fighting for something. But I don’t really believe that anymore," she wrote on Nov. 24, 2006, according to the excerpts released by the government.

What exactly impelled Nijmeijer, a child of Europe’s bourgeoisie, to take a journey from peace activist to guerrilla fighter with the nom- de-guerre "Eillen" remains largely a mystery—even to people who knew her well before she joined the FARC in early 2003.

More than a dozen friends, former colleagues and fellow peace activists interviewed by The Associated Press described a young woman deeply disturbed by social inequalities and guilt-ridden over her privileged life. Nijmeijer’s family refused to discuss her plight, saying doing so could endanger her life.

Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos, meanwhile, was happy to use the case to counter "guerrilla chic" in Europe, where the FARC—classified a terrorist group by both the United States and the European Union—has a small but determined group of supporters who run pro-rebel Web sites.

In the diary, Nijmeijer abhors the strict discipline imposed by FARC’s male commanders—no smoking, no phone calls, no romantic relationships without their consent. She says the rank and file are hungry and bored, and describes FARC leaders as both materialistic and corrupt.

"How will it be when we take power? The wives of the commanders in Ferrari Testa Rossas with breast implants eating caviar?" she writes.

Funny how that works. It’s amazing how long it takes these useful idiots to catch on.

Santos told AP that the Nijmeijer case should help dispel foreign leftists of the notion that the FARC is heroic.

"In certain circles in Europe, there still exists the romantic image of the guerrillas as Robin Hood, or Che Guevara, fighting the bad guys for the benefit of the poor," he said. "Nijmeijer fell into this trap."

Now, nobody can tell for sure where she is, if she’s even alive. Useful idiots do indeed have a limited shelf life once they no longer prove useful.

Read the rest.

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