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Diplomatic Realities

By Mike Cunningham On August 19th, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Watching the balcony charade at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where the political pygmy which is the accused rapist Julian Assange primped and posed before the t.v. cameras of the world: and I pondered on the fate of another ‘prisoner of conscience’, a real man this time, whose memory has been virtually obliterated by time and the demands of a liberal media who do not like being reminded of the harsh truths of recent history.

Does the name Cardinal Mindzenty ring a far-away bell in your memories? It should, because he became the figurehead for all that was seen and known to be right in the Europe of the hell-pits which had been constructed by the minions of Stalin’s Russian armoured bullies in the vassal States surrounding Soviet Russia. Mindzenty, himself an ordinary priest who, ordained in 1915 and consecrated bishop of Vesprem in 1944, was appointed archbishop of Esztergom, the primate of Hungary, the following year. In 1946 Pope Pius XII made him a cardinal. Controversy and arrest were nothing new to Mindzenty, as he was first arrested in 1919 for condemning a State takeover of Catholic schools, and again in 1944 for incitement against the Nazis. When the Soviets seized power in Hungary, and installed their puppet government, the first name on the ‘arrest list’ was that of the prickly Cardinal, as they knew that he would not bow down before the false gods of Communism and the State. He was tortured and ‘brainwashed’, confessing to the fabricated ‘crimes’ he had been accused of, but the pictures flashed around the globe bore the lie; as the strong-featured man who had walked tall into prison, had become a pale, shattered ghost whose very eyes spoke volumes of the punishments dealt him by the torturers of the AVH.

He was freed from prison in the 1956 Hungarian uprising, and sought refuge in the American Embassy, where he remained until 1971, protected by Diplomatic Privilege. He travelled to Rome, thence on to Vienna, where he lived in exile until his death in 1975. His presence in that Embassy building was a constant thorn in the side of the Communists, but he refused to budge, and the Communists never dared to even threaten to break the boundaries of Diplomatic privilege: unlike a Yorkshire-bred moron who masquerades as Her Majesty’s Secretary of State, living in a dream world all of his own, who seemed to think that by threatening to remove Diplomatic Status from a Knightsbridge building, he could remove a thorn in his own foot!


By Pete Moore On May 25th, 2012 at 4:56 pm

UK Enrichment News!

Every school in England could be sent free copies of the Koran, Michael Gove has said. The Education secretary said it would be “fantastic” if a rich benefactor would support sending out copies of the Islamic holy text to schools.

Hey Tories, I’d be much obliged if you can do something useful before the next election, like shooting yourselves in the head.


By Pete Moore On May 11th, 2012 at 1:03 pm

I agree with Tim Worstall. Really, do take his advice to heart. I’m particularly smitten with his idea of strangling the last quangocrat with the intestines of the last bureaucrat. Best plan I’ve heard in ages.

I’m at that point in life where I can’t give a stuff about gays and gaydom. At the risk of upsetting a few, they’re about the dullest subject under the sun. But whoever will tell me (or His Grace) that it is ‘homophobic and offensive’ to feature married men and women on a blog, or to suggest that most people want to keep “marriage” between men and women, well they can sincerely kiss my arse.

Speaks for itself

By Patrick Van Roy On April 7th, 2012 at 12:22 am

An Egypt-styled “Arab Spring,” which has put radicals in charge of the government, will be launched in the United States this spring with a war on “corporate power, Wall Street greed and the political corruption of the 1 percent,” according to the group headed by former Obama green aide Van Jones.

“They’re really not going to like the 99 percent Spring,” said Rebuild the Dream in an organizing email Friday.

Comparing the collection of protests last year that are symbolized by the 99 percent campaign and Occupy movement, to those of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., the group said that “we were all inspired by the protesters of the Arab Spring who stood up to totalitarian governments, and inspired the Occupy movement here in America.”

The plan for now is to hold protest training sessions around the nation next week. Over 900 are scheduled so far.

Once ready, the group and dozens of others, notably MoveOn.org and labor unions, will launch the “99 Percent Spring” offensive against government and financial centers.

“We’re at a crossroads as a country. In recent years, millions have lost their jobs, homes have been foreclosed, and an unconscionable number of children live in poverty. We have to stand up to the people who caused of all this and confront the rampant greed and deliberate manipulation of our democracy and our economy by a tiny minority in the 1%,” said Caroline Murray, of Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund, in the organizing email.


By Pete Moore On March 11th, 2012 at 7:53 pm

The 14th year of New Labour tyranny marks a desperate new low for a once-free Britons. The Lib-Dem led government has announced it will stand before foreign judges in a foreign court and plead that we have no right to wear a cross around our own necks at work. Clearly the State has had its boot on them for so long it now thinks what we put around them is the State’s business.

I do wonder for how much longer a people can be so deliberately and egregiously insulted. The sooner we turn our minds to sociopaths, traitors and hemp necklaces, the better.


By Pete Moore On March 8th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Sexist remarks and wolf-whistles could become criminal offences

PM to announce today that UK will sign up to Council of Europe’s convention on violence against women, which could mean criminalising unwanted verbal conduct

It’s like I’ve woken up in some marxist-feminist hellhole. Oh wait-

I might as well say cheerio now. It can’t be long till I’m in chokey for some crime against wimmin. Revving the motor or doing up my shoelaces in a sexist way, something like that.

If I’m allowed parcels I’d appreciate the occasional book about how we were once a free people, if they’re not samizdat by then.


By Pete Moore On February 8th, 2012 at 8:10 pm

This is ominous.

According to the WSJ: “the Federal Reserve said Americans ramped up their borrowing at the end of 2011.” Household borrowing rose at a seasonally adjusted 9.3% annual rate in December, following a 9.9% rise in November.  According to the WSJ, that’s the biggest two-month surge since late 2001, when auto makers rolled out zero-percent financing after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

This is the tsunami of Bernanke printed notes now working its way into the consumer sector, having already manipulated the growing boom in the capital goods sector. Motivated by zero interest rates, borrowers are suckered into taking on more and more debt, but with consumers grabbing those notes too prices can only go one way. Soon it will be a very bad idea to be in debt.


By Pete Moore On December 19th, 2011 at 10:29 am

Commie dictator and all-round North Korean madman, Kim Jong-il, is dead. He keeled over on his way to give ‘field guidance’ apparently. How nice to have some good news for a change!


By Pete Moore On November 24th, 2011 at 9:26 pm

You may have seen that Climategate II has unfolded, a further release of global warmenist emails by a public spirited soul. One is particularly interesting, from Phil Kirby, erstwhile BBC Environment Correspondent, to Phil Jones of the infamous Climate Research Unit. As WUWT notes, clearly there is an incestuous relationship between the BBC and the tight knit world of climate science:

“Yes, glad you stopped this — I was sent it too, and decided to spike it without more ado as pure stream-of-consciousness rubbish. I can well understand your unhappiness at our running the other piece. But we are constantly being savaged by the loonies for not giving them any coverage at all, especially as you say with the COP in the offing, and being the objective impartial (ho ho) BBC that we are, there is an expectation in some quarters that we will every now and then let them say something. I hope though that the weight of our coverage makes it clear that we think they are talking through their hats.”

Talk about having your illusions shattered. There we are, basking in the warmth of knowing that depsite having to pay the state for permission to own a TV, at least we were getting the finest, the most impartial news and information curtesy of ‘Auntie Beeb’, when along comes an insider to whip away that comfort blanket.

Well, that might apply to some, but I stopped paying that literal racket years ago.


By Pete Moore On June 18th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

The Guardian newspaper is on its uppers:

On Thursday, Guardian News and Media (GNM) announced that The Guardian and its sister paper, The Observer, had lost £33m in cash terms last year after failing to staunch losses that ran to £34.4m the year before. Unaudited results for the year ending 31 March showed that GNM’s revenues, fell to £198m last year compared with £221m the year before […]

Andrew Miller, the chief executive of GNM’s parent company, Guardian Media Group (GMG), warned staff in a series of meetings this week that the group could run out of cash in three to five years if he does not make radical changes, which could include up to 175 redundancies.

This is such terrible, terrible news. Well, it’s terrible for someone but I’ve just popped another umbrella in my beer. To think that a prime HQ of the Leftist power elite, commies, Fabians, terror supporters and other riff-raff might be going down the gurgler is cheering me no end. Hey, maybe we’re not killing gaia fast for The Guardian to survive. If we bought more polluting cars the paper might be in a healthier state.

“What are you talking about Pete?” I hear you ask.

What I mean is that The Guardian, home of Goerge Monbiot and a chief promoter of all things enviroloony is subsidised with the profits from … Auto Trader. Oh the irony, oh the towering hypocrisy of routinely demonising the selfish destructiveness of driving a car while taking white can man’s shilling. Another great subsidy comes from the working man because The Guardian is the state’s choice of advertiser for thousands of economy-killing government jobs each week. Even so, it’s looking grim. It’s interesting to see that whilst more debt and spending is the Left wing solution when it’s someone else’s money, at The Guardian 300 jobs have gone already in what would be the act of an ideological maniac if he was spending the taxpayer’s money.