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By Pete Moore On May 17th, 2013 at 9:55 am

Another triumph of government economics.

First milk, butter, coffee and cornmeal ran short. Now Venezuela is running out of the most basic of necessities – toilet paper.

Explanation: Venezuela has been printing money like mad, resulting in massive price inflation (reported at 29.4% most recently). The government panics and institutes price controls, forcing prices below market levels. Consumer demand soars as people grab what they can while supply dries up. Astonishingly, the AP (as published in The Telegraph) manages to zero in on this explanation:

“State-controlled prices – prices that are set below market-clearing price – always result in shortages. The shortage problem will only get worse, as it did over the years in the Soviet Union,” said Steve Hanke, professor of economics at Johns Hopkins University.


By David Vance On October 8th, 2012 at 9:39 am

Yes, Hugo has won a stunning victory in Venezuela, overseen by such luminaries from the UK as George Galloway (MP for West Tehran) and Owen Jones (Representing infant socialists everywhere). You have to feel sorry for the people of this accursed country now facing more years of the Chavez tyranny…

National Electoral Council president Tibisay Lucena says that with most votes counted, Chavez had about 54 percent of the vote. It was Chavez’s third re-election victory in nearly 14 years in office. The victory gives Chavez another six-year term to cement his legacy and press more forcefully for a transition to socialism in the country with the world’s largest proven oil reserves.

Yes..the S word. More socialism needed, deeper, faster…rejoice!


By David Vance On January 10th, 2012 at 10:23 am

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) is welcomed by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez at Miraflores Palace in Caracas January 9, 2012. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

At a time when Obama continues to weaken the US military, let’s consider how OTHERS react.

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez lavished each other with praise on Monday, mocked U.S. disapproval and joked about having an atomic bomb at their disposal. “Despite those arrogant people who do not wish us to be together, we will unite forever,” the Iranian president told Venezuela’s socialist leader Chavez at the start of a visit to four left-leaning Latin American nations. Despite their geographical distance, the fiery anti-U.S. ideologues have forged increasingly close ties between their fellow OPEC nations in recent years, although concrete projects have often lagged behind the rhetoric.

Sleep well.


By David Vance On December 29th, 2011 at 10:16 am

Did you read that Venezuelan President and all round thug Hugo Chavez has speculated that the United States might have developed a way to give Latin American leaders cancer, after Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner joined the list of presidents diagnosed with the disease?

“It would not be strange if they had developed the technology to induce cancer and nobody knew about it until now … I don’t know. I’m just reflecting,” he said in a televised speech to troops at a military base. “But this is very, very, very strange … it’s a bit difficult to explain this, to reason it, including using the law of probabilities.” Chavez, Kirchner, Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo, Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff and former Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva have all been diagnosed recently with cancer. All of them are leftists.

Yeah, and so is Obama. Fascinating insight into the paranoia that dominates the thinking of a socialist leader.


By David Vance On July 2nd, 2011 at 8:53 am

I was relieved to read that a cancerous tumour had Hugo Chavez removed from it and is now recovering from this horrendous ordeal.


By ATWadmin On July 14th, 2008 at 10:24 am

Johann Hari – writing in the Sunday Tribune /Independent has produced the most wonderful piece of garbage on Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez I have read in some time. Have a laugh and give this a scan. Poor delusional Johann heaps praise on Chavez whilst simultaneously dumping heaping scorn on the US. Chavez is portrayed as an almost Christ-like figure – healing the blind! He is a patriot and an all round good egg in the child-like world inhabited by Hari and fellow leftists.  Truly there are none so blind…

Hugo’s Boys Get Stoned

By ATWadmin On December 7th, 2007 at 2:30 am

How I wish there was some video. This story sounds most amusing.

I guess Hugo Chavez isn’t quite as beloved as he fancies himself to be.

Sunday he gets embarrassed by losing the referendum and now his military aircraft is chased away by people throwing stones.

How humiliating.

Bolivians attack Venezuelan army plane with stones

In a violent show of anti-Venezuela sentiment, a crowd of about 200 Bolivians hurled stones at a Venezuelan military plane and prevented it from refueling after it landed on Thursday, local radio reported.

After hearing the incoming plane, the mob seized control of the airport in the Amazonian city of Riberalta and attacked the aircraft. Regional leaders had said they suspected it was carrying arms and not humanitarian supplies, according to the radio reports.

"We won’t put up with these Venezuelans who come to the country and do whatever they want. We won’t let any Venezuelan planes come here," Mario Aguilera, a Riberalta opposition leader told Erbol radio as the demonstrators chanted "Independence, Independence".

The incident forced the plane to take off without being able to refuel and the provincial airport director told Erbol it eventually landed across the border in Brazil.

Bolivia’s leftist President Evo Morales has formed close ties with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez since taking office last year, and his rightist opponents repeatedly criticize increased humanitarian and military cooperation.


By ATWadmin On December 3rd, 2007 at 8:58 am

Delighted to read that Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez has narrowly lost a referendum on controversial constitutional changes. Voters rejected the raft of reforms by a margin of 51% to 49%, the chief of the National Electoral Council said. Mr Chavez described the defeat as a "photo finish", and urged followers not to turn it into a point of conflict. Correspondents say the opposition could barely hide their delight and that the victory will put a brake on Mr Chavez’s self-styled "Socialist revolution". Chavez must be feeling well sickened, and the flame of democracy still flickers despite his best intentions. Well done to those brave Venezuelans who turned out to deny this Stalinist monster his intent. But isn’t it telling that EVEN in Venezuela people can VOTE for constitutional change but in Europe it is denied us. What does that say about those who govern us?

Chavez: The Meltdown Continues

By ATWadmin On November 29th, 2007 at 3:22 am


Seems like the paranoid megalomaniac is getting a bit antsy, and things continue to get ugly in the streets of Venezuela.

President Hugo Chávez is encountering unexpectedly strong opposition to a referendum on constitutional reform which would cement his rule in Venezuela, with violent clashes between rival demonstrations and security forces feeding a mood that the country is at a turning point.

According to opinion polls, the socialist leader could lose this Sunday’s vote amid unease over his radical policies and ambition to stay in power for decades.

Defections from his movement’s ranks and food shortages have galvanised a student-led opposition campaign which is due to climax at a final rally in downtown Caracas today.

Defeat would stymie Chávez’s effort to abolish term limits and oblige him to step down in five years. He has expressed a desire to keep running for president until 2030.

The president, a formidable and charismatic campaigner, has cast the referendum as a verdict on his rule and said anyone who supported him but voted against would be a traitor. "It’s black and white. A vote against the reform is a vote against Chávez," he told state television.

He said he would enter a period of "profound reflection" if he lost, but dismissed the prospect. "We’re obligated to victory, to continue triumphing. This is a battle of world proportions."

Nothing like a two-bit thug dictator thinking so highly of himself.

Further adding to the air of paranoia surrounding Chavez is the news Venezuela may expel the U.S. envoy, claiming, of course, we’re interfering in the referendum.

Venezuela could expel a U.S. diplomat it suspects of interfering in its internal affairs by working against President Hugo Chavez’s plan to run for reelection indefinitely, a senior official said on Wednesday.

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro told state television he had a document that appeared to be from an American at the embassy in Caracas referring to a plan to impede the anti-U.S. president winning a referendum on Sunday.

"If it’s true, we are going to declare this official from the U.S. Embassy persona non grata and eject him from the country because he would have been interfering in the internal matters of Venezuela," he said.

Chavez has grand designs, such as redrawing Venezuela’s map to further consolidate power.

"The strategy is to strangle the mayors and governors," said Ramon Martinez, a governor of eastern Sucre state and a former communist guerrilla who recently broke with the president over the referendum and other issues. "Chavez will decide everything."

Chavez’ project, said Manuel Donis Rios, a Venezuelan historian, mirrors the policies of 19th-century dictators who appointed military commanders to rule outlying areas and crush dissent.

Since the start of the year, Chavez’ Bolivarian revolution has taken a radical turn to the left, and the 69 amendments on Sunday’s ballot would enshrine many of his socialist ideas in the constitution.

As he further spirals toward dementia, the good friend of Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey claimed he would leave the government should his socialist dreamstate not come to fruition.

As if.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he will leave the government should voters reject his proposed changes to the constitution in a referendum, raising the stakes in an election pollsters say is too close to call.

“The voice of the people is the voice of God,” he said today in a televised speech in the city of Merida. “In the case that the reform isn’t approved Sunday, I will start to pack my bags because I will have to leave the government.”

The people of Venezuela should be so fortunate.

Now, as the vote draws closer, the violence has ratcheted up. 

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