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By Pete Moore On November 4th, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Nearly two weeks ago, at PMQs, Labour MP Tom Watson reported suspicions that a senior aide of a former Prime Minister was part of a widespread paedophile ring –

That made the Commons go quiet. Now Watson says this on his blog (my emphasis, and h/t to Old Holborn) –

Some of those powerful people involved in a cover up may well have been – and could still be – powerful politicians.

I’m not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. It’s spooked me so much that I’ve kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen […] What I am going to do personally is to speak out on this extreme case of organised abuse in the highest places.

It’s not often I wish a Labour MP well, but happy hunting and stay safe. If threats have been made then making it known publicly that arrangements are in place, should anything happen to him, might not be a bad idea.

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By ATWadmin On June 22nd, 2009 at 5:06 pm

The heading is a digital address, the type of instruction and translation which now rules just about everything we use, moves us, informs us or comforts us. Digital media comes as DVD’s, or Digital Versatile discs, which can hold a complete film plus a multi-track soundtrack, as CD-roms or as the Hard drives of millions of computers in use worldwide. They also exist as flash drives, compact solid-state items which can be carried between two fingers. Their uses are many and varied, most are used by ordinary people in ordinary homes, and a few are used for a darker, more sinister purpose than originally envisaged by their inventors.

My own computers are filled with digital images of my family, my relatives and some friends. These images are of happy times, freezing memories within those innumerable ‘ones’ and ‘zero’s’ which can be seen by those I have authorised with a password; the photographs of my first grandson’s first days and of his christening, of a cousin’s daughter’s wedding; happy times and memories dear to me. I also hold those pictures, along with digitised images of earlier photographs, on back-up hard drives and in Google’s Picasa website, and pleased I am to have this instant memory folder at my disposal!

But there are some images which the owners wish fervently they had not accessed and stored, and there are digital memories of those accessions, and that is what I write about today! Early in 2003, a single arrest of a computer expert in America gave rise to a treasure trove of information, credit card numbers, addresses, names, of people who had paid to access and download child pornography, and over 6500 names from this twisted haul were British. The arrests were co-ordinated under the title Operation Ore, and over 1,300 were interviewed in the first batch. Now when you make a purchase on a credit card, your record is electronically stapled forever, and if your purchase can be tracked to an online paedophile site, your life is literally over. So far thirty-five men, arrested but not convicted, have committed suicide. Your wife, if married, will certainly divorce you, for who wishes to allow a pervert access to children? You will be fired from your job; you, if convicted, will have to sign the Sex Offenders Register, and you will be shunned from all society, and you shall have deserved everything which happens to you! Or do you?

A solicitor received instructions for the defence of a small number of men who had been caught up in this trawl by the police, and all swore that, while they had visited ‘legal’ adult pornography sites on the Internet, and had all given credit card details to buy and download films, but again vehemently denied any access to child pornography! A computer expert checked the data from America, and found that certain numbers occurred on certain child porn sites at the same time on three continents, a physical impossibility. The credit cards, and the backing identities, had been stolen and were used to ramp up charges, whilst never actually visiting the site.

The expert himself was raided by the police, and sample charges laid of ‘conspiracy to obtain indecent images of children’ were only dismissed after a judge fould that those images had been made during the course of his work; the search was also found to be illegal, and all the equipment had to be returned. If the solicitor is successful with a specimen case to the Appeal Court, the police will have to apologise to men wrongly convicted. It will be unfortunately a little late for the ruined lives, the trashed reputations and especially for those who killed themselves in the face of ‘overwhelming evidence’!

There’s Research; Then There’s Research

By ATWadmin On December 7th, 2007 at 4:16 am

SF radio personality indicted on child porn charges

Bernie Ward, a popular liberal San Francisco radio talk show host and former Catholic priest, has been indicted on federal child pornography charges, authorities said today.

Ward, 56, surrendered to federal authorities earlier today but the specifics of the allegations against him are under seal, officials said.

Ward hosts a nightly news talk program on KGO 810 AM as well as GodTalk on Sundays. He had been a priest with the Society of the Precious Blood order.

The radio station’s Web site said that he was indicted on two counts of child pornography using the Internet.

Ward’s attorney said today that the charges are based on incidents that occurred more than four years ago and were part of research for a book.

As everybody knows, Bernie, for over 20 years, has been a progressive, opposed to insensitive authority – he has been a champion of charities, nonprofits for the homeless,” said Doron Weinberg, who appeared in federal court today as Ward’s lawyer.

Well, he sure can’t complain about insensitive authority on this one.

“More than three years ago, Bernie was doing research for a book he was doing on hypocrisy in America,” Weinberg said.

As part of the research, Ward downloaded “a few images” of child pornography, and, Weinberg said, “it came to the attention of the government in late 2004.”

“They investigated and they never found any involvement in child pornography other than this period that he accessed these images,” Weinberg said. “The government knows that Bernie was doing this for an investigation he was doing for a book. But the government believes he violated the letter of the law and they have gone ahead and prosecuted him.”

The schmuck lieyer must be confused. Shouldn’t it be that his client is being persecuted? Or, does that cat come out of the bag a bit further down the road?

Weinberg stressed that “the fact that these events happened three years ago and they are just being prosecuted shows the fact that nobody believes that he is a child predator.”

“He is just being prosecuted for a mistake he made (more than) three years ago,” the lawyer said.

Federal authorities seized Ward’s computer in early 2005 and there was no evidence of child pornography or any other impropriety, Weinberg added.

“We have been trying to convince the government that his is not something they should proceed with. They said, ‘He violated the law, sorry.’ ”

A statement from KGO’s operations director said, “Ward has been a valued, long-time employee of KGO Radio. We were just recently made aware of these serious charges and are surprised and concerned by their nature.

“As the matter is currently pending in federal court, we will have no additional comment at this time.”

Via SF Gate.com

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UPDATE III: Attorney says Ward downloaded photos and exchanged them “with adults who do the same thing.”